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Rock Happy - arwenlune
"You want to recruit me for what? You want me to go where?"

Sgt. Brad Colbert has been on a lot of strange missions, but this promises to be his most out there yet: Atlantis

This is not a story about falling in love. This is a story about falling in team.
most of this fic is absobloodylutely wonderful. The ending doesn't quite live up to the everything else but it's still totally worth a read.
'fanfic  ^interesting  ^qft  -generationkill  -sga  *brad  :>100k  @arwenlune  "team  $gen  "crossover  ^excellent 
may 2013 by sophia_sol
Chauffeur-driven - derryderrydown
When Tony steps off the plane in Afghanistan, he's met by an army of officers and an eight-foot-tall Viking.

Afghanistan, he thinks, is looking up.
'fanfic  -generationkill  -avengers  *tonystark  *brad  *ray  *rudy  :<500  @derryderrydown  $gen  "crossover  ^excellent 
april 2013 by sophia_sol
All I Can Do is Sing This Song For You - bergann
Ray finds the egg in a run-down shed in a shitty little village suspected of hiding members of the Taliban. (AU)
needs a beta to fix improper comma usage, but a fun fic
'fanfic  -generationkill  -temeraire  *ray  *brad  @bergann  :2k-10k  $gen  "crossover 
june 2012 by sophia_sol
Not Asking, Not Telling, by derryderrydown
The day he shipped out to Parris Island, Ray had been pretty sure he could survive DADT.
'fanfic  "dadt  -generationkill  *ray  *brad  @derryderrydown  :500-2k  $gen 
april 2012 by sophia_sol
conversations with aliens, by moirariordan
To clarify: Brad and Kris do not actually discuss international economic policy when they get together. They usually just eat lots of food and drink beer and gossip like tenth graders and fuck with Adam via text message, but nobody needs to know that.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  "friendship  -idol_rpf  +adam/kris  *brad  @moirariordan  ~collar!verse  :2k-10k  $dudeslash 
april 2012 by sophia_sol
I burn at the ends (I learn to regret), by stolemyslumber
Mutant AU! In a time when those with powers are being locked away in facilities to control them, Ray has been careful to hide his power for years. When he gets caught and then rescued, he's brought into an underground band of people working for the resistance movement.
confusing but otherwise awesome. So just like the tv show, then.
'fanfic  "au  "superpowers  -generationkill  *ray  *brad  *nate  *lilley  *trombley  *wynn  *espera  *walt  @stolemyslumber  :30k-40k  $gen  ^excellent 
march 2012 by sophia_sol
And Hum Along, by stolemyslumber
Not that anyone from the Guild is going to change their mind about Ray’s status after one night of fake smiles and handshakes, but. Well, it’s not like it could make things any worse.

Ray meets Brad at a party, but things aren't quite as they seem.
'fanfic  "au  "magic  -generationkill  *brad  *ray  @stolemyslumber  :2k-10k  $gen 
february 2012 by sophia_sol

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