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Popsicles of pollution: ice lollies highlight Taiwan's contaminated waterways | Environment | The Guardian
Three design students from the National Taiwan University of Arts, in New Taipei City, have drawn international attention to water contamination for their graduation project: Polluted Water Popsicles. Hung Yi-Chen, Guo Yi-hui and Cheng Yu-Ti – in their fourth and final year of a visual communications qualification – sourced water from 100 different lakes, rivers, beaches and ports in Taiwan, and turned it into a range of colourful, contaminated ice blocks.
water  pollution  ice  popsicles  design  taiwan 
february 2018 by sspela
Talking Tree
A 100 year old tree, living on the edge of Brussels, was hooked up to a fine dust meter, ozone meter, light meter, weatherstation, webcam and microphone. This equipment constantly measures the tree’s living circumstances. And translates this information into human language. Then, the tree lets the world know how he feels.
webcam  ozone  belgium  brussels  pollution  temperature  rain  environment  weather  tree 
october 2012 by sspela
Light Pollution Chart: How Many Stars Can You See? - Environment - GOOD
There's an inverse relationship between the visibility of Milky way and internet speed ...
stars  sky  night  environment  pollution  city  rural 
february 2011 by sspela
Earth Hour 2009 - The Big Picture -
before & after photos of various places around the world during the Earth hour (lights on and off)
photos  lights  environment  pollution 
april 2009 by sspela

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