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The Ancient Art of the Numerati
A guide to practical data mining, collective intelligence, and building recommendation systems
datamining  book  machinelearning  python 
10 days ago by sspela
Alternative Moons – ViennaPhotoBookAward 2017
42 unique photographic images of moons and cosmic landscapes.
42 brand new discoveries unlike you have ever seen before.
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7 weeks ago by sspela
Institute of Network Cultures | Playful Mapping in the Digital Age
From Mah-Jong, to the introduction of Prussian war-games, through to the emergence of location-based play: maps and play share a long and diverse history. This monograph shows how mapping and playing unfold in the digital age, when the relations between these apparently separate tropes are increasingly woven together. Fluid networks of interaction have encouraged a proliferation of hybrid forms of mapping and playing and a rich plethora of contemporary case-studies, ranging from fieldwork, golf, activism and automotive navigation, to pervasive and desktop-based games evidences this trend. Examining these cases shows how mapping and playing can form productive synergies, but also encourages new ways of being, knowing and shaping our everyday lives. The chapters in this book explore how play can be more than just an object or practice, and instead focus on its potential as a method for understanding maps and spatiality. They show how playing and mapping can be liberating, dangerous, subversive and performative.
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december 2016 by sspela
Table of Contents - Helen Briassoulis, Ph.D.
Analysis of Land Use Change: Theoretical and Modeling Approaches
landuse  book  change 
march 2016 by sspela
ICPVO - Infrastrukturni center za pedologijo in varstvo okolja
Združeni narodi in FAO so leto 2015 razglasili za mednarodno leto tal. Naključje je hotelo, da smo lahko po več kot 30 letih raziskovalnega dela in pedološkega kartiranja Slovenije, delno financiranega s strani MKGP, s pomočjo sodelavcev in slovenskih ter EU finančnih virov to znanje združili v knjigo TLA SLOVENIJE S PEDOLOŠKO KARTO v merilu 1:250.000.
slovenia  soil  book  environment  pedology  maps 
october 2015 by sspela
Hopscotch as a Hyperbook
It is informative to consider how Hopscotch might differ if it was implemented as an electronic text. On a computer, each chapter would be a node, linked to the following chapter. At the beginning of the novel, the reader would choose between the two paths; subsequently, each reading would appear linear. No further choices would be required; no indication of the intertwining of chapters would be apparent. There would be no anchors, no internal links. In short, there would be little indication that Hopscotch was a hypertext at all. The novel, then, must be a paper hypertext. [...] The actual experience of reading this book depends on having to physically search through the pages for the next chapter in sequence. Along the way, one flips through text one has never seen, text to be read later, text that perhaps will never be reached. [...]
interactive  chooseyourownadventure  paper  book  hopscotch  hypertext  juliocortazar 
march 2013 by sspela
Novel with shuffleable table of contents? | Ask MetaFilter
table of contents could be shuffled around according to some provided lists, and the book re-read accordingly, acquiring new meanings and interpretations with each shuffle
book  interactive 
december 2010 by sspela
Read Online – The Participatory Museum
"The institution never changes – I’ve visited once and I have no reason to return."
participation  book  museum 
june 2010 by sspela
Emotional Cartography - Edited by Christian Nold
Emotional Cartography is a collection of essays from artists, designers, psychogeographers,
cultural researchers, futurologists and neuroscientists, brought together by Christian Nold, to
explore the political, social and cultural implications of visualising intimate biometric data and
emotional experiences using technology.
essays  christiannold  cartography  pdf  book  emotions  gps 
may 2009 by sspela
Well Done
Well Done designed by Bruketa & Zinić is an annual report from the food company Podravka. The book is empty or so it seems....
DESIGN  books  technology  inspiration  report  book  podravka  innovation  ink 
february 2008 by sspela

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