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The Child in the Country - Colin Ward - Google Books
Adding to my bookmarks, today. This book still lights to my social imagination in many ways, from the removals to the loss of local control of education, hegrow and culture.
april 2017 by steelemaley
Cotters and squatters: housing's hidden history - Colin Ward - Google Books
Squatters were the original householders, and this book explores the story of squatter settlements in England and Wales, from our cave-dwelling ancestors to the squeezing out of cottagers in the enclosure of the commons.
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february 2012 by steelemaley
Leigh Blackall: Situated art, situated learning - En Route by One Step At A Time Like This
"I think the artistic intent of these concepts could be enhanced with study of Joseph Beuys' work, particularly the Free International University, as well as Situationist International and their desire to create environments for discovering and appreciating the true value of things rather than their staged value.<br />
<br />
All of this makes for excellent examples to add to my essay in progress on Ubiquitous Learning - a critique, where I'm trying to argue that the words ubiquity and learning have nothing inherently to do with technology, and are instead words of ethical dimension, so the phrase ubiquitous learning should become one more to do with an ethical approach or framework to learning, and not one suggesting a technological determination of it."
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february 2012 by steelemaley
Colin Ward - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He was an editor of the British anarchist newspaper Freedom from 1947 to 1960, and the founder and editor of the monthly anarchist journal Anarchy from 1961 to 1970.[2]<br />
<br />
From 1952 to 1961, Ward worked as an architect. In 1971, he became the Education Officer for the Town and Country Planning Association. He published widely on education, architecture and town planning. His most influential book was The Child In The City (1978), about children's street culture. From 1995-6, Ward was Centennial Professor of Housing and Social Policy at the London School of Economics.[3]
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april 2011 by steelemaley
The ideology of "Streetwork", was the use of the urban environment as an educational resource and its aim was to develop a school department into an integrated community based program of decision making on local urban issues. The bulk of their research was into existing 'schools without walls' experiments in the US and the UK.
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april 2011 by steelemaley

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