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Carry On - settiai
Steve and Bucky: a story of friendship, love, and loss. Or, if you prefer, in short: STEVE FEEEEELS!
'vid  ^feelings  -avengers  *steve  *bucky  @settiai 
may 2014 by sophia_sol
Don't Cry Sister - settiai
It'll be alright in the morning.
needed a bit more transition between EVERYTHING IS AWFUL and EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL but still great.
'vid  ^teary  "family  @settiai  -liloandstitch 
january 2013 by sophia_sol
The War Was In Color - settiai
"Sit down, son. Let me fill you in." Or, alternatively: STEVE *REALLY* FEEEEELS!
'vid  -avengers  *steve  @settiai  ^excellent 
september 2012 by sophia_sol
You Told the Drunks I Knew Karate - settiai
"I do the dumbest things for you." Oh, Rory. No, scratch that. Oh, Ponds. ♥
'vid  ^qft  -doctorwho  @settiai  $het  +amy/rory 
august 2011 by sophia_sol
Morning Routine, by settiai
It was a fairly normal morning on the TARDIS.
'fanfic  -doctorwho  @settiai  :500-2k  $het  +amy/rory 
may 2011 by sophia_sol

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