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De Groeiparadox
Boek over scale-ups
Jan 2018
Books  Read  2018 
7 weeks ago by stef.cuisinier
Feeling Smart
Book referened in McKinsey article
Books  Ideas 
october 2016 by stef.cuisinier
Evidence Based Game Design
Nov 2015

Boekje van Howest project/studiedagen
Books  Read  2015 
november 2015 by stef.cuisinier
The Book - Computer Science Unplugged
Via Koen van Otto Beer
Goed boek ivm algoritme ontwikkeling voor kinderen
Books  Ideas  Scratch 
march 2015 by stef.cuisinier
How Children Succeed: Paul Tough: 9780099588757: Books
jan 2016

See also the Grit test from Angela Duckworth
Book Revieved by Dan Pink
Cognitive hypothesis: how our society over estimates the importance of very narrowly defined cognitive abilities to predict future success
Books  Education  Read  2016 
february 2015 by stef.cuisinier
Geheugen voor geluk | Standaard Boekhandel
interview Rick Hanson, Weekend Knack nr 27, 2-8 juli 2014
Books  Ideas 
july 2014 by stef.cuisinier
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