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Role of a Lifetime - Annie D (scaramouche)
It’s been almost a year since Tony was rescued from the Ten Rings by SHIELD. In this time, Tony has forged a new path for Stark Industries and taken on a new under-the-radar role as a consultant for SHIELD. Tony’s SHIELD job eventually brings him into contact with the newest Captain America, who’s a pretty cool guy, though for security reasons Tony can’t know his real name or see his face without the Captain America mask. This is also about the time that Tony notices a certain Mr. Stevens, a new hire in SI’s corporate office...
'fanfic  "au  "identity  -avengers  +steve/tony  :40k-100k  @scaramouche  $dudeslash 
yesterday by sophia_sol
Demonology and the Tri-Phasic Model of Trauma: An Integrative Approach - Nnm
As soon as Aubrey Thyme, psychotherapist, had opened her office door and seen her new client, Anthony J. Crowley, sitting in her waiting area, she was observing and assessing him. At first glance, she paid attention to the following:

--His clothing was expensive and stylish;
--He wore very strange but noticeable cologne;
--His relationship to the seat he occupied could only, very loosely, be described as “sitting;”
--He looked angry;
--He was wearing sunglasses.

What Aubrey Thyme, a professional, thought, upon first seeing her new client was: you’re going to be a fun one, aren’t you?
I don't love every thing this fic does but it is very readable and enjoyable
'fanfic  -goodomens  +aziraphale/crowley  *oc  "outsidepov  $gen  $dudeslash  :40k-100k  @nnm 
yesterday by sophia_sol
Ynys Afallach (I Will Give My Love An Apple) - Femme (femmequixotic), noeon (noe)
Professor Waverley Root's tutorial in the history of magical food is something of a legend at Flamel College. Draco Malfoy wants to apply it to his work in sustainable wizarding agriculture. Harry Potter's taking it for his interest in historical overlap between the magical and Muggle worlds in the West Country. When Root pairs them together, the fireworks (and the apples!) fly. Now if only they can find something original, perhaps they'll make it through to complete their degrees on time.
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +draco/harry  "food  $dudeslash  @femmequixotic  :40k-100k  @noe 
11 days ago by sophia_sol
All I Ask - ariastarke
"So," Arya declares as she signs her name at the bottom of the contract. She finishes off the final k with a flourish, a swooping curve that loops once and underlines the preceding letters. "We're in agreement."

Gendry nervously takes the pen from her and signs his own name, a shaky and unsure signature that differs so incredibly from hers. "We are. I look forward to fake dating you until this wedding business is through."

Arya grins at him, and she feels a twinge of pride at seeing him gulp at the flash of her teeth. "That's what you think."

(Or, the fake dating AU for Gendrya Week that no one asked for.)
'fanfic  -gameofthrones  $het  +arya/gendry  "au  "modern  "pretendrelationship  :40k-100k  @ariastarke 
4 weeks ago by sophia_sol
Falser Than Vows Made in Wine - queenofchildren
In which Romeo and Juliet try to be impulsive and romantic, Rosaline and Benvolio get drunk and stupid, and what happens in Vegas... does NOT stay in Vegas.

this appears to be fanfic of a canon source that is itself a modern au of Romeo & Juliet? But it works just fine if you only know the original shakespeare
'fanfic  -romeoandjuliet  "au  "modern  "accidentalmarriage  "pretendrelationship  +benvolio/rosaline  :40k-100k  $het  @queenofchildren 
7 weeks ago by sophia_sol
You Could Call It Love - toyhto
If marrying Spock is what it’s going to take to get them both back on Enterprise for another five-year mission, then Jim Kirk damn well is going to marry Spock.
'fanfic  -startrek_tos  +kirk/spock  "marriageofconvenience  "pretendrelationship  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  @toyhto 
7 weeks ago by sophia_sol
only fools rush in - andromeda3116
"Jyn talked herself into a corner with her grandma," Han explained. "Now she needs a fake boyfriend for Christmas."

"Why doesn't Cassian do it?" Luke asked, and Jyn scowled at him.

[In which Jyn, in an attempt to get her mother's overbearing, gossipy, and traditional family off her back for one freaking Christmas, conscripts Cassian to join her as her (fake) boyfriend for the whole week in England. Shamelessly, wildly, gleefully AU.]

Feels more like origfic bc it's so far divorced from canon, but I enjoyed it regardless
"au  "pretendrelationship  "modern  'fanfic  -starwars  +cassian/jyn  :40k-100k  $het  @andromeda3116 
7 weeks ago by sophia_sol
Star Power - TurtleTotem
Damen Vasileus, lead singer of rock band Akielos, is struggling to wrest control of the band from his brother and ex-fiancee. Laurent de Vere, highly acclaimed child star trying to transition to an adult career, is having a PR crisis after spitting on a co-star. A new romance would make Jokaste jealous and soften Laurent's image; maybe they can help each other out…
I'm honestly pleasantly surprised by the lyrics to Damen's band's songs, like, I'd listen to some of those
'fanfic  "au  "musician  "actor  "pretendrelationship  :40k-100k  -captiveprince  +damen/laurent  @turtletotem  $dudeslash 
7 weeks ago by sophia_sol
Stone and Sand Verse - SassySnowperson (DramaticEntrance)
The war is over and Bodhi Rook has been away from Jedha for too long. It’s time to go home. He winds up with an unexpected passenger.

A love story between two people and a place, about all the different meanings of home.

(and then a sequel about finding & rescuing Rey, and then a meta post describing the events that led to this au)

Series consists of:
Stone and Sand
Different Deserts
For Those That Read Stone and Sand
'fanfic  -starwars  "au  $dudeslash  $gen  +bodhi/luke  *rey  ^good  :40k-100k  @dramaticentrance 
9 weeks ago by sophia_sol
New Lands for the Living - SassySnowperson (DramaticEntrance)
The war is over, and nobody won. With the galaxy on the verge of destruction, Poe Dameron hatches a desperate plan—go back in time.

But Poe's plan quickly goes awry, and he finds himself on the run from local authorities. The only plan to keep him safe is…extreme, to say the least.
"Can't get you citizenship documents," the man muttered, his voice clearer now that it wasn't muffled by the scarf. Poe took a deep breath and forced himself to think. He looked back at his would-be rescuer.

Who was shoving the scarf back from the top his head, revealing a face that Poe knew. That lots of people knew. Kriff, that everyone knew, trillions upon trillions of sapients in the galaxy would recognize that face.

Luke Skywalker—as fresh-faced and young as the day he became the successful destroyer of the Death Star—was standing in front of him.


"Need a land grant to get a moisture farmer licence, can't even get you a travel visa without citizenship documents…Hm," the legend said, sighing. "Yeah. I think we're going to have to get married."
I loved this fic so much that I read it twice in one week despite its length
'fanfic  -starwars  +luke/poe  $dudeslash  "timetravel  "pretendrelationship  "marriageofconvenience  ^excellent  ^feelings  :40k-100k  @dramaticentrance 
9 weeks ago by sophia_sol
Turn From Stone - harryromper
Something happened in the hours after the final battle, after the evacuation of the living and the dead. As the last of the survivors left the castle, and as the castle itself turned its wounded back on them all. The loss of Hogwarts has been felt by their entire community. And it’s something that needs to be put right.

Harry knows there’s nothing he can do to stop Hermione (war hero, historian, author of the reissued “Hogwarts: A History”) once she sets her mind to something. Even an extremely risky last-ditch effort to restore the ancient castle and lay its newest ghosts to rest. What he wasn’t counting on was her insistence that Draco Malfoy be part of the plan.

in the earlier parts of the fic it seemed like it might be a ron-bashing fic, but it turns out not to, just one that's more willing to show characters' flaws -- but then in the end it felt unbalanced between Ron and Hermione's choices and Harry's in terms of the degree of unfortunate behaviour they'd been exhibiting towards friends. Still overall super good fic though
'fanfic  -harrypotter  ^intense  ^evocative  +hermione/ron  +draco/harry  +hannah/neville  *luna  $dudeslash  @harryromper  :40k-100k 
10 weeks ago by sophia_sol
A Myriad of Possibilities - xtwilightzx (blackidyll)
(Canon-divergence. The Nishigori triplets never upload Yuuri's rendition of Stammi Vicino online. Yuuri buys himself time to decide whether he wants to stay on the ice or retire by joining Minami Kenjirou's team as an assistant coach.

Victor never hears from the beautiful Japanese skater after Sochi. He choreographs On Love: Eros because he can’t quite let go, but it’s getting harder to push himself on the ice and the cracks are starting to show.

Two lost individuals take a different route to find love and life, but they eventually get there all the same.)
I really liked the dynamics between Yuuri and Minami and Minami's coach and wished it had continued to be a strong theme as the fic went towards its end, but the other things the fic is doing are good too
'fanfic  -yurionice  +viktor/yuuri  *minami  :40k-100k  @blackidyll  $dudeslash  "au  "coach 
11 weeks ago by sophia_sol
Rule of Law by Arsenic
Hermione believes that the reasons behind one's actions really do matter.
in which Hermione reforms magical law and helps get Snape freed from azkaban. The kind of old-school hp fic that's really interested in nerding out about how magic works
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +hermione/severus  :40k-100k  @arsenicjade  $het 
july 2019 by sophia_sol
Mirror, Mirror - ImprobableDreams900
Adam, Eve, and Crawly flee Eden through the Western Gate, and it turns out that that simple decision makes all the difference in the world...

mirroverse crowley comes to our universe
'fanfic  "au/canon  -goodomens  +aziraphale/crowley  $dudeslash  :40k-100k  @improbabledreams900 
july 2019 by sophia_sol
That Lesson Alone - lettered
Patrick takes David back to his hometown. Patrick, apparently, has a backstory.
the one about Patrick's ongoing extended confusion on the subject of his own sexual identity
'fanfic  ^yeah  -schittscreek  +david/patrick  :40k-100k  @lettered  $dudeslash 
june 2019 by sophia_sol
Will Wonders Never Cease - PorcupineGirl
Eric has landed his dream job: social media manager for the Providence Falconers! Not only does he get paid to tweet, for an NHL team at that, but it’s a job where he’ll be able to make good use of his magic - when nobody’s looking, of course. Everyone on the Falconers is a joy to work with… with the notable exception of Jack Zimmermann. Eric understands that Jack doesn’t like social media, but he could certainly be a little more polite about it.

Luckily, Eric has support from his Samwell buddies, as well as his best friend - a man whose face he’s never seen, and whose name he doesn’t know. They met on an online forum where witches can gather anonymously, since it isn’t safe for them to advertise their existence in a world where magic isn’t trusted. They’ve been friends for years now, but Eric is only just starting to realize that he might have deeper feelings for someone he can never meet face-to-face.
'fanfic  -checkplease  "au  "magic  +bitty/jack  @porcupinegirl  :40k-100k  $dudeslash 
may 2019 by sophia_sol
Flyboys - aerialiste
John Sheppard is on convalescent leave—or at least that’s what he keeps telling himself, though it looks a lot more like hiding in a crappy apartment in Houston, never leaving except for physical therapy and more alcohol. So he’s not sure why he turns up at a kink club, much less why he starts hanging out with Sam Wilson, probably the only other guy on the planet with a tighter security clearance than his—not that either of them much wants to talk about work.

Two airmen, both with troubled pasts, find solace in each other one humid Gulf Coast summer. And the strength of the pull John feels toward Sam surprises him more than the odds of their meeting at all.

I never knew I wanted the crossover that shipped Sam Wilson and John Sheppard but man did I ever
'fanfic  "crossover  -sga  -avengers  +john/sam  $dudeslash  :40k-100k  @aerialiste 
may 2019 by sophia_sol
One Week - lettered
as the author said on tumblr:
Really really really self-indulgent sequel about the first week of David and Patrick’s relationship. I think the thing that compelled me to write fic is that Patrick said he wanted to go slow because he’d never been with a guy before, but the show has not spent much time dealing with Patrick dealing with that. It’s shown Patrick dealing with some other things, I think; I love lots of the stuff they’ve done with him! But it really interested me to have him so inexperienced but really wanting to try things but needing to take his time, and meanwhile David is really experienced physically but I think inexperienced emotionally, in that he flat out says he hasn’t had relationships with “people he thought were nice.” :o( OMG he’s so sad I love him.
'fanfic  -schitt'screek  +david/patrick  $dudeslash  :40k-100k  @lettered  ^feelings 
march 2019 by sophia_sol
Through Blind Men's Eyes - ladyblahblah
The obligatory Pon Farr story . . . with a bit of a twist.

the twist is BODYSWAP
'fanfic  -startrek_aos  +kirk/spock  "bodyswap  @ladyblahblah  :40k-100k  $dudeslash 
march 2019 by sophia_sol
Trade Me - ratherunnecessary
Six months after a snowboarding accident derails his entire life, Jin’s got a job teaching rich little children to board. He’s doing just fine. Record executive Namjoon is at the top of his career and doesn’t feel burnt out at all. He’s also doing just fine.

(They’re not.)

I like how much focus there is on the various friendships as well as on the romance arc
'fanfic  -bangtanboys  +namjoon/seokjin  :40k-100k  @ratherunnecessary  $dudeslash  "friendship 
february 2019 by sophia_sol
Private Universe - AuroraNova
In his younger years, Garak dismissed the idea of private universes as fanciful and not worth his time. Now he finds himself sharing just such a dimension with a certain recklessly optimistic doctor, and if randomly disappearing from the known universe wasn't bad enough, legend claims this bond is permanent. Or, the multiverse is determined to vex Elim Garak endlessly.

series consists of:
A Private Universe
A Chasm in Perspective
Points of No Return
Private Universe Snapshots
Bittersweet Symphonies (wip through part 4)
'fanfic  "wip  "bonding  -startrek_ds9  +bashir/garak  :40k-100k  @auroranova  $dudeslash 
february 2019 by sophia_sol
Stately Homes of Wiltshire - waspabi
Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +draco/harry  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  @waspabi 
january 2019 by sophia_sol
The Realms of the Immortals - nirejseki
Rikash knew he was signing up for a lot when he became Lord of the Stone Tree Stormwing nation.

But joining forces with the extremely dangerous, mysterious, and oddly intriguing Veralidaine Sarrasri, the famous Stormwing Killer, on a road trip through the Divine Realms to assassinate those immortals stupid enough to risk the destruction of the world by working with Chaos?

That's - unexpected.
An interesting AU and certainly well constructed and well written, but I'm not sure how I feel about the whole thing being centred on a plan for assassination.......
'fanfic  "au  -tortall  +daine/rikash  $het  :40k-100k  @nirejseki 
december 2018 by sophia_sol
I could be wrong, I could be ready - harryromper
At first Harry wonders if they’ve managed to destroy his vaults and are trying to tell him in the most oblique way possible. But when he turns the page he realises they’ve found a vault. A vault in the name of Lily and James Potter.

The parchment trembles a little in Harry’s hand. He takes another gulp of wine.

Harry Potter left Britain after the war and didn’t look back. Ten years later, when Gringotts discovers a vault containing his parents’ belongings—including their badly spell-damaged wedding rings—he’s forced to face up to friends and family who’ve grown in ways he could never imagine, a wizarding London rebuilt beyond his expectations, and the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s the entirely unforeseen problem of Draco Malfoy.

Featuring pureblood wizarding traditions, ancestral magic, open mic nights, marriage equality, a diner in Brooklyn, and the return of Fleamont Potter.
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +draco/harry  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  @harryromper 
december 2018 by sophia_sol
Dwelling - aideomai
Curses, James and Lily Potter ride again, several Ministry balls, a teenage Summer of Love, a grim young adult dystopian winter, a few different Draco Malfoys, secrets and the problems re: not having any, alternate lives, impossible lives, real lives, allusions to Dirty Dancing, and just because it's not called the Mirror of Erised doesn't mean you shouldn't know better.
'fanfic  ^excellent  "au/canon  -harrypotter  +draco/harry  :40k-100k  @aideomai  $dudeslash 
december 2018 by sophia_sol
taking everyone for a ride - Nonymos
Things Eddie Brock flirts with on a regular basis: death, insanity, his ex, his ex’s new boyfriend, and also the alien symbiote that lives inside his body. Not bad for a loser with no game, really.

I love everyone in this fic but most especially I love Dan?
'fanfic  ^delightful  -venom  $multi  $poly  +anne/dan/eddie/venom  :40k-100k  @nonymos 
december 2018 by sophia_sol
Smoke & Mirrors - Lialathuveril
Éomer, King of Rohan, has had many losses in his life; of his family only his sister Éowyn survived the Ring War. In the future, he decides, he will guard his heart better and thus avoid further hurt. However, he also needs to find a wife. Luckily there is an answer to his problem: that wonderful Gondorian invention, a marriage of convenience...

A tale of loss, love and limpets.

okay so like, I did enjoy this fic enough to read the whole thing? and to subsequently make my way through much of the ship's tag on ao3? but like, I don't love a number of things about this, especially some of how Eomer is characterized and stuff about his approach to his relationship with Lothiriel. I wanted to like it more than I really ended up liking it. (just as I have ended up liking the ship more than I actually like....any of the extant fics I've read about it.....)
'fanfic  -lotr  +eomer/lothiriel  $het  "marriageofconvenience  @lialathuveril  :40k-100k 
december 2018 by sophia_sol
we can't control (watch me unfold) - Annerb
It’s a simple arrangement. Between her grueling quidditch schedule and his mysterious auror duties, Ginny and Harry find time to have spectacular sex with no strings attached. It’s incredibly uncomplicated. Except when it isn’t.

good intertwining of the plot and relationship arcs
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +ginny/harry  $het  "au  @annerb  :40k-100k 
november 2018 by sophia_sol
The World Well Lost - AnnaKnitsSpock
When Jim and Spock meet as teenagers on Tarsus IV and endure unspeakable horrors together, it seems like nothing can separate them. Until, that is, Jim is forced to burn every last trace of himself from Spock’s mind to keep him safe. Years later, Jim is still a smoldering husk, but it seems amnesia has been good to Spock. To remind him of the world they built together before the famine—and of how it ended—would be too cruel. Wouldn’t it? But when Starfleet tasks the Enterprise with hunting Kodos down, old scars will be torn open and hidden secrets will come to light, forcing Jim and Spock to reconsider everything they thought they knew about their shared history on Tarsus IV.
'fanfic  "bonding  "amnesia  "au  -startrek_aos  +kirk/spock  :40k-100k  @annaknitsspock  $dudeslash 
october 2018 by sophia_sol
Antediluvia - zeitgeistic (faire_weather)
Everyone always forgets about the Merpeople. So did Harry until the day his, Lee’s, and Hermione’s Portkeys land at Reagan National Airport’s Arrivals dais. He’s just had to leave a job he loves and pack his entire life—literally—into his luggage. Then Malfoy and his subplots arrive, and suddenly, saving the world again, one Mermaid at a time, sounds like the perfect excuse to do something he’s always wanted.

mostly enjoyable, but I was weirded out by how casually the main characters took the deaths of 800 innocent cruise ship passengers
'fanfic  -harrypotter  "mermaid  +draco/harry  :40k-100k  @faire_weather  $dudeslash 
october 2018 by sophia_sol
My Kingdom Is As Great - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Toby Williams is a wizard. With that revelation, Sarah is plunged back into the world of magic.

series consists of:
I carry the crown
bow my head to no one
far away on the other side
'fanfic  "crossover  -labyrinth  -harrypotter  +jareth/sarah  *toby  *harry  *neville  :40k-100k  @tardisistheonlywaytotravel  ^interesting  $het 
october 2018 by sophia_sol
Proof - AlphaCygni
Enabran Tain has retired, and Garak has been second-in-command of the Obsidian Order for over three years. His next assignment is the interrogation of Cardassia’s newest detainee, a Federation doctor charged with espionage.

AU in which Garak was never exiled. Set during early season 3.
'fanfic  ^excellent  ^interesting  ^feelings  -startrek_ds9  +bashir/garak  :40k-100k  @alphacygni  $dudeslash  "au 
october 2018 by sophia_sol
Personal Motivations - Sixthlight
When Abigail Kamara gets hired for a new and interesting hacking job, the last person she expects to see is her cousin Peter, until last year a detective in the Metropolitan Police Service. Peter’s putting together a team - but the job turns out to be twistier than either he or Abigail realise…
'fanfic  -riversoflondon  *abigail  +beverley/peter/thomas  *lesley  *caroline  :40k-100k  @sixthlight  $gen  $poly  $multi  "au 
september 2018 by sophia_sol
(Starts With) The Click of a Lock - Stratisphyre
“M’names Daisy Unwin, and my brother is Eggsy. He got hurt real bad. I’m at hospital, and there’s coppers here and I think they’re gonna take me away.” She scrunched up her eyes and remembered the last part. The part Eggsy made her say every night before she told him their nightly story. “Ossfords, not brogues.”



When Harry Hart responds to a phone call from a young girl, he has no idea how it will change his life.
I enjoyed the first part of the fic quite a lot, with just Harry and Daisy interacting, but in this particular context I wasn't into the Harry/Eggsy relationship at all so I stopped being as interested in this fic once Eggsy regained consciousness. Still overall a fun au though
'fanfic  "au  *daisy  +eggsy/harry  :40k-100k  @stratisphyre  $dudeslash  -kingsman 
august 2018 by sophia_sol
Metaphrasis - green_grrl
It's those cultural misunderstandings that will get you.

AKA the Library of Alexandria planet one, with concubine tea
'fanfic  "fuckordie  -sg1  +daniel/jack  :40k-100k  @green_grrl  $dudeslash 
may 2018 by sophia_sol
A Form in Wax - kristophine
“So here’s the thing,” said Casey.

Abby squinted at him. “You’re Casey McCall.”

“That’s correct.”

“You’re Danny’s partner.”

He nodded, feeling stiff and awkward. “I was, yes.”

Abby rocked back in her chair, contemplating him. “You should probably find a different therapist.”
I did not expect to find myself ever choosing to read Sports Night fic again and yet here I am.
'fanfic  -sportsnight  +casey/dan  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  "therapy  @kristophine  *abby 
may 2018 by sophia_sol
Left Side Advantage - susiecarter
Post-MoS AU: A year after Black Zero, the Metropolis city government decides to hold a commemorative gala, with Superman as a guest of honor. And after a year of trying to gather intelligence on Superman without all that much success to speak of, Bruce Wayne is definitely going to attend. Except it turns out he may not be the only one with plans for Superman, and there might be a few other pieces of the puzzle that he's been missing.

Or: Bruce Wayne's illustrated, step-by-step guide to how not to shake hands.
'fanfic  -dcu  +bruce/clark  $dudeslash  :40k-100k  @susiecarter 
may 2018 by sophia_sol
If the Fates Allow - Saras_Girl
What's that crackling in the walls?
Harry has no clue at all.
He'll eat some cake and drink some wine
Because he is completely FINE.

--A story about life's disregard for our plans.

[2017 advent story]

a lovely, warm christmas story
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +draco/harry  "christmas  :40k-100k  @saras_girl  $dudeslash 
march 2018 by sophia_sol
Search and Rescue - rotrude
Prince Arthur Pendragon's secondment with the RAF has come to an end. While he wishes to sign up for a second term, his father is against it. With few other viable options aside from taking up ceremonial duties, he enlists to become a civilian air ambulance pilot. On the team is Dr Merlin Emrys. From then on Arthur's life changes in more ways than one.

the end feels kind of abrupt, but otherwise this was good
'fanfic  -merlin  +arthur/merlin  $dudeslash  :40k-100k  @rotrude  "au  "doctor  "pilot 
march 2018 by sophia_sol
the unlocking and the lift away - Lake (beyond_belief)
a novel about Ray inheriting a cat and going to live at Brad's house and ending up being grossly domestic
'fanfic  "college  -generationkill  +brad/ray  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  @beyond_belief 
january 2018 by sophia_sol
Heartlines - shiftylinguini
Harry never expected he’d end up chipping away at his virginity while wandless and bonded to Malfoy in Northern Europe.

He never expected that would turn out to be the least surprising thing to happen while out on their training expedition in the middle of nowhere, either.
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +draco/harry  $dudeslash  :40k-100k  @shiftylinguini 
january 2018 by sophia_sol
Born Ready - makeit_takeit
20 years worth of The Making of Brad and Nate.
the author doesn't seem to like Ray very much, which makes me sad, and also it's always weird for me reading about characters who explicitly feel fulfilled by being military and this fic felt stronger on that aspect than even gk fics in general tend to, but this is still a well-done fic and I enjoy that it continues well beyond the getting together
'fanfic  -generationkill  +brad/nate  :40k-100k  @makeit_takeit  $dudeslash 
january 2018 by sophia_sol
nothing gold can stay - Naraht
Yuri Plisetsky will never step out of Victor's shadow. Not if Victor has anything to do with it.

Or, the epic Nikiforov-Plisetsky rivalry in the run-up to the 2018 Olympic Games.
'fanfic  -yurionice  ^good  *yurip  *viktor  *yakov  *lilia  *yuuri  *otabek  :40k-100k  $gen  @naraht 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Xenoethnography - Therrae (Dasha_mte)
It also didn’t help that the average glyph message was only three characters long, used no articles or prepositions, and usually had no verbs. What was the proper response to:: Curiosity; Sensation of great speed? Was it a question? A comparison?  Why, after a brief visit by National Security Director Mearing, did four different ‘Bots send:: Emphasis; overlapping? Why was a particularly bad joke by Bulkhead derided as ::Undercharged when there were actual glyphs for Not funny and Humor fail? How did any of that work?
an ethnographer embedded with the Transformers on Earth; the two cultures try to understand each other. I'm endlessly into alien cultural interactions!

series consists of:
Cultural Exchange (complete)
Comparative Semiotics (wip through ch 9)
'fanfic  -transformers  *oc  *optimusprime  *jazz  *bumblebee  *ironhide  *fixit  *ratchet  *arcee  *bulkhead  :40k-100k  $gen  @dasha_mte  "wip 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Never Too Late for Love - Sineala
Steve has always believed that a soulbond is a blessing -- a rare and beautiful miracle, joining the thoughts and feelings of two people forever, from the first time they touch. Steve knows he's not going to be one of the lucky ones. He knows Gail isn't his soulmate. But he loves her, even if they're not soulmates, and he's going to do right by her. After the war's over, he's going to marry her, and they're going to settle down. They'll buy a house. They'll have children. He'll see his family again. Maybe Bucky will live next door. It's going to be a good life. He doesn't need a soulbond. He'll be fine without one.

Then Steve wakes up sixty years in the future to find that his wonderful life has moved on without him. His family is long dead. His fiancée married his best friend. And the only purpose he has left is leading the Ultimates, a misbegotten team of superheroes with flaws too numerous to count. Steve hates everything about the future -- but most of all he detests Tony, flashy and flirtatious, who embodies everything Steve hates about a world he never wanted to live in.

And, oh, yeah, Steve has a soulmate after all: Tony fucking Stark.
(this is Ults)
'fanfic  -avengers  +steve/tony  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  "telepathy  "bonding  @sineala 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
The Revolutionary - astolat
“I never went down,” Ratchet said.
every single transformers fic Astolat has written so far is basically: given different base assumptions about how the universe works, how to end the war. And I love all of it, omg, both the different choices of worldbuilding in each fic and also the commitment to ending the war.

(look, yeah, I know that I know nothing about transformers and don't care about this fandom at all, sometimes it's just really soothing to read well-constructed fic about characters I don't have any emotional investment in)
'fanfic  -transformers  @astolat  $other  *ratchet  +megatron/starscream  :40k-100k 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
When The Wolf Comes Home - roachpatrol
Through a dark ritual, Draco Malfoy is sent back in time, from his seventeenth year to his eleventh. Now he has the chance to use his superior knowledge and skill to change everything and save all his friends and family, but there's a terrible complication: it turns out that not even time travel can cure a case of lycanthropy.
wip through part 14 as of bookmarking
'fanfic  -harrypotter  *draco  $gen  "timetravel  "werewolves  :40k-100k  @roachpatrol  "wip 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Stranded with Mr Darcy - LinMeiWei
That awkward moment when you tell a guy he's the last man in the world you'd ever be prevailed on to marry, and then you get stuck with him on a deserted island...

This is Pride and Prejudice if it had happened in 1816 (which it didn't) and if Mr Bingley had returned to Longbourn and asked Jane to marry him after Elizabeth's stay in Kent. Mr Bingley marries Jane, and the two set off for a honeymoon, with Elizabeth for company. Except that the ship they take to get across the channel belongs to and is captained by Mr Darcy. And then the weather goes berserk, the ship is wrecked and everybody nearly dies.

And the next thing they know, Elizabeth and Darcy are alone. On an island. With nobody but each other to depend on for survival. I don't know about you, but I think it's going to be awkward.
I was less interested in the story after the rescue but thoroughly enjoyed it up to that point
'fanfic  "au  -pride&prejudice  +darcy/elizabeth  :40k-100k  @linmeiwei  $het 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
That Looks on Tempests - AMarguerite
Alternate ending to "An Ever-Fixed Mark," diverging from chapter ten, on. The Battle of Waterloo ends just a little bit differently for Elizabeth and Colonel Fitzwilliam.
'fanfic  -pride&prejudice  +elizabeth/fitzwilliam  :40k-100k  @amarguerite  $het  "soulmates  "au 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
And I Alone Have Escaped To Tell You - astolat
“This is like some kinda bad dream,” Ironhide said aloud.

“No,” Cyclonus said, low and harsh. “But it will be.”
'fanfic  -transformers  +cyclonus/megatron  $other  :40k-100k  "timetravel  ^good  @astolat 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
Nineteen - Snickfic
When Olli answers the call to help an omega in need, he doesn’t expect the omega to be Sid. He doesn’t expect to end up bonded just in time for the Olympics, either, but they can break it after they get back. It’ll be fine.
'fanfic  "omegaverse  "bonding  -hockey_rpf  +crosby/maatta  :40k-100k  $dudeslash 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
Four Years Time - jaxington
Sam didn't expect to have the full college experience, going back to school after years in the Air Force. He's older than everyone else, still figuring out how to be a civilian again, and never really believed in the whole go to college and find yourself thing.

Yet somehow, Sam ends up with a group of kooky friends, a major he adores, an addiction to caffeine, and a fling with a beautiful boy, who is sure to break his heart when he goes back to Wakanda at the end of the school year.
'fanfic  "au  -avengers  +sam/t'challa  $dudeslash  @jaxington  :40k-100k 
october 2017 by sophia_sol
Wild - Seefin
“No,” Harry said, by way of greeting. Malfoy’s blonde head rose slowly, carelessly. “Get out.”

“I feel as though we’ve already established this, Potter,” Malfoy responded. “And I feel that what we established was that you telling me to get out of places really doesn’t make me more likely to vacate them.”
I really enjoyed the complexities of the relationship between Harry and Draco, and that things will continue to need to be worked out between them beyond the end of the story. I also loved the setting for the first half of the story, with the differences in Irish magic, and the community Harry lives in, and all that, and was disappointed that that aspect of the fic kind of went by the wayside as it went on. But overall a very good fic.
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +draco/harry  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  @seefin 
september 2017 by sophia_sol
as to which may be the true - susiecarter
It isn't difficult to go on in the wake of Superman's death. His resurrection, though, poses a problem—especially when it turns out there's no such thing as the right moment to explain that Martha Kent's obnoxious billionaire friend? Is also the man who tried really hard to shove a kryptonite spear through Clark's face.
'fanfic  #  -dcu  +bruce/clark  :40k-100k  @susiecarter  $dudeslash 
august 2017 by sophia_sol
all each riddles, when unknown - susiecarter
Post-MoS AU: Clark, struggling to deal with the events of Black Zero Day, is assigned a straightforward human-interest piece—on Wayne Enterprises. Then Batman catches Superman's attention, Clark Kent starts investigating Batman, Bruce Wayne spends a lot of time arguing with hitting on Clark Kent, and Bruce's best efforts to find a way to hurt Superman start to bear fruit.

And then things get complicated.
'fanfic  #  -dcu  +bruce/clark  :40k-100k  @susiecarter  $dudeslash 
august 2017 by sophia_sol
Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins's Widow - timunderwood9
When Elizabeth was fifteen her father died and she married Mr. Collins to protect her sister Jane. Now years after he died, will the memories of his mistreatment keep her from finding happiness with the friend of Netherfield's new tenant?
'fanfic  "au  -pride&prejudice  +darcy/elizabeth  :40k-100k  @timunderwood9  $het 
july 2017 by sophia_sol
Season of Courtship - Elizabeth (anghraine)
Darcy and Elizabeth become better acquainted over the course of their engagement.
'fanfic  -pride&prejudice  +darcy/elizabeth  :40k-100k  @anghraine  $het 
july 2017 by sophia_sol
if i am a stranger - futuredescending
Harry Hart dies in 2015. Twenty-something years later, young Victor Arden pops up wearing Harry's face and knowing things he shouldn't.
'fanfic  -kingsman  +eggsy/harry  :40k-100k  @futuredescending  $dudeslash 
july 2017 by sophia_sol
Hermione Granger's Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run - waspabi
'You're a wizard, Harry' is easier to hear from a half-giant when you're eleven, rather than from some kids on a tube platform when you're seventeen and late for work.
I read most of this fic aaaaaages ago and then just read the last chapter now so I really don't remember my reaction to most of the fic but I'm pretty sure it was amazing?
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +draco/harry  *hermione  *ron  *luna  *ginny  *neville  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  "au 
june 2017 by sophia_sol
No Less Unthinkable - rageprufrock
In which Katsuki Yuuri fights a losing battle with chronic anxiety, the quadruple Salchow, and his own judgment four drinks in — but wins the war.
'fanfic  -yurionice  +viktor/yuuri  :40k-100k  @rageprufrock  $dudeslash 
june 2017 by sophia_sol
Running on Air - eleventy7
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +draco/harry  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  @eleventy7  ^quiet 
may 2017 by sophia_sol
A Few Years Later - Sixthlight
Some associated Rivers of London stories set about a decade post-canon. Not all exist in the same timeline, but they share a setting and original characters.
series consists of:
Good Grammar
Traditional Decorations
The Requirements of a First Date
out of the corner of my eye
In The Morning
Inappropriate Conduct
A Statistically Inconclusive Sample
In the Library
A Question of Metaphysics
The Law of Names
The Road Not Taken
'fanfic  -riversoflondon  +peter/thomas  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  @sixthlight 
april 2017 by sophia_sol
Changes of Perspective - Sixthlight
There are two types of alternate universes, at least in fiction. Type A is when you alter one key event or thing about the world and then logically and ruthlessly work through all the perturbations that would flow from that one change, the “what would have happened if…” kind of AU. Type B is when you decide what sort of alternate universe you’d like to write about and bash at history until it takes the shape you want it to, or just make it up wholesale: the “the world where…” kind of AU.

This story is mostly Type B – The World Where Everyone Lives In A Council Flat – cunningly disguised as Type A, What Would Have Happened If They’d Bombed Ettersberg Like Nightingale Wanted. (You could also file it under another couple of Type B worlds - The World Where The Little Crocodiles Are The Folly, or The World Where Peter Became An Architect.)
yes obviously I had to quote the endnotes meta on the nature of AUs as the summary for this fic, what do you take me for. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable fic, though I got a bit lost during the height of action - but it's not like I read most stories for the plot anyway.
'fanfic  -riversoflondon  +peter/thomas  *ensemble  :40k-100k  ^good  $dudeslash  "au  @sixthlight 
april 2017 by sophia_sol
Wizardry By Consent - Sixthlight
Fifteen years after a headless body was discovered in Covent Garden, Thomas Nightingale is still the last wizard in Britain, and Peter Grant, newly appointed Commander for Community Engagement in the Metropolitan Police Service, has just learned the truth about the existence of the Folly.

He has one or two questions.
'fanfic  ^excellent  "au  -riversoflondon  +peter/thomas  :40k-100k  @sixthlight  $dudeslash 
april 2017 by sophia_sol
J'attendrai - Quasar
Probationary Constable Peter Grant met me for the first time when I walked up to him by the portico of the Actors' Church on a freezing winter night and said, "Hello. What are you up to?" However, I first met Detective Sergeant Peter Grant when he jogged up to my doorstep on a mild autumn afternoon and said, "There you are, sir. It is you, isn't it?"
an excellently structured and well thought out time travel fic!
'fanfic  ^excellent  ^interesting  ^feelings  "timetravel  -riversoflondon  +peter/thomas  :40k-100k  @quasar  $dudeslash  ! 
april 2017 by sophia_sol
What We Pretend We Can't See - gyzym
Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.
'fanfic  ^good  -harrypotter  +draco/harry  +hermione/ron  +ginny/neville  :40k-100k  @gyzym  $dudeslash 
february 2017 by sophia_sol
head over feet - rjosettes
'Allison quickly searches for their other new face just in time to watch the girl eat mat hard, fingers tangled in her own shoelaces.

It's Yukimura.

It isn't that Allison has seen her before, or even process of elimination. It's just the balancing forces of the universe in action. They have an Olympian among their scholarships this year. If there weren't a girl who couldn't keep her feet under her on solid ground standing still, it wouldn't be fair, would it?'

Collegiate gymnast Allison Argent falls in love while trying not to fall on her ass.
'fanfic  "au  "sports  "college  -teenwolf  +allison/kira  *ensemble  :40k-100k  @rjosettes  ^good 
february 2017 by sophia_sol
Sorting Out the Dance Card - Mercy
An overheard conversation changes everything. Histories, mysteries, romance, and a dive or two into the soup.
'fanfic  -jeeves&wooster  +jeeves/wooster  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  @mercy 
february 2017 by sophia_sol
Worthy of Trust and Confidence - Alethia
"Mr. Vice President, I believe you might be familiar with Special Agent Colbert."

The world stilled.

And in walked Brad. Black suit. Black tie. Perfect.


Generation Kill/The West Wing futurefic fusion. The Seaborn/Fick ticket sailed to victory in the 2016 presidential election. Amidst governing and getting the last of the troops out of Afghanistan, Nate's daughter starts receiving threats. Naturally, it's Brad to the rescue.
'fanfic  "crossover  -generationkill  -westwing  +brad/nate  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  @alethia 
january 2017 by sophia_sol
Headlights in the Snow - Saras_Girl
What’s big and purple and smells like tea? Harry is about to find out.

Advent fic 2016.

the one where Draco is the Knight Bus driver
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +draco/harry  *oc  :40k-100k  @saras_girl  $dudeslash 
january 2017 by sophia_sol
Getting the Hang of Thursdays - hayseed
A good day goes bad and then gets far worse than Severus could ever have imagined. Again and again and again.
well isn't it a blast from the past to come across this fic again. I'd totally forgotten about its existence! It's a good one though.
'fanfic  "timeloop  -harrypotter  +hermione/severus  :40k-100k  $het  @hayseed  ^interesting 
january 2017 by sophia_sol
Maelstrom - feelslikefire
Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport--right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes.

(Or, the time loop au. Loosely based on Groundhog Day.)
'fanfic  "timeloop  -yurionice  +viktor/yuuri  :40k-100k  @feelslikefire  $dudeslash 
january 2017 by sophia_sol
Misethere - astolat
Emhyr was looking at him for once, with a strange expression. “I have misjudged you,” he said, sounding irritated actually: how dare Geralt surprise him.

“I get that a lot,” Geralt said.
in a number of ways it's a thematic retread of astolat's smallville fic about Lex conquering the galaxy with Clark as his consort, but I'm pretty okay with that, it's a fun set of themes, and astolat's really good at writing that kind of ruthlessly competent person who sweeps people up in his charismatic path. Totally readable while knowing 0 about canon.
'fanfic  -witcher  ^enjoyable  "sexpollen  +emhyr/geralt  *cirilla  :40k-100k  @astolat  $dudeslash 
january 2017 by sophia_sol
dance this silence down (the emergency room remix) - Fahye
He's sitting in a car with all of his belongings in the back seat and his hands wrapped around the steering wheel, admitting to himself that a stupid, dizzy firework of a one-night-stand with a man he'd barely known is one of the only bright memories he has right now.

[In which Enjolras and Grantaire make some music, make some terrible decisions, and make a habit out of doing everything in the wrong order.]
the grantaire-pov remix of The People Sing by littledust
'fanfic  "au  "musician  -lesmiserables  +e/r  $dudeslash  *eponine  :40k-100k  @fahye 
december 2016 by sophia_sol
The People Sing - littledust
Cosette, an aspiring musician, is certain she's locked into her terrible recording contract forever and the public will never get to hear her music. Then a mysterious DJ named Enjolras remixes one of her original demos. She follows his digital trail to a club called the ABC, where she's offered the chance to join the music revolution. What ensues includes romance, past lives revealed, the making of an album, and a protest concert.
inspired by the DJenjolras twitter originally
'fanfic  "au  "modern  "musician  -lesmiserables  +cosette/eponine/marius  +e/r  *lesamis  :40k-100k  $multi  $poly  @littledust 
december 2016 by sophia_sol
Tempus Fugit - Kyele
Nora is dead. The Barry from the future – the Flash from the future – is gone. If Barry wants answers, if he wants to know why his future self had waved him off of saving his mother, he’s going to have to get them from a different source.

Fortunately, he knows exactly where – or, rather, when – his answers may be found.
notes: answering the question 'why did Barry's future self prevent him from saving his mother's life'.
'fanfic  "timetravel  -theflash  -dcu  +barry/eobard  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  @kyele 
october 2016 by sophia_sol
Single Use Weapon - Fahye
"The king is dead," says Samuels. "Long live the king."

A story about fealty and destiny, spies and secrets, and the things we do to hold onto power.
okay this one actually is as good as frostfire's fic, though in different ways. I'll probably still reread frostfire's fic more often though because it's shorter
'fanfic  ^feelings  -kings  +david/jack  +david/michelle  :40k-100k  $het  $dudeslash  $poly  @fahye  ^yeah  "politics  ^excellent 
september 2016 by sophia_sol
touchy subject - applecrumbledore
Bitty finds a photo booth strip and almost doesn't recognize Jack because he's not sure he's ever seen him grin off-ice before, and his hair is so long it curls around his ears, and he's so, so young. It takes Bitty a few long seconds to realize the boy he's kissing is Kent Parson, with the same backwards cap and everything.
the last chapter feels pretty different in tone than the rest - more shmoopy and stuff. But up till that I really enjoyed what this fic was doing, and the end of each chapter in this fic feels like a reasonable stopping point
'fanfic  -checkplease  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  $poly  @applecrumbledore  +bitty/jack/parse 
september 2016 by sophia_sol
Work Song - Traincat
Peter Parker has his company, more money than he knows what to do with, and the echoes of a ghost in his head. Johnny Storm's lost his family, his home, and is clinging to the remnants of his old life.
"I’m here with you. That’s not nothing, right?”

“No,” Peter agreed. It definitely felt like something, all the way up here with Johnny so close they were almost touching.

Peter looked at him, at the full lips set in a slight frown, the sharp curve of his jaw, the way his hair fell across his forehead. He fit all the dazzling lights around them, warm like sunshine even in the middle of the night.

“Beautiful,” Peter said before he could stop himself.
'fanfic  -spiderman  +johnny/peter  :40k-100k  @traincat  $dudeslash 
september 2016 by sophia_sol
And None Of It Seems To Matter - Kablob, mylordshesacactus
"There's going to be an attack on the Temple. Tomorrow, at eleven hundred hours. A bomb in the hangar bay."

Barriss Offee had no idea what fate she averted for herself or her friend Ahsoka Tano when she stopped her planned attack on the Jedi Temple before it started. But her actions will still have far-reaching consequences—for both of them.
I am in AGONIES over this fic's abandoned state. It's so good and I care so much and it ends on the WORST cliffhanger!
'fanfic  "au  -starwars  +ahsoka/barriss  $femslash  :40k-100k  "abandoned  "wip  @kablob  @mylordshesacactus 
september 2016 by sophia_sol
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