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march 2018 by squishyrobot
The text mode art preservation network.
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february 2016 by squishyrobot
PETpix | bitfixer
I’d like to introduce the PETpix, a PETSCII image and video player for the Commodore PET! (And soon, other Commodore computers.)

You start with a video file (AVI, MOV, etc) and convert each frame in the video to its closest match in PETSCII characters. The frames in the video are split into 8×8 sub-images, and each sub-image is matched to a PETSCII glyph which is its closest match. The matching is done using a discrete cosine transform, which gives a close visual match for each sub-image.
software  ascii  retro  vintage  c64  video 
april 2014 by squishyrobot
Tonga Hut
Oldest Tiki Bar in LA since 1958
tiki  bar  nightlife  LA  California  Hollywood  retro  vintage  travel 
may 2013 by squishyrobot
Exploring 21st Century Photography
photography  alternative  vintage  forums  information  how-to 
may 2012 by squishyrobot
The Hukilau
A magical Polynesian weekend in America's Vacationland
conference  polynesian  hawaiian  tiki  culture  retro  vintage 
april 2012 by squishyrobot
Les Productions ZVON
sound effects. samples. dialogue from old movies.
samples  shopping  music  vintage  retro  movies 
october 2011 by squishyrobot
Hardware replacement for SID 6581 8580 chip
SID  vintage  retro  electronics  music  projects  embedded 
june 2011 by squishyrobot
free VST plugins for windows. free VST instruments and free VST effects
VST  free  software  music  windows  awsum  8-bit  vintage 
december 2010 by squishyrobot
the abandonware search engine, oldies, vieux jeux
gaming  retro  vintage  computer  free  dos 
november 2010 by squishyrobot
Warby Parker
Boutique Quality, Vintage Inspired Eyewear for $95
shopping  fashion  glasses  cool  vintage  retro 
september 2010 by squishyrobot
Gentlemans Emporium
Victorian Clothing for Men and Women
shopping  fashion  vintage  steampunk 
may 2010 by squishyrobot
Mod Cloth
Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes
clothing  cool  retro  vintage  shopping  fashion  indie  accessories  home  jewelry  shoes  gifts  awsum 
march 2010 by squishyrobot
Triode Electronics Inc.
Tube Amp Kits Transformers Tubes Dynaco Upgrades and Parts
guitar  shopping  tubes  kits  electronics  music  components  vintage 
march 2010 by squishyrobot
Vesalia Computer
The Amiga & Retro Computing Store (Est. 1987)
computer  retro  c64  vintage  shopping  software  gaming  8-bit 
june 2009 by squishyrobot
Products for Simple, Self-sufficient Living
vintage  shopping  tools  cooking  green  home  garden  hardware 
february 2009 by squishyrobot
4bitsynth - Google Code
MIDI-controlled digital synthesizer that uses the Atmel AVR ATMega48. Inspired by the NES, the sound is 4-bit. The digital output is put through an R-2R resistor ladder to get the analog waveform.
vintage  music  electronic  electronics  embedded  gaming  8-bit  synthesizer  projects  avr  DIY  how-to 
january 2009 by squishyrobot
AVGA Homepage
open source AVR based color video game development platform for single chip game console
vintage  retro  electronics  programming  embedded  gaming  8-bit 
december 2008 by squishyrobot
a retro-minimalist homebrew game console
gaming  embedded  electronics  projects  8-bit  vintage 
august 2008 by squishyrobot
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