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deep as a secret nobody knows - victoria_p (musesfool)
"If Vader captures you, if he threatens to torture or kill you, you tell him you're Padmé Amidala's daughter."
'fanfic  "au  ^feelings  -starwars  *leia  *darthvader  :2k-10k  @musesfool  $gen 
november 2018 by sophia_sol
The Trick is to Keep Breathing - AceQueenKing
She's older now, and so is he. Far older now. She wonders: will he have lost any power with his age? Will he be shorter, weaker? An old man on a ventilator?

It's hard to imagine that he won't still be dangerous. But then, that's exactly what she's counting on.
'fanfic  -starwars  *leia  *darthvader  :2k-10k  $gen  @acequeenking 
october 2018 by sophia_sol
Of Queens, Knights, and Pawns - chancecraz
I went to sleep on the worst day of my life and woke to find myself in the past on the second worst day of my life. As experiences go, I don’t recommend it.
overlong and desperately needs a beta, but interesting, and I'm always here for time-travel-fix-its. wip through part 18 as of bookmarking
'fanfic  "wip  "timetravel  -starwars  +han/leia  *luke  *darthvader  *bail  *breha  *obi-wan  :>100k  $het  @chancecraz 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
Flesh of My Flesh - igrockspock
Leia was not adopted. She was stolen in the middle of the night and registered to House Organa with forged papers. This was kidnapping, a class one felony, and her parents could be executed -- unless she returned voluntarily to her rightful father. Immediately.

A man called Grand Moff Tarkin explained this to Leia when she was eleven years old.
'fanfic  ^excellent  -starwars  *darthvader  *leia  $gen  "family  :2k-10k  @igrockspock 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
Cloak of Night - sevenofspade
After the second Death Star, Leia had an unexpected visitor.
au in which vader doesn't die
'fanfic  -starwars  $gen  *leia  *luke  *darthvader  :500-2k  @sevenofspade 
october 2016 by sophia_sol
Circles - ambiguously
Padmé and Obi-Wan raise the twins together while hiding from the Empire.
and kill Vader in the end
'fanfic  -starwars  "au  +obi-wan/padme  *luke  *leia  *darthvader  :2k-10k  @ambiguously  $het 
may 2016 by sophia_sol
Not Placid Stars But Singularities - iceplanet
In the weeks after Mustafar, Vader must come to terms with his new body and the remnants of his past. In the process, he has a few conversations that he does not expect.
renovating the jedi temple post-RotS, and encountering a lot of ghosts
'fanfic  ^feelings  -starwars  *anakin  *darthvader  :2k-10k  @iceplanet  $gen 
may 2016 by sophia_sol
PRojects IN Controlled Environments, version Sith - Beth Winter (BethWinter)
The overworked project manager on the redesign of the Imperial Lambda-class shuttle gets surprisingly competent feedback from an unknown official on Coruscant. She promptly decides that anyone bored enough to do a technical review of their own free will should be found proper employment for their own good.

Her correspondent has been missing the opportunity to tinker with machinery. It gives him something to do between hunting down rebels.
I was a little confused by what the ending was saying, but overall very much enjoyed the fic
'fanfic  -starwars  *oc  *darthvader  "outsidepov  :2k-10k  @bethwinter  $gen 
april 2016 by sophia_sol
The Trial of Darth Vader - The_Librarian
Following the battle of Endor, the Alliance to Restore the Republic took a single prisoner from the attack on the Death Star. Sequestered aboard a lone ship with a skeleton crew, that prisoner sits and waits for what fate will bring him, his very existence kept a closely guarded secret. Desperately trying to work out what to do with him, the Rebel leaders send a lone analyst to speak with him, to take a record of his side of the story. They want to be able to judge him when the time is right. But who exactly is it they would be judging? And why exactly did he help destroy the galaxy - and then help save it?

AU, following on from an alternate ending for Return of the Jedi.
I rather liked the OC pov character. The best part was the first half with the viewpoint character's interviewing of Darth Vader, but the rest of the fic was worth reading too. And I liked the choice of how/where to end it. And I liked that in general the fic was actually engaging with the question of how to deal with someone who has done truly awful things to a lot of people but has also repented in some way or another.

Also: the stuff about Vader's feelings about Luke being basically obsession were like, OH, YES OF COURSE, EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW (cf Anakin's feelings about Padme)
'fanfic  ^interesting  -starwars  *oc  "outsidepov  $gen  *darthvader  :40k-100k  @the_librarian 
march 2016 by sophia_sol
The History of Who We Used to Be - ambiguously
After the destruction of the Death Star, Darth Vader finds what he's never searched for inside the reports of what went wrong.
Vader figuring out Luke is his son via bureaucracy
'fanfic  ^good  -starwars  *darthvader  *luke  :500-2k  @ambiguously 
march 2016 by sophia_sol
Double Agent Vader - Fialleril
A series of one-shots set in a universe where Vader turned double agent for the Rebellion about three years after ROTS, and Leia is now his primary contact with the Rebellion.
I was surprised by how into this fic I was! Because I am the most predictable person, though, my favourite thing is the slave folk stories from Tatooine about the trickster figure Ekkreth. But really everything is great.

ten chapters as of last checking. Also on ao3 at
'fanfic  "au  -starwars  *leia  *darthvader  :20k-30k  @fialleril  $gen  ^excellent  "wip  ! 
february 2016 by sophia_sol
Empire's Son - blank101
In the chaos of conflict as a Republic crumbles into an Empire, two babies are smuggled to safety to keep them safe from a Sith Emperor's attention. It will not be enough. Their lives take very different paths, one raised as the Alliance's New Hope, the other as the Empire's Son.
ft. Luke as raised by Palpatine and Leia as raised by Obi-Wan. Mostly Han pov. This fic is complete.

The sequel, Empire's Son II, is found here:

Seuqel is wip through ch 10 as of last checking. The first fic was a lot about Luke but the character with the growth/change arc that actually reached a conclusion was Han. The sequel is clearly setting itself up to be about Luke having his own character arc now because it has done a thing that is going to make Luke have to finally, like, make a decision. Eventually. At some point. I hope. LUKE YOU CAN LEAVE PALPATINE IT'S OKAY.
'fanfic  ^feelings  "au  -starwars  *luke  *han  *leia  *darthvader  *palpatine  :>100k  "wip  $gen  @blank101  ^excellent 
february 2016 by sophia_sol
Visions of Vader: The Dark Lord in Popular Memory - DarthNickels
ABSTRACT: This article seeks to find the ways people remember Darth Vader and the forces that shaped those impressions and memories. Using a combination of Imperial propoganda and personal accounts from those who had personal interactions with Vader, the author analyzes widespread impressions of Vader and how they remain 30 years after the fall of the Empire. Originally published in the New Alderaan Journal Of Public History.
'fanfic  ^interesting  -starwars  "academia  "outsidepov  *oc  *darthvader  *luke  :2k-10k  @darthnickels  $gen 
february 2016 by sophia_sol
The Sith Who Brought Life Day - ophelia_interrupted
An Imperial officer loses a bet and has to get Darth Vader a present for Life Day.
omg. from the premise I thought this would be silly crack but it's actually treated pretty seriously as a premise? Great outside pov perspective with these little indications of what the Imperial propaganda teaches about Jedi, for example. In which an imperial officer does research to figure out the identity of the pilot who destroyed the (first) death star.
'fanfic  -starwars  "outsidepov  $gen  *darthvader  *oc  :10k-20k  @ophelia_interrupted  ^excellent  ! 
january 2016 by sophia_sol
Force Bond - KittandChips
Comes in a series of four. The above link is to part one (Force Bond 1: Orphan). Next are:
Force Bond 2: Threat (
Force Bond 3: Son (
Force Bond 4: Jedi (

In which, after a series of shenanigans, Vader becomes acting parent to a preteen Luke. The writing is mediocre but I found the fic compulsively readable, idek. Total length: over 300k words.
'fanfic  ^enjoyable  -starwars  *luke  *darthvader  *palpatine  *leia  *oc  $gen  :>100k  @kittandchips 
january 2016 by sophia_sol
The Smart One - fernwithy
Naboo artist Palo Torezi gets a request for very specific art from Lord Vader.
'fanfic  ^interesting  ^feelings  -starwars  *oc  *darthvader  :2k-10k  $gen  "artist  @fernwithy 
january 2016 by sophia_sol

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