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MainOne / Press release | MainOne and Facebook announce open-access fiber network in Nigeria
Africa Newsroom offers the latest Africa-related news releases & official statements issued by companies, governments, international organizations, NGOs & the UN.
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Kenya’s BRCK partners Facebook to simplify mobile network deployments
Kenyan hardware and connectivity startup BRCK has partnered Facebook to launch Magma, an open source software platform that will help simplify and extend mobile network deployments for operators.
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MainOne partners with Facebook on fibre infrastructure project amid impending Nigeria general election results - Data Economy
MainOne has announced a metro fibre infrastructure project in two states of Nigeria, with help from Facebook, as the country waits for its election results. 
Nigeria  Africa  2019  AfTerFibre  Facebook  MainOne  terrestrial  fibre  network 
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AfricaCom 2017: Tizeti and Facebook to expand Wi-Fi express in Nigeria | IT News Africa – Africa's Technology News Leader
Tizeti Co-founder, Kendall Ananyi. On Wednesday 8 November 2017, wireless internet service provider, Tizeti, announced a partnership to expand Express Wi-Fi
Africa  WiFi  Nigeria  2017  unlicensed  Facebook  expresswifi 
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Airtel plans new fibre ring in Uganda
TeleGeography’s free daily email summary of the world’s top telecom news stories.
Facebook  Airtel  BCS  Uganda  terrestrial  fibre  optic  infrastructure  AfTerFibre  Africa  2017 
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