Finally: A new website for SMK – SMK Open – Medium
One rare nearly set-in-stone decision was our choice of Wordpress as CMS. Although any choice of CMS comes with strings attached, we strongly feel that Wordpress is appropriate for us. While, our desire for complex use of content items across the site might seem to point to systems with more powerful data models, the accessibility of the Wordpress backend and the fact that it is virtually a Danish museum standard (meaning very little need for staff training) are much more important to us. Notably, though, our implementation is “headless”, meaning that we are using Wordpress more as a data repository than a front-end-generator.
statens_museum_for_kunst  redesign  wordpress 
9 hours ago
Explore Historical Images through the Library of Congress Free to Use Browser Extension | The Signal
I was tasked with designing and developing a proof-of-concept Chrome browser extension to increase awareness and interaction with digital images with no known copyright restrictions. These images are of particular interest because they can be used freely for any purpose. Once installed, the extension will change the background of each new tab to a random picture from the Library’s collections that is free to use and reuse. The extension will encourage the use of these images by giving users the option to easily download, email, and share the photos on Facebook and Twitter. Users will also be encouraged to learn more about the items by interacting with them on the Library’s website. By clicking on the title of any image, the user will be taken directly to the item’s page on loc.gov. Similar extensions have been created by Europeana, The New York Public Library, and MappingVermont.
Library_of_Congress  collection  chrome  extension 
9 hours ago
Draft list of term sources for Spectrum 5.0 – Collections Trust
When following a Spectrum procedure, you will often be advised to record something using ‘a standard term source’. But what sources? And where to find them?

Using consistent terms is crucial for retrieving information quickly and accurately when you want it. To help, we’ve drawn up this list of the published term sources we know about, mapped to relevant Spectrum units of information.
collections_trust  taxonomy 
4 days ago
Ranking the 6 Most Accurate Keyword Difficulty Tools - Moz
This study is uniquely scientific, in that each blog had one specific keyword target. We optimized the blog content specifically for that keyword. Therefore every post was created in a similar fashion.
4 days ago
How to Engage Teens in Museum | Museum People
Teenagers- a group that can benefit the most from museums have an important role in our society. What they do, what they accomplish, and what they are exposed to, has every effect on not only your personal future, but also the future of our society as a whole. It is incredibly important to expose teens to meaningful museum programming. We know museums ensure understanding and appreciation for various groups and cultures. For this reason (especially into today’s political climate) we need to get teens involved in museums. So I ask you, what can be done to get teenagers engaged in museums independently? How can we make teenagers feel museums can also cater to them?
youth  kids  Museum 
4 days ago
Being a member of Wallace Youth has given me an insight into the world behind the scenes at museums, through informative talks from several curators and staff members from the various departments at the Wallace from publicity to conservation.
youth  kids  Museum 
4 days ago
Why have museums forgotten the teens? | Culture professionals network | The Guardian
It's not enough to be family-friendly – we need to persuade teenagers that museums are for them too, says Mar Dixon
youth  kids  Museum 
4 days ago
Resources - Kids In Museums
Take a look at our reports, resources and case studies to inspire you for Takeover Day.

To read all of Kids in Museums Takeover Day Resources download the Takeover Day Factsheets Pack

You can read Kids in Museums Takeover Day Resources individually by clicking on the links below:
youth  kids  Museum 
4 days ago
3D Laser Scanning for Heritage | Historic England
The first edition of 3D Laser Scanning for Heritage was published in 2007 and originated from the Heritage3D project that in 2006 considered the development of professional guidance for laser scanning in archaeology and architecture. Publication of the second edition in 2011 continued the aims of the original document in providing updated guidance on the use of three-dimensional (3D) laser scanning across the heritage sector. By reflecting on the technological advances made since 2011, such as the speed, resolution, mobility and portability of modern laser scanning systems and their integration with other sensor solutions, the guidance presented in this third edition should assist archaeologists, conservators and other cultural heritage professionals unfamiliar with the approach in making the best possible use of this now highly developed technique.
photogrammetry  LIDAR  Historic_England 
4 days ago
GitHub - gettypubs/quire: Documentation for Quire, a multiformat publishing framework
Quire is a modern, multi-format publishing framework designed to create books as authoritative and enduring as print, and as vibrant and feature-rich as the web, from a single set of plain text files. All without ever signing-up for an account, paying a fee, or setting up and maintaining a complicated server.
book  web_design  open_source  Getty 
4 days ago
Welcome to collectiveaccess.org | collectiveaccess.org
CollectiveAccess is free open-source software for managing and publishing museum and archival collections.
collection_management  open_source 
6 days ago
CollectionSpace | collections management software for museums and more
CollectionSpace is an open, flexible and scalable collections management solution that evolves with emerging needs to offer high value and high return on investment. CollectionSpace can energize your patron experience, increase your staff engagement and deliver the true value of your physical assets. Hosting has never been more affordable and we can help you with your data migration to save you time staff hours. Training and support is dependable, trusted and straightforward. As a LYRASIS service, CollectionSpace offers proven reliability from a community trusted non-profit with 82 years of experience. If you are using a legacy CMS, it’s time to consider a change to a museum-focused community like CollectionSpace.
collection_management  open_source 
6 days ago
Visualising the Royal Photographic Society collection • V&A Blog
At the V&A, I’m sitting in with Digital Media and have been working with the (partly-)digitised Royal Photographic Society (RPS) collection. The RPS collection showcases the history of the art of photography, and includes over 270,000 photographs. The photographs are of varying forms (small and large prints, glass slides etc.) and were made using a range of techniques, including early experiments in the development of photographic technology. It’s a diverse collection including photographs made by important early pioneers as well as plentiful, widely-produced types.
generous_interfaces  collection  photography  V&A 
6 days ago
Exceptions to copyright - GOV.UK
‘Fair dealing’ is a legal term used to establish whether a use of copyright material is lawful or whether it infringes copyright. There is no statutory definition of fair dealing - it will always be a matter of fact, degree and impression in each case. The question to be asked is: how would a fair-minded and honest person have dealt with the work?
copyright  gov.uk 
6 days ago
Searching, Browsing, and Filtering Open Access Content in Digital Collections
How are GLAM (Gallery, Library, Archive, and Museum) institutions building the ability to search, browse, and filter the growing pool of open access content in digital collections? In this paper, we can review the practices of four institutions and aggregators.
collection  commons  creative_commons 
9 days ago
How the Smithsonian is turning its art exhibitions into virtual realit
The iconic museum recently announced a partnership with Intel and Linden Lab (creators of Second Life) that turns its current exhibition, No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man, into a virtual experience on Linden Lab’s social VR platform.
America_Art_Museum  Smithsonian  vr  intel 
10 days ago
AI and Museum Collections. – Adam Moriarty – Medium
These 2,000 images were processed with an average confidence score of around 60%. We were able to take all those with a high score (i.e. >60%) and import them directly into our source system. I added a classification identifying these as auto-created records for administrative transparency.
image_recognition  collection 
10 days ago
Experiments in Audio: First Steps – nationalgalleries-digital – Medium
It seems that audio/multimedia guides are an expectation for specific visitor groups.
Most significant museums at a national or international level will offer some form of digital guide to complement the physical visit, despite an uptake of only 5–8%.
Visitor engagement increases with the use of audio/multimedia guides.
In cases where a visitor took a guide, this made a positive impact on the visitor satisfaction, as well as the time they spent in the museum.
national_galleries_of_scotland  audioguide 
10 days ago
Using the Hive Mind: WikiData Integration and Artist Pages
As well as this internal information, you may see an option on some pages to view biographical information from two external sources — Wikipedia and the Getty’s Union List of Artist Names. This information is pulled in to our site dynamically, thanks to the magic of Linked Open Data. This use of information outside of the organisation’s control marked a drastic change in thought for the galleries, and there was a lot to consider before we decided to go down this particular path.
wikidata  national_galleries_of_scotland  collection  linked_open_data 
10 days ago
A Chatbot Adventure – The Studio
A year ago, the Studio set out to make a museum chatbot. During countless brainstorming sessions we asked many questions: What will it do? How will it talk? Will we use AI? Which platform will we develop for? Will people chat with it?
Carnegie_Museums_of_Pittsburgh  chatbot  Facebook 
12 days ago
University of Birmingham: Choosing a good metric
Using a number of different metrics to triangulate a judgement is considered good practice. Peer review of research outputs alongside the use of metrics is still considered the gold standard.
University_of_Birmingham  metrics  kpis  research 
13 days ago
Pricing - The British Library
Scanned images and paper copies
£9.40   First image of each item
£0.42   Subsequent images from the same item

Standard digital images
£31.95 First image of each item
£8.55   Subsequent images from the same item

Premium digital images
£58.60 First image of each item
£14.93 Subsequent images from the same item
British_Library  digitisation 
13 days ago
Nosto - World’s Leading E-commerce Personalization Platform
Nosto analyzes your customers’ behavior, learning their likes and dislikes and enables you to deliver automated, personalized recommendations in real-time.
personalisation  ecommerce 
13 days ago
Empowering businesses and developers to do more with AI
To address this middle ground, earlier this year we announced Cloud AutoML. It makes it possible for anyone to extend powerful ML models to suit the specific needs of their domain, without requiring any specialized knowledge in machine learning or coding. Our first release, AutoML Vision, extends the Cloud Vision API to recognize entirely new categories of images. After refining the experience with our alpha users, we're excited that today, AutoML Vision goes into public beta.
image_recognition  machine_learning  google 
13 days ago
Keynote Address: Digital Transformation & Cultural Heritage, A provoc…
Museums and other cultural heritage organizations are vitally important, not simply as repositories of artifacts, but because of the unique capacity to engage audiences and inspire wonder. In order to continue to thrive in the 21st century, our sector must embrace the opportunities of digital. By using these technologies, we can expand our reach, invite new audiences and connect to the world like never before. In this keynote address, we will explore the benefits and potential risks of digital transformation, look at specific methods that drive success, and examine the psychological process of driving change within the context of organizations dedicated to preservation. The aim is to inspire, motivate and inform museum professionals so that we can ride the wave of digital transformation and prosper.
digital_transformation  Strategy  Minneapolis_Institute_of_Arts 
15 days ago
Machine Learning Experiments - Software Studies
1 Introduction to Machine Learning
2 Cultural matters with Machine Learning
3 Technical explanation on Machine Learning
3.1 RNN/LSTM focus
3.2 Neural Network
4 Examples with source code
4.1 Mixed media (text/image)
4.2 Text related
4.3 Image related
4.4 Sound related
5 Projects
5.1 Text related
5.2 Artworks
5.3 Examples/Performance/Speculative design
5.4 Exhibition
5.5 Workshop
5.6 Conference
5.7 Demo/Experimental Projects
6 Learning resource
7 Teaching Machine Learning
8 Experiments/Tests
machine_learning  netart  art 
16 days ago
Event  |  Search  |  Google Developers
Mark up your organized events so that users can discover events through Google Search results and other Google products like Google Maps.

You can add all types of events through markup — from performances by famous artists, to a neighborhood salsa class. Adding markup to your events makes it easier for users to discover and attend your event.
SEO  schema.org  calendar  google 
16 days ago
Investing in creative VR storytelling
The UK’s VR industry is expected to grow by 76% to reach £801m by 2021 making it the largest and fastest-growing VR industry of any country in EMEA. This is why we’re seeing more programmes emerge such as the one spearheaded by Digital Catapult and Arts Council England, which just announced the shortlist that received a total of £350,000 in funding to develop immersive storytelling experiences.

These projects have all graduated from the CreativeXR programme, which was created to encourage content makers to explore creative storytelling in immersive mediums such as Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. Designed to raise artistic and technical ambition, the programme has enabled the development of new skills, tools and business opportunities. Teams have been given workshops and marketplace events with industry leaders as well as access to Digital Catapult Immersive Labs in London, Brighton, North East Tees Valley and Belfast.
Digital_Catapult  vr 
16 days ago
The Van Gogh Museum and Vans Collaborate on a Wearable Collection of Masterworks | Colossal
The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has partnered with footwear and apparel brand Vans for a collaborative collection based on Vincent van Gogh’s iconic paintings. Drawing from his famed Almond Tree, Sunflowers, and Skull paintings, the collection includes sneakers in Vans’ classic silhouettes as well as shirts, bomber jackets, hats, and a backpack. Some of the profits from the project will be donated to preserving van Gogh’s legacy and artwork. All items in the Vans x Van Gogh Museum collection are available for sale starting August 3, 2018 from Vans and the Van Gogh Museum.
van_gogh_museum  Van_Gogh  brand  collaboration 
17 days ago
7 "Red Flag" Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Next Project | ExhibiTricks: The Museum Exhibit Design Blog
Why do some museum/exhibit/design projects succeed while other projects either spin their wheels for years or just crash and burn?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately since almost all of my current work involves "start from scratch" projects set up to create entirely new museums or installations rather than adapting or designing experiences for existing institutions.
Strategy  project_management 
17 days ago
Home - CreativeXR
Focused on the creative industries, particularly the arts and culture sector; the programme gives the best creative teams the opportunity to develop concepts and prototypes of immersive content (virtual, augmented and mixed reality). The programme offers access to early stage finance, facilities, industry leaders and commissioning bodies, and the opportunity to pitch for further development funding. The programme has been developed by Digital Catapult and Arts Council England, with support from Innovate UK.
ar  vr  funding  Arts_Council  Digital_Catapult 
17 days ago
Mx 你食飽未? on Twitter: "Show me your information architecture and I’ll draw your org chart. Show me your content model and I’ll tell you your rules and regulations. Show me your editorial process and I’ll tell you your organizational politics.
Show me your information architecture and I’ll draw your org chart.

Show me your content model and I’ll tell you your rules and regulations.

Show me your editorial process and I’ll tell you your organizational politics.

Content strategy is never just about the words.
content_strategy  Twitter 
17 days ago
Exploring the Ripley Scroll — Google Arts & Culture
A recipe for making the Philosopher's Stone

The Ripley Scroll is an extraordinary manuscript, nearly 6 metres long, that describes how to make the fabled Philosopher's Stone. It is named after George Ripley, a medieval canon of Bridlington Priory, Yorkshire, who reputedly wrote a text known as The Compound of Alchymy. The scroll is full of mystical symbolism.
scrolling  Google_Art_Project  British_Library 
17 days ago
The art of analytics: using bigger data to create value in the arts and cultural sector | Nesta
It is still early days in the adoption of data-driven innovation in the arts and cultural sector, but the examples discussed above suggest that it has great potential. If arts and cultural organisations are going to fulfil this potential, they will need to access new data skills, develop an analytical culture, adapt their processes and think innovatively about how to measure the value that they generate. They will also need to learn how to address data pitfalls and biases, and maintain a critical attitude.
nesta  metrics  analytics 
18 days ago
Museums and Digital Strategy Today – American Alliance of Museums
At the 2017 Museums and the Web Conference in Cleveland, a professional forum titled “Strategy 3.0: What is Digital Strategy Now” was hosted by Rob Stein (American Alliance of Museums), Dana Allen-Greil (U.S. National Archives), Emily Lytle-Painter, Content and Experience Strategist, and chaired by Max Evjen of the Michigan State University Museum. The Museums and the Web annual conference is an important convening of technology and digital experts from around the museum field. The team discussed some background about digital strategy in museums and then hosted participants in four smaller groups to discuss several questions to probe the current state of digital strategy in museums.
Strategy  mw2017 
19 days ago
About us | Spiral
Spiral have been producing digital media for over twenty years. Our team consists of producers, film makers and multimedia developers. We offer a complete service, providing research and content generation as well as a full design and production service which includes concept and storyline development, scriptwriting, picture and film research, production, direction, hardware consultancy, graphic design, animation, interactive development and coding.
agency  interactive 
19 days ago
Digital Catapult - Digital Catapult and Arts Council England Reveal Five VR And AR Projects Set to Transform Creative Storytelling
Five projects will receive a total of £350,000 in funding, alongside match funding and support from a range of createch (creative technology) and cultural organisations. The funding provided by the programme is supporting the development of the UK’s VR industry, which is expected to grow by 76% to reach £801m by 2021, making it the largest and fastest-growing VR industry of any country in EMEA[1].
vr  ar  Digital_Catapult 
22 days ago
Cuseum — Video Live Streams as an Engagement Tool for Museums
Live streams allow museums to showcase content online in real-time and enables institutions to share on-site events with a larger audience. With the ability to present remote viewers with a taste of what an institution has to offer, museums can reach a larger audience and entice potential visitors. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have even begun offering live stream features that allow users to stream content directly to their followers.
live  streaming  Getty  national_gallery  national_museums_of_scotland  museum_of_fine_arts  American_Museum_of_Natural_History 
23 days ago
Phantom Islands — A Sonic Atlas
Phantom Islands are artifacts of the age of maritime discovery and colonial expansion. During centuries of ocean exploration these islands were sighted, charted, described and even explored – but their existence has never been ultimately verified. Poised somewhere between cartographical fact and maritime fiction, they haunted seafarers’ maps for hundreds of years, inspiring legends, fantasies, and counterfactual histories. Phantom Islands – A Sonic Atlas interprets and presents these imaginations in the form of an interactive map which charts the sounds of a number of historical phantom islands.
map  history 
24 days ago
Science Museum Case Study - Conjure
Utilising more than 160 BLE 4.0 iBeacons throughout the Information Age Gallery, our app for visually impaired visitors guides them through zones and exhibits through a range of audio directions and descriptions.
accessibility  app  science_museum  bluetooth_low_energy 
24 days ago
WBUR And The Boston Globe Partner To Launch A New True-Crime Podcast On The Largest Unsolved Art Heist In History | Inside WBUR
WBUR, and The Boston Globe, announced today they have joined forces to launch Last Seen, a weekly podcast that will debut on September 17. Hosted by WBUR’s award-winning producers and reporters Kelly Horan and Jack Rodolico, and with exclusive contributions from Boston Globe’s Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Stephen Kurkjian, author of “Master Thieves: The Boston Gangsters Who Pulled Off the World’s Greatest Art Heist,” Last Seen examines the most valuable and confounding art heist in history: the theft of 13 artworks, including Rembrandt’s only seascape, from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
podcast  Isabella_Stewart_Gardner_Museum 
24 days ago
Cuseum — The Ultimate Guide to Partnerships Between Museums & Brands
Inspired by the Field Museum’s recent launch of an exciting new libation, let’s take a quick look back at the unique and creative partnerships that museums and brands have forged over the years. Many museums have been spinning up new brand partnerships as a way to create products that drive buzz, revenue, and capture the eye of their visitors and completely new audiences. 
Museum  collaboration  brand  ecommerce 
24 days ago
Digital transformation at Wellcome Collection – Stacks
Digital transformation is fundamentally about people, culture, processes and how we can use technology to place our users first and deliver services that are useful, fun or empowering.
But how do you create an environment where you can foster a culture that makes it possible to design, build and produce the things that matter to your users?
wellcome  Strategy  digital_transformation 
24 days ago
Metropolitan Museum Aims for Accessibility with Sign Language Tours on Facebook Live
52,000 people tuned in to watch the museum’s first Facebook Live ASL tour, which showcased the Rodin at the Met exhibition.
accessibility  Facebook  live  Metropolitan_Museum_of_Art 
24 days ago
Historic Tale Construction Kit - Bayeux
Two German students originally wrote the Historic Tale Construction Kit, with Flash. Sadly, their work isn't available anymore, only remembered. This new application is a tribute, but also an attempt to revive the old medieval meme, with code and availability that won't get lost.

This project is available for you to use and we hope you will enjoy playing with it as much as we enjoyed building it. We put the open source code on GitHub , so you can grab it, tinker with it or even help us by contributing.
Bayeaux_tapestry  games  interactive 
24 days ago
Brutalist Web Design
Brutalist Web Design is honest about what a website is and what it isn't. A website is not a magazine, though it might have magazine-like articles. A website is not an application, although you might use it to purchase products or interact with other people. A website is not a database, although it might be driven by one.
web_design  guidelines  manifesto 
27 days ago
Podcasts vs. broadcasts: an iTunes Top 200 battle | Current
Making the iTunes Top Podcasts page is every podcaster’s goal. The chart is a continually updated list of the 200 most popular casts, based on downloads, subscriptions and a slice of Apple’s algorithmic secret sauce.
podcast  list  trends  2018 
27 days ago
Why won’t industry use standard research agreements? | IP Draughts
The report makes clear that a surprisingly large number of people have not heard of the Lambert toolkit, or the Lambert agreements, so a quick explanation is in order.
collaboration  copyright  IP 
27 days ago
New standard agreements for universities are published | IP Draughts
How are they different from the old Lambert agreements, IP Draughts hears you ask. In fact, he is one of those asking. Well, it’s difficult to say, without a line-by-line comparison. Has anyone done such a comparison? The Lambert committee, for example? And could they share the mark-ups? That would be very helpful for the university community.
collaboration  copyright  IP 
27 days ago
Field of View | DX Lab - State Library of NSW
This post describes the results of Mike Daly’s research at the DX Lab, which has been made possible through the DX Lab’s Digital Drop-In Program. The program supports quick sprints of exploration using innovative technologies to engage with the Library’s collection and data sets. Mike’s research is supported through a gift to the State Library of NSW Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation which supports key Library fellowships, innovative exhibitions and landmark acquisitions.
point_cloud  vr 
27 days ago
You’re invited to the GIF Party!: An Interview with Ferren Gipson— CultureCalling.com
To celebrate being granted CC licence images across their website – meaning you can use them for free! – Art UK have launched their own GIF collection. Featuring GIFs by New York digital artist Matthias Brown, as well as public submissions, the collection gives traditional works a thoroughly modern makeover and aims to show that art doesn’t have to take itself too seriously. We chatted to Art UK’s Social Media Marketer Ferren Gipson, about the origins and aims of the project, making the art world more accessible, and how you can submit your own GIFs.
ArtUK  gif  social_media 
27 days ago
Andy CarnegieBot
I'll guide you to adventure—and rewards—this summer at all four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. As you visit the museums and attend special events, you’ll earn stamps. Each stamp boosts your chances of winning in the grand-prize drawing* on August 25.
Carnegie_Museums_of_Pittsburgh  chatbot 
27 days ago
The most popular engines for indie games / Boing Boing
A new page at Itch.io, the top platform for publishing and selling indie games, reveals the most popular game development engines and apps there.
games  development  software 
27 days ago
[Gallery] A Moon for All Mankind (AMFAM) - Samsung Newsroom
Samsung Electronics America, Inc. launched “A Moon for All Mankind” (AMFAM), an immersive, consumer-focused 4D lunar gravity virtual reality (VR) experience. With the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, consumers immerse themselves in a visual and physical VR experience that accurately recreates a fictional moon mission, allowing consumers to know what it’s like in lunar gravity.
Samsung  vr  NASA  space 
27 days ago
A Moon For All Mankind | Framestore
Few in life get to walk on the Moon. Samsung says, do what you can’t. Working with creative agency Iris and engineering experts Mannetron, Framestore proudly joined Samsung’s mission to bring space travel to all, in the approach to the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing. ‘A Moon For All Mankind’ is the world’s first lunar gravity simulation VR experience, created in collaboration with NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), using the Samsung Gear VR and a custom-built rig. Having launched under embargo at the 2018 Winter Olympics and at Mobile World Congress, July sees the experience land publicly at Samsung 837, in New York City.
Samsung  vr  NASA  space 
27 days ago
Why GOV.UK content should be published in HTML and not PDF - Government Digital Service
GOV.UK exists to make government services and information as easy as possible to find and use.

For that reason, we're not huge fans of PDFs on GOV.UK.

Compared with HTML content, information published in a PDF is harder to find, use and maintain. More importantly, unless created with sufficient care PDFs can often be bad for accessibility and rarely comply with open standards.
pdf  gov.uk  accessibility 
4 weeks ago
Object2VR | Garden Gnome Software
Object2VR takes an image series of an object (or subject) from multiple angles and positions and from them creates interactive 360º object movies.
digitisation  rotational_photography 
5 weeks ago
Works in Progress Webinar: Introduction to Wikidata for Librarians
Wikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. Wikidata acts as central storage for the structured data of its Wikimedia sister projects including Wikipedia. Beyond Wikimedia projects, Wikidata also provides support to many other sites and services, including the Google Knowledge Graph. It is also relevant to many developing and emerging projects in the library descriptive landscape. In our linked data future, Wikidata may play an important role as a place to find and store metadata and identifiers.
5 weeks ago
Lumin – MW17: Museums and the Web 2017
Lumin is the Detroit Institute of Arts’ (DIA) groundbreaking interactive, mobile tour using augmented reality (AR) and 3-D mapping. The project is a partnership with the DIA, Google and mobile developer GuidiGO, and will premiere to the public on January 25. It uses Tango technology, a set of sensors and computer vision software by Google, to provide visitors with new, in-depth ways to engage with the DIA’s renowned collection. The DIA is the first art museum in the world to integrate this 3-D mapping and smartphone AR technology into a mobile, public tour.
mw2017  ar  Detroit_Institute_of_Arts  tour 
5 weeks ago
More Screens, More Knowledge: Testing the Detroit Institute of Arts' New Augmented Reality App
DETROIT — At a media preview on January 9, the Detroit Institute of Arts introduced Lumin, a new interpretive guide developed in partnership with Google and an augmented reality (AR) platform creator called GuidiGO. Subsequently, a tempest of conflicting emotions was triggered in the soul of this arts writer.
ar  Detroit_Institute_of_Arts  tour 
5 weeks ago
Internet Artists Invaded the MoMA With a Guerrilla Augmented Reality Exhibit - Motherboard
The collective, which calls itself “MoMAR,” is making a statement against elitism and exclusivity in the art world with its group art installation Hello, we’re from the internet. The eight artists had their own works overlaid on top of seven Jackson Pollock paintings using augmented reality technology. By downloading their MoMAR app, anyone with a phone can see their work.
MoMA  vr  ar 
5 weeks ago
“POETIC AI” by Ouchhh, an exhibition with 20 million lines of text, at Atelier des Lumières in Paris | METALOCUS
By using machine learning and AI algorithms, we create scientific conscious Poetic Refraction of AI reality which learns from millions of lines of theory, articles and books about light, physics, space-time that is written by scientists who change the destiny of the world and write history.
The new media agency 'OUCHHH' has created a special poetic interpretation of AI. The result is a poetic, emotional and immersive experience, which can be seen continuously in LE STUDIO, inside an old foundry, now converted into an art room, known as Atelier des Lumières, until August 31, 2018.
immersive  projection  artificial_intelligence 
5 weeks ago
Unpacking 263,000 visitor photos at the Royal Ontario Museum - Museum-iD
In a little over 4 years we have aggregated just over a quarter of a million photos shared by our visitors. 263,693 photos as of January 25th, 2018 to be exact.

That is a lot user generated content (UGC) but is any of it meaningful? Can we use this as a data source to inform decision making? Are selfies really the scourge of the museum world like they are made out to be or are more people taking (collecting) photos of artifacts? Is there a benefit to encouraging visitors to share their photos? Do we need to incorporate digital engagement experiences into our exhibitions, or can we be more reactive? Below I’ll dig into these ideas and attempt to extract some meaningful information from this lot of UGC.
Royal_Ontario_Museum  social_media  image_recognition 
5 weeks ago
gtm-ecommerce-platforms/shopify.md at master · toddheslin/gtm-ecommerce-platforms
Shopify has three primary ways of collecting analytics data.

The Shopify built-in analytics tracking (limited to higher plans)
Adding the Google Analytics universal tag and Facebook Pixel into Online Store/Preferences setting
Injecting tracking code or a tag manager into the theme.liquid file (e.g Google Tag Manager)
You can also add 'Additional content and scripts' in the Settings/Checkout page, however this will only fire on the final confirmation page after a payment has been processed. It's also worth noting that all analytics enabled in (1) and (2) above will also fire on the confirmation page but you will also need to add GTM from option (3) if you want it to also fire on this page.
shopify  analytics  metrics 
5 weeks ago
V&A · ReACH (Reproduction of Art and Cultural Heritage)
Digital technologies are changing the cultural landscape, offering new ways to produce, store and share museum and heritage assets. However, there is no clear methodology for how museums and heritage organisations should engage with these technologies. To complicate matters, legal protocols and procedures have not adapted to these new realities, and often act as roadblocks to new practice. ReACH will bring clarity – by highlighting best practices, debating pressing issues, and drafting a convention – and offer our community a useful roadmap for dealing with reproductions in the future.
V&A  born_digital  research 
5 weeks ago
What makes a good science video? – Communicating Science with Social Media – Medium
If you work in a comms team of pretty much any university, museum or science organisation, the chances are you’re involved with making or commissioning science videos in some capacity. But for all the videos being churned out and shared online, the quality isn’t always that high. Of course, not all videos are trying to do the same thing: they might be trying to teach a complex concept, ‘go viral’, change people’s perspectives on a topic, or sell something. But I asked the people behind some of the internet’s finest science videos what the key ingredients of a ‘good’ science video are. A few things came up again and again:
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5 weeks ago
What actually is ‘storytelling’ in educational social media?
‘Storytelling’ was a word dropped by almost every single person I interviewed over the course of my Fellowship. That’s no surprise: I was asking what the most important aspects of their online science content was, and it’s pretty obvious that telling great stories is crucial to engaging your audience: facts alone are rarely enough.
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5 weeks ago
Getting your content release schedule right – Communicating Science with Social Media – Medium
Obviously there’s a balance to be struck, but my advice, in short, is: go for quality, not quantity. The online landscape is now so overwhelmed by content and the platforms are dramatically filtering what’s shown to which followers. The rewards of constant posting are diminishing. To make the most of your limited resources, you need to compete on quality and depth, not just volume. Adding to the noise can only bring you so much benefit.
5 weeks ago
What’s the most important metric for online science communicators?
Sometimes it feels like the key outcome of our social media activity is to generate statistics that feed impressive-looking monthly reports. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that those reports should reflect the actual goals of activity, not be an end-point themselves. My advice for most people trying to make sense of their social media analytics: for the next couple of months, dramatically simplify what you’re looking at.
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5 weeks ago
How long should I spend making a science video? – Communicating Science with Social Media – Medium
A common question for teams starting to create a video series, or starting to build a production team, is how long to reasonably expect each piece of content creation to take. Obviously, that’s an impossible question, because it entirely depends on what you’re making and who’s doing the making, but having some sort of yardstick is useful, so I asked some of the people who make the internet’s finest science content how long they spend on each piece.
5 weeks ago
How to caption science videos for social – Communicating Science with Social Media – Medium
I’m assuming you don’t have the budget to pay for captioning (if you do there are plenty of very reasonably priced options out there), but realise that you need subtitles on your videos (especially if they’re on Facebook, where viewers are notoriously watching without sound). For a detailed view on subtitles from an accessibility point of view, the BBC’s guidelines are online. Here are some tips that I’ve found speed up the process:
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5 weeks ago
AnswerThePublic.com: that free visual keyword research & content ideas tool
This is search insight that could and should be used by any marketing team. Creative, PR, Content, SEO.

So we built simple visualisations of the data. A one-pager that could be shared to prompt a conversation on how you could start answering your public better. By creating content that’s useful, funny or inspiring.
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5 weeks ago
Keyword Tool: #1 Google Keyword Planner Alternative For SEO (FREE)
Keyword Tool Is The Best Alternative To Google Keyword Planner And Other Keyword Research Tools
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Examining the Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Museums – MW17: Museums and the Web 2017
Artificial Intelligence. It’s a concept that holds lots of promise, generates endless buzz, and is starting to make its way into everyday life. In 2015, artificial intelligence went mainstream, and undoubtedly, in 2016, we will begin to see an increase in experimentation within the cultural space. In this presentation, we’ll explore some of AI’s most powerful uses related to machine learning and its impact on galleries, libraries, archives, and museums in the areas of collections, ticketing, and attendance data. We’ll also examine machine vision; a computer’s ability to understand what it is seeing. Machine vision can be used to inspect and analyze images. Imagine being able to classify all of your visual objects with the flip of a switch (actually, a few lines of code). We’ll explore real examples of machine learning on the following topics: -Identifying subject matter -Exacting color composition -Sentiment analysis -Text/character recognition -Recognizing similarity and patterns -Art authentication Machine learning and vision are very powerful tools and are more accessible than ever before. In the hands of museums, these technologies will inevitably lead to interesting discoveries, rich data, and new paths into your collection.
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‎GetNorth2018 Rocket Reimagined on the App Store
21st Century virtual reality tech meets 18th Century innovation as Stephenson’s world famous Rocket returns to its roots as part of the Great Exhibition of the North 2018. Using a mixture of virtual and augmented reality, Northern tech masters hedgehog lab have recreated a fully immersive and memorable experience of the original Rocket. Get ready to step on board!
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6 weeks ago
Our blog relaunch - V&A Blog
Museum Life is possibly most characteristically a ‘museum blog’ – it has articles about the collection from curators, but also more behind-the-scenes sections such as Out At the Museum and the V&A Illustration Awards. Its name hints at the fact that we want to make the blog a place where the people working here can write as individuals. Caring for our Collections is primarily focused on the work of our Conservation and Collections Management teams; Design and society will come to show our work with contemporary practitioners across architecture and design; Digital is not just the home of the Digital Media and Publishing team – but should cover the range of the museum’s work with technology, across Learning, displays, collections and practice.
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6 weeks ago
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