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The Brexit Possibility – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Everything is connected, everything is a system — and a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.
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july 2016 by sspela
The Migration Machine
As a million migrants and refugees entered Europe in 2015, states feared the situation was spinning out of control. Some worried that violent extremists were using refugee crowds as cover and put up hundreds of miles of anti-immigrant fencing. (Full story)

For months, the fences did nothing to reduce total arrivals. Instead, they changed the routes people took, forcing them to try new borders which were in turn fenced off.

Now, Europe is trying to send new arrivals back to Turkey. And since the last barrier closed on a route through Greece, migrants and refugees are looking for other ways in.

The barriers are not just dividing countries. They are also splitting societies, Europe’s political leaders, and, critics say, its stated humanitarian ideals.
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april 2016 by sspela
Borderline, Frontiers of Peace - Valerio Vincenzo
Since the signature of the Schengen Agreements in 1985, the borders of most of the European continent have been erased little by little from the landscapes and people’s imaginations. These Agreements are a giant leap in the progressive unification of Europe and the emergence of a European conscience.
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february 2016 by sspela
Explore European Common Agricultural Policy farm subsidy payments |
The European Union spends around €59 billion a year on farm subsidies.
This site tells you who receives the money.
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january 2016 by sspela
Applications | Open Data Portal
The datasets you can access via the EU Open Data Portal contain raw data. Since data in this format can be difficult to read, applications are used to visualise and to reuse them.
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september 2015 by sspela
the future of rural society
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december 2014 by sspela
The Erasmus Network – WHO? WHERE? WHY?
Last year, the Erasmus program celebrated their 25th anniversary with almost 3 million exchange students thus making it "one of the most important factors of European identity"
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november 2013 by sspela - Marine Policy - Using conservation as a tool to resolve conflict: Establishing the Piran–Savudrija international Marine Peace Park
Border disputes between neighbouring States are a regular occurrence and have the potential to undermine relations at national, regional, local and even individual level. In this instance the conflict over Piran Bay in the Northern Adriatic Sea has led to conflict between the neighbouring States of Croatia and Slovenia./.../Analysis of the political context of the dispute and recognition of the biological importance of the region has led to opportunity to combine politics and biological conservation to establish an International Marine Peace Park (IMPP) as a potential mitigation measure to help resolve the conflict.
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may 2013 by sspela
"Za podeželjski prostor je značilen intenziven preplet dejavnosti in rab, ki ustvarja prostor velike biotske raznovrstnosti, kvalitete bivanja in možnosti za razvoj. Kmetijstvo se prepleta z gozdarstvom, ohranjanjem narave in poselitvijo.. Pogosto je obravnavano kot onesnaževalec okolja. To velja za intenzivno kmetijstvo, ki se vedno bolj tudi specializira in uvaja monokulture. Vedno močnejše pa je spoznanje, da to ni smiselen razvoj, saj povečuje tako tveganja v pridelavi, kot pri trženju. Trajnostno naravnano kmetijstvo upošteva ohranjanje biotske raznovrstnosti, zaradi katere se vzpostavi bolj stabilen ekosistem. Potreba po uporabi fitofarmacevtskih sredstev se tako lahko zmanjša."
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july 2012 by sspela - Welcome
"The project aims to understand how sustainable relationships can be developed between urban and rural areas in terms of land use."
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june 2012 by sspela
MINERVA EC is a Thematic Network in the area of cultural, scientific information and scholarly content
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may 2012 by sspela
european regions for rural innovation
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december 2010 by sspela

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