Odločevalce bi morali prepričati rezultati, ne nagrade
Če hočeš neko stvar narediti dobro, jo moraš najprej dobro premisliti. Za 14. rojstni dan sem si zelo želel zračno puško. Oče mi jo je kupil, ampak na kopitu puške mi je prilepil papir, na katerem je pisalo: Miha, trikrat premisli, enkrat sproži. To je zelo globoka misel. Moto mojega življenja je, da ne poskušam takoj odgovoriti na vprašanja, ampak prej vdihnem, in če so kakšna pomembna, ponavadi rečem, da bom odgovoril jutri. Druge poskušam poslušat, ko mi govorijo in premisliti o tem, kar so povedali in jim čez čas odgovoriti. To velja tudi za dejanja. Trikratni premislek te marsikdaj reši nekaterih situacij. Lepo bi bilo, če bi to počelo več ljudi, vendar tega ne moreš, če najprej samega sebe ne prepričaš, da je to pravi način, zato je utvara misliti, da lahko nekoga spremeniš. To je filozofija zena, mindfulnessa, čuječnosti, kot pravimo v Sloveniji. Da se zavedaš sveta okoli sebe, ne samo, da poslušaš, tudi slišiš, ne samo, da gledaš, tudi vidiš.
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14 hours ago
Old Man River - Futility Closet
Because of its importance to the region’s Māori people, New Zealand’s Whanganui River is legally a person, with rights, duties, and liabilities, including the right to be represented in court proceedings.

Treaty Negotiations Minister Chris Finlayson said the river will be recognized as a person “in the same way a company is, which will give it rights and interests.”

Gerrard Albert, lead negotiator for the Whanganui iwi (tribe), said, “We have fought to find an approximation in law so that all others can understand that from our perspective treating the river as a living entity is the correct way to approach it, as an indivisible whole, instead of the traditional model for the last 100 years of treating it from a perspective of ownership and management.”

In 2011, residents of Ecuador sued the provincial government of Loja on behalf of the Vilcabama River to stop a road-widening project that was forcing rocks and debris into the watershed. A “rights of nature” provision in Ecuador’s constitution permits people to sue on behalf of an ecosystem. A judge decided in favor of the river, and the municipality had to cancel the project and rehabilitate the area.
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7 days ago
I Don’t Know How to Waste Time on the Internet Anymore
"What happened is that the internet stopped being something you went to in order to separate from the real world — from your job and your work and your obligations and responsibilities. It’s not the place you seek to waste time, but the place you go to so that you’ll someday have time to waste. The internet is a utility world for me now. It is efficient and all-encompassing. It is not very much fun."
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7 days ago
How To Give Great Feedback: The Architect Versus the Critic: | HASTAC
"No architect goes into a critique session without a pencil," he told us."We all want to get this room built, right? So we can't just say what's wrong. We need to contribute to a way forward. How do English professors give critique?"

No one had ever before offered me not just critique--a page of all the things that were wrong, often with rude abbreviations like "awk," but without any alternative suggestion for how to be "un-awk."
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17 days ago
Games for Sustainability
Welcome to Games for Sustainability where we provide a repository of outcomes from the Center for Behavior, Institutions and the Environment at Arizona State University on the use of experiments to study how people solve collective action problems related to the use of common resources. We used the experimental games in our research, and translated them for use in education and for participatory activities with stakeholders. We provide protocols, data, tutorials and testimonials.
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20 days ago
Binky: The App That Does Nothing - The Atlantic
Binky is an app that does everything an app is expected to do. It’s got posts. It’s got likes. It’s got comments. It’s got the infinitely scrolling timeline found in all social apps, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Snapchat.

I open it and start scrolling. Images of people, foods, and objects appear on and then vanish off the screen. Solar cooker. B.F. Skinner. Shoes. Marmalade. Sports Bra. Michael Jackson. Ganesha. Aurora Borealis. These are “binks,” the name for posts on Binky.

I can “like” a bink by tapping a star, which unleashes an affirming explosion. I can “re-bink” binks, too. I can swipe left to judge them unsavory, Tinder-style, and I can swipe right to signal approval. I am a binker, and I am binking.

There’s just one catch: None of it is real. Binky is a ruse, a Potemkin-Village social network with no people, where the content is fake and feedback disappears into the void. And it might be exactly the thing that smartphone users want—and even need.
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20 days ago
Nice long list of dictionaries and tools and things to help with coming up with names for things. (via Tom Taylor)
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20 days ago
How to Prepare a Talk – Deconstruct
Find a room where no one can hear you. Stand up and start talking about your topic to no one, projecting your voice rather than mumbling. Wander around a bit. In short: act like you're on stage.
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21 days ago
Scientists Still Can't Decide How to Define a Tree - The Atlantic
We think we know what trees are, but they slip through the fingers when we try to define them.
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4 weeks ago
The Secret Language of Ships | Hakai Magazine
Not many people have an opportunity to get this close to a container ship. Those who do may see icons that impart important information. For example, those black brackets to the right of the company name indicate where the tugboat is supposed to push.
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5 weeks ago
BBC - Travel - Switzerland’s invisible linguistic borders
Röstigraben means literally ‘rösti ditch’ or ‘rösti trench’ (in French, it’s rideau de rösti, or rösti curtain). The term dates to World War I, when Switzerland’s loyalties were divided along linguistic lines. Rösti is a traditional Swiss-German meal consisting of pan-fried potatoes, and, well, more potatoes, sometimes with bacon, onion and cheese. Geographically, the Röstigraben roughly follows the Saane river (Sarine in French). You won’t find it on any map, though. It is a border of the mind, albeit one imprinted on the Swiss mind from a young age.

The cultural divide between Italian-speaking Switzerland and the rest of the country – a divide marked by the so-called Polentagraben – is even sharper. Italian-speakers are a distinct minority, accounting for only 8% of the population and living mostly in the far southern canton of Ticino. “When I first moved here, people told me, ‘Ticino is just like Italy except everything works’, and I think that’s true,” said Paulo Goncalves, a Brazilian academic who has been living in Ticino for the past decade.
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7 weeks ago
How long does it take to count to one million?
This counting calculator is based on the number of syllables in every number and counts all the syllables you’d have to pronounce in order to count from one to one million (or other numbers).
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8 weeks ago
Lego Friends | Maritsa Patrinos @ Seasonal Depression
If you want to appeal to girls, you don’t need to, like… make a whole *separate* line of toys. You just need to add *one* piece.
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9 weeks ago
Overview effect - Wikipedia
The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts and cosmonauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from orbit or from the lunar surface.

It refers to the experience of seeing firsthand the reality of the Earth in space, which is immediately understood to be a tiny, fragile ball of life, "hanging in the void", shielded and nourished by a paper-thin atmosphere. From space, national boundaries vanish, the conflicts that divide people become less important, and the need to create a planetary society with the united will to protect this "pale blue dot" becomes both obvious and imperative.
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9 weeks ago
Europeans Are Running Late After Clocks Slow Down By Almost 6 Minutes : NPR
AUS: It goes back actually quite a few years. Kosovo split from Serbia following a few years of war. Kosovo is majority Albanian. But in northern Kosovo, it's actually majority Serb. And so in these four municipalities in northern Kosovo, they've been using electricity, but they haven't actually been paying the Kosovo government for this. Things kind of came to a head in December when Kosovo said it would stop paying for these municipalities' electricity. And shortly thereafter, the clocks in Europe actually started deviating from their normal time.

KELLY: So without getting too technical, just explain how the time on somebody's clock is connected with the electric grid across Europe.

OBERHAUS: All right, so when electricity is getting pushed onto the grid in Europe, devices that are connected to the grid are going to see oscillations in the voltages that are getting fed into the device.


OBERHAUS: So basically 50 times per second, this device is going to see a voltage peak and a voltage minimum. And so it uses this oscillation in order to keep track of time. What happened in Europe is this cycle deviated by one one-hundredth of a hertz.

KELLY: Oh, that's tiny.

OBERHAUS: Very tiny - which doesn't seem like a lot. But over the last month and a half, that actually adds up to quite a bit.

KELLY: Adds up to just short of six minutes, it sounds like.

OBERHAUS: Yep, it was 344 seconds, just under six minutes.
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10 weeks ago
How To Pay Attention – re:form – Medium
I started to make an informal list of “how to pay attention” strategies — my own, those that students suggested, and others that I’ve read about or otherwise encountered here and there. To my delight, this list grew into something more than I’d anticipated, and started to take on the feel of something between a set of New Year’s resolutions, and a manifesto.
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11 weeks ago
Casual Hikers – Games for walkers
These games are designed to be read and played by walkers and gamers of any level of experience.
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11 weeks ago
City Walkers – Games for walkers
These games are designed to be read and played by walkers and gamers of any level of experience, as part of relaxed and incidental walking around towns and cities.

Feet First is Winchester City Council’s campaign to promote walking as the norm for short journeys, or as part of a longer journey, to school, shops, work and public transport links, as well as for leisure. Hat Fair is the UK’s longest running festival of outdoor arts, which takes place in Winchester over the first weekend of July every year.
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11 weeks ago
18 Years After a Spill Into the Ocean, LEGO Pieces Still Wash Ashore | Mental Floss
On February 13, 1997, 20 miles off the coast of Cornwall, UK, the container ship Tokio Express was hit with a massive wave. Sixty-two of the containers it was carrying were knocked overboard. The contents of 61 of those containers are either not known or too uninteresting to be publicized—but one of them held 4.8 million LEGO pieces, which have been washing up on Cornish beaches ever since.
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february 2018
STRIKE! Magazine – On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs
For instance: in our society, there seems a general rule that, the more obviously one's work benefits other people, the less one is likely to be paid for it. Again, an objective measure is hard to find, but one easy way to get a sense is to ask: what would happen were this entire class of people to simply disappear? Say what you like about nurses, garbage collectors, or mechanics, it's obvious that were they to vanish in a puff of smoke, the results would be immediate and catastrophic. A world without teachers or dock-workers would soon be in trouble, and even one without science fiction writers or ska musicians would clearly be a lesser place. It's not entirely clear how humanity would suffer were all private equity CEOs, lobbyists, PR researchers, actuaries, telemarketers, bailiffs or legal consultants to similarly vanish. (Many suspect it might markedly improve.) Yet apart from a handful of well-touted exceptions (doctors), the rule holds surprisingly well.
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february 2018
Zakaj so sloni rahlospeči – Wikivir
Prvi korak

Prvi korak,
ki ga narediš,
je takrat,
ko zamižiš
in stopiš čez prag.

Prvi korak
je tudi takrat,
ko vidiš,
da so stvari
kot si mislil ti.

Prvi korak
je najtežji
in se kar naprej
Vedno je kakšna
ki te neprestano ustavlja.

Narediš prvi korak
in že vidiš,
da je naslednji
spet prvi,
kot da si celo
na nekakšni
cirkuški vrvi.
firststep  poem  hardwork  vinkomoderndorfer 
february 2018
New research finds that kids aged 4-6 perform better during boring tasks when dressed as Batman | World Economic Forum
Donning a cape and mask, the kids from the recent study were better at what psychologists call ‘self-distancing’. One reason the kids engaged in imaginary play had better focus might be that pretending to be another person allowed the greatest separation from the temptation. A second potential explanation is that the kids in costume identified with the powerful character traits of the superhero and wanted to imitate them. Whatever the cause, the superheroes showed more grit.

psychology  children  batman  superheroes  work  focus  concentration  pretending 
february 2018
Popsicles of pollution: ice lollies highlight Taiwan's contaminated waterways | Environment | The Guardian
Three design students from the National Taiwan University of Arts, in New Taipei City, have drawn international attention to water contamination for their graduation project: Polluted Water Popsicles. Hung Yi-Chen, Guo Yi-hui and Cheng Yu-Ti – in their fourth and final year of a visual communications qualification – sourced water from 100 different lakes, rivers, beaches and ports in Taiwan, and turned it into a range of colourful, contaminated ice blocks.
water  pollution  ice  popsicles  design  taiwan 
february 2018
Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities
1. We plan our cities and their mobility together.
2. We prioritize people over vehicles.
3. We support the shared and efficient use of vehicles, lanes, curbs, and land.
4. We engage with stakeholders.
5. We promote equity.
6. We lead the transition towards a zero-emission future and renewable energy.
7. We support fair user fees across all modes.
8. We aim for public benefits via open data.
9. We work towards integration and seamless connectivity.
10. We support that autonomous vehicles (AVs) in dense urban areas should be operated only in shared fleets.
mobility  cities  city  sustainability 
february 2018
BBC - Travel - Welcome to Monowi, Nebraska: population 1
Eighty-four-year-old Elsie Eiler pays taxes to herself, grants her own alcohol licence and is the only remaining resident in Monowi, Nebraska.
nebraska  usa  monowi  rural  population 
february 2018
History of the word "tea": How the word "tea" spread over land and sea — Quartz
With a few minor exceptions, there are really only two ways to say “tea” in the world. One is like the English term—té in Spanish and tee in Afrikaans are two examples. The other is some variation of cha, like chay in Hindi.

Both versions come from China. How they spread around the world offers a clear picture of how globalization worked before “globalization” was a term anybody used. The words that sound like “cha” spread across land, along the Silk Road. The “tea”-like phrasings spread over water, by Dutch traders bringing the novel leaves back to Europe.
tea  language 
february 2018
Something to look forward to
A goal that isn’t too important makes you live in the moment, and still gives you a driving force. This driving force is a way to get around the fact that we will all die and there is no real point to life.

But with the ASG there is a point. It is not such an important point that you postpone joy to achieve it. It is just a decoy point that keeps you bobbing along, allowing you to find ecstacy in the small things, the unexpected, and the everyday.

What happens when you reach the stupid goal? Then what? You just find a new ASG.
goals  life  future 
january 2018
Domov » iEnergija
Razišči elektro-energetsko krajino.
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january 2018
Butterflies remember a mountain that hasn't existed for millennia
Monarch butterflies are some of the toughest insects in the world. Their migration takes them from southern Canada to central Mexico. The journey is so long and difficult that it outlasts the butterfly's lifetime. Monarchs lay eggs at different stages through the journey. No one generation makes the whole trip.

Along this journey are several sites that have become local treasures and tourist attractions. The monarchs, flying in swarms, group together to rest in small areas, covering the trees like bright orange leaves. But although these sites are the most showy part of the journey, they're not the most amazing.

The amazing part of the journey is the sudden eastward turn that monarchs take over Lake Superior. Monarchs fly over the lake, necessarily, in one unceasing flight. That alone would be difficult, but the monarchs make it tougher by not going directly south. They fly south, and at one point of the lake turn east, fly for a while, and then turn back toward the south. Why?

Biologists, and certain geologists, believe that something was blocking the monarchs' path. They believe that that part of Lake Superior might have once been one of the highest mountains ever to loom over North America. It would have been useless for the monarchs to try to scale it, and wasteful to start climbing it, so all successfully migrating monarchs veered east around it and then headed southward again. They've kept doing that, some say, even after the mountain is long gone.

This puts a new spin on how we look at geology and geography. We think of mountains as structures that are, nearly, ageless. They stand while successive generations of animals change and evolve around them. Perhaps not this time, though. This time, butterflies kept up their same pattern while the world changed under them, the mountain wearing away, or being destroyed. This time, flesh outlasted stone.
butterfly  geology  geography  memory  change 
january 2018
The Mystery of the Backward Index | Merriam-Webster
Structure was paramount to Gove. He was a linguist who used the logic of a programmer long before the days of personal computing, and in the 1950s and '60s he seems to have been thinking about the dictionary with the extreme rigor of a software engineer. Though he could never have imagined search as we know it today, he would have been among the first to intuit its uses for lexicographers. So as work on the Third was winding down Gove set the typing staff to the task of creating a 3"x5" slip for virtually every word that appeared in boldface in the dictionary typed backward, each letter followed by a space (and spelled normally, without the extra spaces, below its backward spelling).

Hundreds of thousands of such slips were eventually produced. They occupied a card catalog on the editorial floor at Merriam-Webster until the mid-1990s, when they were transferred to cardboard file boxes and moved to shelves that fill a wall in the building's basement. The yellowed label on the end of each box is marked "Backward Index." There are about 315,000 slips in total, filling 129 file boxes. Words ending in e alone take up 23 boxes.

The Backward Index evidently turned out to be a useful tool in the pre-electronic age. For example, it could help identify a set of related terms that should be defined in similar ways, including open compounds (Highland pony, Shetland pony, Welsh pony), closed compounds (blocklike, clocklike, rocklike, socklike, chalklike), and morphologically related terms (phytopathological, ethological, lithological, ornithological). Thus, looking up all the diseases that end in –itis or all the doctrines and theories that end in –ism was now possible. Since rhymes depend on word endings, initial research for a rhyming dictionary also made use of the Index, where sequences such as seepy, steepy, weepy, sweepy and dorty, forty, shorty, snorty, porty, sporty, rorty, torty show up regularly.
dictionary  words  index 
january 2018
Ode to weather - Bobulate
Cold weather is always a giant surprise. “I can’t believe how much it snowed!” or “Can you believe how cold it is!” This utter disbelief extends to all seasons: “I can’t get over how hot it is.” And so on.

When it comes to weather, we have a beginner’s mind. We approach each season as a blank slate, a wholesale dropping of our expectations, opening ourselves to be astonished by something as simple as temperature or precipitation.

Could we apply the same open expectations to our work? To our relationships? Perhaps then, we can be as surprised by everyday interactions as we are with the daily forecast.
weather  expeactations  surprise  time  beginners 
january 2018
Jon McGregor: ‘I have never been asked how I juggle writing and fatherhood’ | Books | The Guardian
There are other sorts of time, besides the writing time. There is thinking time, reading time, research time and sketching out ideas time. There is working on the first page over and over again until you find the tone you’re looking for time. There is spending just five minutes catching up on email time. There is spending five minutes more on Twitter because, in a way, that is part of the research process time. There is writing time, somewhere in there. There is making the coffee and clearing away the coffee and thinking about lunch and making the lunch and clearing away the lunch time. There is stretching the legs time. There is going for a long walk because all the great writers always talk about walking time being the best thinking time, and then there is getting back from that walk and realising what the hell the time is now time. There’s looking back over what you’ve written so far and deciding it is all a load of awkwardly phrased bobbins time; there is wondering what kind of a way this is to make a living at all time. There is finding the tail-end of an idea that might just work and trying to get that down on the page before you run out of time time. There is answering emails that just can’t be put off any longer time. There is moving to another table and setting a timer and refusing to look up from the page until you’ve written for 40 minutes solid time. There is reading that back and crossing it out time.
writing  jonmcgregor 
january 2018
An Overview of the TKI | Kilmann Diagnostics
These two basic dimensions [assertiveness and cooperativeness] of behavior define five different modes for responding to conflict situations:

Competing is assertive and uncooperative—an individual pursues his own concerns at the other person's expense. This is a power-oriented mode in which you use whatever power seems appropriate to win your own position—your ability to argue, your rank, or economic sanctions. Competing means "standing up for your rights," defending a position which you believe is correct, or simply trying to win.

Accommodating is unassertive and cooperative—the complete opposite of competing. When accommodating, the individual neglects his own concerns to satisfy the concerns of the other person; there is an element of self-sacrifice in this mode. Accommodating might take the form of selfless generosity or charity, obeying another person's order when you would prefer not to, or yielding to another's point of view.

Avoiding is unassertive and uncooperative—the person neither pursues his own concerns nor those of the other individual. Thus he does not deal with the conflict. Avoiding might take the form of diplomatically sidestepping an issue, postponing an issue until a better time, or simply withdrawing from a threatening situation.

Collaborating is both assertive and cooperative—the complete opposite of avoiding. Collaborating involves an attempt to work with others to find some solution that fully satisfies their concerns. It means digging into an issue to pinpoint the underlying needs and wants of the two individuals. Collaborating between two persons might take the form of exploring a disagreement to learn from each other's insights or trying to find a creative solution to an interpersonal problem.

Compromising is moderate in both assertiveness and cooperativeness. The objective is to find some expedient, mutually acceptable solution that partially satisfies both parties. It falls intermediate between competing and accommodating. Compromising gives up more than competing but less than accommodating. Likewise, it addresses an issue more directly than avoiding, but does not explore it in as much depth as collaborating. In some situations, compromising might mean splitting the difference between the two positions, exchanging concessions, or seeking a quick middle-ground solution.
conflicts  models 
january 2018
How Clowns Trademark Their Face By Painting On Eggs | Amusing Planet
Every clown’s face makeup is unique, or at least, they should be, for there is an unwritten rule within the clowning community that no clown should copy another clown’s look.
eggs  clown  identity  face  makeup  trademark 
january 2018
Zdravje v občini
Slovenijo sestavlja 212 med seboj zelo raznolikih občin, v katerih živi več kot 2 milijona prebivalcev. Zdravje v občini predstavlja nov vir informacij o ključnih kazalnikih zdravja v slovenskem prostoru, ki ga pripravlja Nacionalni inštitut za javno zdravje v sodelovanju z drugimi organizacijami.

Informacije o zdravju prebivalstva so predstavljene na ravni Slovenije, statističnih regij, upravnih enot in občin. S tem je omogočen prikaz stanja posameznih območji in primerjave med njimi.
gis  slovenia  health  indicators  municipalities 
december 2017
Mental Models I Find Repeatedly Useful – Gabriel Weinberg – Medium
There are tens of thousands of mental models, and every discipline has their own set that you can learn through coursework, mentorship, or first-hand experience.

There is a much smaller set of concepts, however, that come up repeatedly in day-to-day decision making, problem solving, and truth seeking.
mentalmodels  gabrielweinberg  concepts 
december 2017
How I learned to program
First, no one’s going to stop you from spending time reading at work or spending time learning (on most teams). Micron did its best to keep interns from learning by having a default policy of blocking interns from having internet access (managers could override the policy, but mine didn’t), but no one will go out of their way to prevent an intern from reading books when their other task is to randomly push buttons on a phone.
december 2017
The surprising thing Google learned about its employees — and what it means for today’s students - The Washington Post
Project Aristotle shows that the best teams at Google exhibit a range of soft skills: equality, generosity, curiosity toward the ideas of your teammates, empathy, and emotional intelligence. And topping the list: emotional safety. No bullying. To succeed, each and every team member must feel confident speaking up and making mistakes. They must know they are being heard.
google  work  teams  education  stem  humanities 
december 2017
TextSTAT - Simple Text Analysis Tool
TextSTAT is a concordance program which was designed to be user friendly and provide simple Internet functionality. Texts can be combined to form corpora (which can also be stored as such). The program analyses these text corpora and displays word frequency lists and concordances to search terms. The program is written in Python and offered here as a Windows program. TextSTAT is freeware.
text  words  analysis 
december 2017
View From 30,000 Feet (@viewfrom30k) • Instagram photos and videos
Airport Runways, To Scale. Images are 30K feet square. North is up.
airport  runways  maps  lines 
december 2017
spatial analysis of libraries in Slovenia
gis  slovenia  library  maps  simulation 
december 2017
Streetchange is a new way of measuring changes in the physical appearances of neighborhoods using a computer vision algorithm. A large positive Streetchange value is typically indicative of major new construction, while a somewhat smaller positive value of Streetchange is typically indicative of improvements to existing building structures. A large negative value of Streetchange is typically indicative of demolition or abandonment of housing stock, while a somewhat smaller negative value of Streetchange is typically indicative of building decay.
change  images  urbanplanning  googlemaps 
december 2017
Futurism Needs More Women - The Atlantic
"Any time someone points out a gender or racial imbalance in a field (or, most often, the combination of the two) a certain set of people ask: Who cares? The future belongs to all of us—or, ultimately, none of us—why does it matter if the vast majority of futurists are white men?"
"Okorafor says that she’s gotten so used to not seeing anybody like herself in visions of the future that it’s not really surprising to her when it happens. “I feel like more of a tourist when I experience these imaginings, this isn’t even a place where I would exist in the first place,” she says. “In the type of setting, the environment, and the way everything is set up just doesn’t feel like it would be my future at all, and this is something that I experience regularly when I read or watch imagined futures, and this is part of what made me start writing my own.”"
future  vision  women  gender 
december 2017
Mestni vizionar – ProstoRož
Mestni vizionar
Družabna igra za grajenje vizij o javnem prostoru

Družabne igre danes z razlogom postajajo vse bolj priljubljeno orodje za debato o kompleksnih problemih, s katerimi se soočajo mesta. Pozivi k večjemu vključevanju prebivalcev in drugih deležnikov v načrtovanje prostora, ki smo jim priča po svetu, so s seboj prinesli tudi nekatere izzive. Čeprav vse več strokovnjakov in prebivalcev podpira participacijo in odpiranje načrtovalskega procesa, tradicionalne metode za vključevanje prebivalcev ostajajo precej nezanimive. Za številne prebivalce so razgrnitve načrtov, moderirane javne debate in ankete dolgočasne, zato se v načrtovanje prostora ne vpletajo, čeprav jih tema morda zanima.

Družabne igre temeljijo na vnaprej določenih pravilih in mehanizmih, kot so igranje različnih vlog, načrtovanje, pogajanje, razpolaganje z viri in razreševanje konfliktov. Ti mehanizmi so skupaj s »pravili«, ki se v realnem življenju prevajajo v naravne sile in družbene zakone, prisotni tudi v procesu sprejemanja odločitev o razvoju mest, zato so družabne igre dobra platforma za vpletanje prebivalcev v proces odločanja.

Mestni vizionar ima zelo preprosto zasnovo, od igralcev pa zahteva, da se pri kovanju vizij za javni prostor soočijo z nepričakovanimi in neželenimi urbanimi temami ter s svojo vizijo navdušijo soigralce.
game  city  vision  publicspace  boardgames 
december 2017
Constructed Career Paths from Job Switching Data | FlowingData
I was curious. What if you consider this a connection — like in a network graph — between two occupations? More specifically, I wondered if, given that you already have a job, what is the shortest path to get to another job?

The chart below, mostly for fun, shows the shortest path for all of the jobs using the same dataset.
jobs  career  network 
december 2017
Life Advice From Teen Experts  — The California Sunday Magazine
Something me and my sister like playing is this game called “I’ll give you the stars.” It’s how we settle most of our disagreements. So if I wanted to wear my sister’s shirt, but she didn’t agree, I would say something like, “I’ll give you all the beaches in Hawaii” or “I’ll give you the tallest mountain on Earth.” And if it was good enough, she would let me wear her shirt.
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december 2017
Mobilna in spletna aplikacija e-Pedius, poimenovana po rimskem slikarju Quintusu Pediusu, podpira množično izvajanje pri sestavljanju fragmentov stenskih poslikav.

Fragmenti stenskih poslikav

Restavriranje stenskih poslikav iz fragmentov z arheoloških najdišč je namreč zaradi velikega števila fragmentov, njihovih poškodb in manjkajočih delov težavno in zahteva leta ročnega dela strokovnjakov. Institut »Jožef Stefan« in Zavod za varstvo kulturne dediščine Slovenije sta v preteklosti že razvila nagrajeno računalniško aplikacijo, ki omogoča digitalizacijo fragmentov in njihovo sestavljanje, vendar je ta na voljo le strokovnjakom, ki imajo dostop do fizičnih fragmentov.

Nova rešitev e-Pedius pa je dostopna vsem zainteresiranim uporabnikom tabličnih, prenosnih in namiznih računalnikov in tudi nestrokovnjakom omogoča sestavljanje fragmentov v nove postavitve, nadaljevanje sestavljanja obstoječih postavitev in ocenjevanje postavitev. Zasnovana je kot mobilna igra, pri kateri se točkuje prizadevnost uporabnikov, vodi lestvica najboljših in spodbuja sodelovanje med uporabniki.
archeology  games  slovenia 
december 2017
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