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Project Apollo Archive | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Damaged Apollo 13 Service Module sequence. I pulled from , cleaned them up, and animated them.
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september 2015 by sonniesedge
Design Patterns on CodePen
Did You Know: @CodePen has a really nice collection of design patterns here:
web  patterns  IFTTT  Twitter 
june 2015 by sonniesedge
Loading CSS without blocking render by Keith Clark
Interesting! “@gryghostvisuals: Brilliant piece on loading CSS. My mind hurts from how awesome this approach is. ”
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april 2015 by sonniesedge
Revealing Captions for Everyone |
Do you make your image captions accessible for keyboard users as well? @scottohara has a set of examples
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december 2014 by sonniesedge
What colour is it?
RT @DrTomCrick: “What colour is it?” <— The time in hex colour values:
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december 2014 by sonniesedge
Sexual Harassment Conversations, in Comic Form
Sexual harassment conversations, in comic form. By @jimchines
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october 2014 by sonniesedge
addyosmani/critical · GitHub
Critical 0.4.0 is out! Extract & Inline Critical-path CSS in HTML ~ also now has a Grunt task
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october 2014 by sonniesedge
Beware of Selector Nesting in Sass
Sass users beware - "I think selector nesting has done more harm than good."
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september 2014 by sonniesedge
Minimal Business Card Design | Boris Smus
Love this concept of a minimal business card design
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september 2014 by sonniesedge
HTTP 2.0 Rulez!
by @ipeychev announced at #jsconfeu for testing http2
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september 2014 by sonniesedge
sindresorhus/awesome-nodejs · GitHub
One to bookmark: Awesome Node.js, a curated list of delightful Node.js packages and resources from @sindresorhus -
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september 2014 by sonniesedge
Twitter / wesbos: ××× Protip: use &times; ...
××× Protip: use &times; HTML entity for close buttons rather than the letter X for a perfectly angled ×
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august 2014 by sonniesedge
CodePen's CSS by Chris Coyier on CodePen
Front-end architecture of large sites:



Lonely Planet
web  IFTTT  Twitter  css  architecture 
august 2014 by sonniesedge
Alice in Quantumland: A Charming Illustrated Allegory of Quantum Mechanics by a CERN Physicist | Brain Pickings
Alice in Quantumland — wonderful illustrated allegory of quantum physics, flying in the face of gender stereotypes
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june 2014 by sonniesedge
BBC - Complaints - Home
@mjohnharrison I've submitted a complaint about the disproportionate UKIP coverage on the BBC: - maybe it will help?
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may 2014 by sonniesedge
Hipster Domain Finder
has been updated. Domain registration is now one click away! @gandibar @iwantmyname @101domain
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may 2014 by sonniesedge
Docs on Performance Considerations · Issue #878 · Modernizr/Modernizr · GitHub
Inlining the HTML5Shiv like a mofo since @AndyDavies @Port80Events workshop last year…
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may 2014 by sonniesedge
Legalese | A Working Library
THIS. An amazing response to @github's statement. by @aworkinglibrary
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april 2014 by sonniesedge
Refills, basically a Bootstrap alternative: . Built on top of Bourbon + Bitters + Neat. It looks, well, neat.
IFTTT  Twitter  web  framework  css 
april 2014 by sonniesedge
Responsive Man
Responsive Design Man! My new favorite super hero» (hint: resize your window)
IFTTT  Twitter  web  responsive  animation 
april 2014 by sonniesedge
Twitter / clockworksimon: @rstevens I'm awake, I coffee ...
This mug. It really should be on my desk. “@clockworksimon: @rstevens I'm awake, I coffee out? ”
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march 2014 by sonniesedge
Nice! , "a curated list of frustrating HTML and CSS quandaries, miscues, and dilemmas", by @mdo
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march 2014 by sonniesedge
Artist Unites Watercolour And Photography In Her Extraordinary Self-Portraits | DeMilked
Frickin' lovely work by Aliza Razell collaging watercolours with photography. Enjoy! #art
IFTTT  Twitter  art  photography 
march 2014 by sonniesedge
Mauna Kea Heavens Timelapse on Vimeo
Timelapse of the observatories atop Mauna Kea ... IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I'VE SEEN
Full screen this
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march 2014 by sonniesedge
UK Hub
New Shorter, simpler .uk domain names will be available for the first time From 10 June 2014.
IFTTT  Twitter  web  domainnames 
february 2014 by sonniesedge
So today is #outofofficeday. We're more fun than your office and the coffee's better too.
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february 2014 by sonniesedge
neiesc/ListOfMinimalistFrameworks · GitHub
List of minimalist frameworks much minimalism, so amaze, wow.
IFTTT  Twitter  css  framework  web  javascript 
february 2014 by sonniesedge
Twitter / deeje: #renio interesting! Facebook ...
#renio interesting! Facebook did A/B testing to determine that users blamed FB on left, iOS on right, for slowness.
IFTTT  Twitter  usability  ux  web 
february 2014 by sonniesedge
Twitter / freethinkeruk: So, a chef friend has made ...
Stuff of nightmares! MT @freethinkeruk: a chef has made this for Christmas. The 'Turkey Bear'. For his children …
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december 2013 by sonniesedge
guardian/frontend · GitHub
The Guardian has open-sourced its responsive website code
IFTTT  Twitter  web  guardian  largescaleweb  responsive 
december 2013 by sonniesedge

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