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The web is actually really slow | Go Make Things
> a majority of the web’s growth is coming from developing areas, where mobile connections are the primary way to access the web and service is spotty or unreliable.

This perfectly sums up the state of the web for me.

> Think about how maddening trying to load some of your favorite websites is on 3g, or even LTE.
> Now imagine visiting them on 2g. That’s the web for a billion or so people.
> Slow. Buggy. Unreliable. Barely usable. Not usable.

Most frontend developers will never ever use their sites in the way that actual users do. We need to do better as a profession, because right now we are _rubbish_ at our jobs.
web  performance  progressiveenhancement 
3 days ago by sonniesedge
I have resigned as the WordPress accessibility team lead. Here is why. - Rian Rietveld
> The codebase of Gutenberg is difficult for all of us, because no one in the wpa11y team is a skilled REACT developer. So it was hard to implement changes and write PRs ourselves. What we could do is test, tell what’s wrong and what it should be and hope a developer would pick it up.

It is so sad to see WordPress descend into inaccessible design and a fragile JS-first mindset.

It's now apparently impossible to build form inputs without a framework. 😭
web  a11y  wordpress 
9 days ago by sonniesedge
Introduction - 18F Method Cards
> A collection of tools to bring human-centered design into your project.

I love it when organisations publish their methods and tools online. This guide to UXD tools utilised by the US gov's 18F is a wonderful example.
web  ux  design  process 
16 days ago by sonniesedge
What is Tailwind? - Tailwind CSS
> block h-16 sm:h-24 rounded-full mx-auto mb-4 sm:mb-0 sm:mr-4 sm:ml-0

While I normally pass over atomic class CSS systems, because of their lack of scalability within any kind of non-startup organisation size, the ability to extract atomic-classes into components looks interesting.

> Tailwind provides tools for extracting component classes from repeated utility patterns, making it easy to update multiple instances of a component from one place.

I still think it's the wrong choice for anything that isn't disposable, but the component-extraction makes it a bit more flexible and palatable .
web  css  framework 
18 days ago by sonniesedge
What is Modular CSS?
> Modular CSS is predictable, maintainable, and performant.

I love this overview of how to create modular CSS in various systems. It reminds me how far we've come with how we wrote our CSS.
web  css  largescaleweb 
21 days ago by sonniesedge
How to build a low-tech website
This is possibly the most fun and interesting web project I've seen in years. ♥️
web  energy  sustainability  publishtobuffer 
22 days ago by sonniesedge
Craft CMS | Focused content management for web professionals
I've been playing with Craft CMS and it has been an absolute pleasure to use. It's perhaps the first CMS in a long time to make me reconsider the static site generator thing.

Compared to dealing with Drupal and Wordpress it was a breeze. 2 minutes to get a full working copy on my local machine.
web  cms  php 
22 days ago by sonniesedge
Adactio: Journal - Preparing a conference talk
I really appreciate this article by [Jeremy Keith]( It's a real help to people like myself who are starting out with public speaking. Him and [](Lara Hogan) are fantastic for talking about this stuff publicly .
web  speaking 
23 days ago by sonniesedge
Software disenchantment @
> As a general trend, we’re not getting faster software with more features. We’re getting faster hardware that runs slower software with the same features. Everything works way below the possible speed.

I empathise a lot with this post. Every time I upgrade my laptop, it gets slower. Each new app seems to aim to do more, while somehow doing less.

This trend is especially apparent in frontend web design. We're doing _pretty much the same as 10 years ago_ but with pages that are 100 times larger, and interfaces that are horrifically slow on anything but the latest iPhone and Mac.

We've sacrificed elegance, sleekness, and robustness for the ability to "pivot" and boot up sites and apps quickly in order to appease angel investors.

With this article, and many others,I hope we're seeing the start of a swing back to slowness and simplicity.
web  slowdown  progressiveenhancement 
24 days ago by sonniesedge
Web Accessibility Laws & Policies | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C
This list of all the laws and policies related to accessibility in the world highlights just how important it is to have accessibility at the core of your development process.

If you're not developing accessibly, you're not developing.
web  a11y 
24 days ago by sonniesedge
How to Meet WCAG 2 (Quickref Reference)
This guide to meeting WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards is packed with useful links and resources.
web  a11y 
24 days ago by sonniesedge
Trashy.css - The throwaway CSS library with no class
> This is just a silly idea, a CSS "library" that styles tags directly — as opposed to using class names as style hooks — to help people become more familiar with how to use semantic HTML.

This is definitely not a silly idea. Styling base components first and then overriding with classed components is a very useful technique. It's especially useful when combined with [graded browser support](
web  progressiveenhancement  css 
24 days ago by sonniesedge
Salty JavaScript analogy - HankChizlJaw
> JavaScript is like salt. If you add just enough salt to a dish, it’ll help make the flavour awesome. Add too much though, and you’ll completely ruin it.

> Similarly, if you add just enough JavaScript to your website, it’ll help make it awesome. Add too much though, and you’ll completely ruin it.

Salty, and true!
web  progressiveenhancement  js 
25 days ago by sonniesedge
How To Kill Your Tech Industry
> In computing, discrimination is as old as the field itself. And discrimination has shaped the field in ways we are only now coming to understand and admit. The technical labor shortage in the UK was produced by sexism—it did not represent a natural evolution of the field, nor a reflection of women’s talents, goals, or interests.

This article sums up so much of what I fear for our tech industry. By creating tech monocultures and ignoring social issues we're not only setting ourselves up for a grand failure, but we're hurting real people and destroying lives.

> Silicon Valley learned that it could actively profit from social inequality. The only catch was it had to be willing to manufacture ever more of it, selling technological “advances” that were actively harmful to a progressive civil society under the guise of technosocial progress.
web  feminism 
25 days ago by sonniesedge
Favicon Generator for all platforms
Very useful tool for generating favicon sets.

You don't need a complicated build pipeline for something you'll only use once!
web  favicon 
26 days ago by sonniesedge
Refresh CSS Bookmarklet v2
> It’s incredibly elegant in its simplicity. It works everywhere: locally or remotely, on any domain and protocol. No need to set up anything, no need to alter my process in any way, no need to use a specific local server or tool.

Very nice update to the original "Reload CSS" bookmarklet.
web  css 
29 days ago by sonniesedge
Front-End Performance Checklist
> The Front-End Performance Checklist is an exhaustive list of elements you should check or at least be aware of, as a Front-End developer and apply to your project (personal and professional).
web  performance 
29 days ago by sonniesedge
Why the Future of Data Storage is (Still) Magnetic Tape - IEEE Spectrum
> You might expect that if the ability to cram ever more data onto magnetic disks is diminishing, so too must this be true for tape. The surprising reality is that for tape, this scaling up in capacity is showing no signs of slowing. Indeed, it should continue for many more years at its historical rate of about 33 percent per year, meaning that you can expect a doubling in capacity roughly every two to three years. Think of it as a Moore’s Law for magnetic tape.

Oooh, this is very interesting. I like the idea of tape. It slows things down.
web  data  storage 
29 days ago by sonniesedge
Pinboard API (v1) Documentation
Guess who's been spending a lot of time in here lately.
web  api  pinboard 
4 weeks ago by sonniesedge
We Need Software to Help Us Slow Down, Not Speed Up
> What unifies these experiments is that they encourage deliberation. Why am I buying this? Why am I reporting this “suspicious” incident? Friction engineering ought to be taught in computer-science and design schools everywhere.

I think I hurt my neck nodding at this.

> Most of the time coders labor to increase our throughput by reducing friction. Speed often improves life. But the recent techlash has been driven in a fundamental way by the grim side effects of this acceleration. Facebook’s Newsfeed made it frictionlessly easy to spread misinformation; Twitter let trolls engage in coordinated harassment campaigns; Amazon enticed me to buy crap I manifestly don’t need and is helping to denude towns of local businesses.
web  slowdown 
4 weeks ago by sonniesedge
Choosing The Right JavaScript Arrow Function: A Guide
I tried several of these methods and my programming life has improved by 345%.
web  funny  publishtobuffer 
4 weeks ago by sonniesedge
CSS dismissal is about exclusion, not technology
"It's become increasingly clear that the 'debate' about CSS is not about technology. It's about gender privilege and exclusion."

As frontend work reaches its zenith, we're seeing the "soft" women-coded roles being increasingly devalued.
web  css  cssinjs  feminism 
5 weeks ago by sonniesedge
The "Developer Experience" Bait-and-Switch | Infrequently Noted
"We need to confront the 'developer experience' bait-and-switch. Tools that cost the poorest users to pay wealthy developers are bunk".

Everything that @slightlylate says here is 🔥. You NEED to read it.
web  performance  progressiveenhancement  publishtobuffer 
5 weeks ago by sonniesedge
Design with Difficult Data · An A List Apart Article
I wish every visual designer could read this article. The hardest part of any project is often translating an overly optimistic happy-path comp into real world situations.
web  design  publishtobuffer 
5 weeks ago by sonniesedge
Conversational Semantics · An A List Apart Article
How does your content sound when it is read aloud? @AaronGustafson makes his computer shout out random phrases to discover the answer.
web  speechsythesis  publishtobuffer 
6 weeks ago by sonniesedge
CSS Shape Editors | CSS-Tricks
CSS shapes for beautifully flowing text around images are, dare I say it, *shaping up nicely*.

I'll show myself out.
web  design  layout  shapes  publishtobuffer 
6 weeks ago by sonniesedge
Web performance review: TradeMe | Wildly Inaccurate
@joseph_wynn show show to do a classy performance review for a website. (the website in this case is godawfully full of client-side that doesn't need to exist).
web  performance  publishtobuffer 
6 weeks ago by sonniesedge
Accessibility is not a feature. — Ethan Marcotte
"Accessibility is not a feature".

100% agree with @beep that accessibility is not something that you can just import and automate. The issues surrounding #a11y are way more emergent than that.
web  a11y  publishtobuffer 
6 weeks ago by sonniesedge
Links List for Print Styles | Adrian Roselli
Very useful script to add a list of links to the end of the print version of your page.
web  a11y  print 
6 weeks ago by sonniesedge
Should browsers still allow users to disable JavaScript? - DEV Community
38.9% of developers don't understand that they're developing for the diverse and beautiful World Wide Web and not some homogenous App Store. 🤷‍♀️
web  inclusivedesign  progressiveenhancement  publishtobuffer 
6 weeks ago by sonniesedge
The Ecological Impact of Browser Diversity | CSS-Tricks
It is a childlike wish for all browsers to use the same rendering engine. Diversity is beautiful.
web  browser  browsers  publishtobuffer  diversity 
6 weeks ago by sonniesedge
column-gap and row-gap in Flexbox
Oooohh yeah!! gap, row-gap and column-gap for Flexbox in Firefox 63. (via )
web  layout  from twitter_favs
7 weeks ago by sonniesedge
::before vs :before | CSS-Tricks
To double colon, or not double colon in CSS.
web  css 
7 weeks ago by sonniesedge
A native lazy load for the Web platform
Oh my gosh, native image lazy loading is coming to Chrome. With a polyfill this could pave the way for more performant pages. :D
web  performance  publishtobuffer 
8 weeks ago by sonniesedge
The Web I Want - DEV Community
"Most websites are about delivering content. HTML is amazing for this and you DON'T NEED JAVASCRIPT."

I would like to marry this post from @quii. 👰
web  progressiveenhancement  inclusivedesign  publishtobuffer 
8 weeks ago by sonniesedge
On Link Underlines | Adrian Roselli
Unpopular opinion: underline your fucking links.

#a11y @aardrian
web  a11y  publishtobuffer 
8 weeks ago by sonniesedge
The power of progressive enhancement
> Progressive enhancement isn’t necessarily more work - it’s a change in how we think about our projects.

@hankchizljaw just made me progressively enhanced tears of joy. ❤️
web  progressiveenhancement  publishtobuffer 
9 weeks ago by sonniesedge
Let's serve everyone good-looking content
"Let's serve everyone good-looking content" - @hdv. It's okay for users of non-standards browsers - with no Grid support - to get a linear layout, as long as your content is good!
web  layout  design  progressiveenhancement  publishtobuffer 
9 weeks ago by sonniesedge
Securing Web Sites Made Them Less Accessible – Eric’s Archived Thoughts
This post from @meyerweb notes now our drive for HTTPS has pushed inclusivity further away for people in remote and poor-connectivity areas. 😢
web  inclusivedesign  publishtobuffer 
10 weeks ago by sonniesedge
‘Never assume anything’: The golden rules for inclusive design
"Never assume anything". 💯 this - you can never ever assume what a user is doing, or what conditions they're in!
web  ux  inclusivedesign  publishtobuffer 
10 weeks ago by sonniesedge
The Cost Of JavaScript In 2018 – Addy Osmani – Medium
everyone: omg this article by @addyosmani - we should totally build sites incrementally and make them fast

me [standing at corner of bar with whisky]: kid, lemme tell you about Progressive Enhancement
web  progressiveenhancement  performance  publishtobuffer 
11 weeks ago by sonniesedge
CSS: A New Kind Of JavaScript
Oh wow, @heydonworks has introduced a new kind of Javascript styling module called Cascading Style Sheets. This thing is gonna be BIG.
web  css  js  funny  publishtobuffer 
july 2018 by sonniesedge
ServiceWorker Cookbook
The Service Worker Cookbook is a collection of working, practical examples of using service workers in modern web sites.
web  javascript  serviceworkers  js 
july 2018 by sonniesedge
BundlePhobia | cost of adding a npm package
The performance cost of adding an npm package.
web  npm  js  css 
july 2018 by sonniesedge
What is the CSS ‘ch’ Unit?
The CSS 'ch' unit isn't what you think it is, says @meyerweb.
web  css  typography  publishtobuffer 
june 2018 by sonniesedge
Your Body Text Is Too Small
Some *excellent* reasons why you should be using a body font size of at least 20px!
web  typography  fonts  publishtobuffer 
june 2018 by sonniesedge
CSS is Resilient, Declarative, Contextual
"it’s resilient; it’s declarative; and it’s contextual". This examination of the characteristics of CSS by @keithjgrant is worth many reads!
web  css  publishtobuffer 
june 2018 by sonniesedge
Forget about Clean Code, let’s embrace Compassionate Code » Thinking Inside a Bigger Box
"Your most valuable skill is to know what’s important. Code is not important. Principles are not important. Rules are not important. People are important."
web  publishtobuffer 
june 2018 by sonniesedge
Introducing the GOV.UK Design System
Beautifully simple and utilitarian design system. ❤️
web  designsystems 
june 2018 by sonniesedge
I Don’t Believe in Full-Stack Engineering
I have never met anyone I could truthfully call a "full-stack" dev. It's just not possible to hold all of the modern FE skillset in one head (UX, CSS, JS, a11y, etc), let alone that AND server-side skills.
web  publishtobuffer  css  js 
june 2018 by sonniesedge
The Cult of the Complex
"We must rid ourselves of the cult of the complex". This post by @zeldman nails it 100%.
web  progressiveenhancement  publishtobuffer 
june 2018 by sonniesedge
What if JavaScript wins?
What if we didn't put all our tech eggs in one basket? What if we respected web designers as much as web engineers? What if we did the minimum amount of code instead of the maximum amount of code? What if?
web  javascript  progressiveenhancement  publishtobuffer 
may 2018 by sonniesedge
10 Best Sass Mixins for Web Developers
I don't agree with putting vendor prefixes in Sass, but everything else is golden.
web  css  sass 
may 2018 by sonniesedge
User Queries
@decadecity makes the case for User Queries and why they're so necessary.

I would be 100% for this!
web  a11y  css  publishtobuffer 
may 2018 by sonniesedge
CSS Terminology
A Codepen showing the definitions of different bits of CSS.
web  css 
may 2018 by sonniesedge
Designing for Inclusion with Media Queries
This talk by @ericwbailey is a fantastic insight into the #a11y and Inclusive Design provisions of CSS.
web  a11y  css  publishtobuffer 
may 2018 by sonniesedge
The Slow Death of Internet Explorer and the Future of Progressive Enhancement · An A List Apart Article
One of my fellow Springer Nature FEDs describes how best to support older browsers while still using all the latest fun features.
web  progressiveenhancement  ctm  publishtobuffer 
may 2018 by sonniesedge
The Vanilla JS Toolkit
Wonderful collection of vanilla JS snippets, functions, helpers from @ChrisFerdinandi. ❤️
web  js  vanilla  publishtobuffer 
may 2018 by sonniesedge
The Illusion of Control in Web Design
"Start simply. Code defensively. User-test. Recognize the chaos. Embrace it." An incredible article from @aarongustafson!
web  a11y  progressiveenhancement 
may 2018 by sonniesedge
Navigating Gray Areas in Website Accessibility
Excellent guide to utilising @pa11y and Voiceover effectively.
web  a11y 
may 2018 by sonniesedge
Managing Heading Levels In Design Systems
Excellent stuff from @heydonworks on how to manage headings within a large scale site and design system.

Bonus points for mild mocking of those who say "headings are relics of the pre-app document era".
web  designsystems  publishtobuffer 
april 2018 by sonniesedge
Funkify Disability simulator
This disability simulator is super useful for building empathy with those people who use your sites in a different way to you. ❤️
web  a11y  publishtobuffer 
april 2018 by sonniesedge
Minimal viable service worker
Implementing a minimum viable service worker. Very nice post by @adactio!
web  js  serviceworkers 
april 2018 by sonniesedge
You Don't Know JS: A book series
I love this series. ❤️ @YDKJS
web  js  book 
april 2018 by sonniesedge
Grid Garden
A delightful little game for learning CSS Grid.
web  css  grid 
april 2018 by sonniesedge
HTTP Status Dogs
HTTP Status Dogs. I approve.
web  statuscodes 
april 2018 by sonniesedge
Adactio: Links—Dear Developer, The Web Isn’t About You |
> This is absolutely brilliant! Forgive my excitement, but this transcript of Charlie’s talk is so, so good—an equal mix of history and practical advice. Once you’ve read it, share it. I want everyone to have the pleasure of reading this inspiring piece!

_beaming face_
april 2018 by sonniesedge
Write clean code and avoid the distractions of emerging technology
"Write clean code and avoid the distractions of shiny new technology".

Solid advise here!
web  publishtobuffer 
april 2018 by sonniesedge
Design Doesn’t Care What You Think Information Looks Like
"Design Doesn’t Care What You Think Information Looks Like"

This piece by @robweychert on design and the underlying HTML is fantastic
web  publishtobuffer  design 
march 2018 by sonniesedge
Frontend Case Studies
An excellent list of resources for building and maintaining frontend projects at scale. Doing FE effectively on large projects is a ~very~ different game from your average tech-driven chaotic startup, because ~people~.
web  largescaleweb  publishtobuffer 
march 2018 by sonniesedge
JavaScript vs backward compatibility
"Why are JavaScript developers so opposed to the idea of backward compatibility?" This post by @nikitonsky is the most beautiful thing I've read in months. ♥️
web  js  publishtobuffer 
march 2018 by sonniesedge
AMP is not the issue, it's Google
As pointed out by @justinavery, it's not fundamentally AMP that's the problem, it's us happily giving so much power to Google.
web  amp  publishtobuffer 
march 2018 by sonniesedge
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