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De Groeiparadox
Boek over scale-ups
Jan 2018
Books  Read  2018 
january 2018 by stef.cuisinier
Feeling Smart
Book referened in McKinsey article
Books  Ideas 
october 2016 by stef.cuisinier
Evidence Based Game Design
Nov 2015

Boekje van Howest project/studiedagen
Books  Read  2015 
november 2015 by stef.cuisinier
The Book - Computer Science Unplugged
Via Koen van Otto Beer
Goed boek ivm algoritme ontwikkeling voor kinderen
Books  Ideas  Scratch 
march 2015 by stef.cuisinier
How Children Succeed: Paul Tough: 9780099588757: Books
jan 2016

See also the Grit test from Angela Duckworth
Book Revieved by Dan Pink
Cognitive hypothesis: how our society over estimates the importance of very narrowly defined cognitive abilities to predict future success
Books  Education  Read  2016 
february 2015 by stef.cuisinier
Geheugen voor geluk | Standaard Boekhandel
interview Rick Hanson, Weekend Knack nr 27, 2-8 juli 2014
Books  Ideas 
july 2014 by stef.cuisinier
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