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Сталкер - YouTube
Andrei Tarkovsky .. HD quality .. subtitles .. Спасибо, Мосфильм!
june 2018 by stephenwinter
Is Reality Code Theoretic? -
Quantum Gravity Research .. Los Angeles .. What is reality
Klee Irwin: The Code Theoretic Axiom: The Third Ontology. .. 2018-06 .. John Wheeler
"The word wasn't in the room when I came in even though I thought it was," Wheeler explained. In the same way, the electron, before the physicist chooses how to observe it, is neither a wave nor a particle. It is in some sense unreal; it exists in an indeterminate limbo. "Not until you start asking a question, do you get something," Wheeler said. "The situation cannot declare itself until you've asked your question. But the asking of one question prevents and excludes the asking of another."
"it from bit" doctrine: information sits at the core of physics, and every "it", whether a particle or field, derives its existence from observations.
october 2017 by stephenwinter
Euclid Consortium - .. member fotos .. ESA Euclid
#ECEuclidLondon2017 .. Twitter .. Twitter .. Prof. Bob Nichol‏
next meeting will be in Bonn, at the Stadthalle Bad Godesberg from June 11 to 15 2018
The Mystery of Dark Energy
Mark Radice
BBC TWO, horizon 2016
august 2017 by stephenwinter
Cosmic lenses. Expansion of the Universe -
Cosmic lenses support finding on faster than expected expansion
H0LiCOW-Team: Sherry Suyu, Vivien Bonvin
january 2017 by stephenwinter
The Anthropic Principle - .. Mind as an emergent self-organizing process
optimal self-organization is: flexible, adaptive, coherent, energized, and stable .. Dan Siegel .. der Artikel ist plumpe Werbung fuer ein dummes Buch. .. HN .. Consider for a moment that life is an embedded property of the universe, just like time and space are .. Andrei Draganescu ist ein Spinner, aber dicht am Thema
december 2016 by stephenwinter
Extreme supernova explosion -
The Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics at Peking University .. Subo Dong
january 2016 by stephenwinter
Beyond Matter. Roger Trigg -
Why Science Needs Metaphysics .. book
professor of philosophy at Warwick and Oxford
october 2015 by stephenwinter
Why is light so fast? -
Sidney Perkowitz is professor of physics in Atlanta
september 2015 by stephenwinter
Reality doesn’t exist until it is measured -
The Australian National University (ANU)
"Reality does not exist if you are not looking at it." (Associate Professor Andrew Truscott) .. 2014-10-09 (received)
june 2015 by stephenwinter
Largest possible inhabitable world -
Anders Sandberg, Oxford .. philosophy and future studies .. transhumanism
june 2015 by stephenwinter
Space Engine -
3D simulation to explore the universe
may 2015 by stephenwinter
Expansion of the Universe. Type Ia Supernova -
Submitted 2014-08-07 .. Steward Observatory .. Twitter .. Peter A. Milne
The Changing Fractions of Type Ia Supernova NUV--Optical Subclasses with Redshift
NASA Swift satellite .. .. The Astrophysical Journal (paywall, same PDF) .. + DISCUSSION ..
april 2015 by stephenwinter
Paradoxes that threaten cosmology -
St Petersburg State University .. The Physics arXiv Blog
february 2015 by stephenwinter
Black holes do not exist -
Laura Mersini-Houghton, physics professor at UNC
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"She and Hawking both agree .. blah blah.." -- the purpose is self-promotion.
september 2014 by stephenwinter
Gravitational waves are 'dust' -
BICEP2 telescope .. ‘Big Bang Signal’ could all be caused by dust
september 2014 by stephenwinter
Astrophysicists propose new twist on Big Bang -
Scientific American
online version of the SA cover story is only the abstract
august 2014 by stephenwinter
Katherine Freese: In search of dark stars -
Dark matter .. Quanta Magazine .. Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics
july 2014 by stephenwinter
George Musser -
Contributing editor at Scientific American magazine
july 2014 by stephenwinter
Astrophysik Lexikon -
Spektrum der Wissenschaft Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Dr. Andreas Müller, Technischen Universität München
may 2014 by stephenwinter
Max Tegmark [0704.0646] The Mathematical Universe -
2007 .. 31 pages .. (it's not the book)
2009 .. 15 pages .. The Multiverse Hierarchy (THE 4 LEVELS) .. 4 Levels Blog
may 2014 by stephenwinter
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