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CSS Scroll Snap — How It Really Works
Without this CSS property, if we’ll scroll the list, we need to be gentle with the scrolling and bring the item as close as we can to the boundaries of the container. But with this property, we just need to scroll it a just over the 50% and the browser will complete the scrolling till the position we wanted.
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yesterday by spaceninja
To Grid or to Flex?
In this article I want to unpack when and where you might want to use Grid or flexbox, and some reasons for choosing one or the other. What surprised me about reading the responses in the thread was the number of people stating that they would only use Grid for page-level layout, and flexbox for everything else. If you take this as a rule, then you’re severely limiting yourself when it comes to Grid’s power. The main piece of advice I would give is to take every design individually, analyse the options available and don’t make assumptions about which technology you need. Here are some of the questions you could ask yourself when it comes to choosing a layout method.
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yesterday by spaceninja
Quick! What's the Difference Between Flexbox and Grid?
There are a lot of similarities between flexbox and grid, starting with the fact that they are used for layout and much more powerful than any layout technique that came before them. They can stretch and shrink, they can center things, they can re-order things, they can align things... There are plenty of layout situations in which you could use either one to do what we need to do, and plenty of situations where one is more well-suited than the other. Let's focus on the differences rather than the similarities:
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Do I have to add a dark mode now?
I thought it’d be a nice, albeit silly experiment to learn what is involved in designing a dark theme for my website. Turned out, it’s not as silly as I thought.
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yesterday by spaceninja
Position: stuck; — and a Way to Fix It
The shortcomings of position: sticky; when working with overflow — In this article, I want to explore the shortcomings of position: sticky; — specifically how we might be able to think up a creative technique when working with overflows, which causes frustration when working with the native solution.
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Where Do You Nest Your Sass Breakpoints?
I love nesting my @media query breakpoints. It's perhaps the most important feature of Sass to me. But what if my element has several sub-elements and the breakpoint affects them as well? There are different approaches, and I'm never quite sure which one I should be doing.
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yesterday by spaceninja
The only reason your CSS fails
We are learning CSS the wrong way… There are four core concepts that I believe, if taught correctly, would save us from 99% of CSS issues: block formatting context, box model, stacking context, and the cascade (particularly specificity).
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The State of CSS Survey
CSS is evolving faster than ever. Flexbox, Grid, Multi-Column… To say nothing of whole new paradigms like CSS-in-JS. So after the success of our annual State Of JavaScript survey, we’ve decided to take on the world of styles and selectors to help identify the latests trends… and try to bridge the ever-growing “great front-end divide”!
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yesterday by spaceninja
SVG Filter Effects: Duotone Images with <feComponentTransfer>
In the previous article in this series I introduced you to the <feComponentTransfer>, and we used it to limit the number of colors in an image to create a poster effect. In this article, we will take a look at how it can be used to create a Photoshop-like duotone effect. We’ll also learn how to use it to control the intensity and contrast of an image’s colors.
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yesterday by spaceninja
Animate a Blob of Text with SVG and Text Clipping
I came across this neat little animation in a designer newsletter. In it, a block of text appears to bleed into view with a swirl of colors, then goes out the same way it came in. It’s a slick effect and one I wanted to recreate in code. The approach I took was to use SVG text as a clip path for an SVG background.
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yesterday by spaceninja
Building a modern carousel with CSS scroll snap, smooth scrolling, and pinch-zoom | Read the Tea Leaves
Come on, it’s 2019. Isn’t there a decent way to build a carousel with native browser APIs? As it turns out, there is. My carousel implementation uses a few simple building blocks: 1) CSS scroll snap. 2) scrollTo() with smooth behavior. 3) The <pinch-zoom> custom element.
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yesterday by spaceninja
Slide an Image to Reveal Text with CSS Animations
Pretty neat little animation, right? It’s relatively subtle and acts as a nice enhancement to UI elements. For example, I could see it used to reveal explanatory text or even photo captions. Or, a little JavaScript could be used to fire the animation on click or scroll position to make things a little more interactive.
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8 days ago by spaceninja
A Guide To CSS Support In Browsers
It can be frustrating when you want to use a feature and discover that it is not supported or behaves differently across browsers. In this article, Rachel Andrew details the different types of browser support issues, and shows how CSS is evolving to make it easier to deal with them.
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8 days ago by spaceninja
Quick Tip: CSS Triangles
Making a triangle in CSS is quite a common UI task. If you want to build a tooltip or any dropdown menu, it is possible you need one.
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8 days ago by spaceninja
Where Do You Learn HTML & CSS in 2019?
The question of how and where to learn CSS is a highly reasonable thing to ask. The answer depends on all sorts of things: how serious you are, your current foundation, what other resources are available to you, what you hope to do with what you learn, and how much time you have, among probably a zillion other things.
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8 days ago by spaceninja
CSS :placeholder-shown
The :placeholder-shown pseudo-clas targets an <input> element's placeholder only when it's shown, and thus I could select just the placeholder but not the input's text:
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8 days ago by spaceninja
Applying Styles Based on the User Scroll Position with Smart CSS
By mapping the current scroll offset to an attribute on the html element we can style elements on the page based on the current scroll position. We can use this to build, for example, a floating navigation component.
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8 days ago by spaceninja
Mastering Maps: Build a Flexible Variable System in Sass
Sass maps give you clearer, more flexible variables — learn how to make a map-powered stylesheet with some basic examples.
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8 days ago by spaceninja
The “C” Is For Accessibility, by Evangelina Ferreira
Screen readers, semantics, label tags, aria and alt attributes… All these things are essential instruments of accessibility; but so are contrast, visibility, pseudo-elements and many others. CSS’s impact on users with disabilities is many times underestimated, which leads to deficiently written code that affects the lives of many of our users. In this talk we will learn how our CSS code affects accessibility and how we can write more responsible stylesheets.
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8 days ago by spaceninja
Learn Web Development in 2019
A guide to launching your career in web development in 2019. I list the required skills and top courses to learn frontend and backend software engineering.
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8 days ago by spaceninja
Solving a Tricky Layout Problem with CSS Grid
This article is a case study on a particular component with a unique layout and a set of constraints. Building a layout that worked for the large number of requirements, as well as unknown content, required applying lateral thinking and a great deal of problem solving to find the right solution.
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14 days ago by spaceninja
How to use web fonts in CSS
Web fonts have revolutionized site typography during the past decade. Designers have fewer constraints and can implement typefaces which work on all mainstream devices and browsers. In this tutorial, we discuss various techniques and best practices for adding custom fonts to web pages.
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14 days ago by spaceninja
A Detailed Guide to CSS Animations and Transitions
Read along as this is an extensive excerpt covering the basics of CSS animations and transitions that could immensely help you in achieving the same for your business website.
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14 days ago by spaceninja
A look at CSS hyphenation in 2019
Let’s have a look at the browser support of CSS Hyphenation, how to use it today and which feature I would like to see in browsers.
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14 days ago by spaceninja
My Grid Layout
My site’s design came through a lot of iterations, including the latest complete rewrite and a partial redesign, but its layout is something I used for a while. In this article, I’ll describe what I tried to achieve with it and how it was re-implemented using CSS Grids.
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14 days ago by spaceninja
Table Design Patterns On The Web
Tables are a design pattern for displaying large amounts of data in rows and columns, and have not yet seemed to fall out of favor, so let’s take a look at how we can create tables on the web in 2019.
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14 days ago by spaceninja
CSS Position Sticky - How It Really Works!
CSS position sticky has really good browser support, yet most developers aren’t using it. The reason for that is twofold: First, the long wait for good browser support: It took quite a long time for browser support to happen, and by the time it did the feature was forgotten. The second reason is that most developers don’t fully understand the logic behind how it works, and that’s where I come in.
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14 days ago by spaceninja – Solved by Flexbox High Kick
Flexbox is nowaday one of the problem solvers you should master to help you in your working daily habits. Follow those little demonstrations and case studies to learn more about CSS Flexbox Layout, step by step, and become a Flexbox Ninja!
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14 days ago by spaceninja
Firefox DevTools for CSS authors
If you’re a developer, chances are there’s a set of tools you hold near and dear to your heart, and of course, any browser DevTool is numero uno on that list. With Firefox releasing amazing improvements to their DevTools at a rapid rate, it’s a good time to investigate the powerful aspects specifically geared towards CSS authors.
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14 days ago by spaceninja
CSS: From Zero to Hero
CSS defines the way things look on your websites. HTML is your content, JavaScript adds interaction, but the appearance comes down to CSS. CSS is super powerful, and has a ton of awesome stuff built in. This post will take you from introductory syntax through creating layouts and making sites responsive!
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14 days ago by spaceninja
What is actually CSS-in-JS?
CSS-in-JS refers to a collection of ideas to solve complex problems with CSS. Since it is NOT a particular library, different libs might solve a different subset of problems and use different approaches, depending on their implementation details. However, all implementations have in common that they tackle the problems using APIs instead of convention and they leverage JavaScript as a language.
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14 days ago by spaceninja
prefers-color-scheme: CSS Media Query
Wouldn't it be amazing if websites would also go dark or light based on user's system preference? The CSS working group agrees, which is why they've created a prefers-color-scheme media query; a media query that signals what the user's theme preference is and allows you to code your site to match that preference!
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14 days ago by spaceninja
A Year of Utility Classes
Last year at Mud we adopted a utility-first approach to CSS (also known as atomic CSS). In this article I’ll summarise what I’ve learnt from adopting atomic CSS in an agency context over the past year, and where it might or might not be appropriate to apply it.
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15 days ago by spaceninja
HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points
Everyone is angry about CSS again. I’m not even going to try to summarize the arguments. However it always seems to boil down to the fact that CSS is simultaneously too easy to bother with, yet so hard it needs to be wrapped up in a ball of JavaScript in case it scares the horses.
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15 days ago by spaceninja
The Many Ways to Change an SVG Fill on Hover (and When to Use Them)
SVG gives us a powerful feature: the ability to manipulate their properties with CSS. Those interactions include changing color on hover states. It sounds like such a straightforward thing here in 2019, but there are actually a few totally valid ways to go about it — which only demonstrates the awesome powers of SVG more.
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15 days ago by spaceninja
Formatting code and pre text
In a recent project, I came across a situation where there were varying lines of text that had to be displayed in the UI. This falls under something that I don’t work with a lot. Also, a couple of the properties have similar names, so I had to double check them to make sure I was styling things correctly (word-break, break-word, etc.). I’ll be talking through the various ways to display text and go a few ways to correct the “bad wrapping” issue. I’ve setup an experimental Codepen.
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22 days ago by spaceninja
CSS is a Declarative, Domain-Specific Programming Language
15 years ago, CSS would still be a programming language according the liberal definition laid out here, and now, in 2018, it’s a programming language according to other definitions, too. In it’s current implementation, CSS/HTML is Turing complete, CSS has functions and variables, CSS has math. And it’s only getting more powerful!
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22 days ago by spaceninja
Building Better Forms™ by not taking away affordances
Don’t fiddle too much with your forms‘ look and feel. A small innocent-looking piece of CSS, even when combined with semantically correct HTML, could leave you with a degraded User Experience and make your forms less Accessible.
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22 days ago by spaceninja
3 Useful CSS & HTML Features You Might Have Forgotten About
The inspiration for this article came from running across a tweet from Potch and realizing I had made the exact mistake that was described just a day earlier. It led me to thinking of a couple more CSS & HTML features we often forget about that can be very useful throughout our day-to-day work.
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22 days ago by spaceninja
CSS Specificity
CSS Specificity is the set of the rules applied to CSS selectors in order to determine which style is applied to an element. The more specific a CSS style is, the higher point value it accrues, and the likelier it is to be present on the element's style. There are many benefits of understanding CSS Specificity and leveraging it to your benefit.
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22 days ago by spaceninja
SVG Filters 101
Best of all, as you’re going to see in this series, SVG filters are capable of creating Photoshop-grade effects in the browser, using a few lines of code. I hope this series will help demystify and unlock part of SVG Filters’ potential and inspire you to start using them in your own projects.
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22 days ago by spaceninja
2019 CSS Wishlist
In observing several sources of conversation around things people desire in CSS, these seem like the most common asks: Parent queries. Container queries. Standardized styling of form elements. Has/Contains Selectors. Transitions to auto dimensions. Fixed up handling of viewport units.
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22 days ago by spaceninja
Your CSS Layout Toolkit for 2019, by Rachel Andrew
As we head into the final quarter of 2018, let’s take a look at where we are with CSS Grid Layout, and CSS layout in general. In this talk you will learn the key elements of layout. The things you need to know as you plan your projects now and into the next year. Rachel will take you on a tour of what we have now and what is coming next, with plenty of practical advice and takeaway code examples, so that you can start to use these features in your own work.
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22 days ago by spaceninja
The Great Divide
Let’s say there is a divide happening in front-end development. The divide is between people who self-identify as a (or have the job title of) front-end developer, yet have divergent skill sets.

On one side, an army of developers whose interests, responsibilities, and skill sets are heavily revolved around JavaScript.

On the other, an army of developers whose interests, responsibilities, and skill sets are focused on other areas of the front end, like HTML, CSS, design, interaction, patterns, accessibility, etc.
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29 days ago by spaceninja
How Well Do You Know CSS Layout?
The difference between a CSS good experience and a long frustrating one is oftentimes a matter of a few small details. CSS is indeed nuanced. One of the most common areas where I see struggles is layout. Personally, I like to study patterns. I notice that I tend to use a small group of patterns to solve the majority of my layout problems. This article is about those CSS patterns I use to get myself through layout challenges. It is also about approaching situations agnostically, regardless of the CSS methodologies used, whether that’s SMACSS, BEM, or even the hot topic of CSS-in-JS because they all focus on the properties themselves rather than architecture, organization, or strategy.
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29 days ago by spaceninja
Web Standards: The What, The Why, And The How
Web Standards, and the documentation to support them, provide huge insight into ‘the why’ and ‘the what’ of the world wide web. They are a fantastic resource for any web developer and help people build stuff for the web that is functional, accessible and cross-compatible. In this article, we take a look at the history of Web Standards, how to use them in your work and ways you can get involved in making them.
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29 days ago by spaceninja
The Complete Guide To SCSS/SASS
You can’t really appreciate the power of Sassy CSS until you create your first for-loop for generating property values and see its advantages. But we’ll start from basic SCSS principles and build upon them toward the end.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  sass 
29 days ago by spaceninja
Understanding the Albatross
This morning, I read Heydon Pickering’s post on switching from a multiple column flexbox layout to a single column layout without an intermediate step. I spent a bunch of time figuring out *why* it works.
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29 days ago by spaceninja
Keeping a React Design System Consistent Using Visual Regression Testing
Ensuring visual consistency is one of the biggest challenges of working on a UI component library. Since visual regressions in one component can lead to unwanted changes across an entire application, it becomes vital that we test not only our components functionality, but also their visuals. What follows is the story of how we introduced visual regression testing into our React component library that implements our design system.
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29 days ago by spaceninja
Disable animations for users who prefer reduced motion
@media (prefers-reduced-motion: reduce) {
* {
animation: none !important;
transition: none !important;
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29 days ago by spaceninja
An introduction to CSS Containment
Despite how simple is each of the items in this example, we’re getting a big improvement by using CSS Containment in layout time going down from ~4ms to ~0.04ms which is a huge difference. Imagine what would happen if the DOM tree has very complex structures and contents but only a small part of the page gets modified, if you can isolate that from the rest of the page you could get similar benefits.
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29 days ago by spaceninja
What CSS Taught Me, by Dan Cederholm
Reflecting on 20 years building websites, Dan shares what CSS taught him. Often, it had little to do with CSS itself, but everything to do with making mistakes, teaching while you're still learning, and that everything we create on the web will eventually disappear. And that's ok.
fridayfrontend  css  video 
29 days ago by spaceninja
CSS Wisdom from Goofus and Gallant
Goofus sneezes his overly specific selectors and !important rules all over the codebase. Gallant carefully follows the low specificity naming conventions of the project and cleans up after his messes.
css  goofus  gallant  comics  satire 
4 weeks ago by spaceninja
Pure CSS Content Filter
By using CSS’ :target pseudo-selector, we can work out what a user has clicked on, and by using the adjacent sibling selector, we can use that user’s action to style subsequent parts of the DOM.
css  target  filters  selectors 
4 weeks ago by spaceninja
It’s 2019 and I Still Make Websites with my Bare Hands
Except for the minimum requirements (a text editor and a local web server), my “process” doesn’t need any special tooling: no compiling, no installation steps, no package management. It’s just me, my text editor, my web server, and understanding the basics of how websites work.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  process  javascript  frameworks 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
New horizons in CSS: Houdini and the Paint API
The way we write CSS is about to change. No, I don’t mean you have to change how you write your styles, but we as developers are about to get a lot more control. What am I talking about? That would be the CSS Houdini spec and the new browser APIs that are coming out as a part of it.
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5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Why we need CSS subgrid
There has been a lot of discussion over the last 2 years about the use cases for subgrid, how it should be implemented, and even some debate over whether you even need it. A lot of that discussion was centered around two other approaches that can handle many of the same problems as subgrid: nested grids and display: contents. This article will explore both of those approaches, and I hope to demonstrate that there are still some very valid cases where a subgrid is truly needed, and others where it is not strictly needed, but would make for a much cleaner solution.
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5 weeks ago by spaceninja
New ES2018 Features Every JavaScript Developer Should Know
The ninth edition of the ECMAScript standard, officially known as ECMAScript 2018 (or ES2018 for short), was released in June 2018. Starting with ES2016, new versions of ECMAScript specifications are released yearly rather than every several years and add fewer features than major editions used to. The newest edition of the standard continues the yearly release cycle by adding four new RegExp features, rest/spread properties, asynchronous iteration, and Promise.prototype.finally. Additionally, ES2018 drops the syntax restriction of escape sequences from tagged templates.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  javascript  es6  es2018  regex  rest  spread  async  finally  promises 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
CSS-only multiple choice quizzing
I followed a link to one of those Guardian end-of-year quizzes on my phone (probably this one), and had answered a few questions before realising that it was working entirely without JavaScript (I have JavaScript disabled on my phone because a) it cuts out most of the ads, b) it cuts out lots of bandwidth and I have a limited data plan, and c) my battery lasts longer because it’s not processing tons of code to show me some text (cough, Medium)).
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5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Sass Techniques from the Trenches
Having been in the web development industry for more than 14 years, I’ve seen and written my fair share of good and bad CSS. When I began at Ramsey Solutions five years ago, I was introduced to Sass. It blew my mind how useful it was! I dove right in and wanted to learn everything I could about it. Over the past five years, I’ve utilized a number of different Sass techniques and patterns and fell in love with some that, to steal Apple’s phrase, just work.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  sass 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
On the importance of testing with content blockers
I recommend everyone to browse with content blockers turned on. The goal: protection against tracking. Safari and Firefox have good tracking protection features. With more people using these features, we should test our sites with content blockers turned on.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  testing  contentblockers  adblockers  security  layout 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Complicated Checkerboard Layouts with CSS Grid & SVGs
I’m so excited when my clients push the boundaries of “normal” web design and allow me to use some of the latest cool CSS available. I was given this square based, checkerboard Gridded design and told to run off and see what I could do. This design presented a lot of issues and it took a lot of upfront thinking, as well as 4 or 5 different routes, before I found the perfect balance between usability, responsiveness, and keeping the design integrity. There are already a lot of tutorials on CSS Grid, but none of them address the issues I was having, especially when it came to keeping everything square, matching with the background checkerboard, and being responsive at the same time (have I broken your brain yet!?).
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  layout  cssgrid  grids  svg 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Checking if an input is empty with CSS
Yes, it is possible to validate a form with pure CSS, but there are potential problems with validation when whitespace characters are involved.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  empty  forms  validation 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Reader Mode: The Button to Beat
What we’re going to discuss is how to keep people like me from hitting that button by relying on this nifty programming language the W3C so wisely gave us. Because if you don’t, all that other stuff—your newsletter signup boxes, your comments, your related articles, your engagement—will be cut away.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  accessibility  readability  readermode 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Baseline Rules for Scrollbar Usability
Now that one of the most popular CSS resource sites on the innertubes has implemented styled scrollbars in the browser I think the time is right (or too late?) for me to try to capture a starting point for ensuring they are usable.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  scrollbars  accessibility 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Piecing Together Approaches for a CSS Masonry Layout
Masonry layout, on the web, is when items of an uneven size are laid out such that there aren't uneven gaps. I would guess the term was coined (or at least popularized) for the web by David DeSandro because of his popular Masonry JavaScript library, which has been around since 2010. JavaScript library. Nothing against JavaScript, but it's understandable we might not want to lean on it for doing layout. Is there anything we can do in CSS directly these days? Sorta.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  layout  masonry  javascript  flexbox  cssgrid  multicol 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
When And How To Use CSS Multi-Column Layout
The Multi-column Layout spec is often overlooked as we use Grid and Flexbox. In this article Rachel Andrew explains why it is different to other layout methods, and shows some useful patterns and sites which showcase it well.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  multicol  columns  layout 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Toggling Animations On and Off
In this article, we are going to try to make everyone happy independent of what their views on animations might be. We are going to give our users full control over whether they want to see animations or not, and we are going to do that by employing a few cool technical tricks.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  animation  accessibility 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
The Flexbox Holy Albatross
"Media query breakpoints are anathema to design systems," so Heydon found a way to make Flexbox switch directly between multiple and single column layouts. No media queries; no JS!
fridayfrontend  css  layout  flexbox  mediaqueries  containerqueries 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Angular, Autoprefixer, IE11, and CSS Grid Walk into a Bar…
As toolchains grow and become more complex, unless you are expertly familiar with them, it’s very unclear what transformations are happening in our code. Tracking the differences between the input and output and the processes that code underwent can be overwhelming. When there’s a problem, it’s increasingly difficult to hop into the assembly line and diagnose the issue and often there’s not an precise fix.
fridayfrontend  css  angular  autoprefixer  grids  layout  cssgrid  ie11 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Stepping away from Sass
I also unintentionally, (at least at first) removed all traces of Sass from my codebase. This was not something I set out to do but the more I looked at my old Sass files the more I questioned whether it was adding value to my site, or just an extra level of complexity and dependency. CSS has evolved over recent years and the problems that lead me to Sass in the first place seem to be less of an issue today.
fridayfrontend  css  sass  variables  customproperties  layout  grids  cssgrid  typography 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
In Defense of Utility-First CSS
We, as developers, must be the first to embrace change. Looking back at my first reaction towards utility-first CSS, I realize how important it is we keep an open mind instead of rushing to pick a side. It doesn’t matter how experienced we think we are. Experience is great, but it can also make us believe we already have all we need to make judgment calls and don’t need to dive deeper to understand new concepts.
utility  atomic  css  bem  modular 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Teaching a Correct CSS Mental Model
We need common core tricks like this for CSS. Not “tricks” in the old sense (like how to fake a gradient border), but mental patterns: ways to frame the problem in our heads, so we can break problems into their constituent parts and notice recurring patterns. Those of us who deeply understand the language do this internally. We need to start working on distilling out these mental patterns we use for understanding layout and positioning and working with relative units, so that we can articulate them to others.
css  css-in-js  learning  teaching 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Styling a Web Component
This confused me for a bit here so I'm writing it out while it's fresh in mind. Just because you're using a web component doesn't mean the styles of it are entirely isolated. You might have content within a web component that is styled normally along with the rest of your website. Like this:
webcomponents  css 
5 weeks ago by spaceninja
Simple CSS Animation Tutorial
You can animate any CSS property whose physical position, dimensions, angle or color can be changed. Basic animation is surprisingly simple to implement using keyframes.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  animation 
6 weeks ago by spaceninja
Multi-Line Inline Gradient
The trick there is to set up the padded multi-line background just how you want it with pure white text and a black background. Then, a pseudo-element is set over the whole area with the gradient in the black area. Throw in mix-blend-mode: lighten; to make the gradient only appear on the black area. Nice one.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  gradients  backgrounds  highlight 
6 weeks ago by spaceninja
How To Learn CSS
You don’t need to commit in memorizing every CSS Property and Value, as there are good places to look them up. There are some fundamental things, however, which will make CSS much easier for you to use. This article aims to guide you along your path of learning CSS.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  training 
6 weeks ago by spaceninja
A Quick CSS Audit and General Notes About Design Systems
I’ve been auditing a ton of CSS lately and thought it would be neat to jot down how I’m going about doing that. I’m sure there are a million different ways to do this depending on the size and scale of your app and how your CSS works under the hood, so please take all this with a grain of salt.
fridayfrontend  css  design  audit  maintainability 
6 weeks ago by spaceninja
CSS Grid for Designers
Fast forward six years to the release of CSS Grid in early 2017. This technology removes a lot of the limitations that existed in CSS to date. But CSS Grid is not just a tool for front-end developers; designers can now think about web layout in new ways. This technology advancement is so important for designers to understand, because it means we can think about the right grid for the demands of our content.
fridayfrontend  css  layout  grids  cssgrid 
6 weeks ago by spaceninja
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