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Emulate a middleclick with triple tap on MacBook trackpad and Magic Mouse.
github  apps  Apple  Mac  free  software  utilities  macOS 
july 2017 by squishyrobot
Nice looking Pinboard and Delicious OS X client
Apple  apps  client  delicious  macOS  pinboard  software 
july 2017 by squishyrobot
The missing package manager for macOS
software  free  opensource  package_manager  Apple  Mac  macOS 
july 2017 by squishyrobot
cyburgee/loopFindr · GitHub
A tool that automatically finds loops in videos so you can turn them into seamless GIFs.
github  software  free  openframeworks  video  converter  gif  animated  Mac  Apple  apps  macOS 
august 2014 by squishyrobot
Samplr for iPad
Make music and play with sound by touching it with your fingers.
music  apps  Apple  iOS  iPad  software  samples  awsum 
november 2012 by squishyrobot
Free Audio Editor and Recorder
software  music  audio  windows  Mac  Apple  Linux  macOS 
march 2011 by squishyrobot
iPod, iBook, & PowerBook Parts and Accessories
shopping  hacks  components  ipod  Mac  Apple  DIY 
may 2008 by squishyrobot
VMware Fusion
Overview, Run Windows on Mac, Virtual PC on Mac
Apple  software  tools  Mac  macOS 
august 2007 by squishyrobot
Open Source Alternative
Find Open Source Alternatives to commercial software
free  computer  software  tools  Linux  Mac  Apple  programming  macOS 
january 2007 by squishyrobot

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