My theory: Patreon doesn't want to be a money services business
This seems to explain very well what's going on with that Patreon debacle
3 days ago
Material Design Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
Material Design inspired check boxes and radio buttons. Pure CSS. Minimal Markup. Use nested labels or not. Inherits the size from the surrounding text size.
9 weeks ago
Wow. MOPPE is back at Ikea. Unfortunately only two sizes are available, the larger ones seem to be still discontinued.
ikea  moppe 
9 weeks ago
free email forwarder
mail  forwarder  spam 
9 weeks ago
CSS Modules
Good introduction on how CSS modules work.
css  react 
10 weeks ago
Self-Driving RVs, Not Cars, Will Bring About the True Paradigm Shift
Interesting observation on car ownership in a self-driving world. People actually still might want to own a car. I would have thought otherwise, but this essay lists some pretty good reasons.
selfdriving  autonomous  cars 
august 2017
So, about this Googler’s manifesto.
I wish such clear words would have come directly from Google, but I get that they are limited in what they can say publicly.
google  diversity  feminism  sexism 
august 2017
I hacked my body for a future that never came | The Verge
"Dangerous Things sells a variety of other chips and magnets. Founder Amal Graafstra told me that sales had been going up, until the 2016 presidential election — when no one bought anything for a full week.

“I think one way or another, people lost faith in humanity, and in a sense lost faith in the future."
july 2017
Comparison of ESP8266 NodeMCU development boards
I was wondering about the version numbers...
nodemcu  esp8266 
june 2017
Easy and simple chat rooms
chat  tool  web 
march 2017
X-Box Co-pilot mode
This is super interesting. Kaddi enjoyed our co-op plays in Mario Galaxy where I was the main player and she just helped me out. And apparently this kind of setup should also be possible with the steam link and steam controller set up. I have to investigate.
gaming  co-op 
march 2017
George W. Bush’s best-selling book of paintings shows curiosity and compassion - The Washington Post
I think GW was one of the worst presidents in recent time but this is interesting. I wish he'd staid out of politics and painted instead. He might have been happier, too.
gwbush  painting 
march 2017
“Hello, (real) world!” in PHP in 2017
There's some truth here. Web development became a lot more complex in recent years. Though the PHP in that might still be the simplest part of it all.
webdev  php  complexity 
march 2017
20 Years Ago, Starship Troopers Showed Us What Happens When Fascism Wins
I think I should rewatch this movie. I saw it in the cinema when it came out and found the cheerful reaction of the audience the worst of it. Even back then people didn't seem to recognize the fascism they were cheering at. Or actually, maybe they were but liked it.
fascism  movies 
march 2017
Stardew Valley Crop and Cooking Profits
You know you're really into a game when you start bookmarking these kind of spreadsheets :-D
stardewvalley  gaming  spreadsheet 
march 2017
Putin’s Real Long Game
An interesting article. I believe Russia is a more dangerous threat to western democracy than islamic terror. However I doubt Trump will turn out as the defender of the west as this article hopes for. He has neither the wisdom nor values for that.
politics  trump  russia 
january 2017
Why I finally ditched Jira | Hacker News
Even though Jira has grown on me, I still don't like it very much. The Hacker News comments have a few interesting alternatives...
jira  pm 
september 2016
Can this flat-pack truck save the world?
Interesting approach to the truck. Low cost and easy to assemble and maintain. Not that the world really needs more petrol powered trucks.
cars.  trucks 
september 2016
Asia’s Cult of Intelligence
"In Japan, for example, teachers are held in high esteem and normally viewed as among the most important members of a community. [...] The profession of teaching is one that is seen as being of central value in Japanese society and those who choose that profession are well compensated in terms of salary, pension, and respect for their knowledge and their efforts on behalf of children. [...] The problem is not really with our educational system; it is with our educational culture."
education  politics 
september 2016
The Millenial Whoop
The Wilhelm Scream of modern pop music.
music  pattern 
august 2016
Steam library filters
Awesome tool to search through your steam library
filter  search  steam 
august 2016
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