Navigation Transitions
Jake Archibald explores how to make animated transitions while navigating simpler and more performant
css  development  javascript  performance 
24 days ago
A collection of HTML element and attribute style-normalizations
css  github  reset 
5 weeks ago
Vue VSCode Snippets
Speed up code and workflow using Vue.js in Visual Studio Code
vuejs  javascript  vscode  snippets 
5 weeks ago
Grid “fallbacks” and overrides
Rachel Andrew lays out a series of fallbacks for CSS Grid
css  grid  layout  fallbacks  progressiveenhancement 
5 weeks ago
Side Project Marketing Checklist
A comprehensive, chronologically ordered list of marketing tactics and ideas to promote a side project
checklist  marketing  sideproject  resources 
5 weeks ago
Professional Web Typography
A web-based book on typography for the web by Donny Truong
design  typography  web 
6 weeks ago
Critical Path CSS Generator
Generate internal CSS for above the fold content to optimize performance
css  performance  tools  optimization 
6 weeks ago
An open-source analytics platform
analytics  monitoring  opensource  software 
6 weeks ago
18F Method Cards
A collection of tools to bring human-centered design into your project.
design  process  ux 
6 weeks ago
A powerful app for making fonts on Mac
app  fonts  typography  tools  software 
7 weeks ago
Culturally diverse photo stock that represents the true world we live in
design  diversity  stockimages  photos  inclusive 
7 weeks ago
From the makers of Basecamp, Turbolinks makes navigating web apps faster by fetching and swapping linked pages
ajax  javascript  webdev  performance  apps  mobile 
8 weeks ago
Collection of free fonts for your websites
fonts  free  webfonts  typography 
9 weeks ago
Creating Amazing Illustrations with Sketch and Looper
The Looper plugin for Sketch makes it easy to create mathematically complex imagery
design  illustration  patterns  sketch  tutorial 
11 weeks ago
Your Site—Any Site—Should be a PWA
Aaron Gustafson explains why making any site a progressive web app is a great idea
article  pwa 
11 weeks ago
It's Time To Start Using CSS Custom Properties
Avoid copying and pasting code and simplify development and refactoring by using variables in CSS
css  css3  tutorial  web  variables 
11 weeks ago
Check! before you launch
Neven Mrgan's great checklist for launching something new
app  checklist  launch  development  guides 
11 weeks ago
URL rewriting with Github Pages
Lea Verou covers how to use a 404 page and some JS to redirect links from GitHub pages
github  rewrite  javascript 
11 weeks ago
Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool
pixel  software  art  animation  illustration 
11 weeks ago
A quick and dirty guide to creating pixel art
Great collection of resources and background for creating different pixel art styles
graphics  pixel  pixelart  illustration 
11 weeks ago
You’re Offline
There are a number of things to consider when designing for the offline web, and this covers how to handle a lot of them
accessibility  javascript  offline 
july 2017
A free resource to find creative commons photos for website or print projects
design  free  photography  stock  creativecommons  stockimages 
july 2017
Contrast for Mac
A macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios
accessibility  apps  color  mac  webdesign 
july 2017
Public APIs
A collective list of public JSON APIs for use in web development.
api  github  json  list 
july 2017
Glyphish Sounds
A set of UI sound effects professionally recorded and mastered for iOS apps
ios  apps  sounds  soundeffects 
july 2017
Sound Kit for Prototypes
A collection of interaction sounds for prototypes from Facebook
sounds  audio  prototyping 
june 2017
Standard Ebooks
Free and liberated ebooks, carefully produced for the true book lover.
books  ebooks  publicdomain  free  library 
june 2017
Inclusive Design Principles
A collection of principles for designing for the needs of people with permanent, temporary, situational, or changing disabilities
accessibility  inclusive  design  principles 
june 2017
How the minmax() Function Works
minmax is a powerful new feature of CSS grids for setting both minimum and maximum widths for an element
css  grid  layout  webdesign 
june 2017
A lightweight scroll animation javascript library with no dependencies
animation  javascript  scrolling  performance 
june 2017
Amazon Alexa Voice Design Guide
Guide to designing for voice interaction with Amazon Alexa
interaction  chat  alexa  conversational  ixd  voice 
june 2017
GravDept Field Manuals
Playbooks for Gravity Dept detailing how they work
examples  guidelines  principles  practices  playbook 
may 2017
Basecamp Employee Handbook
Publicly available handbook for Basecamp Employees
business  handbook  opensource  guides  playbook 
may 2017
ServiceWorker Cookbook
A collection of working, practical examples of using service workers in modern web apps
serviceworker  webapp  tutorials  offline  examples 
may 2017
Style Guide Guide
A boilerplate for creating a custom style guide for your organization's design system
designsystem  patternlibrary  styleguide  collaboration 
may 2017
A handy web-based typography tool for testing font pairs, scales, and vertical rhythm
app  design  fonts  tools  typography  baseline  rhythm 
may 2017
Color-blind simulator and contrast checker for Sketch
accessibility  colors  design  sketch  contrast  a11y 
april 2017
The History of the Web
Well-researched, weekly articles focusing on important aspects of the web's history
history  web 
april 2017
O RLY Book Covers
Full resolution images of the O RLY book covers made by The Practical Dev
fun  humor  programming  printable 
march 2017
Front-end Developer Handbook 2017
A good starting point to learn the resources, tools, and practice of being a front end dev in 2017
webdev  css  html  javascript  books  learning 
march 2017
Web Push Book
A helpful guide on how to use the push messaging API for the web
browser  notifications  html  ux  push 
march 2017
Highly recommended transcription, captioning, and translation services for audio/video
audio  video  tools  transcription  captions  accessibility  translation 
march 2017
The 8-Point Grid
A guide to using multiples of 8 for text sizing, padding, margins, and baselines to create a consistent and harmonic UI
css  design  grids  consistency 
march 2017
An SVG icon placeholder service
icons  placeholder  svg 
march 2017
Cross-browser local-storage and session-storage for all use cases
localstorage  javascript  sessions  offline  cross-browser 
march 2017
A list of the best, hand picked tools and services that you might need when launching a website
tools  webdev  launch  services  hosting  ssl  dns  analytics  cdn  monitoring 
march 2017
An open-source screen recorder built with web technology
screencasts  screencapture  recording  video  gifs 
february 2017
A free collection of linear gradients with easy to copy CSS and images
background  color  gradients  css  design 
february 2017
Open Source Guide
A good guide to launching and growing open source projects
bestpractices  github  guides  opensource 
february 2017
How to create pixel perfect icons
A step by step guide to setting up Illustrator to create pixel perfect icons
illustrator  design  icons 
february 2017
Implementing "Save For Offline" with Service Workers
Una Kravets lays out how to use service workers to make it easy to save blog posts for offline reading
javascript  offline  serviceworker  webdev 
february 2017
The Art of Storytelling
A free course from Pixar on their storytelling process
education  learning  storytelling  pixar 
february 2017
Preparing and Exporting SVG Icons in Sketch
Good guide to techniques for organizing, prepping, and exporting icons in Sketch
svg  sketch  icons  vector  workflow 
february 2017
A useful tool for learning, building, and testing regular expressions
code  regex  reference  cheatsheet 
february 2017
Captain for Mac
Manage Docker containers from the Mac menu bar.
nodejs  docker  tools  ops  webdev  localhosting 
february 2017
How Much Does a Website Cost?
Easily calculate the cost of a website using this handy tool
business  pricing  webdesign 
january 2017
Design Guidelines
A great collection of design guidelines from a variety of companies, along with links to the thought behind them
design  reference  guidelines  styleguide  ux  patternlibrary 
january 2017
Flexbox Grid
A powerful, but lightweight grid system based on CSS flex
css  flexbox  framework  grids  responsive 
january 2017
Front-End Performance Checklist 2017
Great checklist of considerations for speeding up your site's performance
performance  optimization  checklist  webdesign  webdev  speed 
december 2016
AutoEdit 2
Handy tool to generate fast text transcriptions for video editing, accessibility, and research
journalism  research  tools  video  transcription  accessibility  a11y 
december 2016
Companion app for Sketch to adjust your nudge settings
apps  plugins  sketch 
december 2016
Women of Color Tech Stock Photos
Several sets of great stock photos of women of color using and working in technology
stockimages  free  creativecommons  inclusive  diversity 
december 2016
JavaScript 30
Build 30 things in 30 days with 30 tutorials. Seems like a great way to improve at plain JS coding.
education  javascript  plainjs  tutorials  learning 
december 2016
Using Feature Queries in CSS
Great guide to using @supports to check for supported CSS features and designing around their existence (or absence)
css  webdesign  css3  featurequeries 
december 2016
Sans Francisco
A collection of tools to help designers craft delightful experiences.
design  inspiration  research  resources  tools 
december 2016
The Web, Worldwide
The web isn't experienced the same way everywhere.
performance  inclusive 
december 2016
CSS Reference
A free visual guide to CSS that explains many properties with illustrated and animated examples
css  design  reference  webdev 
november 2016
CSS Shapes 101
Think outside the rectangles! A great tutorial to using CSS shapes
css3  shapes  webdesign  layout 
november 2016
A lightweight javascript library for copying to clipboard without Flash or frameworks
javascript  copypaste  plainjs 
november 2016
Simple Word Suggestions
A great collection of simpler words and phrases to replace unnecessarily complex ones
reference  writing  readability  content  copy  editing 
october 2016
You Might Not Need JavaScript
A collection of common UI components built with only CSS
css  html  progressiveenhancement  patterns  ui 
october 2016
Taking Pattern Libraries To The Next Level
Great strategies, techniques, and best practices for creating useful pattern libraries.
bestpractices  designsystem  styleguide  patternlibrary 
october 2016
@supports will change your life
Great intro to using CSS feature queries to progressively enhance styles using other new CSS features
css  progressiveenhancement  featurequeries  @supports 
october 2016
The SVG `path` Syntax
An in-depth, illustrated guide to hand-coded SVG paths
svg  vectors 
october 2016
UI Movement
A categorized gallery of UI animation, updated regularly
design  inspiration  animation  mobile  ui  ux 
september 2016
Checkout Pages
A curated directory of the best checkout pages
design  gallery  inspiration  checkout  cart  ecommerce 
september 2016
Pricing Pages
A curated directory of the best pricing pages
design  gallery  inspiration  pricing 
september 2016
The 30 Elements of Consumer Value
Fundamental attributes that drive consumer engagement
business  psychology  values  ux 
september 2016
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