Nicola Sturgeon's SNP, like Tony Blair's New Labour, is heading for a crash landing
This isn’t the behaviour of a normal political party: it’s the behaviour of a cult.
Politics  snp 
4 weeks ago
Triple talaq: India top court reviews Islamic instant divorce - BBC News
"India is one of a handful of countries in the world where a Muslim man can divorce his wife in minutes by saying the word talaq (divorce) three times."
In that sort of context, writing a certificate of divorce would be an improvement!
divorce  Islam 
6 weeks ago
PCA decline prophesied
“The Pattern of Success.
The Continuing Church appears now to be well under way. However, we ought to keep uppermost in our planning the kind of organization we intend to build. Are we to be content with simply a proper theology, Church aims that conform to the Great Commission, and right attitudes toward morals? These things are essential, and we must have them. However, it is necessary ever to keep in mind that what we are striving for is quality and not quantity—not number of churches, number of members, number of dollars, but discipline. We must have a return to the old Presbyterian emphasis on character building, on Sabbath observance, family worship, Bible study, catechism, and plain common honesty and truthfulness. And of course all this must be suffused with the love of God and the compassion and tenderness of Christ. There wasn’t much the matter with our Church from 1861 to 1920. But then we relaxed and began to slip along all these lines. In 1921 there were over four thousand recitations of the catechisms, and numerous family altars were reported. Today such things have almost vanished. From the very infancy of the new Church we must turn over a brand new leaf and make a completed fresh start. Every minister, every session, every Sunday school teacher should be dedicated to the supreme task of building character, and be satisfied with nothing less. Any other course will bring us fifty years hence to another division. But only as long as the new Church is solid in its faith and moral character will it be permanent in fact as we all so earnestly pray.’—Rev. J. W. Hassell, Hickory, N.C.111"
pca  chriscoldwell 
march 2017
Sex is defined at birth, not selected later on, says BBC's Jenni Murray - The Christian InstituteThe Christian Institute
Jenni Murray: Be trans, be proud — but don’t call yourself a “real woman” (thetimes.co.uk (£), 05 March 2017)
march 2017
RPCS on mission & parachurch (1830)
I. That as it is the first duty of a Christian church to promote the glory of God, by an efficient administration of word and ordinances among her own members, so next to this, and like to it in importance, is the duty of diffusing the blessing of religion among all nations.
IX. That as this Synod believes it to be more agreeable to the Scriptures, and the acknowledged laws of the house of Christ, that preachers should be sent out by /churches/, rather than by mixed and promiscuous assemblies; the supreme control and direction of the undertaking shall be permanently in this Synod, to which exclusively belongs, under Christ the Head, the legitimate government of the church
RPCS  mission  parachurch 
february 2017
4 Reasons to Soak Yourself in the Psalms
Storming article

the current generation of Christians might be the least “Psalms-literate” generation ever. 

See also NT Wright quote
Psalms  ExclusivePsalmody  NTW 
february 2017
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