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In years of pastoral ministry, I have not seen many families unravel who unswervingly observe the Lord’s Day together with deliberate joy and routine hospitality. I have witnessed others whose interruptible devotion to the corporate body is merely a symptom of the irregular rhythms in other areas of life
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22 hours ago
"Wealthy homes and upscale churches horde and micromanage more" - Rosaria
What stops us from practicing hospitality is our plenty, not our lack. We have too much, and we love too much what we have. Statistics have borne out this truth: meager homes and poor churches give and gather more; wealthy homes and upscale churches horde and micromanage more.
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17 days ago
How to Pray at Prayer Meetings: Some Practical Suggestions
12. Encourage All Types of People to Pray.

Prayer meetings are one of the best opportunities to teach children how to be an active part of the congregation. It is important to bring our children to prayer meetings and to teach them how to pray brief prayers. The prayers of children are one of the greatest encouragements to the congregation, and they are one of the best means to give the children ownership in the task of spreading the gospel. The rules that limit and shape our prayers should never discourage the weakest and least informed among us from praying. As with all other things, we learn as we do. Though this is not the place to settle the controversy, it would appear that the women participated in the prayer meeting in Acts 1.

Ebook here: https://www.heritagebooks.org/products/how-should-we-pray-at-prayer-meetings-cultivating-biblical-godliness-series-ebook-mcgraw.html
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7 weeks ago
Patients ‘expect GPs to heal their souls’ as the church’s role declines | News | The Times
Family doctors say that they are the “new clergy” and need to know what to do when patients come to them lacking meaning and purpose in life.

GPs are increasingly seeing patients with complex problems driven by social and emotional difficulties and are growing frustrated by having little to offer other than pills, a study has indicated. They are embarrassed to talk about “spiritual” questions and researchers argue that they need to be comfortable telling people about the importance of community.

Alistair Appleby, a GP who carried out the study of his colleagues’ attitude to spirituality, said: “There is an urgent need to recognise the value of community, connection and self-esteem and look at meaning and purpose in life.”

Dr Appleby said that Britain’s reluctance to talk about religion publicly had hampered discussion of deeper questions. He began the study because “I felt I was particularly bad at it. There were several occasions when I was with patients when it was fairly clear that I had not made the human connection that they hoped for.”

Interviews with 19 GPs around Scotland found that some dismissed the idea of “spirituality” as incoherent, often because they did not believe in organised religion. Many, however, saw it as an essential part of their job, the study, published in BJGP Open, found.

One GP said: “I think so many of us reach for the prescription pad and prescribe when we ought to just be slowing down and looking at these deepest inner needs or spiritual needs, and accepting that we are . . . the new clergy, the new priests that people come to, and embracing that”. Dr Appleby said that many patients were treating GPs in this way. “Religious services attendance and affiliation have declined so it’s a forum in which to talk about deeper meaning in life and mortality . . . GPs would recognise that many patients come to them with a multitude of distress that may be existential.

“It’s not clear to me that as a group we have the skills for this.”

Dr Appleby said that his colleagues and patients needed to decide what to do about this emerging role.

“Do the public see us as spiritual advisers? Some of the public would not accept that. We have to talk about these things,” he said.

“We have been here with sexual health. Patients were very embarrassed to talk about that, we [doctors] might have been embarrassed, but we ultimately recognised that we needed to use that language with each other.”

Helen Stokes-Lampard, chairwoman of the Royal College of GPs, said: “GPs make great efforts to take a holistic approach to care and will consider the unique physical, psychological, and social factors that might be affecting a patient’s health . . . Whether this approach is interpreted by patients as being ‘spiritual’ is subjective.”

Michael Dixon, chairman of the College of Medicine, which aims to broaden the social focus of treatment, said in the past there had been a “lot of mutual referral” between GPs and vicars. He argued that family doctors needed to rediscover that place in the community.

“We must acknowledge that people have a spiritual level and that’s important both in knowing where they’re coming from and also in terms of a solution,” he said.

“Pills and potions aren’t enough and sometimes we can save on those if we give people a feeling of meaning and self-esteem rather than just treating them as machines.”
8 weeks ago
Exploring the Tension Between Calvinists and Arminians - YouTube
Great illustration on someone who just lost her husband half an hour ago coming to church because 'I need to hear the word of God'
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12 weeks ago
May women pray in prayer meetings?
"Those praying in such settings are neither leading nor teaching. If one thinks that those praying in such venues are leading or teaching, then we'd better not have them."
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march 2018
To the Next Generation of Church Leaders | Desiring God
"If you think your gifts would be wasted in a small church in a small town, your God is not big enough yet" (DG fb blurb - not an actual quote from the article but sums it up)
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march 2018
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