3D Printing Projects — Bob's Project Notebook
Lots of indepth details. Gotta read through that for Slic3r tuning.
3dprinting  slic3r 
7 weeks ago
Serveo: expose local servers to the internet using SSH
good alternative if you need something more permanent than a free ngrok session
https  remote  ssh  tunnel 
may 2018
A critical reflection on #GDPR
Half assed Internet laws for 500, Alex
law  gdpr 
april 2018
Turn off Retweets
Simple script to turn off retweets on Twitter for all the people you follow.
twitter  retweets  script 
march 2018
Silvester: Feuerwerkskritik - Böllern Sie ruhig - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"Die Deutschen investieren also fünfmal so viel Geld in Christbäume wie in Kracher und Raketen."
january 2018
My theory: Patreon doesn't want to be a money services business
This seems to explain very well what's going on with that Patreon debacle
december 2017
Material Design Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
Material Design inspired check boxes and radio buttons. Pure CSS. Minimal Markup. Use nested labels or not. Inherits the size from the surrounding text size.
october 2017
Wow. MOPPE is back at Ikea. Unfortunately only two sizes are available, the larger ones seem to be still discontinued.
ikea  moppe 
october 2017
free email forwarder
mail  forwarder  spam 
october 2017
CSS Modules
Good introduction on how CSS modules work.
css  react 
october 2017
Self-Driving RVs, Not Cars, Will Bring About the True Paradigm Shift
Interesting observation on car ownership in a self-driving world. People actually still might want to own a car. I would have thought otherwise, but this essay lists some pretty good reasons.
selfdriving  autonomous  cars 
august 2017
So, about this Googler’s manifesto.
I wish such clear words would have come directly from Google, but I get that they are limited in what they can say publicly.
google  diversity  feminism  sexism 
august 2017
I hacked my body for a future that never came | The Verge
"Dangerous Things sells a variety of other chips and magnets. Founder Amal Graafstra told me that sales had been going up, until the 2016 presidential election — when no one bought anything for a full week.

“I think one way or another, people lost faith in humanity, and in a sense lost faith in the future."
july 2017
Comparison of ESP8266 NodeMCU development boards
I was wondering about the version numbers...
nodemcu  esp8266 
june 2017
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