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The Norwegian Civil War - copperbadge
It had never been Aziraphale's intention to found a sort of secret society of angry angels. Certainly he'd never imagined he might run a halfway house on Earth for them.
'fanfic  -goodomens  *aziraphale  *crowley  *uriel  :2k-10k  $gen  @copperbadge 
july 2019 by sophia_sol
The Sharper The Knife - copperbadge
Aziraphale was intended to wield a blade in the end times. Crowley doesn't mind in the least.
'fanfic  -goodomens  +aziraphale/crowley  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash 
july 2019 by sophia_sol
The Richest Men In Town - copperbadge
My mother will never stop being mad that Mr. Potter stole the eight grand and never had to give it back. She thought Potter should have been made to return it, possibly via a reformation a la A Christmas Carol. So since she wasn't going to write it, I did.
'fanfic  -it'sawonderfullife  *george  *mrpotter  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
december 2018 by sophia_sol
Robot Trip - copperbadge
Tony is driving from Malibu to Manhattan with a robot in the back seat and Captain America riding escort at Pepper's behest. What could possibly go wrong?
'fanfic  "roadtrip  -avengers  *tony  *steve  *dummy  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
july 2017 by sophia_sol
The Queen's Pride - copperbadge

Elizabeth and Will tried domesticity. They got bored.

This was written after PotC: Black Pearl and before any of the others came out, so it's been jossed since.
'fanfic  -piratesofthecaribbean  +elizabeth/jack/will  :500-2k  $multi  $poly  @copperbadge 
june 2017 by sophia_sol
Reclamation - copperbadge
In an alternate universe, one man still struggles with a moral decision made many years before.
'fanfic  ^interesting  *tomriddle  *remus  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
march 2017 by sophia_sol
The First Mission - copperbadge
This story has been in my head forever, and I never really found a way to make it as compelling as I wanted; really I just like talking about the logistics of Steve trying to get the 107th and fellow escapees home.
that's compelling to me!
'fanfic  -avengers  *bucky  *steve  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
january 2017 by sophia_sol
The Age Of Alton - copperbadge
Steve, Sam, and Tony enter into a competition to see who can make the best hamburger, or even if such a thing is possible. Thor has a special guest, Kamala accidentally gets discovered, and Bucky hustles everything it's possible to hustle.
'fanfic  ~foodieverse  *steve  *sam  *tony  *thor  *kamala  *peter  *bucky  *altonbrown  -goodeatsrpf  -avengers  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
january 2017 by sophia_sol
Playlist - copperbadge
A lot of songs have been written about Captain America. Sam owns most of them. Steve's relationship with them (Steve's relationship with everything) is complicated.


Sam and Steve explore pop culture and pine for each other while trying to rescue Steve's messed-up best friend.
I enjoyed the stuff about the music written about Steve
'fanfic  -avengers  +sam/steve  *bucky  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash 
december 2016 by sophia_sol
The Job Interview Job - copperbadge
Somewhere in the Leverage universe, there is a conspiracy theorist trying to prove that a certain minor league baseball player, a Canadian hockey player, and an American country music singer are all the same person. They have a file with various news printouts, and keep trying to upload them to a website, but every time they do, the site mysteriously crashes, threads go missing on discussion boards, and all electronic records of this man have simply vanished.
and he ends up getting hired by leverage. Originally posted on tumblr.
'fanfic  -leverage  *oc  "outsidepov  *parker  *hardison  *eliot  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
september 2016 by sophia_sol
Leader Of The Free World - copperbadge
Clint Barton's presidential campaign started as a joke.
absolutely ridiculous but fun
'fanfic  -avengers  *clint  *maria  *tony  *steve  :2k-10k  "politics  $gen  @copperbadge 
april 2016 by sophia_sol
The Cyborg Arm Job - copperbadge
The Leverage crew run into a new friend, find some buried treasure, and fight some Nazis. It's a pretty good day.
'fanfic  "crossover  -leverage  -avengers  *bucky  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $multi  $poly  +eliot/hardison/parker 
march 2016 by sophia_sol
Works No Longer In Progress 2011 - Homeward Bound Again - copperbadge
abandoned fic in which an Ianto from a different universe shows up in ours after ours dies. I really enjoyed the premise - too bad the fic was never finished!
'fanfic  "au/canon  -torchwood  *ianto  $gen  :2k-10k  @copperbadge 
january 2016 by sophia_sol
Audio Commentary Track With Steve Rogers - copperbadge
Steve didn't know you could go to college to study movies.
steve at an academic historian conference
'fanfic  ^adorbs  -avengers  *steve  *sam  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
january 2016 by sophia_sol
Fighting Ghosts - copperbadge
Notes: Inspired by a fandom dream by @allofthefeelings on Tumblr: "The artificial concept drawing people into state-mandated relationships was not D/s or A/B/O or whatever, but rather ghost hunting and who could fight ghosts had to be paired with who could communicate with them and the rituals involved making a scythe to prove devotion."
I am charmed by this premise!
'fanfic  "au  "ghost  -avengers  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +steve/tony 
december 2015 by sophia_sol
Keeping Steve - copperbadge
The gifts from Tony and Pepper are nice, and Steve secretly likes showing off signs that he belongs to them -- until some offhanded teasing from Clint makes him wonder if they're gifts from his lovers or payment for services rendered.
Cute, and the interpersonal tension gets worked through with remarkably little stress to the reader
'fanfic  ^adorbs  -avengers  @copperbadge  :10k-20k  $multi  $poly  +pepper/steve/tony 
december 2015 by sophia_sol
The Immortal Hawkeye - copperbadge
Clint's a little older than he looks, and his DNA has a few surprises in store, too.
in which Clint is a nazi-created son of Steve
'fanfic  -avengers  +bucky/clint  *steve  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash 
december 2015 by sophia_sol
The Captain And The Ghost - copperbadge
In the summer of 1970, Tony Stark is leading the expedition ship Marvel in search of the body of Steve Rogers. He has good friends with him: ship's captain Carol Danvers, medic Sam Wilson, best friend James Rhodes and boyfriend James Barnes, as well as scientist Vernon van Dyne and his daughter Janet. But they've also been assigned a diplomatic observer from the USSR named Natalia Romanoff, and the barren chill of Greenland is not the only threat dogging their search.
This is the third in the series that began with The Soldier And The Hurricane, an AU where Tony was born in 1950 and Bucky Barnes was recovered during a failed assassination attempt on the Starks in 1967.
I think this is my fave story in the series.
'fanfic  ^good  -avengers  "au  *steve  *natasha  :20k-30k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +bucky/tony 
december 2015 by sophia_sol
Puttin' On The Ritz - copperbadge
It's 1951, Steve and Bucky are both home again, and Peggy couldn't be happier. But Bucky could be, which means Steve is fretting, and Peggy can't let her boys be unhappy when there's a very simple solution to this problem.
'fanfic  "au  -avengers  :10k-20k  @copperbadge  $multi  $poly  +bucky/peggy/steve 
october 2015 by sophia_sol
Hot Potato - copperbadge
Summary: Potato Rescue is the hottest new food truck nobody knows about. Steve is determined to make Sam Wilson king of all potatoes.
Notes: This takes place in the Foodiverse, where everyone’s a chef, because of reasons. (Also thanks to post-and-out for Sam’s twitter handle.)
also on ao3 at
'fanfic  "au  "food  -avengers  *sam  *bucky  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +steve/tony 
september 2015 by sophia_sol
L☆VE - copperbadge
Steve’s favorite shirt is at the center of a debate about masculinity, sexuality, and whether or not he did in fact steal it like a thief in the night from Tony.
This is a really charming story but also I absolutely love the structure, that each part is a little farther back in time so the story unfolds backwards instead of forwards. SO GREAT.
also on ao3:
'fanfic  ^adorbs  -avengers  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +steve/tony 
september 2015 by sophia_sol
The Soldier And The Hurricane - copperbadge
When the Winter Soldier fails to kill Howard and Maria Stark and is taken prisoner in the summer of 1967, his salvation comes in the unlikely form of a Russian-speaking, father-disobeying, endlessly-tinkering seventeen-year-old: Tony Stark.
The sequel ("The Pretender And The Prince") is also enjoyable.
'fanfic  "au  -avengers  *tony  *bucky  :10k-20k  @copperbadge  $gen 
august 2015 by sophia_sol
Toy Soldiers - copperbadge
When Steve Rogers, five foot four and a hundred and ten pounds, met Tony Stark in a bar, he didn't expect it to lead to a relationship. Or that Tony would find out he's not an art student during a SHIELD rescue mission in Afghanistan.
aka Tiny Spy Assassin Steve. copperbadge wrote this in parts on tumblr after the opening section (which he'd intended as a one-off) got a lot more attention than he was expecting. And you know....I still just really like that opening bit. The rest of the fic is fine, but the first thousand or so words are GREAT.

series consists of:
Toy Soldiers
Desert Knights
Tiny Spy Assassin Steve: The Short Stories
Steve Rogers Versus The Multiverse
Subtlety Not Our Strong Point
'fanfic  -avengers  "au  :40k-100k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +steve/tony 
march 2015 by sophia_sol
Steve Rogers Vs. The All-American Feast - copperbadge
Steve can't resist a challenge, even when the challenge is a five pound pulled-pork sandwich.
'fanfic  "food  -avengers  *steve  *ensemble  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
february 2015 by sophia_sol
Kings of Industry - copperbadge
"Nooo," Sam moaned softly.

" — and they’ve all got the beta versions of the Falcon Project wings," Tony continued with glee. "And they’ve got parachutes set to deploy in case the wings fail. All fifteen of them go over some cliff in the Grand Canyon or something, and fourteen parachutes pop because fourteen of them freaked out. And one of them goes screaming up in the air yelling HELL YEAH."
'fanfic  -avengers  *steve  *sam  *t'challa  *tony  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
february 2015 by sophia_sol
The Letter - copperbadge
Bruce is a great scientist, a hell of a letter-writer, and kind of an idiot in certain other respects.
'fanfic  -avengers  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $het  +betty/bruce 
february 2015 by sophia_sol
13 Ways Of Looking At Misha Collins - copperbadge
78. IMAGE. Get a previously published Sci-Fi author to write an original story (140 words max) about Misha, the Queen of England and an Elopus.
'fanfic  ^fun  -actor_rpf  *mishacollins  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $gen 
february 2015 by sophia_sol
Sing Morning Out Of Night - copperbadge
A strange deck of Tarot cards, a dying TARDIS, and UNIT's invasion of a coastal Welsh village lead Torchwood to investigate the disappearance of the Doctor, with some help from Sarah Jane and Luke Smith. This is a new incarnation of the Doctor, however, and none of them are prepared for what they find as they unravel the mystery.
Okay, I kind of - actually wish this WAS the story of the doctor dying, instead of pulling out a last minute deus ex machina in jack. But all in all very good.
'fanfic  -doctorwho  +doctor/jack  :30k-40k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +ianto/jack 
february 2015 by sophia_sol
More Than A Little True - copperbadge
Colin is going to figure out what Ally's mom's deal is if it kills him.
'fanfic  -what'syournumber  +ally/colin  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $het 
february 2015 by sophia_sol
Natasha and Bucky Enjoying a Russian High Tea - copperbadge
They come in every week, once a week, and Olesya is certain the poor young boy in the cheap suit must be a kept man. 

It’s not her place to judge, of course, especially since Natalia and Iakov are immigrants — their Russian is took good for them to be anything but natives, although she’s heard Natalia speak English without an accent. And they are regular, good-paying customers, after all. 
'fanfic  ^good  -avengers  *bucky  *natasha  "outsidepov  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $gen 
january 2015 by sophia_sol
Poor Little Rich Hero Girl Club - copperbadge
Quinn is kidnapped by Wasp and Hawkeye. Sort of.
if I am understanding correctly, Quinn is rule 63 Quentin Quire? anyways, I liked the fic
'fanfic  "friendship  -marvel  *kate  *quentin  *jan  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
november 2014 by sophia_sol
Wrecking the Lab - copperbadge
Formal request for Betty/Tony filthy lab sex :D
I really enjoyed the first part of the fic that dealt with them being friends and how that went over the years so I was disappointed that it turned into porn because it didn't feel like that was an ending that fit the first part of the fic - I mean, maybe them having sex was, idk but sudden detailed porn totally derailed the flow.
'fanfic  "fwb  -avengers  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $het  +betty/tony 
november 2014 by sophia_sol
Helping Friends Move - copperbadge
I’m enjoying the idea that Bruce asked Clint to help him move into Stark Tower basically so he could get eight hours of dem arms flexing
'fanfic  -avengers  +bruce/clint  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash 
november 2014 by sophia_sol
Devils And Heathens - copperbadge
Peggy Carter didn't go looking for trouble, or Bucky Barnes, or a threesome. Sometimes these things just find you.
'fanfic  -avengers  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $multi  $poly  +bucky/peggy/steve 
october 2014 by sophia_sol
The Son Of Man - copperbadge
JARVIS did not want to be a real boy. He was quite happy being a building.
'fanfic  ^good  -avengers  *jarvis  *ensemble  :30k-40k  @copperbadge  $gen 
october 2014 by sophia_sol
Three Galleons - copperbadge
After the war, Hermione has settled into a quiet if unorthodox life with Severus -- until a small problem in the form of a refugee spy calls for an even more unorthodox solution.
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +hermione/severus  :10k-20k  @copperbadge  $het  $multi  $poly  +hermione/remus/severus  ^excellent 
october 2014 by sophia_sol
Taking In Strays - copperbadge
The Winter Soldier came in through the wrong window, but he got pierogies out of it. 
'fanfic  -avengers  *stanlee  *bucky  *natasha  :<500  @copperbadge  $gen 
september 2014 by sophia_sol
After Glow (And Glow, And Glow) - copperbadge
I saw a post whizz by on my dash about a Happy Tony Stark fest and while I am crap at formal fests, I thought “Happy Tony Stark” and immediately thought “post-orgy naptime” so here, have this. Pepper/Tony/Steve/Sam/Bucky/Thor/Bruce/Natasha/Clint and yet only rated PG-13, booyah. 
also on ao3
'fanfic  ^adorbs  -avengers  +ensemble  :<500  @copperbadge  $multi  $poly 
september 2014 by sophia_sol
Hell Yeah - copperbadge
Tony Stark showed up in Steve Rogers’ hospital room with a get-well bouquet and an ulterior motive.
'fanfic  -avengers  *steve  *tony  *sam  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $gen  ^excellent 
september 2014 by sophia_sol
Catch - copperbadge
Steve accidentally kisses Tony during a battle. Tony accidentally has phone sex in a bath. Probably neither of these are really all that accidental.</blockquote.
'fanfic  -avengers  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +steve/tony 
september 2014 by sophia_sol
Helping Friends Move - copperbadge
on the other I’m enjoying the idea that Bruce asked Clint to help him move into Stark Tower basically so he could get eight hours of dem arms flexing
'fanfic  -avengers  +bruce/clint  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash 
july 2014 by sophia_sol
The Season Of Singing - copperbadge
David desperately wants to be Jack's friend and ally. Jack doesn't know what he wants. There's probably a preordained plan for both of them, but they're going to have to work out the details on their own.
written because author and recipient were annoyed that Jack and David weren't friends in the show
'fanfic  "friendship  -kings  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +david/jack 
july 2014 by sophia_sol
Tighten - copperbadge
It’s not that Clint doesn’t like corsets in theory. On women, yes. On men, yes, if they’re done properly. On him, hell yes. But he hasn’t had a ton of experience with this particular kink, and while he knows Steve has a thing for corsets, he’s sort of been saving it for a special occasion.

This isn’t ‘special occasion’ so much as it is ‘desperate measures’, but needs must. Because Bucky, Steve’s best friend since forever, Steve’s right-hand man in the war, Steve’s long-lost comrade, is back.
'fanfic  -avengers  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +clint/steve 
july 2014 by sophia_sol
Chutzpah - copperbadge
Natasha’s granddad moves into Stark Tower.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  -avengers  *stan  *natasha  *tony  :<500  @copperbadge  $gen 
july 2014 by sophia_sol
Selfie With Granddad - copperbadge
After the invasion, Natasha’s granddad shows up.
also on ao3 with extra chapters:
'fanfic  ^adorbs  -avengers  *natasha  *steve  *clint  *stan  :<500  @copperbadge  $gen 
july 2014 by sophia_sol
Bottle Opener - copperbadge
"I guess you know what happened," she said, indicating the discs. Each had the SHIELD eagle on it — raggedly cut, sometimes ripped. Each item of clothing on the floor had a hole in it to match, or a rough, gluey patch where one of them had been pried off.
'fanfic  -avengers  *clint  *natasha  :<500  @copperbadge  $gen 
may 2014 by sophia_sol
Brothers In Arms - copperbadge
Bucky Barnes gets a tune-up, a new pet, and a home.
the one where Bucky gets a robot pet type thing.
Kind of meh actually, which is surprising for copperbadge, though there are some great bits as well. The biggest frustration: that the laudable goal is presented as Bucky once again becoming the person he was before the war.
'fanfic  -avengers  *bucky  *steve  *sam  *tony  *pepper  *dummy  :10k-20k  @copperbadge  $gen 
may 2014 by sophia_sol
The Stars Upon Thars - copperbadge
Steve Rogers discovers the Grinch, but he already knew Dr. Seuss...
hydrocodone midnight theatre
'fanfic  -avengers  *steve  @copperbadge  :<500  $gen 
may 2014 by sophia_sol
Three Step - copperbadge
"How many times a week can a couple have a threesome with the same guy before it becomes some sort of three-way relationship?"
'fanfic  -avengers  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $multi  $poly  +bucky/natasha/steve  ^excellent 
may 2014 by sophia_sol
Kiss The Sky - copperbadge
Steve's not sure where he is, or how he got there, or why there's a tentacle there, but at least he's having fun.
from the dubious consentacles throwdown
'fanfic  "tentacles  -avengers  *steve  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
may 2014 by sophia_sol
Good Decisions - copperbadge
Ian and Anthony's first holiday season on Earth 616 is a little rocky, but the Rogers boys and the Stark boys can survive anything if they stick together.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  ^feelings  -avengers  "holidays  *anthony  *ian  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  "kids  +steve/tony 
may 2014 by sophia_sol
The Uncle - copperbadge
Remus had the Dursleys whacked. Tactfully, of course, and well after Harry left the house.
'fanfic  "au  "gangsters  -harrypotter  *remus  *harry  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen 
april 2014 by sophia_sol
Cadet - copperbadge
I finally caught up on Wolverine And The X-Men.
hobosoldier this is your fucking fault.
(Rated PG for profanity. Quentin acquires a new kind of teacher.)
'fanfic  -avengers  -xmen  *quentin  *bucky  :<500  @copperbadge  $gen 
april 2014 by sophia_sol
surprise late night fanfic - copperbadge
"The kissing thing," he said. "I panicked and I lied."
She kept silent, because that was the best way to make men like Steve talk.
'fanfic  -avengers  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $het  +natasha/steve 
april 2014 by sophia_sol
Reputation - copperbadge
Now I’m imagining Steve offering to sleep with Tony so Iron Man doesn’t have to do it anymore.
'fanfic  "identity  -avengers  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +steve/tony 
january 2014 by sophia_sol
Works No Longer In Progress, 2013 (Clint Barton Joins SHIELD) - copperbadge
Contrary to popular belief and the myth Clint liked to propagate in his spare time, he wasn't brought into SHIELD by Phil Coulson. It was just that by the time he was notorious enough at SHIELD to be noticed, Coulson had laid a firm claim to him, so people assumed Phil had recruited him.
'fanfic  ^interesting  "abandoned  -avengers  *clint  :10k-20k  @copperbadge  $gen 
december 2013 by sophia_sol
Works No Longer In Progress, 2013 (Ian Rogers and Anthony Stark) - copperbadge
In the comics, for a while, Steve had a son in another dimension named Ian. In Ultimates, Tony had a young carbon copy named Anthony. Both died; I thought they deserved better.
'fanfic  "abandoned  -avengers  *steve  *tonystark  *ian  *anthony  :10k-20k  @copperbadge  $gen 
december 2013 by sophia_sol
Works No Longer In Progress, 2013 (Steve's Unexpected Threesome) - copperbadge
In the comics a while back, Jan van Dyne cheated on Hank Pym, her ex-husband and current sort-of-boyfriend, with Clint Barton. When Steve found out about her and Clint, he said that if they caused trouble for the team with their shenanigans, he'd have to "involve himself". Everyone I told about this was like "does Involve Himself mean Have A Threesome?"

Then Hank walked in on Jan and Clint having sex while the team was doing a mission in England.
'fanfic  "abandoned  -avengers  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $multi  $poly  +clint/jan/steve 
december 2013 by sophia_sol
Works No Longer In Progress, 2013 (Suits) - copperbadge
the main two abandoned suits fics in this chapter: the one where an asshole bartender keeps hitting on Mike and Mike says Harvey's his boyfriend to get him to back off, and the one where Mike gets hit by a car while cycling and is hurt pretty badly, and Harvey Definitely Doesn't Have Feelings
'fanfic  "abandoned  -suits  :10k-20k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  "pretendrelationship  +harvey/mike 
december 2013 by sophia_sol
Well fuck, someone taught Dummy to sculpt. 
'fanfic  ^adorbs  "art  -avengers  *steve  *dummy  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $gen 
december 2013 by sophia_sol
Controlled Blast - copperbadge
Look, all I want is the story about how John Sheppard and Tony Stark attended boarding school together
also on ao3 at
'fanfic  ^delightful  -sga  -avengers  *tonystark  *john  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $gen  "crossover 
december 2013 by sophia_sol
The Long Con - copperbadge
"So why do a felon now working for the FBI call you Annie?" he asked. "Wait, scratch that. I don’t need to know. I just need to know why he thinks I hit you and whether he’s going to cause you trouble."
Pepper glanced at him. “He won’t. I don’t trust him, exactly, but he’s not…malicious. He never was.”

"Ex boyfriend?" Tony asked, slinging an arm around her shoulders.

"Ex partner."

"A romantic distinction?"

She sighed. “He…helped me get a job once.”


"Yeah. Personal assistant to Tony Stark."
also on ao3 at
'fanfic  ^delightful  -whitecollar  -avengers  *pepper  *tonystark  *neal  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $gen  "crossover 
december 2013 by sophia_sol
The Best Bad Ideas - copperbadge
When Clint Barton put on the Captain America costume for a mission, he didn't count on Phil Coulson's reaction. Coulson didn't count on Clint crashing his new team to do something about it.
apparently I'll read clint/coulson and enjoy it when copperbadge writes it. doesn't mean I won't still feel curmudgeonly about the ship, though
'fanfic  -avengers  -shield  +clint/coulson  :10k-20k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash 
december 2013 by sophia_sol
If I Don't Wake Up Dead - copperbadge
Clint Barton -- subby, ex-carnie white trash, spy -- isn't the kind of guy Captain America goes for. Nobody informed Captain America of this.
'fanfic  -avengers  :20k-30k  @copperbadge  ^feelings  $dudeslash  +clint/steve 
november 2013 by sophia_sol
Angry Genius White Noise - copperbadge
One of Pepper’s favorite activities after a long day is putting on sci-fi movies and watching Tony dissect their bad science. He’ll happily spend two hours curled up against her and ranting about the flawed central plan in Armageddon and how REALLY, HE HOPES AN ASTEROID HEADS FOR EARTH, HE’LL SHOW HOLLYWOOD HOW TO REALISTICALLY AVOID AN EXTINCTION-LEVEL EVENT, DAMMIT. Pepper finds it oddly relaxing, like angry genius white noise. Add in Bruce, and she could sell tickets.
'fanfic  ^qft  ^delightful  -avengers  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $het  $poly  $multi  +pepper/tony  +bruce/pepper/tony 
november 2013 by sophia_sol
Coulson's Eleven - copperbadge
After Vanko destroyed the Stark Expo, SHIELD instituted a Superhuman Detention program, designed to capture and hold dangerous people -- dangerous people like Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and others who made themselves noticeable. The superhumans SHIELD has imprisoned -- and some SHIELD agents themselves -- have other ideas about what constitutes 'dangerous'...
'fanfic  "au  -avengers  *tonystark  *steve  *bruce  *clint  *natasha  *thor  *loki  *peter  *coulson  *auntmay  :30k-40k  @copperbadge  $gen  ^excellent 
november 2013 by sophia_sol
Interdimensional Incidents - copperbadge
When Steve Rogers saw Sif of Asgard chop a Frost Giant's head off, love was sure to follow.

It's just your typical Boy Meets Goddess story.
^adorbs  ^delightful  -avengers  @copperbadge  :10k-20k  $het  +sif/steve  'fanfic 
september 2013 by sophia_sol
Pas De Deux - copperbadge
Cecil has an unexpected bonus. In his pants.
or: the one where Cecil has two dicks
'fanfic  -welcometonightvale  +carlos/cecil  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash 
july 2013 by sophia_sol
I Shall Not Want Honour In Heaven - copperbadge
Peggy Carter's life after the war: Howard Stark, Gabriel Jones, SHIELD, and a little boy named Nicholas.
'fanfic  -avengers  *fury  :10k-20k  @copperbadge  $het  +gabe/peggy  ^excellent 
july 2013 by sophia_sol
Hard Rock Swing - copperbadge
It turns out, in the 21st century, Steve's best friend is an eighteen-year-old genius named Tony Stark. This might be trouble.
'fanfic  "au  -avengers  :10k-20k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +steve/tony 
july 2013 by sophia_sol
Captain Marvelous - copperbadge
There were five minutes of silence. 
Then Carol said, “Oh, my god," and covered her face with her hands.
"You know," Clint replied thoughtfully, still trying to catch his breath, “it’s really kind of upsetting how often I get that response. I don’t take it personally or use it as a measure of my sexual prowess, mind you, but — "
"Are you always this chatty after sex?" Carol asked.
'fanfic  -avengers  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $het  +carol/clint 
july 2013 by sophia_sol
Hawkeye And Anklebiter - copperbadge
Clint wants to give his kid the world. Isobel's not complicated; she'll settle for a couple of superheroes and a train set.
'fanfic  -avengers  +clint/coulson  :10k-20k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  "kids 
july 2013 by sophia_sol
Exclusive - copperbadge
Heroes In Manhattan: From Captain America's Hidden Talents To The Truth About The Hulk, We Debunk The Myths And Expose The Daily Lives Of The Avengers.
'fanfic  ^good  "unusualformat  "newspaper  -avengers  -marvel  *peter  *steve  *tonystark  *natasha  *clint  *bruce  *thor  *pepper  :30k-40k  @copperbadge  "outsidepov  $gen 
june 2013 by sophia_sol
At Tilde - copperbadge
Matilda turns hacker, impresses Tony Stark, and fails to be swayed by Charles Xavier.
'fanfic  ^delightful  ^qft  -matilda  -avengers  -xmen  *matilda  *tonystark  *charles  :500-2k  @copperbadge  $gen  "crossover  ^excellent 
may 2013 by sophia_sol
Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do - copperbadge
The year is 1930, Prohibition and the Depression are both in full swing, and Chicago Police Detective Steve Rogers has his hands full. There's a dead body on the banks of Lake Michigan, the entire city's legal system is corrupt, and the king gangster of the North Side, Tony Stark, has taken more than a passing interest in him.
'fanfic  "au  "historical  -avengers  :30k-40k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +steve/tony 
may 2013 by sophia_sol
Five Times Bucky Got Permission - copperbadge
People keep trying to tell Bucky something, and he's getting very confused.
'fanfic  "fivethings  -avengers  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $dudeslash  +bucky/steve 
may 2013 by sophia_sol
Feed The Body, Nourish The Soul - copperbadge
Steve Rogers just wanted to sell good, nourishing, cheap food from his food truck. Now the crazy fusion chefs from TOBRU are calling him a hipster, the avant garde restaurant "Shield" across the street has declared war on chains, and...well, then there's Thor, who thinks Steve's habit of licking food is weird.
sequel thing to be found at
'fanfic  "food  -avengers  *steve  *ensemble  :2k-10k  @copperbadge  $gen  ^excellent 
may 2013 by sophia_sol
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