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Fold N Fly ✈
A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions.
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20 days ago by squishyrobot
Electric Powered Paragliding | Open Source Flying
paramotor  shopping  information  how-to  aircraft  DIY 
8 weeks ago by squishyrobot
ElectroSmash - PT2399 Analysis
The PT2399 is a CMOS echo/delay processor developed by Princeton Technology Corp. This digital chip includes an ADC (Analog to Digital converter), 44Kb of RAM to store the samples and a DAC (Digital to Analog converter). Although this chip was created as a simple solution to add delay/reverb/echo to karaokes and set-up entertainment systems, it became very popular in the guitar pedal community due to its ability to emulate BBD-based delay circuits, good price, through-hole package, 5V power supply and tolerance to modifications. 

This integrated circuit has also demonstrated that with a careful design and good tuning, could be a fantastic sounding solution. Many well-known effects like Belton/Accu-Tronics reverb module, Danelectro FAB-Echo, and the Rebote Delay use this chip as the core of the circuit.
electronics  information  how-to  application-note  chips  music  audio 
august 2018 by squishyrobot
Discover Music via Samples, Cover Songs and Remixes
music  collaboration  information  reference  samples 
july 2018 by squishyrobot
A gathering place for discussion about sound, process, and technology. To foster the exchange of ideas: an in-depth response to a newly discovered album, or a possible solution to a common programming/patching issue, or a curious use of toasted pumpkin seeds and mango.**

We’re very glad to have you. Say hello. Check out the list of best threads as a starting point, and please take a moment to read the community guidelines.

LINES is supported by monome.org

** You can easily mute categories that are outside your interest!
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may 2018 by squishyrobot

audio  electronics  music  information  newsletter  retro  vintage  synthesizer  DIY  how-to 
march 2018 by squishyrobot
NPR Training | NPR
Storytelling tips and best practices from the NPR Training team. Created for public media, open to all.
NPR  podcasting  information  instruction  news  education  storytelling  how-to 
november 2017 by squishyrobot
Cigar Box Nation
#1 resource for Cigar Box Guitars, Free Plans, How-To, Parts & More!
guitar  ukulele  DIY  plans  information  reference  community  music  musical-instruments  how-to 
january 2017 by squishyrobot
Linux Commands Cheat Sheet
This is a linux command line reference for common operations. Examples marked with • are valid/safe to paste without modification into a terminal, so you may want to keep a terminal window open while reading this so you can cut & paste. All these commands have been tested both on Fedora and Ubuntu.
shell  Linux  command_line  information  reference 
december 2016 by squishyrobot
Pick Parts, Build Your PC, Compare and Share
computer  DIY  PC  hobby  information  how-to 
november 2016 by squishyrobot
Iconosquare - All Instagram online
Key metrics about your Instagram account… Get your total number of likes received, your most liked photos ever, your average number of likes and comments per photo, your follower growth charts and more advanced analytics.
instagram  marketing  social  analytics  information  web 
february 2016 by squishyrobot
Charity Reviews and Recommendations
charity  information  reviews  data 
january 2016 by squishyrobot
Compound Eye
The many facets of science photography | Scientific American Blog Network
blog  science  photography  information  how-to 
april 2015 by squishyrobot
Free Small Business Advice | How-to Resources | Tools | Templates
business  information  tools  DIY  how-to 
december 2014 by squishyrobot
The Tinusaur
Briefly, the Tinusaur is a minimal micro-controller hardware configuration based on Atmel AVR ATtiny family of products and more specifically those with DIP-8 case such as ATtiny25/ATtiny45/ATtiny85, ATtiny13 as well as their variations.

The goal of the Tinusaur project is to have a simple, cheap and accessible quick-start platform for everyone interested in learning and creating things.
blog  wordpress  atmel  embedded  electronics  ATtiny  shopping  information 
july 2014 by squishyrobot
Operator 1
This is a space where people who love the OP-1 from Teenage Engineering come to discuss not only the device but music synths and other interconnected things! Our user base stems from the previous site know as Ohpeewon.
forums  synthesizer  music  information  community  how-to 
july 2014 by squishyrobot
Learn how to build a drawing robot. Polargraph, drawbot
arduino  robots  plotter  blog  information  projects  electronics  CNC  how-to 
may 2014 by squishyrobot
Discover, Research, and Collect the World's Best Art Online
art  shopping  collecting  web  gallery  research  education  information 
may 2014 by squishyrobot
The GDELT Project
The Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone. The Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT) is an initiative to construct a catalog of human societal-scale behavior and beliefs across all countries of the world, connecting every person, organization, location, count, theme, news source, and event across the planet into a single massive network that captures what's happening around the world, what its context is and who's involved, and how the world is feeling about it, every single day.
statistics  data  news  culture  society  information  free  web  database 
may 2014 by squishyrobot
Consumer Electronics and Appliance Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guides
reviews  electronics  shopping  information  research 
march 2014 by squishyrobot
the hacker's microcontroller board: small. cheap. versatile. open source. - mchck.org
microcontroller  embedded  electronics  projects  arm  information  DIY  how-to 
august 2013 by squishyrobot
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