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all-of-a-kind family - verity
Ronon's family brings their new baby to visit Jeannie in Canada. Plane travel would be a lot easier if people didn't keep trying to pair them off.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  ^feelings  "mpreg  "sedoretu  "family  -sga  +team  *jeannie  ~meandyouandyouandyou  $multi  $poly  "kids 
june 2012 by sophia_sol
Darkness Is the Only Sound, by michelel72
The expedition finds surprising signs of a long-missing race, but a greater surprise lies in store.
what happened to the Furlings? Here is an EXCELLENT ANSWER. Rodney and Jeannie are furling children!
'fanfic  -sga  *jeannie  *john  *teyla  *ronon  @michelel72  *rodney  :20k-30k  $gen  ^excellent 
december 2011 by sophia_sol
How the Millers Relaxed and Learned to Love Rodney - sardonicsmiley
Sooner or later, Rodney just gets under your skin.
Jeannie's relationship with her brother and John, over the course of several of their visits to Earth
'fanfic  $dudeslash  +john/rodney  *jeannie  :2k-10k  -sga  @sardonicsmiley 
february 2009 by sophia_sol
Or the Doll Gets It - sholio
Emotional scars can cut as deep as physical ones.
Rodney and Jeannie's childhood. consists of 8 images
'fanfic  'fanthing  -sga  $gen  *rodney  *jeannie  :<500  @sholio 
february 2009 by sophia_sol
If You Wrong Us, Shall We Not Revenge? - Jem
Bill just couldn't leave her like that . . . but enlisting Jeannie Miller's help was a mistake. A mistake, because McKay was definitely going to kill him when he discovered the mess—well, mortal danger—Bill had gotten his sister into. Yeah. He was definitely a dead man. As soon as he managed to escape himself, that is. Of course, Bill really needn't have worried, because Jeannie, her brother, and Teyla were a little distracted by body swapping and explosions and terrorist attacks and the terrible question of what, exactly, constitutes human rights . . .
'fanfic  ^interesting  "virtualreality  -sga  -sg1  *bill  *jeannie  *ava  :30k-40k  @jem  $gen  ^excellent 
february 2009 by sophia_sol
Postcards to Jeannie - sholio
Teyla starts sending postcards to Jeannie on Earth. Soon the whole gang gets into the act.
"epistolary  'fanfic  ^lovely  -sga  *teyla  *jeannie  *rodney  *ronon  *john  :10k-20k  @sholio  $gen 
february 2009 by sophia_sol

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