Exploring the Tension Between Calvinists and Arminians - YouTube
Great illustration on someone who just lost her husband half an hour ago coming to church because 'I need to hear the word of God'
JohnPiper  Calvinism  Arminianism  preaching 
23 days ago
May women pray in prayer meetings?
"Those praying in such settings are neither leading nor teaching. If one thinks that those praying in such venues are leading or teaching, then we'd better not have them."
opc  prayermeetings 
5 weeks ago
To the Next Generation of Church Leaders | Desiring God
"If you think your gifts would be wasted in a small church in a small town, your God is not big enough yet" (DG fb blurb - not an actual quote from the article but sums it up)
smallchurches  movetostranraer 
6 weeks ago
All Day Long: A Portrait of Britain at Work by Joanna Biggs – review | Books | The Guardian
[Shabbat] is when the parts of us worn thin by the working week are repaired.”
12 weeks ago
What explains the idiocy of the liberal elite? It’s their education | The Spectator
This is not education. It is not teaching children to challenge ideas and think for themselves. This is anti-education: teaching them what they must think. It is as prescriptive as education in the Soviet Union. At least in the Soviet Union, many understood that they should not trust what they were being told. Here, because the propaganda is less obvious, students do not have their guard up.

If a member of the elite, for example, finds him or herself reflecting that it is usually quite difficult to interest little girls in train sets and guns, they must squash that thought.
liberals  bbc  brexit 
december 2017
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