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A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs -
For an innovator, Steve was remarkably loyal. If he loved a shirt, he’d order 10 or 100 of them. In the Palo Alto house, there are probably enough black cotton turtlenecks for everyone in this church. [...]

Steve was humble. Steve liked to keep learning. [...]

Steve’s final words were:

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october 2011 by sspela
Steve Jobs of Apple Dies at 56 -
"Mr. Jobs’s own research and intuition, not focus groups, were his guide. When asked what market research went into the iPad, Mr. Jobs replied: “None. It’s not the consumers’ job to know what they want."
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october 2011 by sspela
Steve Jobs as master showman, cult hero -
"And there may be no greater tribute to Steve's success than the fact that much of the world learned of his passing on a device he invented."
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october 2011 by sspela
YouTube - (Subbed) Nuclear Boy うんち・おならで例える原発解説
Nuclear boy is sick and can't hold his poo any longer. So he poops and it smells and the doctors give him some medicine to cool him down - water and boron.
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april 2011 by sspela
Why I am not worried about Japan’s nuclear reactors. | Morgsatlarge – blogorific.
Within the 8 hours, another power source had to be found and connected to the power plant. The power grid was down due to the earthquake. The diesel generators were destroyed by the tsunami. So mobile diesel generators were trucked in.
This is where things started to go seriously wrong. The external power generators could not be connected to the power plant (the plugs did not fit). So after the batteries ran out, the residual heat could not be carried away any more.
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march 2011 by sspela

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