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Nice long list of dictionaries and tools and things to help with coming up with names for things. (via Tom Taylor)
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may 2018 by sspela
The man who has focused on one word for 23 years - BBC News
A long list of names has been suggested: everything from New Macedonia and Nova Makedonija, to Slavo-Macedonia and the Republic of Skopje. At one point, both the Upper Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Upper Macedonia were on the table.

But none has yet been accepted.

It may seem as though there are no more adjectives left to try - or any point trying them - but Nimetz insists disputes get solved when the timing is right.

Just look at Northern Ireland or the reunification of Germany, he says. Change may occur because events make people look at an issue in a new light, or new leaders may come in with the political authority to take tough decisions. Or people may just get exhausted by never-ending debate.
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august 2017 by sspela
Gostota krajev s pogostimi imenskimi končnicami |
Gostota krajev s pogostimi imenskimi predponami/končnicami.
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january 2016 by sspela
The IKEA Dictionary
Part of what makes IKEA unique is their product names. Each name means something, often in a funny or ambigious way. When IKEA went international, they decided to use the same Swedish names everywhere. This makes sense from an organizational sanity standpoint, but it deprives most of the world of this particular joy.
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november 2015 by sspela
Out of thin air: is this the world's newest type of cloud? | The Verge
Every six months or so, Pretor-Pinney says, a similar photo would come into his mailbox. In time, he came to wonder if there was a case to be made for a brand-new cloud type — the first addition to the cloud classification system in half a century.
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october 2014 by sspela
How to Name Things
Names are nothing; naming is everything. To name a thing is to truly know it. As Ursula Le Guin said, “for magic consists in this, the true naming of a thing.”
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october 2012 by sspela
Infovore » Finishing the Intervalometer: the value of finishing, and making what’s in your head
"There is value in just doing something, but there is also real value in finishing it. That doesn’t mean selling it, or productizing it, or anything as over-the-top like that. Just get it into a stage where somebody else might recognize it for a thing." [...]
"The project taught me the value of thingness: of completing something so that it’s an artefact other people can recognise and identify. The box-with-a-lid is a huge part of that. It stops it being a bunch of wires, something I explain as “an Arduino doing X”, and it becomes an Intervalometer. It becomes a thing."
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may 2012 by sspela
Brain Pickings - Part 3
"It is most important to be a good namer, since it falls to all of us at some time or other to name anything from a canary to a castle, and since names generally have to last a long time."
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may 2012 by sspela
Urban Adventure in Rotterdam: First attempt at a taxonomy of invisibility
"Things that exist but are too big or abstract to see: [...]
Like the names on maps that are too big to notice. (E.A. Poe)."
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july 2011 by sspela
An Algorithm for the Names at the 9/11 Memorial : The New Yorker
"Like Administration officials recounting the milestones in the bin Laden search, Daniels enumerated some of the now surmounted obstacles. The big break in the case, it turns out, was the invention of an algorithm for sorting the [names of the] dead."
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may 2011 by sspela

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