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Knitty, also developed by Yuki Igarashi automatically creates circular knitting charts. The software determines where increases and decreases are needed to match the spacial curvature of the object.
software  3d  graphics  knitting/crochet  crochet  knitting  computer  free 
march 2016 by squishyrobot
a handmade cabinet of curiosity. sea crochet
crafts  crochet  science  cool  shopping  etsy 
june 2008 by squishyrobot
Yarn Sale
1,000's of yarns at least 25% off suggested retail
shopping  crafts  knitting  crochet  yarn 
august 2006 by squishyrobot
// knitPro web app
knitting, crochet, cross stitch, and even latch hook pattern generator
crafts  knitting  crochet  computer  sewing  software  design  art  tools 
august 2006 by squishyrobot
Kollage Yarns
Yarn For Knitting and Crochet They also have corn yarn.
green  crafts  knitting  crochet  shopping 
august 2006 by squishyrobot
woolly wormhead
how to crochet spirals together to make a hat
crafts  crochet  sewing  fashion  projects  how-to 
july 2006 by squishyrobot

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