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untitled agent carter ot3 - sholio
Peggy, Jack and Daniel are on a field mission in England, are lost or running to hide at night, someone's injured and they need to lie low, and Peggy leads them to the only safe house she knows... her parents' home in Hampton.
'fanfic  -agentcarter  +daniel/jack/peggy  :500-2k  @sholio  $poly  $multi 
february 2019 by sophia_sol
Teamwork - Sholio
Another day, another narrow escape for Peggy and Jarvis. This one is perhaps narrower than most.
'fanfic  -agentcarter  *peggy  *ana  *jarvis  :2k-10k  @sholio  $gen 
november 2018 by sophia_sol
Avalanche Country - Sholio
Jack and Peggy are caught in an avalanche while on a mission.
'fanfic  -agentcarter  *peggy  *jack  *daniel  $gen  @sholio  :2k-10k  "team 
november 2018 by sophia_sol
Oblivious - Sholio
It wasn't matchmaking. He wouldn't be caught dead matchmaking. It was just that having those two idiots giving each other cow-eyed looks across the bullpen was bad for morale. Particularly for his morale.

(In which Jack wishes Peggy and Daniel would catch a clue about their mutual pining, while obliviously pining for all he's worth.)
'fanfic  -agentcarter  +daniel/jack/peggy  :2k-10k  @sholio  $poly  $multi 
october 2017 by sophia_sol
Pulp Fiction Heroes - Sholio
Recovering from a near-fatal gunshot wound is a slow process, as Jack is finding out the hard way -- and not just physically. But when one of Peggy and Daniel's cases lands them in trouble, it's a convalescing Jack and the Jarvises to the rescue.
'fanfic  -agentcarter  *jack  *daniel  *peggy  *jarvis  *ana  :10k-20k  $gen  @sholio 
october 2017 by sophia_sol
War Stories - Sholio
In 1944, on an SSR mission in the Pacific, Peggy briefly meets a young Lieutenant Thompson. Neither of them know they'll meet again, years later, at the New York SSR.
'fanfic  -agentcarter  *peggy  *jack  $gen  :2k-10k  @sholio 
august 2017 by sophia_sol
Navy Cross - Sholio
Jack gets a taste of real heroism. It's not all it's cracked up to be.
in which Jack is exposed to huge amounts of radiation and is certainly going to die. (not actually deathfic)
'fanfic  -agentcarter  +daniel/peggy  *jack  :10k-20k  $gen  $het  @sholio 
june 2017 by sophia_sol
The Dreams of an Impossible Princess - lady_ragnell
Angie gets cast as the lead in a Hallmark holiday movie about the long-lost princess of Vengia.
'fanfic  "actor  "au  "royalty  -agentcarter  +angie/peggy  :2k-10k  @lady_ragnell  $femslash 
january 2017 by sophia_sol
Sleigh Ride - Sholio
Just another day at the SSR, this time involving blizzards, stolen horses, and a stole-- er, commandeered sleigh.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  -agentcarter  +daniel/peggy  :500-2k  $het  @sholio 
december 2016 by sophia_sol
Too Close for Comfort - Sholio
Peggy and Jack are in DC to defend the SSR's funding in the post-season-two era, and all the hotels are full. Except for one.

For my h/c bingo square "trapped together."
I do enjoy a decidedly unromantic/unsexual sharing-a-bed trope
'fanfic  -agentcarter  *peggy  *jack  :2k-10k  @sholio 
october 2016 by sophia_sol
Fever - Sholio
The Okinawa incident isn't the only secret Jack brought back from the war. Gratuitously self-indulgent h/c set between seasons.
Jack has malaria that comes back around to bite him on occasion
'fanfic  "illness  -agentcarter  *jack  *peggy  :2k-10k  $gen  @sholio 
september 2016 by sophia_sol
Trip Wire - Sholio
"Former reconnaissance scout. This won't be my first time defusing a bomb." Daniel knows bombs, but it's a little different when it's Peggy's life at stake, and he's having to talk Jack through defusing the bomb over the radio. For my h/c bingo wildcard square, "explosions."
'fanfic  -agentcarter  +daniel/peggy  *jack  :10k-20k  $het  $gen  @sholio 
september 2016 by sophia_sol
Chasing Lightning - Sholio
Peggy & the SSR pursue a supervillain in a lightning storm. Yes, I got them wet again. For my h/c bingo "electrocution" square.
'fanfic  -agentcarter  +daniel/peggy  *jack  :10k-20k  $gen  $het  @sholio 
september 2016 by sophia_sol
Without Maps - Sholio
Post-finale. The last thing Jack remembers is taking a bullet in a hotel room, but now he's back in the war. Except it isn't his war. It's Sousa's.
'fanfic  -agentcarter  *jack  *daniel  :2k-10k  @sholio  $gen 
may 2016 by sophia_sol
Little Deaths - Sholio
Highlander fusion, written for Fusion Fest. Peggy dies in the war ... but for her, that's only the beginning.
'fanfic  "crossover  -highlander  -agentcarter  *peggy  $het  $gen  :2k-10k  @sholio 
may 2016 by sophia_sol
Miracle and Wonder - sholio
These are the days of miracle and wonder. Peggy and the SSR, doing what they do.
'vid  -agentcarter  -avengers  *peggy  @sholio  $het 
march 2016 by sophia_sol
Outliers - Sholio
Maybe soulmarks mean whatever you want them to mean.
'fanfic  "soulmates  -agentcarter  *peggy  *jarvis  *anna  *howard  *jack  *daniel  *angie  :2k-10k  @sholio  $gen 
february 2016 by sophia_sol
1941 [Vid] - rhoboat
Follow the beat and let it ring.
fun song and the vid is cut to fit the music very well
'vid  ^enjoyable  -agentcarter  -avengers  *peggy  @rhoboat 
august 2015 by sophia_sol
Black Water Rising - Sholio
An apparently abandoned Hydra facility turns into a deathtrap for Peggy and the SSR team. Set after 1x08.
'fanfic  -avengers  -agentcarter  *peggy  *daniel  *jack  :20k-30k  @sholio  $gen  ^excellent 
march 2015 by sophia_sol
Griffith House Rules - The Stephanois (ballantine)
Five times Angie heard noises coming from Peggy's apartment and the one time she caused them.
'fanfic  -agentcarter  :2k-10k  @ballantine  $femslash  +angie/peggy 
march 2015 by sophia_sol
frontlines, heartlines - toboldlywrite
Peggy Carter is a bundle of knives shaped like a woman, and that's what Angie likes best about her.
'fanfic  -agentcarter  -avengers  :2k-10k  @toboldlywrite  $femslash  +angie/peggy  ^excellent 
february 2015 by sophia_sol

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