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Flutter is a new mobile app SDK to help developers and designers build modern mobile apps for iOS and Android.
programming  development  iOS  android  app 
november 2017 by squishyrobot
Use Apple Swift to develop, build and deploy for multiple platforms using one single code base. We currently support Android, Apple iOS and Apple OS X.
programming  swift  android  development  iOS  macOS 
november 2017 by squishyrobot
Pushbullet Android notifications on your Mac.
android  Mac  software  macOS 
july 2017 by squishyrobot
Remix OS for PC
Redefining PC. Reimagining mobile. The world's first true Android PC experience.
android  distro  windows  free  OS  opensource  software 
november 2016 by squishyrobot
Giant Emoji is an experimental openFrameworks application that translates your facial expressions into a giant emoji.
github  opensource  android  art  interactive  openframeworks  app 
october 2016 by squishyrobot
Listen to radio shows and podcasts on demand, create custom stations, get personalized recommendations & always be up to date.
podcasts  app  ios  android  web  software  free  news 
october 2015 by squishyrobot
Production Ready Wearables in 30 Minutes or Less! by MbientLab Inc. — Kickstarter
wearable  microcontroller  kickstarter  electronics  business  inspiration  arm  bluetooth  mobile  android  iOS 
april 2014 by squishyrobot
A fun and beautiful way to animate your photos.
apps  video  photography  android  iOS  iphone 
may 2013 by squishyrobot
your one stop shop for mini PCs and hobby tech
electronics  android  hardware  computer  embedded  shopping  hobby 
december 2012 by squishyrobot
Creative ways of triggering your camera
shopping  photography  accessories  arduino  iphone  android 
november 2012 by squishyrobot
bitshift - Cable S
DSLR remote control cable for Android (or really anything with an audio out)
android  photography  electronics  hacks  projects  how-to 
may 2012 by squishyrobot
App Inventor Edu
Playing with blocks, building apps
apps  programming  android 
november 2011 by squishyrobot
Scripting Layer for Android brings scripting languages to Android.
software  programming  robots  lua  ruby  javascript  python  perl  android  google_code 
july 2011 by squishyrobot
Use Appcelerator Titanium to build mobile apps for iPhone & Android and desktop apps for Windows, Mac OS X & Linux from Web technologies
programming  windows  Mac  iphone  android  Linux  iOS  iPad  ipod  software  shopping 
october 2010 by squishyrobot

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