Putin’s Real Long Game
An interesting article. I believe Russia is a more dangerous threat to western democracy than islamic terror. However I doubt Trump will turn out as the defender of the west as this article hopes for. He has neither the wisdom nor values for that.
politics  trump  russia 
6 weeks ago
Why I finally ditched Jira | Hacker News
Even though Jira has grown on me, I still don't like it very much. The Hacker News comments have a few interesting alternatives...
jira  pm 
september 2016
Can this flat-pack truck save the world?
Interesting approach to the truck. Low cost and easy to assemble and maintain. Not that the world really needs more petrol powered trucks.
cars.  trucks 
september 2016
Asia’s Cult of Intelligence
"In Japan, for example, teachers are held in high esteem and normally viewed as among the most important members of a community. [...] The profession of teaching is one that is seen as being of central value in Japanese society and those who choose that profession are well compensated in terms of salary, pension, and respect for their knowledge and their efforts on behalf of children. [...] The problem is not really with our educational system; it is with our educational culture."
education  politics 
september 2016
The Millenial Whoop
The Wilhelm Scream of modern pop music.
music  pattern 
august 2016
Steam library filters
Awesome tool to search through your steam library
filter  search  steam 
august 2016
Wot I Think: Always Sometimes Monsters
Sums up what I think about this game pretty well. Overall I enjoyed the 11 hours I spent with it.
Weird though, that I end up playing lesbians so often recently :-)
game  review 
august 2016
A neuroscientist explains what may be wrong with Trump supporters’ brains
This adds at least another interesting dimension at explaining the major fuck up happening right now, even though I wouldn't say it's the whole story.
august 2016
[TUTO] Enable Adoptable Storage on MM | Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
Kinda works with my Z3C. It effectively split my SD card into two partitions and I can now manually move Apps completely(!) to one of them. Not as cool as real adaptive storage, but close enough.
z3c  android 
august 2016
I Just Saw this Picture and I’m So Disturbed. Because it’s Me.
German police has a racism problem, too. I don't think that surprises anyone here. But it's not a talking point here - everyone just points at America and pretends things are better here.
racism  germany 
july 2016
UserBenchmark: PC Build Comparisons
Nice tool to check how upgrades might improve your PCs performance.
pc  performance 
july 2016
Please don't send me Smart Replies
This was my first reaction when I saw the feature in the keynote. The feature would be nice for Android Wear, but for real conversations SwiftKey's word prediction is good enough and maybe even as far as it should get.
mobile  philosophy 
may 2016
A sassy, opinionated CSS Framework. A tiny alternative to Bootstrap.
bootstrap  css  framework 
may 2016
McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit
Interesting. Everyone of course heard about this lawsuit, but apparently it went a lot different than what the stereotype of "stupid Americans suing for everything" makes us think.
comic  history  law  politics 
may 2016
Windwalker - A Modern PHP Framework
I need to have a deeper look at this. Looks interesting.
framework  php  programming 
april 2016
Ein paar naive Fragen | Das Nuf Advanced
"Sie stehen also um diesen Bus herum, brüllen aus vollem Halse und blicken auf einen Bus voll mit verängstigten Menschen. Einige von ihnen fangen an zu weinen. Wenn ich das auf dem Video sehen kann, haben die Menschen die da waren, es erst recht gesehen. Sie schreien weiter. Da steht am Ende also ein hasserfüllt schreiender Vater und brüllt so laut er kann einigen weinenden Flüchtlingskindern, Frauen und Männern entgegen: „Wir sind das Volk“ und „Ausländer raus!“ und andere Ekelhaftigkeiten. Sieht er nicht, dass das Menschen sind? Kinder? Kinder verdammt nochmal. So wie seine?"
kaltland  nazis 
february 2016
Funny Or Die Presents Donald Trump's The Art Of The Deal
Johnny Depp plays Donald Trump in a fake 80ies Biopic. 50min movie.
donald.trump  movie  johnny.depp 
february 2016
Jheronimus Bosch - the Garden of Earthly Delights
Awesome interactive version of one of my most favorite paintings ever.
february 2016
Krasse Krise
"der beste Weg, um die Zahl der Flüchtlinge in Europa zu begrenzen, ist ihre Flucht für beendet zu erklären, sobald sie europäischen Boden betreten haben. Sie sind fortan keine Flüchtlinge mehr, sondern freie Menschen. Klingt komisch? Ist aber so"
november 2015
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