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How Clowns Trademark Their Face By Painting On Eggs | Amusing Planet
Every clown’s face makeup is unique, or at least, they should be, for there is an unwritten rule within the clowning community that no clown should copy another clown’s look.
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january 2018 by sspela
Door-in-the-face technique - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The door-in-the-face (DITF) technique is a persuasion method. The persuader attempts to convince someone to comply with a request by first making an extremely large request that the respondent will obviously turn down, with a metaphorical slamming of a door in the persuader's face. The respondent is then more likely to accede to a second, more reasonable request than if this second request were made without the first, extreme request.
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december 2011 by sspela

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