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The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight - Omi_Ohmy
When Harry moves into the damp and empty Black house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. And then the first owl moves in. After that, it’s a steep slope leading to bed-sharing, more owls, assorted housemates, strange potions experiments, and terrible cooking. And a bit of waltzing, too.
'fanfic  -harrypotter  "family  $dudeslash  +draco/harry  @omi_ohmy  :30k-40k 
7 weeks ago by sophia_sol
Antumbra, by Cory Skerry
As you enter the doors of this school for the last time, the girl who your brother slept with last night brightens for just a moment before she realizes you’re not Jesse. She deflates.

You and your brother should be identical—technically you are—but no one has ever mistaken you for each other.
'fiction  -profic  "fairies  "family  :2k-10k  @coryskerry  $gen  "secondpersonpov 
may 2019 by sophia_sol
The Crying Bride - Carrie Laben
Is your tape still running? Oh, they don’t use tape anymore? That’s clever. Very good.

But really, you came all this way to interview me about the family and what happened to the land and now we’re talking about ghosts! Now, in the twenty-first century, the magic future century we were all promised? No. I don’t believe in ghosts because the crying bride never haunted us. God knows, if anyone had reason to, it was her. You might think that would worry me now that I’m pushing eighty-nine but it doesn’t. It might surprise you, young lady, to learn that I’m pretty satisfied with everything I’ve done.
'fiction  -profic  :2k-10k  $gen  "family  @carrielaben 
may 2019 by sophia_sol
Left to Take the Lead - Marissa Lingen
The day I found out my Uncle Will was still alive, I had been out spraying the crops in a full crinkly hazmat suit. The Earthers I was working for were nice people, but they always whined about the suits. To me they seemed light and airy, hardly even an annoyance compared to a vacuum suit, so I was the one who would get sent out first with the sprayer when the blight warnings came in from the provincial capital in Edmonton.

I didn’t mind. It was the tenth month of my indenture on Earth, and I had almost gotten used to the smell, but even so a little overlay of antifungal didn’t change it much.
(I cried)
'fiction  -profic  "family  ^feelings  $gen  :10k-20k  @marissalingen 
january 2019 by sophia_sol
Turn, Archer, and Heed the Wild Hunt - Mhalachai
In the summer of 1983, Clint Barton goes to live with his new foster mom in the middle of nowhere, Iowa. Now he just needs to figure out how negotiate this new life... and also what's up with all the strange things happening in the night.
'fanfic  "crossover  -narnia  -avengers  *susan  *clint  $gen  "family  :20k-30k  @mhalachai  ^feelings 
october 2018 by sophia_sol
Strange Waters - Samantha Mills
Fisherwoman Mika Sandrigal was lost at sea. She knew where she was in relation to the Candorrean coastline and how to navigate back to her home city, Maelstrom. She knew the time of day. She knew the season. She knew the phase of the moon and the pattern of the tide.

She did not know the year.
'fiction  -profic  ^feelings  "family  "waterrelatedstuff  :2k-10k  @samanthamills 
july 2018 by sophia_sol
the real banishment is the family we made along the way - scioscribe
Hela did not ask for company in her sealed-up world, but evidently Odin is economical in containment strategies for his misbegotten children.
'fanfic  -thor  *hela  *thor  *loki  *odin  "family  $gen  ^interesting  @scioscribe 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Flesh of My Flesh - igrockspock
Leia was not adopted. She was stolen in the middle of the night and registered to House Organa with forged papers. This was kidnapping, a class one felony, and her parents could be executed -- unless she returned voluntarily to her rightful father. Immediately.

A man called Grand Moff Tarkin explained this to Leia when she was eleven years old.
'fanfic  ^excellent  -starwars  *darthvader  *leia  $gen  "family  :2k-10k  @igrockspock 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
Seven Permutations of My Daughter - Lina Rather
a woman tries to search for alternate universes where her daughter is happy
'fiction  -profic  ^ouchy  ^interesting  "family  :2k-10k  @linarather  $gen  $femslash 
april 2017 by sophia_sol
cinderella: redo - shanastoryteller
the evil stepmother was always evil, okay. say her abuse of her own daughters was different than that of cinderella’s - but it was still abuse. giving them impossible expectations, telling them they were never good enough, never pretty enough, never smart enough.
in which the stepsisters actually act as sisters for cinderella
'fanfic  -fairytales  *cinderella  *anastasia  *drizella  :2k-10k  $gen  "family  @shanastoryteller 
february 2017 by sophia_sol
The Last Poem of Jedha - schweinsty
How Bodhi Rook temporarily misplaced the two most important things in the galaxy, and how he found them again (with a little help).
a fixit that still makes you cry is the best/worst. This was so good and now I care so much for Bodhi's family and for all of Jedha auuuuughhghg
'fanfic  ^feelings  ^excellent  -starwars  *bodhi  *oc  *cassian  *jyn  *baze  *chirrut  :10k-20k  @schweinsty  $gen  "family  ! 
january 2017 by sophia_sol
Pawn to C3 - Realmer06
Teaching Lily chess started as a way to keep her occupied and out of everyone’s hair. It grew into much more than that.
Ron bonds with Harry & Ginny's kid over chess
'fanfic  "family  -harrypotter  *ron  *lily  :2k-10k  $gen  @realmer06 
january 2017 by sophia_sol
Paint it Black - Eida
Robert Weber's daughter Melina has chosen to stand out in his straitlaced little community, and he's going to stand by her.

Even if that means doing some major home renovations.
what a good dad!
'fanfic  "family  -sayitwithyourproject  -commercial  :2k-10k  $gen  @eida 
december 2016 by sophia_sol
Bury the Dead - Ann Leckie
It's the first Thanksgiving since Grandpa died.

This morning Gretchen put the extra leaf in the table, pushed and wiggled chairs so that it would seat a crowded-on-one-side seven. The new tablecloth--Gretchen bought it last week without consulting anyone or anything beyond her own pleasure--is spread, and on it sit silver and the best china. Trivets wait for mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and corn. The turkey is dismembered, keeping warm in the oven. Gretchen is ready.
weird and amazing and I love it
'fiction  -profic  "family  ^yep  :500-2k  @annleckie  $gen 
september 2016 by sophia_sol
Somebody to Love - khasael
Draco's life after the war is quite different than it used to be. When he finds himself cursed, with little hope for lifting the spell, he sets out to make the most of the time he has left. Getting to know his Aunt Andromeda and his young cousin Teddy feels like a good thing to do, even if it can't help him in the long run...or can it?
'fanfic  ^good  -harrypotter  +draco/harry  :30k-40k  "family  $dudeslash  @khasael 
may 2016 by sophia_sol
Cousin Harry - Nicnac
She had been dating Dudley Dursley for almost six months when the topic of Cousin Harry came up the first time.
'fanfic  "family  ^feelings  "outsidepov  -harrypotter  +dudley/oc  *harry  :2k-10k  $het  @nicnac 
may 2016 by sophia_sol
We'll All Float On Okay - igrockspock
Leia’s to-do list consisted of just one task: defeat the First Order and reclaim liberty and justice for the galaxy. She had no intention of becoming anyone’s mother, and given how well her previous attempt at parenting had gone, that was probably a good thing.
ugh found family feeeeelings
'fanfic  ^feelings  "family  -starwars  *leia  *rey  :2k-10k  @igrockspock  $gen 
may 2016 by sophia_sol
Dudders - SoulMalady
There's a strange boy at the doorstep. And he's claiming to be Harry Potter's godson. One-shot, feel good story.
in which kid Teddy shows up at Dudley's door to effect a reunion between cousins
'fanfic  -harrypotter  "family  *teddy  *harry  *dudley  :2k-10k  @soulmalady  $gen 
may 2016 by sophia_sol
The Destroyer - Tara Isabella Burton
In a futuristic, fascistic Rome, a brilliant, unstable scientist proves that she can transcend the human body’s limitations. The test subject? Her own daughter. A mother-daughter mad scientist story, “The Destroyer” asks how far we’ll go to secure our own legacies — and how far we’ll run to escape them.
It started kinda slow and I skimmed but then I found myself getting engaged and by the end of the story I was all the way here for it. A strange and bittersweet kind of story
'fiction  -profic  :2k-10k  @tarisabellaburton  $gen  "family  "science 
april 2016 by sophia_sol
Loyalty - a_t_rain
Rish grows up.
Rish's childhood, with particular focus on the instilled loyalty to her mother the Baronne
'fanfic  "family  -vorkosigan  *rish  :2k-10k  $gen  @a_t_rain  ~abtmgw 
march 2016 by sophia_sol
Where your heart is set - hazel_wand
Draco comes home from school to find that his mother has decided to rebuild their family to include Andromeda, Teddy … and Harry Potter.
'fanfic  ^good  -harrypotter  :10k-20k  *teddy  "family  $dudeslash  @hazel_wand  +draco/harry 
march 2016 by sophia_sol
So Much Cooking - Naomi Kritzer
This is a food blog, not a disease blog, but of course the rumors all over about bird flu are making me nervous. I don’t know about you, but I deal with anxiety by cooking.
the chronicles of a family dealing with an epidemic as told through a food blog. This worked REALLY WELL and by the end I was SO ATTACHED to everyone in the story and ughghgh I hope everything does work out for them in the end
'fiction  ^feelings  "illness  -profic  :2k-10k  $gen  @naomikritzner  "unusualformat  "family  "food 
february 2016 by sophia_sol
Next of Kin - rosepetalfall
For a moment, Luke's half-amused at himself, for misunderstanding such a simple question, one that's asked all the time on the homesteads - who are your people, where are you from?


On Yavin Four, after the Death Star, before the battle, out of the ashes, Luke Skywalker becomes a Rebel pilot.
Luke is asked about his next-of-kin
'fanfic  ^feelings  "family  -starwars  *luke  *biggs  $gen  :500-2k  @rosepetalfall  ^yeah 
february 2016 by sophia_sol
And Miles To Go Before I Sleep - shewhoguards
When you're a nine-lifed enchanter, bad dreams carry more risks than you might think.
'fanfic  "family  -chrestomanci  *cat  *christopher  *millie  :500-2k  $gen  @shewhoguards 
december 2015 by sophia_sol
Smile - iluvdanimal
Some highlights in the introduction of Caine Wise to the family of Her Majesty.
'fanfic  -jupiterascending  :2k-10k  "family  @iluvdanimal  $het  +caine/jupiter 
december 2015 by sophia_sol
Relations - Penknife
It might have been safer just to send a card.
awkward attempts towards decent relationship between Harry and Dudley on the occasion of the birth of Dudley's second child
'fanfic  ^yeah  "family  -harrypotter  *harry  *dudley  :500-2k  @penknife  $gen 
november 2015 by sophia_sol
Points of Origin - Marissa K Lingen
Most people who have reached their eighties without raising children have every right to believe that they will go on not raising them, and Judith and I were no different until the day they turned up with the social worker, neatly scrubbed and pressed inside their vac-suits and carrying cases with all their remaining worldly possessions. There were three of them like stairsteps, their black hair cut in fringes across their foreheads and their dark eyes shining out disconcertingly familiar at me. But it wasn’t until the social worker said, “Mr. Chao and Ms. Goldstein, these are your grandchildren, Enid, Richard, and Harry,” that I remembered, sheepishly, about the genes we had given all those years ago, to that nice couple from New New Prague, before they left for the Oort Cloud.
'fiction  -profic  ^feelings  ^lovely  ^yeah  "family  "space  :2k-10k  @marissaklingen 
november 2015 by sophia_sol
Sunset - Jain
It's the family's responsibility to comfort and care for their dying, not the slaves'.
'fanfic  "family  -theeagle  +esca/marcus  *aquila  :500-2k  @jain  $dudeslash 
october 2015 by sophia_sol
She Called Me Baby - Vylar Kaftan
"The exact wording was 'I wish for my daughter to be cloned from my DNA, so that I may give her a secure future in every cell of her body.' Your mother was giving you a gift—badly, perhaps, but she meant well. Now, will you go see her as she's dying?"
'fiction  "family  -profic  :2k-10k  @vylarkaftan  ^interesting  "clones 
july 2015 by sophia_sol
The Improbable Future - marycontraire
Maya is way too smart to get her hopes up. But the adults around her aren't making it easy to be smart.
'fanfic  ^feelings  "family  -boymeetsworld  -girlmeetsworld  *maya  *shawn  :2k-10k  @marycontraire  $gen 
may 2015 by sophia_sol
Sisterhood & Survival 101 - igrockspock
Nyota flunks a simulation at the Academy, and Gaila's there for her. After all, what are sisters for?
'fanfic  "family  *uhura  *gaila  :2k-10k  @igrockspock  $gen  -startrek_aos 
april 2015 by sophia_sol
Hide and Seek - thecompanystore
Her brother is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a silly wanker wrapped in a tailor-made suit.
'fanfic  "family  -kingsman  *daisy  *eggsy  :500-2k  @thecompanystore  $gen 
april 2015 by sophia_sol
The Real Thing - Speranza
Tony talks dirty. Steve gets a nosebleed. This is not a Stony story.
'fanfic  "family  -avengers  *steve  *tony  :2k-10k  @cesperanza  $gen 
april 2015 by sophia_sol
Chip Off the Old Block - petrichoral
Elliot thought he was prepared for elven culture. He finds he is really not prepared for Serene’s parents.

“I am Fire-Red-Hair-Blows-in-the-Wind,” the elf man said, leading them up a grassy path. Up ahead, there was a wooden mansion that seemed to have grown organically between three massive oaks. “Please call me Fire. Although I went by ‘Fred’ for a while when I was travelling among the humans; do use that if it makes you more comfortable.”
'fanfic  -turnofthestory  *elliot  *serene  *luke  :2k-10k  "family  @petrichoral  $gen  ^excellent 
january 2015 by sophia_sol
Chicken Money - redgear
"I suppose we ought to talk about the chickens," Marilla said, briskly serving Matthew a slice of fruitcake, then taking one for herself.
'fanfic  ^feelings  "family  -anneofgreengables  *anne  *marilla  *matthew  :500-2k  @redgear  $gen 
december 2014 by sophia_sol
Bargaining - proantagonist
Faced with an eternity without his brother, Loki strikes a bargain to change the past. Post TDW.
A Loki redemption fic, with all that implies, though not as far in the direction of Loki apologia as some go. Interesting and well done and I had feels, though I am very bitter about the fact that this fic fixed SO MUCH ELSE and yet still killed Frigga off. THAT WAS NOT NECESSARY. I really liked the stuff about frost giants, and I liked the complicatedness of the Odin-Loki father-son relationship and how Odin really does care and really was trying, he just also happens to be terrible at talking to Loki. And I like that this fic went there with the cause of Thor's death before the beginning of the story.
'fanfic  ^interesting  -avengers  *loki  "family  "au  "au/canon  :>100k  @proantagonist  $gen 
august 2014 by sophia_sol
P.S. Sorry 'Bout All That - Realmer06
Dear Harry,

I'm writing because you weren't on the train. I wanted to let you know that we are back at Privet Drive, in case you needed to know that.

I just wanted to let you know.

'fanfic  "epistolary  "family  -harrypotter  *harry  *dudley  :2k-10k  @realmer06  $gen 
august 2014 by sophia_sol
My Ghosts are Six Feet Under - what_alchemy
Steve showed up on Becca’s doorstep a month after the invasion in New York, larger than life and trying to hide it.
'fanfic  ^feelings  ^yeah  "family  -avengers  *rebecca  :2k-10k  @what_alchemy  $dudeslash  +bucky/steve 
july 2014 by sophia_sol
Hollow and Honeycomb - antistar_e (kaikamahine)
Several years before Sam was born, a Supreme Court ruling decided that those who carried and visibly expressed a hereditary winged trait could not be mutilated, amputated, or otherwise altered without their consent, nor could they be discriminated against for housing, employment, etc. based on their possession of wings.

The world that Sam grows up in is one that remembers when it had been different. [Wing!fic AU.]
holy frick, I am one hundred million percent here for this fic, aaaa, SO GOOD
'fanfic  ^feelings  ^ooh  ^yeah  !  -avengers  *sam  :10k-20k  @antistar_e  "family  $gen  "wings  ^excellent 
july 2014 by sophia_sol
My Brother, The Hero - Odsbodkins
Becca Barnes is eight years old, and her big brother can do no wrong.


The events of the two Captain America movies, from the perspective of one of the sisters Bucky leaves behind.
'fanfic  ^feelings  "family  -avengers  *rebecca  :10k-20k  @odsbodkins  $dudeslash  +bucky/steve  ^excellent 
july 2014 by sophia_sol
paper cranes (upstairs, downstairs) - verity
"Oh my God," Rodney says, stricken. "This is—this is one of those British costume dramas Ronon always wants to watch and I'm the uncouth American!"
'fanfic  ^delightful  ^yeah  -sga  *dave  *sam  "family  "wedding  *nancy  :10k-20k  @verity  $dudeslash  +john/rodney 
june 2014 by sophia_sol
The Perfect Space - hannasus
After the San Lorenzo job Eliot takes some time off for a visit home.
'fanfic  ^yeah  "family  -leverage  *eliot  :2k-10k  @hannasus  $gen 
june 2014 by sophia_sol
Maybe Home Is Somewhere I'm Going - astolat
They were about fifty miles from Atlanta when Sam stirred and yawned awake in the passenger seat. “Morning,” Steve said: the sun had come up, but the two-lane road was still pretty empty, a little morning mist hanging low over the asphalt and in the trees.
the one with Sam's family
'fanfic  ^feelings  "family  -avengers  *bucky  :10k-20k  @astolat  $dudeslash  +sam/steve  ^excellent 
june 2014 by sophia_sol
Geriatric Road Trip, 2015 - what_alchemy
Bucky was the eldest of four.
in which Bucky's younger siblings (now in their 90's) go on a road trip to meet Steve when they find out he's still alive, and get a bonus.
'fanfic  ^feelings  "roadtrip  "outsidepov  -avengers  "family  *bucky  *steve  :2k-10k  @what_alchemy  $gen  ^excellent 
june 2014 by sophia_sol
The Undertaker's Children - rosepetalfall
Bucky’s dad always says what they do is important.

“We give people the dignity they deserved in life,” he says, seriously.

Uncle Danny laughs at that. “Jimmy-kid,” he says, “your old man has got some real trumped up notions of what it is we do. Death ain’t beautiful. We just help create the illusion that it can be.”
holy frick this is amazing
(focuses on the whole of the Barnes family, not just on Bucky with the family as background)
'fanfic  ^feelings  ^yeah  ^teary  "death  -avengers  *bucky  *rebecca  *steve  *oc  "family  :10k-20k  @rosepetalfall  $gen  ^excellent 
may 2014 by sophia_sol
Elinor and Marianne - Yahtzee
“Here’s what I figure,” Abbie said. “You need to catch up to modern culture. But you should catch up in stages. By degrees. Even Mark Twain was a little too far ahead for you, so let’s take it back a step. We’ll start you off with what’s closest to your time period, and move forward a few decades at a time until you’re back in the groove.”

So she starts Ichabod with a novel Corbin gave her long ago: Sense & Sensibility.
'fanfic  -sleepyhollow  *abbie  *jenny  *ichabod  "family  :2k-10k  @yahtzee  $gen 
april 2014 by sophia_sol
depth of field - verity
Stiles is the one who meets them at the IHOP just outside town. There are hollows under his eyes, and he looks thinner, bony at the wrists. "Welcome back," he says, sitting down across from Cora, feet knocking against Derek's under the table as he scoots his chair in.
'fanfic  ^yeah  "family  -teenwolf  +derek/stiles  *cora  *laura  :2k-10k  @verity  $dudeslash  ^excellent 
january 2014 by sophia_sol
Three Sisters, Bound - Blythe
"Our tsar has three sons. Handsome lads, if one appreciates such things. None are married...yet." The old woman snorts. "That's why you're here, though, isn't it?"

"I'm to return the arrow to its archer. I know nothing beyond that. Other than it's," Vasilissa's mouth twists, "fate."

"So you find it cruel?"

The hut closes around her, the air warm and heavy. It's thick with the sent of rosemary and sage from the bundles of herbs hanging from the beams above them. The bones of previous suppers (hares and chickens and maybe even men) rattle in a hauntingly soothing melody. "I'd rather find it kind. But at the moment, I miss my shop." She shakes her head, and some of the syrupy warmth tugging at her mind fades. "It's childish of me, I know."

"And you're no child."
^yeah  ^interesting  ^ooh  -fairytales  *vasilissa  *maryamorevna  :10k-20k  @blythe  "family  ^excellent  'fanfic 
september 2013 by sophia_sol
Family Old and New - Pookaseraph
When Ian Rogers finally comes to Earth from Dimension Z, his father is in no state to help him adjust, which leaves him relying on the Avengers, unable to forget the violence of his home, and hiding the secret he's sure they will hate him for.
'fanfic  "family  -avengers  *ianrogers  *tonystark  *steve  *sharoncarter  *samwilson  :30k-40k  @pookaseraph  $gen 
september 2013 by sophia_sol
A Cry Answered - imperfectcircle
Fuyumi can read between the lines of Mako’s file. The justification for having Mako on the base is paper thin -- strings have been pulled and favours have been bartered, and somewhere along the line someone decided Fuyumi was the perfect combination of talent and expendability to be brought into this mess. It’s only slightly closer to a compliment than an insult -- the balance tipped by the child at the centre of this, nine years old and heart-breakingly brave. 

-- Scenes from the year after Stacker and Mako first meet.
'fanfic  ^feelings  ^yeah  !  "family  -pacificrim  +mako&stacker  *oc  :2k-10k  @imperfectcircle  $gen  ^excellent 
september 2013 by sophia_sol
An Eye For Quality - Linelen (Linelenagain)
Fíli lived his life by an old dwarven proverb: when a fool drops a treasure, a wise man picks it up (it sounded better in the original khuzdul).

Bella Baggins never quite fit in the Shire. Perhaps she was made for the mountains, instead.

I really like all the found-family stuff, as well as the interesting cultural details. The romance didn't particularly convince me, but that was okay.

Also I don't know that I like reading Rule 63 fic for sources I don't know, because it means I have NO IDEA how the author thinks being female will have changed the character -- I don't know which bits are true to canon and which bits have changed! And I would be fine with that in any other situation, but when it's about gender roles I get uncomfortable not knowing because it means I don't know whether or not I agree with the author's choices
'fanfic  "family  "au  "rule63  -thehobbit  +bilbo/thorin  *fili  *kili  :40k-100k  @linelen  $het 
august 2013 by sophia_sol
We Didn't Mean to Go to Sea - chaletian
They don’t decide to go on a road trip. They don’t really decide to do anything except leave.
'fanfic  ^yeah  "family  -teenwolf  *derek  *cora  :2k-10k  @chaletian  $gen 
august 2013 by sophia_sol
The Clemency of Chance - Miss M (missm)
On a summer morning in 1832, Jeanne Valjean meets a stranger.
'fanfic  ^feelings  "family  -lesmiserables  *valjean  *jeanne  :500-2k  @missm  $gen 
august 2013 by sophia_sol
Six Sundays in July - shukyou
The first time I kissed Frank was the night Joe Cornish died.
Or to quote the author's notes:
I credit this story's genesis largely to Ann Cvetkovich's An Archive of Feeling, which is a book about what lesbians have done and still do to memorialize their traumas from and contributions to activism in the early years of AIDS. In the midst of a larger discussion about the power of rallying around ACT UP's identity, some of the lesbian members told stories about how they were having affairs with gay men back then -- and could tell nobody, for fear that their other gay-rights-involved friends would completely shun them.

It's weird to be tagging this history when its events begin only 30 years ago, but that IS ancient history when it comes to this stuff.
^interesting  "family  -originalfic  -history  :10k-20k  @shukyou  'fiction  ^excellent 
july 2013 by sophia_sol
What makes us stronger - radiophile
When the Becket brothers were chosen out of nearly 200 other candidates, Yancy wasn't surprised in the least. You didn't need a genius level IQ or a football scholarship to pilot a jaeger. All you needed was a good partner.

And Raleigh was the best.
'fanfic  ^feelings  "family  -pacificrim  +raleigh&yancy  :500-2k  @radiophile  $gen 
july 2013 by sophia_sol
The Fault of Rousseau - bobbiewickham aka robertawickham
Éponine goes on one of her nighttime jaunts, and has a more pleasant encounter than usual.
'fanfic  "family  -lesmiserables  *eponine  *gavroche  :500-2k  @robertawickham  $gen  ^excellent 
june 2013 by sophia_sol
I know these bones as being mine - aria
"He is not our ward, Frigga, he is our son."
or: in which Aria has a lot of Frigga feelings
'fanfic  ^feelings  ^bittersweet  "family  -avengers  *frigga  *odin  *thor  *loki  :2k-10k  @aria  $gen  ^excellent 
june 2013 by sophia_sol
Rogers' Neighborhood - mikes_grrl
Fred was younger than Steve by almost ten years, but because Steve was so small and scrawny, they looked pretty evenly matched.
'fanfic  "family  -avengers  -misterrogers'neighborhood  *mrrogers  *steve  :2k-10k  @mikes_grrl  $gen  "crossover 
june 2013 by sophia_sol
And the greatest of these - acaramelmacchiato
For the kinkmeme, prompt is "blood, love and rhetoric, either concurrent or consecutive." Prompt elaboration is: "Les Mis is all blood, love, and rhetoric, you see."

So I tried to do the compulsory elements with absolutely zero Stoppard. And with Marius and Cosette with kidz.
'fanfic  ^feelings  ^yeah  "family  -lesmiserables  *oc  :2k-10k  @acaramelmacchiato  $het  +cosette/marius 
june 2013 by sophia_sol
And Yet Are Orphans - skygiants aka ryfkah
For lack of anything better to do, Azelma pays a visit to her brother.
'fanfic  ^feelings  "family  -lesmiserables  *azelma  *gavroche  :2k-10k  @skygiants  $gen  ^excellent 
may 2013 by sophia_sol
These Promises Broken - missbecky
"Tony, even if you don't go talk to him, you have to face the fact that your father – or at least some version of him – is on this ship right now. This is happening. Whether you want it or not."
'fanfic  ^feelings  "family  -avengers  *howard  :10k-20k  @missbecky  $dudeslash  +steve/tony 
may 2013 by sophia_sol
Sons of Fathers - curlicuecal
Kon-El Luthor Kent gets bored and decided to make the acquaintance of the other half of his heritage. This proceeds smashingly.
In which I take rampant advantage of whatever bits of various canons suit me to explore my Dad!Lex feels. Sort of compliant with the first couple seasons of Smallville, then it does its own thing, then I horribly cannibalize the DC comics verse to bring Kon out to play. Also some Young Justice/Titans/Justice League stuff in forms that may or may not be recognizable.
at last checking, the series consists of:
Pars Patris (Kon has Clonefeels)
Talis Filius
Flesh and Blood
'fanfic  "wip  "family  -smallville  *kon-el  +clark/lex  @curlicuecal  $dudeslash 
april 2013 by sophia_sol
Not Quite the Bradys - tigerlady aka shetiger
"Cover me," she said, tilting the turkey so the butt end was more accessible. "I'm going back in."

"Yeah, I'm not sure I should be here for this conversation," Scott said.

Melissa just wanted their first Thanksgiving together to go perfectly.

As if.
'fanfic  "family  "thanksgiving  -teenwolf  +melissa/sheriff  *ensemble  :10k-20k  @tigerlady  $het  ^excellent 
march 2013 by sophia_sol
something good can work (and it can work for you) - queenklu
“When you say ‘we’re making dinner,'” Eliot finally says, “do you really mean ‘Hey you should come over and cook dinner for us so we don’t burn down the apartment?’”
'fanfic  ^adorbs  "family  -leverage  :2k-10k  @queenklu  $multi  $poly  +eliot/hardison/parker 
february 2013 by sophia_sol
Don't Cry Sister - settiai
It'll be alright in the morning.
needed a bit more transition between EVERYTHING IS AWFUL and EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL but still great.
'vid  ^teary  "family  @settiai  -liloandstitch 
january 2013 by sophia_sol
In All the Tongues of Men and Angels - coinin
In which Cougar goes home, goes on a road trip, and learns to cook.
(or, where Cougar takes his dying grandmother to mexico and learns how to EXPRESS FEELINGS THROUGH FOOD)
'fanfic  ^quiet  ^lovely  "food  "family  "religion  -thelosers  :10k-20k  @coinin  $dudeslash  +cougar/jensen  ^excellent 
january 2013 by sophia_sol
Some Unexpected Properties of Wood - fahye
Elinor remembered the slow drift from humanity to wild animal, like falling asleep listening to music until only the drumbeat remained.
'fanfic  ^lovely  ^feelings  "family  -brave  *elinor  *merida  :2k-10k  @fahye  $gen 
december 2012 by sophia_sol
You Are Here - verity
When they cross the boundary into Hale territory, Stiles shifts a little in his sleep, shoulders hunching. Lydia's immunity carries over into most of the supernatural world: she can't be bitten, she can't be poisoned, and she's never been able to do magic on her own. Unlike Stiles, she can't feel the veil that separates Beacon Hills from the rest of the world. Sometimes she wonders if what happened before they left would have turned out differently if she'd undergone some transformative alchemy, but usually she tries not to think about it at all.
'fanfic  "friendship  "family  "drag  -teenwolf  *stiles  *lydia  :10k-20k  @verity  $gen  ^excellent 
december 2012 by sophia_sol
Golden Rule Days (Our Modern Family Belongs To Us) - caitri
How Kat Barton comes to realizes that her very large “family” maybe isn’t normal—but that’s what makes it awesome.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  ^feelings  "family  -avengers  *ensemble  :2k-10k  @caitri  $gen  "kids  ^excellent 
december 2012 by sophia_sol
Until My Dying Day - rheanna
Bond and M make a stop during the drive from London to Scotland, and Bond sees a side of M he hadn't known about.
'fanfic  ^qft  ^ooh  ^feelings  ^bittersweet  "family  -jamesbond  *m  *bond  :2k-10k  @rheanna  $gen  ^excellent 
november 2012 by sophia_sol
Long Distance Family Relationships - tyloric
Even secret agents have families.

Or the one where Clint Barton and James Bond are fraternal twin brothers whose relationship is exclusively over the phone but somehow they're totally okay with that. Phil and Natasha are there too, just hangin' out.
'fanfic  ^good  "family  "texting  -jamesbond  -avengers  *bond  *clint  @tyloric  :500-2k  $gen  "crossover 
november 2012 by sophia_sol
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