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Wherever You Will Be (That's Where I'll Call Home), by gyzym
aka the Domesticverse. The one with a slow/fast fall into domesticity, and Eames' family when Eames' dad dies, and Arthur's when Arthur's sister gets married, and the bit where Eames accidentally cuts himself with a knife when Arthur actually says out loud that he loves him.

Series consists of:
between my reflex & my resolve
this life looks good on you
i could be the thing you reach for in the middle of the night
to tell you the truth i prefer the worst in you
pressed against the pending physics of my passed down last name
take the long way home (soft as the radio)
life long local foreigner, i
having let go forever the fallacy of ever being alone
'fanfic  ^heartsineyes  ^yeah  "domestic  "family  -inception  +arthur/eames  @gyzym  :40k-100k  $dudeslash 
april 2012 by sophia_sol
Thicker Water, by pprfaith
Ruthless, dangerous, efficient: Natasha and Arthur rarely make it to their family reunions, but business keeps them in touch
'fanfic  "family  -avengers  -inception  *arthur  *natasha  @pprfaith  :2k-10k  $gen  "crossover 
january 2012 by sophia_sol

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