All Day Long: A Portrait of Britain at Work by Joanna Biggs – review | Books | The Guardian
[Shabbat] is when the parts of us worn thin by the working week are repaired.”
4 weeks ago
What explains the idiocy of the liberal elite? It’s their education | The Spectator
This is not education. It is not teaching children to challenge ideas and think for themselves. This is anti-education: teaching them what they must think. It is as prescriptive as education in the Soviet Union. At least in the Soviet Union, many understood that they should not trust what they were being told. Here, because the propaganda is less obvious, students do not have their guard up.

If a member of the elite, for example, finds him or herself reflecting that it is usually quite difficult to interest little girls in train sets and guns, they must squash that thought.
liberals  bbc  brexit 
9 weeks ago
Is God Calling Me to Be a Pastor? | Desiring God
God wants men who want to do the work, not men who do it simply out of a sense of duty. He grabs pastors by the heart; he doesn’t twist them by the arm.
11 weeks ago
1 in 7 adoptive couples now same-sex - The Christian InstituteThe Christian Institute
Professor Robert Oscar Lopez, who was raised by a lesbian couple, said: “The idea is so powerful in your head that there is a father and a mother out there, I mean how can you erase that?

“You can erase every single book ever written in the history of mankind that includes references to a father and a mother and the kid will still reach the age of 12 or 13 and know that something’s wrong”, he added.
homosexuality  gayadoption 
11 weeks ago
Why would-be parents should choose to get married (Economist)
“What (children) seem to need most is for their biological parents to stick together.”
This was one of the points raised against the redefinition of marriage.
It was ignored.
But ideology can never efface truth.
marriage  parenting  children 
12 weeks ago
Perkins outsold Shakespeare 2 to 1
Even in English, Perkins outsold Shakespeare by more than two to one; and Shakespeare was not being translated into Spanish, Czech, Hungarian and Welsh
perkins  shakespeare  alecryrie 
november 2017
Children sacrificed to appease trans lobby | Comment | The Times & The Sunday Times
While trans children are a liberal totem, 50 more are being referred to London’s Tavistock clinic every week. “If there was a 1,000 per cent rise in six years in any other field,” said one doctor, “there would be a major inquiry. Instead no one asks why.” Because trans kids are becoming, as in the US, an industry that makes careers, brings Children in Need and Lottery grants, humanitarian prizes, plaudits, MBEs; it provides a legion of photogenic young foot-soldiers to help secure older trans demands, and for the private clinics, who’ll put your 13-year-old girl on testosterone, it is a mighty cash cow. But in a decade, when our adult children turn to ask, “Why did you let me do this? Why didn’t you stop me?” we may wonder if this was progress or child abuse.
november 2017
Westminster Standards and the Frequency of the Lord's Supper
Reducing the frequency does not make something special; it just makes it infrequent.
Communion  directorypublicworship 
november 2017
If You Think Porn Didn’t Influence #MeToo You’re Dead Wrong
As a friend once told me, “Anything you can’t give up owns you.”
november 2017
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