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Signs of Life
At any given time, there are hundreds of satellites in the sky. Most of them are too faint to see, but if you're in an area without much light pollution, and you look carefully enough, there's virtually always a satellite visible. Their rapid motion across the sky and various highly inclined orbits make them unlikely to be anything but artificial. [...] Want to see signs of intelligent life? Just look up.
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september 2013 by sspela
Timeline of the far future - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
While predictions of the future can never be absolutely certain, present scientific understanding in various fields has enabled the course of the far future to be plotted if only in the broadest outlines.
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december 2012 by sspela
How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later
It is my job to create universes, as the basis of one novel after another. And I have to build them in such a way that they do not fall apart two days later. Or at least that is what my editors hope. However, I will reveal a secret to you: I like to build universes which do fall apart. I like to see them come unglued, and I like to see how the characters in the novels cope with this problem. I have a secret love of chaos. There should be more of it.
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december 2011 by sspela

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