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Open-Source, Arduino-Compatible RISC-V Dev Kit | Crowd Supply
Arduino  opensource  RISC-V  crowdfunding  electronics  shopping  awsum 
december 2016 by squishyrobot
ISO50 Blog
The Blog of Scott Hansen (Tycho / ISO50) » The blog of Scott Hansen (aka ISO50 / Tycho)
music  blog  art  design  illustration  photography  inspiration  awsum  indie  electronic  experimental 
may 2014 by squishyrobot
Miami Mini Maker Faire
The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth is now in Miami!
making  Miami  Florida  culture  community  hacks  awsum  art  crafts  DIY 
october 2013 by squishyrobot
Samplr for iPad
Make music and play with sound by touching it with your fingers.
music  apps  Apple  iOS  iPad  software  samples  awsum 
november 2012 by squishyrobot
A blog about art and visual ingenuity.
blog  art  awsum  inspiration  photography 
september 2012 by squishyrobot
Mammoth Electronics
Guitar effect electronics kits and components. They also have nice custom enclosures. Most importantly, they have clones of the old bucket brigade delay chips.
electronics  guitar  music  enclosures  pedals  shopping  effects  components  awsum  DIY 
october 2011 by squishyrobot
Arduino software jewellery and wisdom by Mikal Hart. NewSoftSerial library.
arduino  electronics  programming  library  embedded  blog  software  awsum 
october 2011 by squishyrobot
The Center of Sound Returns
music  information  cool  radio  news  indie  awsum 
july 2011 by squishyrobot
nonolith labs
Open technology for makers and students. CEE and Pixelpulse browser based tool.
software  electronics  arduino  embedded  free  hardware  awsum  shopping  education 
july 2011 by squishyrobot
Topo Designs
Backpacks, Bags and Accessories Made in Colorado, USA
bags  clothing  outdoors  camping  shopping  cool  Colorado  awsum  inspiration  accessories 
july 2011 by squishyrobot
a resource for d.i.y. music projects
music  shopping  pcb  awsum  electronics  guitar  effects  DIY 
april 2011 by squishyrobot
Music PCB
PCB projects to build guitar and bass effects, and synth modules
music  electronics  projects  awsum  shopping  pcb  guitar  effects  DIY 
april 2011 by squishyrobot
iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Oscilloscope
oscilloscope  shopping  electronics  tools  awsum  ipod  iPad  iphone  iOS 
april 2011 by squishyrobot
shopping  fashion  bags  japanese  awsum  cool  urban 
january 2011 by squishyrobot
free VST plugins for windows. free VST instruments and free VST effects
VST  free  software  music  windows  awsum  8-bit  vintage 
december 2010 by squishyrobot
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