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Rising to the Occasion: the Way Brothers Meet the Food Network Challenge, by reena_jenkins, read by bessyboo
"Damn you, food Network! Now I want to read a bandom pastry chefs!AU, possibly where the Waybros are a team for a Food Network Challenge"

(Twitter not!fic.)
'fanfic  'podfic  ^adorbs  ^delightful  "au  "bakery  "family  -bandom  *gerard  *mikey  @reena_jenkins  @bessyboo  "not!fic  :<500  $gen 
april 2012 by sophia_sol
Coda to Starshaped #3, by harriet_vane
Follows a couple of weeks after the last coda, still a couple of months after the end of Star Shaped.
'fanfic  ^feelings  "au  "family  -bandom  *brian  *ryan  @harriet_vane  ~forevernow  :500-2k  $gen 
february 2012 by sophia_sol
Forever, Now, by harriet_vane
The one where Gerard and Mikey are runaway orphan preteen/teenagers who Brian kind of imprints on and takes in and then there is FAMILY and FRIENDSHIP and ANGST and a HAPPY ENDING.
'fanfic  ^feelings  "au  "homeless  "family  -bandom  *brian  *gerard  *mikey  *frank  *brendon  @harriet_vane  ~forevernow  :40k-100k  $gen  "charactersaschildren  ^excellent 
february 2012 by sophia_sol
Out of the Night, by boxparade
Spencer doesn’t move an inch while Brendon waits for the call to ring into voicemail. It takes eight rings. He counts every time.

A story about love and family.
'fanfic  ^feelings  "family  "christmas  -bandom  +brendon/spencer  *kara  @boxparade  :2k-10k  $dudeslash  "kids 
february 2012 by sophia_sol
But Where Do The Nuns Come In?, by elucreh
In which, Brendon's family do their best, Ryan goes camping, Spencer mocks from afar, and Brendon is fascinated by Ryan's flies
'fanfic  "family  -bandom  +brendon/ryan  @elucreh  :2k-10k  $dudeslash  "accidentalrelationship 
january 2012 by sophia_sol
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, by reni_days
It's such a weird thing never to have noticed about Brendon, that he has this obsessive thing for greeting cards. After years of living in each other's laps, Spencer wouldn't have thought there were any stupid little quirks he didn't know about by now.
'fanfic  ^feelings  "family  -bandom  *brendon  *spencer  @reni_days  :2k-10k  $gen 
january 2012 by sophia_sol
Up Against Your Will, by akire_yta
A story about growing up, finding your place, and learning what you truly believe in. And blowing up monsters with homemade grenades.
'fanfic  "family  -bandom  -disney_rpf  *joe  *nick  *frank  @akire_yta  -supernatural  :30k-40k  $dudeslash  "crossover  +kevin/mike  ^excellent 
october 2011 by sophia_sol
tidings of comfort and joy, by mywholecry
In which Kevin is a sad little elf, and Mike panics and buys way the fuck too much tinsel.
'fanfic  ^feelings  "christmas  "family  -bandom  -disney_rpf  @mywholecry  :2k-10k  $dudeslash  +kevin/mike  ^excellent 
october 2011 by sophia_sol
For Keeps, by liketheroad
The one where each chapter is more like a sequel fic, and the first one is the one where Brendon has that analogy of Ryan to second-hand clothes that you see and just know wear well and will fit you, and then they become familyyyyy with Ray/Mikey and Gerard, and then they move to Chicago and there is ALL OF THE FAMILY. And it is awesome. The end. (although the first few parts are the ones that give me the most ~feelings~)
'fanfic  ^heartsineyes  ^feelings  "au  "highschool  "family  -bandom  +brendon/ryan  +mikey/ray  +pete/tom  @liketheroad  :40k-100k  $dudeslash  $poly  +bob/brian  +gerard/jon/spencer  ^excellent 
september 2011 by sophia_sol

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