Public Worship lectures by Simon Arscott
Haven't listened to these yet, but I'm pretty sure they'll be amazing
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17 days ago
Why You Ought to Have Your Children With You in Church
Good quote from Hendriksen!
In his commentary on Ephesians, William Hendriksen explains it this way:

The apostle assumes that among those who will be listening when this letter is read to the various congregations the children will not be lacking. They are included in God's Covenant..., and Jesus loves them....Were Paul to be present with us today he would be shocked at the spectacle of children attending the Sunday School and then going home just before the regular worship service. He has a word addressed directly and specifically to the children
22 days ago
Murder memorials: A grisly history written in stone - BBC News
"Although the savage murderer escaped for a season the detection of man yet God hath set his mark upon him either for time or eternity, and the cry of blood will assuredly pursue him to certain and terrible righteous judgement."
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7 weeks ago
Training Children in Worship
That’s 1,872 occasions, between infancy and going off to college at age eighteen, of being in the presence of the Holy Spirit.
12 weeks ago
Coralling the Kids As an Act of Worship
Both Old and New Testaments make it quite plain that the worship of God and discipleship of the nations is to be done in the context of family life. So, it seems odd to exclude our children from coming to join with their brothers and sisters in Christ––of all ages––simply because we are worried they might cause a ruckus. What is more likely, is that we’re concerned they’ll embarrass us.

...Further, my wife and I work to make sure to rehearse with our children why we go to church. We remind them on Saturday night, “Why do we go to church?” They respond, “To worship God.” If their answer is, “To not wiggle or fuss, and by no means embarrass mom and dad,” our emphasis has gone cattywampus. We do teach them not to wiggle or fuss, but we want to emphasis what they can and should do, not what they shouldn’t.
12 weeks ago
Robert Godfrey - What do you do on Sunday evenings?
Cf Synod of Dort - have an evening service if only preacher and his family turn up. Plus if you’re not at worship what are you doing on Sunday night? It’s His day.
12 weeks ago
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