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How to Create 3D Paper Model of Poľana Volcano
Ruby code uses topographical information from the MapQuest API to generate an SVG for slicing on a blade cutter like the Silhouette.
maps  fabrication  architecture  github  ruby  3d  code 
may 2015 by squishyrobot
designboom magazine
your first source for architecture, design & art news
blog  design  art  architecture  technology  inspiration 
october 2014 by squishyrobot
Alex Robertson photography
music, travel, architecture and wedding photographer in London
photography  urban  inspiration  architecture  travel  city 
august 2013 by squishyrobot
SDC | Sustainable Dance Club
People Planet Party! | Inventors of the Sustainable Dance Floor
piezo  green  architecture  design  business  ideas 
may 2011 by squishyrobot
The Green Project
The Green Project operates a WAREHOUSE STORE that resells high-quality, salvaged building materials at low cost to the community.
new_orleans  community  green  architecture  design  home 
january 2010 by squishyrobot
Prefab Homes
Modular Homes - modern modular home design and architecture - Prefabs.com
prefab  architecture  design  house  home  shopping  information  comparison 
august 2009 by squishyrobot
Modern Shed
a new kind of outdoor room.
architecture  home  prefab  design 
july 2008 by squishyrobot
lots of cool night photography
architecture  art  photography  cool 
march 2007 by squishyrobot
International Database and Gallery of Structures
november 2006 by squishyrobot
James Clar & Associates
Interactive Lighting Design and Retail Environment
architecture  lighting  design  electronics 
november 2006 by squishyrobot
Interior Design
the information behind the inspiration they have a bunch of manufacturer's catalogs searchable
architecture  design  furniture  news  home  magazines 
august 2006 by squishyrobot
Michelle Kaufmann Designs
Modern, Green, & Modular Design - Sunset® Breezehouse™ & Glidehouse™
design  home  shopping  architecture  prefab 
february 2006 by squishyrobot

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