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Love in Slow Motion - hapakitsune
Louis had been proposing to Liam on and off for going on four years now. It started as a joke, an insistence that he could absolutely come up with a hundred wedding proposals as sweet as kittens bearing rings. It started as a joke. It didn't stay that way.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  -1d  +liam/louis  :20k-30k  @hapakitsune  $dudeslash 
august 2015 by sophia_sol
It's Only A Beginning - sunsetmog
No, this year was not going better than last year, because last year he was with his friends, and everything was okay, and it wasn't the case that every single last thing was crap. Last year he wasn’t the stupid sixth former who’d failed his AS levels and had had to move stupid schools to do them again.

In which the only good thing in Louis's life was the person he talked to on Tumblr every night.
'fanfic  "au  "highschool  "internet  -1d  :30k-40k  +louis/nick  @sunsetmog  $dudeslash 
july 2015 by sophia_sol
Like a Lightning Strike - Hllangel
Swapped Jackets, Mahiki, M4M
I think you accidentally took my red tartan jacket from Mahiki last night. My keys were in my pocket. You had an avocado in yours, which I'm sure was equally important.

One Direction never make it past judges houses, but Nick and Harry manage to meet and fall in love anyway.
'fanfic  "au  -1d  +harry/nick  :20k-30k  @Hllangel  $dudeslash 
november 2014 by sophia_sol
Ask If You Know The Answer - disarm_d
It takes them longer than it should to realize that something is up. Telepathy.
'fanfic  ^nice  -1d  +louis/niall  :2k-10k  @disarm_d  $dudeslash 
october 2014 by sophia_sol
Not Your Fault But Mine - sunsetmog
It's the beginning of Louis' second year at uni, and he's sharing a house with his four best friends in the world. This is going to be the best fucking year ever, Louis can just tell. The best fucking year ever.
uncomfortable/painful to read, all the horribly accurate awfulness of being depressed, so I skimmed through a lot of it, but a good fic.
'fanfic  "au  "college  ^ouchy  -1d  +louis/nick  @sunsetmog  :>100k  $dudeslash 
june 2014 by sophia_sol
Pull Me Under - zarah5
AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career, it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis' favourite teammate, Liam as Louis' agent, and Zayn as Liam's boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)
one of those fics with lots of pining, and overhearing parts of conversations and then totally misconstruing the meaning, and not talking to each other, and all of that.
'fanfic  "au  #  "sports  -1d  +harry/louis  :>100k  @zarah5  $dudeslash 
may 2014 by sophia_sol
About You Now - sunsetmog
The first time Harry meets Liam, Harry's been on the streets for three weeks and five days, he's down to his last three quid, and he's had his rucksack stolen.
'fanfic  ^ouchy  "au  "homeless  -1d  *harry  *liam  :2k-10k  @sunsetmog  $gen 
april 2014 by sophia_sol
These Streets Are Yours - sunsetmog
The night Louis slept with Liam, Louis was half-convinced that just for once, things were going to go his way.
'fanfic  ^ouchy  ^feelings  -1d  "au  "college  +liam/louis  :2k-10k  @sunsetmog  $dudeslash 
april 2014 by sophia_sol
The New Posh and Becks - mistresscurvy
2016 is a big year for solo artist Liam Payne. After his amazing experience on X Factor, releasing his own album and touring with Little Mix seems like the height of success. Then he meets Arsenal midfielder Louis Tomlinson at a charity event, and suddenly everything else fades into the background.

Also featuring Zayn as Liam's stylist, Niall as an Arsenal trainer, and Harry as himself if he'd gone on X Factor in 2013 and won the whole damn thing.
'fanfic  "au  "musician  "sports  -1d  +liam/louis  :20k-30k  @mistresscurvy  $dudeslash 
february 2014 by sophia_sol
(Baby I Need You) Like a Hole in the Head - Ferritin4
"So I've been nominated for an Oscar," Louis says carefully. If he's called to gloat, Liam doesn't care; proper phone etiquette be damned, he will hang up.

He will.

"I know," Liam says. "Everyone knows that."

"Right," Louis says. "I didn't know if you," he cuts himself off, and if Liam didn't know better by now, he'd say Lou was nervous.

"Didn't know if I what?" Liam asks. "If I was awake lately? If I'd blanked it all out? If I'd turned off the internet and lived like a hermit to avoid your name?"

"I was going to say, if you remembered me," Louis says, wry and bitter and so, so familiar.

"It was a divorce, Lou, not a head injury," Liam laughs. "Of course I remember you."
'fanfic  "au  "actor  "police  -1d  +liam/louis  :2k-10k  @ferritin4  $dudeslash 
february 2014 by sophia_sol
Better Life Choices - Ferritin4
“He’s poisoning young minds,” says X Factor insider

“They can’t fucking do this,” Louis snarled, punching the arm of his chair. Across from them, Rich shook his graying head.

“They’ve done it, lads,” he said sadly. “We’re not going to sit by idly, but they’ve done it.”

“Simon’s not homophobic,” Harry said viciously. Niall’s scowl deepened.

“No,” Rich said, sitting back. “Trust me, everyone in this industry knows that. We’ll be making many, many public statements, you boys will, and every other artist we manage. I’m going to ask one of you to take point on that,” he nodded as Louis’s hand flicked up, “and one of you to take the responsibility of assuming a boyfriend for a while.”
'fanfic  -1d  +harry/nick  :40k-100k  @ferritin4  $dudeslash  "pretendrelationship 
february 2014 by sophia_sol
In any Universe - rivers_bend
When Harry Styles and Zayn Malik don’t make the cut the first time they audition for X-Factor, they decide to stay in London as motivation to try again the following year, and get jobs in a cafe across the street from BBC Broadcasting House. A cafe where Radio 1 DJ, Nick Grimshaw, finds himself one cold, dark evening in need of a coffee and a disarming smile.
'fanfic  "au  "coffeeshop  -1d  +harry/nick  :30k-40k  @rivers_bend  $dudeslash 
january 2014 by sophia_sol
I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow - sunsetmog
The first time Louis Tomlinson kisses him, Nick is three sheets to the wind, wearing a pirate hat, and so fucking tired of Louis being a complete and utter knobhead that he's spent the last ten minutes snapping at him.

The kiss takes him rather by surprise, all things considered.


Or: Nick and Louis don't like each other, not even a little bit, not even at all.
'fanfic  ^feelings  ^ouchy  #  -1d  +louis/nick  :>100k  @sunsetmog  $dudeslash 
january 2014 by sophia_sol
What Happens in Ibiza - LittleMousling
It's been almost four years since Nick has seen Harry Styles, and that's no one's fault but his.
'fanfic  #  -1d  +harry/nick  :10k-20k  @littlemousling  $dudeslash 
january 2014 by sophia_sol
Hold You Closer - harriet_vane
Babyfic, set in the not-very-distant future.
and then apparently I spent the evening reading this because I burnt myself out on yuletide in my massive binge yesterday. BUT I DIDN'T FINISH ALL THE INTERESTING-LOOKING STORIES YETTTT. *sadface*
'fanfic  -1d  +liam/louis  :40k-100k  @harriet_vane  $dudeslash  "kids 
december 2013 by sophia_sol
the dream lives of ordinary people - waspabi
“I think,” Harry says speculatively, fiddling with the fabric over Grimmy’s knee, “That maybe it’s like… a mutual fairy god-person situation. Like, the time travel... thing. You know?”

Nick pauses halfway through shovelling crisps into his mouth to blink unattractively at Harry, picturing that bit in Cinderella with the singing mice.

Grimmy shrugs, twisting himself so that his legs are more securely tucked over Harry’s. “Well, I've always fancied you in a ballgown and glass shoe, Harold.”
or: the one where teenage nick grimshaw comes forward in time for a couple days
'fanfic  "timetravel  -1d  +harry/nick  :10k-20k  @waspabi  $dudeslash 
december 2013 by sophia_sol
get another coal on the fake fire - magneticwave
“I think ‘sorry for sucking your dick with the express purpose of making you physically incapable of banging by best mate’ might be more along the lines of what actually happened,” Zayn drawls.

“I mean, that wasn’t the only reason,” Louis points out, since Zayn’s proposed apology makes it sound like Louis wasn’t a 100% willing participant in the entire thing. He would’ve been happy to engage in hate sex with Grimshaw that didn’t extend beyond orgasms and mutual loathing; it just so happened that hate sex was a way for Louis to accomplish his goals.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  +louis/nick  :10k-20k  @magneticwave  -1d  $dudeslash 
november 2013 by sophia_sol
Soft Like Circles Strong Like Squares - disarm_d
The producers took a risk putting an alpha in the group, but alpha exposure in the media had been increasingly trendy and Harry was sweet for an alpha. They always said it like that -- sweet for an alpha. Polite for an alpha. Smart for an alpha.
ouchy. where even the other band members aren't great about being nonprejudiced despite trying
'fanfic  "omegaverse  +harry/louis  :2k-10k  @disarm_d  -1d  $dudeslash 
october 2013 by sophia_sol
Scout's Honour - mistresscurvy
"Are you sure this is how you want to practice?" Liam asked. Even as he asked he was already kneeling down, because if this was how the lads wanted to learn rope safety, he would oblige.
tagging an ot5 is the worst; I can never remember what order I put the names in the last time.
'fanfic  :2k-10k  @mistresscurvy  -1d  $dudeslash  $poly  +harry/liam/louis/niall/zayn 
october 2013 by sophia_sol
The One Where Harry Really Doesn't Have Ten Cats - LoadedGunn
Or, the AU where Harry is a pet-sitter for the rich and famous, and Louis is rich and famous.
'fanfic  "animals  "au  +harry/louis  :10k-20k  @loadedgunn  -1d  $dudeslash 
october 2013 by sophia_sol
Wannabe - oliviacirce
It's the rule: no major decisions without the others, three votes wins.
'fanfic  "team  +harry/nick  @oliviacirce  :10k-20k  -1d  $dudeslash 
october 2013 by sophia_sol
Dark Room//Love Balloon - olavidalo
Zayn's a hugely successful R&B star; Harry's a pop singer with a legion of tween fans. They don't really get on. (Based off a prompt.)
'fanfic  "unusualformat  +harry/zayn  :2k-10k  @olavidalo  -1d  $dudeslash 
september 2013 by sophia_sol
let's pretend it's love - wafflehood
Pretend!boyfriends fic in which Liam and Zayn get papped while hamming it up for Louis and Eleanor, and management decides the easiest way to deal with the resulting hysteria is to let it run its course.
'fanfic  +liam/zayn  :40k-100k  @wafflehood  -1d  $dudeslash  "pretendrelationship 
september 2013 by sophia_sol
Instalments - junkshop_disco
Harry falls in love with a wealthy client. They both pay for it, in instalments. Pretty Woman AU, 50k words, Harry Styles/Nick Grimshaw.
also at
'fanfic  "au  "sexworker  +harry/nick  :40k-100k  @junkshop_disco  -1d  $dudeslash 
august 2013 by sophia_sol
Won't Get To Space Because I Haven't Got a Rocket - sunsetmog
Because the thing is: it's silly, being grown up, and chasing a childhood dream. Liam's almost eighteen, and he isn't bringing a wage home, and he isn't getting anywhere, and he's tired of building everyone's hopes up—including his own—when it's clearly never going to happen. He isn't worth it.

AU in which Liam never goes back to re-audition for X Factor, but stays in Wolverhampton to become a mechanic instead.
the one where Liam is desperately lonely and thinks he doesn't deserve having friends who like him and I actually had a lot of trouble reading it because of all my feels
'fanfic  ^feelings  "au  "mechanic  :20k-30k  @sunsetmog  -1d  $dudeslash  $poly  +harry/liam/louis 
august 2013 by sophia_sol
Trade All My Tomorrows for Just One Yesterday - harriet_vane
"Basically, I'm a superhero," says Louis. "But only today."

A Groundhog Day AU. Louis gets stuck in one terrible day on tour, over and over and over again.
'fanfic  "timeloop  +liam/louis  :20k-30k  @harriet_vane  -1d  $dudeslash 
july 2013 by sophia_sol
All My Tentacles Move in (One Direction) - beckaandzac
When they find out that an age-old family curse causes Zayn to grow tentacles, the rest of One Direction work together to help him deal with his slimy little problem in the sexiest way possible. Non-AU (except for the tentacles) set during the Judges' Houses phase of X Factor.
'fanfic  "tentacles  :10k-20k  @beckaandzac  -1d  $dudeslash  $poly  +harry/liam/louis/niall/zayn 
april 2013 by sophia_sol
If This Is Love - sunsetmog
He's not fucking thirty yet, but he is way too old for Harry fucking Styles.

Or: Nick Grimshaw has done some stupid, ridiculous, mad things in his life, but falling for Harry Styles might be the stupidest thing yet.
'fanfic  +harry/nick  :40k-100k  @sunsetmog  -1d  $dudeslash 
march 2013 by sophia_sol
This Shifting Ground - zarah5
University AU. In which Louis, law student, is the cheeky waiter to Harry’s dates. This is how it starts.
'fanfic  "au  "college  +harry/louis  :20k-30k  @zarah5  -1d  $dudeslash 
january 2013 by sophia_sol
A Place in the Sun - harriet_vane
Louis is looking forward to spending the whole summer with Harry and his friends, working at a summer camp, drinking and being generally stupid. But there's a new counselor who's actually read the rulebook, and he's going to ruin everything.
'fanfic  "au  "camp  +liam/louis  +harry/niall  *zayn  :40k-100k  @harriet_vane  -1d  $dudeslash 
january 2013 by sophia_sol
the burning rhythm in our hearts - daisysusan
Harry Styles, frontman of an indie rock band, had definitely not spared a thought for popstar Liam Payne since they were briefly on the X Factor together except perhaps for a bit of scorn. Definitely absolutely not. Not until the moment his band played right before Liam at a festival, anyway.
'fanfic  "au  "musician  +harry/liam  +louis/nick  :20k-30k  @daisysusan  -1d  $dudeslash 
january 2013 by sophia_sol
Take The Edge Off - cyclogenesis aka addictedkitten
Who knew what secret gay feelings might be lurking about in the hearts of boys?
'fanfic  ^adorbs  :10k-20k  @cyclogenesis  -1d  $dudeslash  $poly  +harry/liam/louis/niall/zayn 
january 2013 by sophia_sol
Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply - harriet_vane
In which Liam and Louis wake up married after Zayn's bachelor party in Las Vegas.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  ^feelings  "accidentalmarriage  +liam/louis  :20k-30k  @harriet_vane  -1d  $dudeslash 
january 2013 by sophia_sol
Even When We Fight - threeturn
University AU. Liam's the star of the debating society until Harry shows up and steals the spotlight. Meanwhile, Niall's in love, Zayn lives while he's young, and Louis looks after his friends.
'fanfic  "au  "college  "debate  +niall/zayn  *harry  :30k-40k  @threeturn  -1d  $dudeslash  +harry/liam 
november 2012 by sophia_sol
How Do You Think It Goes - makesomelove
"I don't think we should film this," Dylan contemplates out loud. "I've done some embarrassing things, but this seems really embarrassing. He doesn't even know I exist."

"Yes he does," Posey says. "He added you on Twitter! He's not just adding random people on Twitter left and right. He knows you."
Suuuuper adorable but actually mostly BEFORE Harry Styles shows up in actual person.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  "internet  -teenwolf_rpf  +dylan/harry  *posey  :10k-20k  @mayesomelove  -1d  $dudeslash 
october 2012 by sophia_sol
He'd Attend All Your Lectures - littlemousling
Harry asks Nick for tips on picking up men, and on what to do with them after that.
'fanfic  +harry/nick  :10k-20k  @littlemousling  -1d  $dudeslash 
september 2012 by sophia_sol
Better With You - harriet_vane
Single parent and solo artist Liam Payne hires Louis Tomlinson to be a full time nanny to his four year old son Sammy. Although the two men don't quite click from the start it's love at first sight between Sammy and Louis. Eventually Louis and Liam warm up to each other and get on like a house on fire, in fact the two become a little too fond of each other.

I refuse to apologize for how sweet this ended up, okay? It's kidfic, I am forever writing kidfic, and this one is even kid-fic-ier than usual.
'fanfic  "au  "nanny  +liam/louis  :30k-40k  @harriet_vane  -1d  $dudeslash  "kids 
july 2012 by sophia_sol
Hiding Out in the Kitchen - littlemousling
Harry's in an internationally famous boyband with his three best mates, he gets laid on a pretty regular basis, and he's headed to Australia in a week. He doesn't need anything else, and he certainly doesn't need a boyfriend. If this nice guy he met in a coffeeshop wants to date him, great—but that's all it is. Right?
'fanfic  "au  "coffeeshop  "actor  "musician  +harry/louis  :20k-30k  @littlemousling  -1d  $dudeslash 
july 2012 by sophia_sol
Heart Skips A Beat - harriet_vane
Harry always kisses everyone, until he starts something he can't finish. (A university AU in which no one goes to class. I am noticing a trend.)
I just wanted to write a goofy little established relationship fic about Liam and Louis and instead it turned into a really really long fic about Harry Styles having a lot of feelings. I don't know quite how that happened.
or, in which Harry's pretty indiscriminately physically affectionate, so it's hard to tell when he really means it
'fanfic  ^adorbs  #  "au  "college  +harry/zayn  +liam/louis  @harriet_vane  -1d  :20k-30k  $dudeslash 
june 2012 by sophia_sol
Writing Moments on the Wall With Different Colors - fiddleyoumust and lissa_bear
He’s not going to find the right answer by making lists of pros and cons. The truth is that he loves them both. He doesn’t know why everyone tries to sell some true love fantasy about finding “the one”, because now more than ever Harry knows that doesn’t exist. He is definitely in love with two people, two completely different people with completely different personalities, and there is no right choice.
'fanfic  +harry/louis  +harry/zayn  +harry/louis/zayn  @fiddleyoumust  @lissa_bear  -1d  :10k-20k  $dudeslash  $poly 
june 2012 by sophia_sol
Long Nights, Hard Times - drunktuesdays
He didn't offer further explanation, because "I'm in a no-sex bet" would probably cause more questions than it would answer.
'fanfic  "bets/dares  +harry/louis  @drunktuesdays  -1d  :2k-10k  $dudeslash 
june 2012 by sophia_sol
Nice Boy Seeks Same For Hook-Up - littlemousling
Louis wants to lose his virginity but doesn't want anyone at school to know he's gay. In order to finally get with a guy, he posts an ad on Craigslist.

Harry Styles answers.
'fanfic  "highschool  +harry/louis  @littlemousling  -1d  :2k-10k  $dudeslash 
may 2012 by sophia_sol
WIP Amnesty #1 - littlemousling
Harry's totally not going to do anything about this crush on Louis. Totally.
unfinished fic but the only part really left unfinished is the sex scene so that's alright then
'fanfic  "drinkinggame  "illness  +harry/louis  *liam  *zayn  *niall  @littlemousling  -1d  :2k-10k  $dudeslash 
may 2012 by sophia_sol
Follow Us, by harriet_vane
"They're showing us up," says Zayn. Later Zayn will claim he misjudged the distance between his mouth and Liam's, but it isn't true; he's been staring at Liam's mouth for a good second and he knows exactly how far away it is. He leans forward and Liam doesn't lean back fast enough, because he thinks Zayn is kidding, probably, and Zayn kisses him. Liam makes a startled, laughing noise, which means his mouth is open, and Zayn takes shameless advantage. If he's kissing someone, he's doing it properly.
'fanfic  +liam/zayn  *harry  *louis  @harriet_vane  -1d  :500-2k  $dudeslash 
may 2012 by sophia_sol
Someone Like You, by harriet_vane
A high school AU in which no one goes to school, ever. Liam has a crush, and then he runs into his crush at a party, and everything gets very complicated.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  ^feelings  #  ^delightful  "au  "highschool  +liam/louis  *zayn  *niall  *harry  @harriet_vane  -1d  :20k-30k  $dudeslash 
may 2012 by sophia_sol
Wishing (Will Make It So), by harriet_vane
teaforbryony prompted a WWII evacuated kids AU for the One Direction kids. I can't resist found family OR orphaned kids.

It's essentially gen (or really OT5) but whoops it's definitely also Liam/Louis if you squint, how did that happen?
'fanfic  ^adorbs  "au  "historical  "family  *liam  *louis  *harry  *niall  *zayn  @harriet_vane  -1d  :10k-20k  $gen 
may 2012 by sophia_sol
Google Says Cut That Out, by littlemousling
Louis knew his relationship with Harry wasn't quite standard. He just didn't know there were rules.
'fanfic  +harry/louis  @littlemousling  -1d  :2k-10k  $dudeslash 
may 2012 by sophia_sol
I Should Have Kissed You, by littlemousling
If they haven’t given each other emotionally confusing handjobs I will eat my hand.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  +harry/louis  @littlemousling  -1d  :2k-10k  $dudeslash 
may 2012 by sophia_sol

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