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Safari Tab Search on the Mac
Here's a little Safari trick that is just gold. Hit Shift-⌘-\ to enter the Safari "Show all tabs" mode. From there it's just a simple ⌘-F to search the open tabs.
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december 2017 by southfields
New Tutorial: Getting Started with OmniGraffle - The Omni Group
Work began on a new OmniGraffle tutorial a few months ago. We wanted this to be something that was visually-compelling; something that showed off OmniGraffle
osx  tutorials 
april 2016 by southfields
A Quick Tour of Keyboard Maestro Fill-In Snippets
A few people have asked me about replacing TextExpander fill-in snippets using Keyboard Maestro. While I think Keyboard Maestro is pretty easy to work with, it's very different than a single purpose
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april 2016 by southfields
How to move notes from Evernote to iCloud Notes • Larry Salibra
You've just updated to iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan. You read that Apple's updated its Notes app and are excited about moving your digital brain to iCloud.
applescript  evernote  osx 
december 2015 by southfields
Markdown and Automation Experiments with 1Writer
1Writer's biggest advantage over other non-Editorial text editors, in fact, is the ability to access many of the app and editor's functionalities with JavaScript.
apps  osx  markdown 
december 2015 by southfields
Mac Automation Tips Recommended Resources
This page describes and provides links to the powerful Mac automation tools for general Mac users.
november 2015 by southfields
Hands-On: Emulsion for Mac is a Simpler Alternative to Adobe Lightroom
Last week, we took a look at an excellent Photoshop alternative for Mac OS X, Affinity Photo Beta. This week, we are taking a look at a possible Lightroom alternative, Emulsion, to see if it can also…
osx  photoshop  photography  photo  apps 
june 2015 by southfields
Post to WordPress from Ulysses, update 4/9
After sleeping on this I decided there were a few things I could do better. Having to put raw source in the document was annoying. I looked into several ways to do this, but found Ulysses had the…
wordpress  osx  blogging 
april 2015 by southfields
Send your Retina iMac’s desktop to deep space | The Robservatory
Last week, I used the just-released Hubble Space Telescope images of the Andromeda galaxy to create a couple of desktop images for my Retina iMac. I liked the results so much that I spent some time…
mac  osx 
january 2015 by southfields
How to reset iTunes Match — 512 Pixels
I've used iTunes Match for quite a while now because my music setup is fiddly. My iTunes library is quite large, so until a couple of weeks ago, the files reside on a RAID connected to my home Mac…
OSX  itunes 
january 2015 by southfields
TidBITS: Five Fixes for OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Complaints are inevitable with any new release of OS X, and Yosemite has garnered its fair share. Here are a few solutions and workarounds for problems we’ve experienced or seen reported.
january 2015 by southfields
Apple’s iCloud Photo Library: A Quick How-To Guide | Re/code
Beta, shmeta: This is already a great way to back up iOS photos and videos in iCloud.
apple  mac  ios8  osx 
november 2014 by southfields
How to Get Your Writing Out There and Make It Look Good, Part Two: Enrich Your Rich Text | Ulysses III Blog
How to Get Your Writing Out There and Make It Look Good, Part Two: Enrich Your Rich Text - #export #ulysses3
apps  osx  from instapaper
july 2014 by southfields
Approaching DEVONthink
I would avoid approaching DEVONthink head on as it can be a very daunting product to the person unfamiliar with it. Tackling a certain set of functionality at a time allows one to slowly master the product. Tackling too much at once could lead to a sense of being overwhelmed.
apps  productivity  osx 
february 2014 by southfields
How Mac experts organize their files
HThe point of organizing your files is to make it easy to find them again. There are numerous approaches to both organizing and then locating files. I set out to discover how experts tackle both tasks.
february 2014 by southfields
The dead letter office - Dr Drang
With the introduction of Mavericks, the former Address Book and iCal have kept their new iOS-inspired names but have returned to a more Mac-like look and function. Messages improved, too. Mail, though, took a nosedive.
february 2014 by southfields
The Mysterious Character Viewer - Macsparky
A lot of people don’t even realize the character viewer is a thing.
february 2014 by southfields
The best photo editing app for the Mac - The Sweet Setup
Aperture is the best tool for building out collections of finished photographs. When it comes to taking a pile of images, selecting the best, and making those look awesome quickly, Lightroom is the better application.
osx  photoshop  photography 
january 2014 by southfields
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