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Group Vivendi Africa déploie Canalbox, le premier reseau internet très haut débit FTTH au Congo
Group Vivendi Africa (GVA), opérateur télécom spécialisé dans la fourniture d’accès internet Très Haut Débit en Afrique, lance aujourd’hui à
congobrazzaville  Africa  2019  FTTH  vivendi 
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CSquared Home Fiber ~ Fiber Cable Installation Company
Home Fiber which is the installation of fiber optic cables directly to your home/house/apartment to be able to deliver internet communication signals.
Africa  Uganda  FTTH  2019  CSquared  Google  alphabet 
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Zuku Fiber service packages and prices in Uganda. - Dignited
Zuku fiber supports broadband, pay-tv and telephone services through a single cable into customers’ homes or workplaces.
Uganda  FTTH  Africa  fibre  optic  infrastructure  2018  Zuku  wananchi 
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Safaricom kicks off FTTH regional roll-out | Internet News in Kenya
Safaricom has kicked off its Fibre To Home regional roll-out plan that will see an increased number of customers access fast internet speeds from the comfort of their homes.
FTTH  Africa  Kenya  2017  Safaricom 
october 2017 by stevesong
Zuku TV set to launch Unlimited home internet in Uganda : Check out pricing details and more -
Zuku TV set to launch Unlimited home internet in Uganda : Check out pricing details and more
Uganda  FTTH  broadband  tripleplay  Zuku  Africa  2017 
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Safaricom says 81,000 homes linked to its fibre - Business Daily
Safaricom has connected over 81,000 homes with fibre Internet countrywide as the telco expands its presence beyond mobile telephony services.
FTTH  Kenya  Africa  2017  safaricom 
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Vumatel to offer 100Mbit/s uncapped home fibre in townships for R89/month - TechCentral
The more I think about this story the more incredible it is. I have the saying game changer, but
FTTH  SouthAfrica  Africa  2017  fibre  optic  infrastructure  townships 
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