Elastic Heart - downjune - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
This is a fantastic slightly magic AU, in which Tanger gets cursed into hearing people's thoughts/emotions. A bit of pining and some serious Pens feels.
“Maybe you’re just learning some empathy for once in your life?”


A whole bunch of times Kris felt something for his team, and once they felt something for him.
fandom:hockey  pairing:tanger/olli  rating:r  length:10001-25000  genre:au  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:teamfic 
january 2017
Dirty Talk for Beginners with Alex Ovechkin - lupinus - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Absolutely delightful Ovi voice, examining the relationship between Sid and Geno by way of increasingly flithy Russian chirps that Ovi sends Sid's way.
Alex Ovechkin talks dirty to Sidney Crosby, and then gives Zhenya some much-needed advice. Because he’s a nice guy like that.
fandom:hockey  pairing:sid/geno  genre:outsider.pov  genre:humor  length:1001-6000  rating:r 
january 2017
I'm getting closer than I ever thought I might - wonthetrade - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
OT3 with pining and always-a-girl!Ryan, and my very favorite OT3 trope, a third pining after her paired up friends, who are in turn pining for her.
Ryan doesn't want to be a homewrecker; she has no intention of coming between her already-in-love teammates.

It's too bad she can't get her heart to follow suit.
fandom:hockey  pairing:ebs/hallsy/nuge  rating:nc-17  genre:au  genre:genderswap  genre:close.to.canon.au  length:10001-25000  genre:ot3 
january 2017
Signal-to-Noise - downjune - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
I love every incarnation of brain sharing, and this series is a particularly delicious example. This is the second in the series, and tagged because there's never enough Hags fic in the world. A dash of romantic feels, and a whole bunch of team feels.
Carl was a little afraid of Sidney Crosby.
fandom:hockey  pairing:hagelin/daley  rating:r  length:6001-10000  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:au  genre:teamfic 
january 2017
Laws of attraction - sirona - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The first is a fantastic, self-indulgent, cameo-filled series set in a law office. In which Jonathan Toews works too much, and Artemi Panarin sets out to fix that.
For something that would come to change Jonny's entire life, it starts simply: with an email.
fandom:hockey  rating:nc-17  length:6001-10000  pairing:toews/panarin  genre:au  genre:fluff 
january 2017
Princely Reasons - forks - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
An AU of both the university AND the modern day royalty variety! In which Connor is a prince and Dylan has a LOT of feelings. Heavy on the pining, with some charming side characters and of course a happy ending.
Of course Dylan’s falling for Prince Connor, third in line for the Canadian throne. Of course he fucking is.
fandom:hockey  pairing:connor/dylan  rating:r  length:25001-50000  genre:university.or.highschool  genre:au  genre:pining  genre:royalty 
january 2017
Show You a Magic Trick - 7iris - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Friends with benefits leads to feeeeeeeelings. Pre-trade, and a particularly lovely PK voice.
So, yeah, Carey knows when it started, but he doesn't know when it changed.
fandom:hockey  pairing:pk/pricey  rating:r  length:1001-6000  genre:get.together 
january 2017
keep on loving you - bluejayys - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Oh how I love a coffeeshop AU! And this one delivers hardcore with mistaken identities, interfering french Canadians, and just he right amount off feels. Sid/Geno takes second fiddle to Beau/Paulie.
"No," Beau says sternly. "Geno, I am not wearing that."

"Boss's order!" Geno says gleefully. "Is Paul Martin jersey. Ginger d-man, very handsome. You like!"

Beau takes the jersey and pulls it over his head reluctantly. He very much regrets accidentally telling Geno that he has a serious weakness for muscular redheads.
fandom:hockey  genre:coffee.and.food.related  rating:pg-13  length:1001-6000  genre:mistaken.identity  genre:au  pairing:beau/paulie  pairing:sid/geno 
march 2016
though dreams can be deceiving - bluejayys - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
In which Alex is slightly superpowered, and Brendan doesn't have a scar on his hand. Yet. Pining, feels, and boys stumbling through their first years in hockey.
"So, Chucky," Gallagher says, collapsing in the seat next to him. "Is it true you have a superpower?"
fandom:hockey  pairing:gally/gally  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:au  genre:pining  rating:r  length:6001-10000 
march 2016
sweet like tennessee honey - nighimpossible - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
As far as introductions to the Preds go, this one's pretty excellent. Feels, of the relationship and "gotta be better" sort, capped with a bit of fake relationship.
“I’ll get better,” she promises him.

He stares up at her from where he’s sitting in his stall. Somehow, over the course of their encounter, he’s scooted himself back against the wall, creating as much space between them as possible. “Yeah,” Shea shrugs, like he doesn’t believe it.

If that isn’t a kick in the ass to su...
fandom:hockey  pairing:roman/shea  rating:nc-17  length:10001-25000  genre:teamfic  genre:au  genre:close.to.canon.au  genre:genderswap  genre:developing.relationship  genre:fake.relationship 
march 2016
it takes me all the way - gdgdbaby - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Sweet and quiet Carey/PK with some light h/c and bed sharing. Absolutely delicious cuddles and feels.
"Thanks for the food, man," PK says, eyes drooping. He doesn't get up.

Carey studies his face. PK looks hopeful, almost, like he's waiting for Carey to ask him to—"Stay," he says. There are any number of reasons he could give—it's late, it's snowing outside, your immune system is probably for shit right now and the twenty degree drop would definitely give you a cold—but the one he...
fandom:hockey  pairing:pk/pricey  length:1001-6000  rating:pg-13  genre:h/c  favorites 
march 2016
really need a man (who can do it like i can) - weareonceinalifetime - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Delightful always a girl!Tyler with Jamie as a romantic disaster and lots of feels and laughs.
The thing about Jamie Benn is that he might be an Art Ross winner on the ice, but off of it he can’t score for shit.

About five minutes after arriving in Dallas for the first time, Tyler had made it her mission to help him out, which had been partially about being nice and partially about her ego--after all, she’s Tyler fucking Seguin. Getting laid is basically her specialty, and if anyone can help Jamie learn to pick up, it’s her.

Two years later, he’s finally starting to get the hang of it.
fandom:hockey  pairing:jamie/tyler  rating:r  genre:genderswap  genre:au  genre:close.to.canon.au  length:10001-25000 
march 2016
This Small Magic - mriaow - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
An fantastic ballet AU, with lovely character work and AMAZING behind the scenes details. Shorter, and absolutely magnificent.
Pretty much everyone in the company hates the Nutcracker, so far as Sid can tell.
fandom:hockey  pairing:side/geno  rating:pg-13  length:6001-10000  genre:arts.related.au  genre:au  favorites 
march 2016
The Perils of Jamie - HannahJane - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A goofy AU in which James Neal is Jamie, lady, cop, and walking disaster. Paulie is himself, and the rest of the Pens are interfering.
"This is my cousin Jamie," Connor says as he shoulders his gear bag. "She has poor decision making skills." - or that time that hapless police officer Jamie Neal fell in love with a Pittsburgh Penguin while serving as a flophouse for Hockey Jesus.
fandom:hockey  pairing:pauly/nealer  rating:pg-13  genre:au  genre:genderswap 
march 2016
Pass It On - knight_tracer, thefourthvine - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
One of my all-time favorite hockey fics. Sid/Geno, which develops through Sid's varying and often ridiculous interactions with the rest of the league.
Ninety percent of everyone's problems could be solved by a robot that just texted NO to hockey players on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Sidney didn't have a robot.
fandom:hockey  pairing:sid/geno  genre:humor  length:6001-10000  genre:developing.relationship  favorites 
march 2016
standing right outside my door - jackzimmermann - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
An utterly charming Au in which Saader is himself but Andy's his neighbor in Columbus. Fluffy without being saccharine, and the perfect balance of feels and dudebros.
Maybe trouble finds Andy.
fandom:hockey  pairing:shawsy/saader  rating:r  length:10001-25000  genre:au  genre:developing.relationship 
march 2016
A Case Study in Non-Traditional Pack Dynamics - 7iris - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A charming, goofy, but never cracky werewolf fic with fake relationships! Lots of excellent dialog in this one.
"Well, you're going to have to bring him along anyway," Kayla says.

"Bring me where?" PK asks, flipping his menu open.

"The Greater Pacific Northwest Werewolf Symposium," Kayla says. "Duh."
fandom:hockey  pairing:pk/pricey  rating:r  length:6001-10000  genre:au  genre:humor  genre:fake.relationship  genre:now.with.added.magic 
march 2016
Unwrapped - samyazaz - Vikings (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Athelstan is nearly done in by his very attractive boyfriends and girlfriend wearing lingerie.
There aren't any wrapped boxes or gift bags in sight. Athelstan must look confused, because Ragnar takes pity on him by sticking gaudy ribbon bow to Lagertha's shirt, a little to one side like an oversized brooch.

They don't have to say anything else. Athelstan is already blushing so hard he can feel it, the prickling heat of it climbing up his throat like it's going to choke him...
fandom:vikings  pairing:athelstan/lagertha/ragnar  length:1001-6000  genre:pwp  genre:clothing.kink  genre:ot3 
march 2016
Just one more - huxley - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Supremely fithy and amazing fic, heavy on the overstimulation, served with a side of banter.
Arthur shows Eames how he can make him come over and over again.
fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:nc-17  genre:pwp  kink:dirty.talk  kink:toys  kink:overstimulation  length:1001-6000 
march 2016
Decompression - Desdemon - James Bond (Movies), Skyfall [Archive of Our Own]
Fiiiilthy hot sex written before Styfall came out, a fact which doesn't impact its readability and hotness at all.
“I’m going to make a mess of you,” Bond promises him, removing the glasses carefully from his face and folding them up. “I’m going to fucking take you apart, Q, until you’re sobbing for it.”
fandom:james.bond  pairing:bond/q  rating:nc-17  genre:pwp  genre:hot.like.burning  length:1001-6000 
march 2016
Finders, keepers - sirona - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
In which the First Order is kinda screwed up when it comes to sex, but Finn isn't broken at all. Allll the feels. ALL of them.
The truth is, anything that Finn is, anything he's done, or will go on to do - it's all because of FN-2135.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:poe/finn  length:1001-6000  rating:r  genre:get.together 
march 2016
Ready For Flight - kvikindi - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Poe's coping isn't always healthy, but it workds. H/c, with plenty of hurt before it gets better.
Poe guesses he’s a little fucked-up now, more than before. He certainly has a lot of nightmares. He tries to take it in stride. It doesn’t really surprise him. What had he expected? (Dead, he thinks. You expected to be dead.)
fandom:star.wars  length:6001-10000  rating:pg-13  genre:h/c  genre:angst  pairing:poe/finn 
march 2016
The Best of Intentions - Perpetual Motion (perpetfic) - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Delicious OT3 fluff in which Poe has a gift for Rey and Finn, and some knowledge gaps are discussed.
Poe's up to something, and it starts with colors.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:poe/finn/rey  length:1001-6000  rating:pg  genre:fluff  genre:ot3 
march 2016
Knowns and Unknowns - shadowen - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Both Poe and Finn have some hefty baggage, and this fic is a beautiful list at Poe's coping mechanisms. With a side of making out in the closet.
Poe makes lists.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:poe/finn  rating:pg-13  length:1001-6000  genre:developing.relationship  genre:h/c 
march 2016
Don’t deny you never ran - lanyon - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Poe helps Finn with a whole bunch of firsts. Sweet and poignant, with some particularly wonderful BB-8 bits.
Finn thinks that the first thing Poe Dameron gave him was his name.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:poe/finn  length:1001-6000  rating:r  genre:get.together 
march 2016
save an x-wing, ride an ex-stormtrooper - visiblemarket - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
The title's probably a good indicator of content, but this is a pwp that is 110% hotness and feels.
He’s not riding the waves of arousal and affection so much as drowning in them. Happily, willingly, recklessly, and Poe should know better than to chase that feeling, than to get lost in it. He should take it slow, if not for his own sake then for Finn, who’s sworn up and down that he’s ready for this, who’s assured Poe that it’s far from his first time, who Poe's careful not to patronize but still so desperate to protect.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:poe/finn  rating:nc-17  genre:pwp  genre:hot.like.burning  length:1001-6000 
march 2016
of the nature of the wound - jackzimmermann - Check Please! (Webcomic), Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Oh my heart! Jack and his anxiety, in his first year after Samwell. Plotty and full of team awesomeness, and so many feels.
His first year in the NHL isn't easy, but Jack has spent his entire life playing through the hurt.
fandom:check.please  pairing:jack/bitty  length:25001-50000  genre:angst  genre:h/c  genre:teamfic 
march 2016
The Gr8 Baby Whisperer - oanja - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Absolutely delightful AU with not-a-hockey-player Nicky, an unhappily teething baby, and Ovi's magically terrible singing voice.
For the prompt: Nicky's neighbor sings a lot. Really loudly. It’s pretty irritating, except that for some reason it seems to be the only thing that gets Nicky’s fussy baby to fall asleep.
fandom:hockey  pairing:ovi/backy  genre:fluff  genre:kid.fic  genre:au  rating:pg  length:1001-6000 
march 2016
put it on me - torigates - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Always-a-girl Gally, not-so-adventurous Alex, fdelightfully witty writing, and some supremely hot pegging. The end. <blokquote>When she asked Alex, a month into the two of them sleeping together, around a mouthful of his cock, “Can I finger you?” Alex looked completely scandalized at the idea.

“No,” he said, hands drawing up near his throat. If he had pearls, he would have been clutching them.
fandom:hockey  genre:genderswap  pairing:gally/gally  rating:nc-17  genre:hot.like.burning  length:1001-6000 
february 2016
the work is done (now you're doing battle) - AlchemyAlice - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Achey h/c at the Olympics, Sid doing his damnedest to comfort Geno, and not doing to bad a job after all. ALL the feels.
Sid is still pretty sure this is a bad idea, but he keeps walking because he's given it a full twenty-four hours since the game, and now he has to do something.
pairing:sid/geno  genre:h/c  fandom:hockey  length:1001-6000  rating:pg 
february 2016
may the bridges i burn light the way - nighimpossible - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Always-a-girl TJ, trade drama, and settling into her new home.
All in one day, TJ loses her team, her number, and her city.

Go figure.
fandom:hockey  genre:genderswap  rating:nc-17  pairing:oshie/carlson  length:10001-25000  genre:au 
february 2016
Work in Progress - omelet - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Fantastic barely-AU in which Sid takes up drawing while he's dealing with injuries, and a charmingly meddling art instructor coerces Geno into modeling. Excellent team and OC voices all around, and a sweet slow burn.
Because his life is a joke, Sidney turns out to be kind of an artist and Geno turns out to be kind of a model.
genre:au  genre:close.to.canon.au  pairing:sid/geno  rating:nc-17  length:10001-25000  fandom:hockey  favorites  genre:slow.burn 
february 2016
Still Us - withershins - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Fascinating AU in which abruptly, most of the world acquires supernatural abilities. Sid doesn't. Right? Fantastic team voices, and a delightful mix of magic and pining.
On the one hand, it's pretty much the weirdest turn of events to ever hit the world in the history of ever. On the other hand, at least it happened during the off-season.
fandom:hockey  pairing:sid/geno  length:6001-10000  rating:r  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:au 
february 2016
For An Extra Bark Or An Extra Smile - DistortedDaytime - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Preds, by way of a dogwalker AU! Look, the tags "mutual pining" and "dogs" should tell you all you need to know. I swear I keep finding new pairings to love via excelent fic just like this.
Shea's new dog walker is great. Probably.
pairing:roman/shea  rating:pg-13  genre:au  genre:pining  length:10001-25000  fandom:hockey 
february 2016
What You Make of It - thehoyden - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Superstitions, traditions, and making new luck, Sid and Geno style. (Well, Sid's supersitions and Geno's making new luck, mostly.)
“I’ve had that since I was eighteen,” Sidney moans. “My grandma gave it to me after the draft. It’s my good luck necklace.”
fandom:hockey  pairing:sid/geno  genre:fluff  rating:nc-17  length:1001-6000 
february 2016
why would I ever leave? - drinkingstars - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Delightful poly negotiations, with a a delightful balance of feels and domesticity.
It gets sorted out around the kitchen island, like everything else in their house.
fandom:hockey  pairing:ekblad/mitchells  rating:r  length:6001-10000  genre:developing.relationship  genre:ot3 
february 2016
mother knows best - engine, oops_ohdear, torigates - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
An absolutely delicious Gallys fic that involves them pretending to be together, fantastic banter, and some delicious sex.
“She’s not my mom!” Alex says, indignant, and then remembers to lower his voice. “If my mom thought we were—thought we were involved, I’d say something!”

“‘Involved’? What are we, stepping out? Are you gonna take me to the picture house?” Brendan asks.

or: alex gives good parent, mostly by mistake.
fandom:hockey  pairing:gally/gally  genre:fake.relationship  length:1001-6000  rating:nc-17  favorites 
february 2016
inside out - gdgdbaby - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Delicious sweetness of a bodyswap fic! The first fic of these two that I've read, and requires no outside knowledge. Sweet and charming but never cloying.
Max stirs awake in an unfamiliar bed, sheets pooled around his waist, and when he steps out of the cocoon of blankets the first thing he registers isn't the color of his skin but how much higher up his angle of approach is. Fuck. His head is woozy but he manages to stumble to the bathroom, squints into the mirror. Duke's face is peering back at him.

"Oh, Jesus," he sighs, rubbing a knuckle across his eyes. "Not again."
pairing:domi/duke  fandom:hockey  rating:pg-13  length:1001-6000  genre:au  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:get.together  genre:fluff 
february 2016
Come On and Let It Snow - 7iris - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A Love Actually AU that retells the Billy Mack and Joe story, with a worldweary Nicky, deliciously self aware and fuck-less Alex, and a fantastic use of the ensemble. BROBEANS.
Nicklas is going to get Alex's musical career back on track, even if it means making him record this year's naked cash grab of a holiday single.
fandom:hockey  pairing:ovi/backy  rating:pg-13  genre:au  genre:fluff 
february 2016
age ain't nothing but a number - 7iris - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
I love a good deaging fic, but this one in particular has great voices for everyone and a really beautiful get together moment.
"Now, you all know things like this happen sometimes," Therrien says.

Which, yes, that's true, sometimes healing spells go wrong. Sometimes the magic meant to convince someone's shoulder to go back to the state it was in an hour or a day ago spills over to the rest of the body, taking off more than a day, more than a month.

But it doesn't make it any less disconcerting to see a teenage Carey Price fidgeting nervously in the Florida dressing room when the game is finally over.
fandom:hockey  rating:pg-13  pairing:pk/pricey  genre:deaging  length:1001-6000  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:au  genre:get.together 
february 2016
The Brook Horse - WeagleRock - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A delicious creature AU in which everything's the same, except for Nicky. Heavy on the plot, with a particularly interesting Nicky voice.
Bäckahästar—brook horses—can leave their rivers, streams, brooks, lochs. But they can't leave them for very long, and Nicky's time is almost up. He's falling apart. He's struggling to keep a human shape. Then Ovi offers him an unexpected lifeline.

Nicklas Bäckström is a good person. Nicklas Bäckström would never risk Ovi's life just to stay human.

It's really too bad he isn't real.
fandom:hockey  pairing:ovi/backy  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:au  genre:plotty  rating:r 
february 2016
jump on a moving train - oops_ohdear - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Accidental (or at least unexpected) baby acquisition, with Nicky being calm until he isn't and Alex bustling into Nickey's life and actually helping. Perfect combination of silly and sweet and feels.
“Best baby need best jersey,” Alex says blithely, which doesn’t actually answer the question. It does, however, tell Nicklas whose jersey it is, and sure enough when Alex lifts it up to put it back in the bag Nicklas can see the 8 and the 'OVECHKIN' emblazoned on the back.

or, nicklas finds himself responsible for a baby. alex approves.
fandom:hockey  pairing:ovi/backy  rating:pg-13  genre:kid.fic  length:6001-10000  genre:fluff 
february 2016
To Know His Heart - hapakitsune - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Yesssss Hockey goes Regency is always so good for me. Tyler's looking for a respectable escape, Jamie needs the money, and neither of them are good at feelings. With generous appearances by members of the Stars and Team Canada.
With his reputation in tatters, Tyler will do anything to save his family's name - including marrying a man he hardly knows.
fandom:hockey  pairing:jamie/tyler  rating:nc-17  length:25001-50000  genre:au  genre:arranged.marriage  genre:historical.au  genre:developing.relationship 
february 2016
nobody gets me (like you do) - alotofthingsdifferent - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The summary says it all. Emotional h/c, in the early years of their friendship.
A bunch of times Brent took care of Jonny, and a couple times Jonny took care of him.
fandom:hockey  pairing:seabs/tazer  rating:r  length:6001-10000  genre:h/c  genre:developing.relationship 
february 2016
grace under pressure - gdgdbaby - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Supernatural Pricey (much to his surprise), with delightful PK voice, a dash of plot, and lots of delicious pining.
"So you're saying," Carey prods, through gritted teeth, "I—what? Exude pheromones? Make people crazy with—I don't know, lust?"

"You're a walking aphrodisiac, bud," PK agrees. His voice turns fervent. "I can't wait to tell Prusty."
fandom:hockey  rating:nc-17  pairing:pk/pricey  length:10001-25000  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:au  genre:pining 
february 2016
like a sledgehammer - wafflehood - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
In which Latts and Wilso are massively unsubtle, and every other person in the NHL clues in faster than they do. Unfortunately, this leads to fights and penalties and some solid pining and self-sacrificing.
It was probably inevitable that the thing where they stand up for each other so indiscriminately would eventually become a problem for them. Or: Mike thinks Tom could do a lot better than rotating between lines because Trotz can't trust him to keep his gloves on, so he decides to create some boundaries. Tom objects. Everything deteriorates from there.
fandom:hockey  rating:nc-17  pairing:latts/wilso  length:10001-25000  genre:plotty  genre:developing.relationship  genre:angst 
february 2016
let's make a move - blamefincham, thistidalwave - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
An absolute treasure of a fic in which the Gallys decide to matchmake the pining duo that is Lars and Max. Shenanigans, a whole bunch of pining and feels all around.
"So I looked as sad as possible and vented to Max about all the feelings I have for you, and he—"

"Wait," Brendan interrupts, "tell me more about your feelings."

Alex huffs just like Brendan knew he would. "You know about my feelings, dumbass. Shut the fuck up and let me tell my story."
fandom:hockey  pairing:gally/gally  genre:teamfic  pairing:lars/max  length:6001-10000  genre:pining  rating:pg-13 
february 2016
got a reputation for yourself now - greatperschnapps - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Delightful Gally banter and goofy misunderstandings. Brendan wants, Chucky gets hotter over the summer, and Brendan wants even more.
It starts when Chucky shows up to training camp.

Scratch that. It starts when Chucky shows up to training camp and all of a sudden he’s huge.
fandom:hockey  pairing:gally/gally  rating:nc-17  length:1001-6000  genre:get.together 
february 2016
Touch and Go - 7iris - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Eddie flirts and Lu wants. And then Lu gets.
Lu is almost entirely sure that Eddie’s over-the-top flirting routine — the hashtag-bromance stuff, the puppy dog eyes in the dressing room, the angling for a dinner date — is just a joke.

Pretty sure. Except for all the touching.
rating:r  fandom:hockey  pairing:lu/lack  length:1001-6000  genre:developing.relationship 
february 2016
i thought i'd call just to let you know - folignos - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Phone sex and feels, Eddie/Lu style! Short and hot and absolutely delightful.
When his phone rings, Eddie's half asleep and flipping through channels to find one that isn't in French.
fandom:hockey  pairing:lu/lack  rating:nc-17  length:1001-6000  genre:pwp 
february 2016
Mens sana in corpore sano - 7iris - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Slight au in which bodyswitching is a normal thing. Eddie has a crush, and then, problematically, Eddie gets stuck.
A sound mind in a sound body.

Lu is the best player Eddie has ever switched with. His body is amazing — the conditioning, the flexibility, the reflexes. Eddie’s never felt anything on that level before. Which is slowly becoming a problem.
fandom:hockey  pairing:lu/lack  length:1001-6000  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:au  favorites  rating:nc-17 
february 2016
country songs about the weather - 7iris - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Tiny but mighty pairing of my heart! Goalie love, set it the shittastic season that was Lu's last year with the Canucks.
Lu isn't fucking blind, okay?
rating:r  fandom:hockey  pairing:lu/lack  genre:developing.relationship  length:1001-6000 
february 2016
smile like danger - forks - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Vampire AU! Shenanigans, plot, more feels than angst, and a fantastic dose of Gally-banter.
Alex is turned into a vampire during the off-season. Brendan grew up the world's worst slayer. They still have to play on the Habs together.
fandom:hockey  pairing:gally/gally  length:25001-50000  genre:au  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:plotty 
february 2016
to have my senses put in order - oops_ohdear - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Carey’s first memory of zoning out is in net.

It was like having all the noise, the air, the unnecessary things, sucked away. He could see the spin of the puck, how it was veering. He could see how it pushed the air aside. He couldn’t see anything else.
fandom:hockey  pairing:pk/pricey  length:1001-6000  rating:pg-13  genre:sentinel.au  genre:au 
february 2016
Broken Is Not Enough - ice_hot_13 - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
It's Ace!Alex. Of course I'm going to love it. Ace!Alex with angst, and pining, and a sweet happy ending.
Alex is stupid in love with Brendan, but not wanting to take Brendan up on his drunken, enthusiastic offers of blowjobs has to mean he's broken, somehow.

fandom:hockey  pairing:gally/gally  length:1001-6000  genre:asexual.character  genre:pining  rating:nc-17 
february 2016
Academic Dishonesty - iBear - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Secret genius fic with a side of secrets revealed feels and pining, all set in the hockey world, with deliciously nerdy Sid and Geno.
For years now, Geno has managed to keep his two lives separate. Academics and hockey rarely intersect, and with his very specific interest in Russian military leadership in World War II, he doesn't expect the streams to cross. Ever.

Sidney Crosby always does break expectations.
fandom:hockey  pairing:sid/geno  length:10001-25000  genre:au  genre:close.to.canon.au  rating:pg-13  genre:secret.revealed 
february 2016
Collect the moments one by one (I guess that's how the future's done) - sirona - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Oh my heart! Trust issues and abandonment issues and anxiety all deliciously wound up with Sid/Geno sweetness, romance, and of course some scorchingly hot sex.
How to not freak out when your boyfriend is out for dinner with friends and hasn't texted you as much as you want him to: a guide to coping with anxiety by Sidney Crosby.
fandom:hockey  pairing:sid/geno  length:1001-6000  rating:nc-17  favorites  genre:angst  genre:happy.ending 
february 2016
only fools do what i do - lilcrickee - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
OT3, with plenty of pining before they actually get there. Another from the "I didn't care about this team and now I do" department, because pining, trust issues, and happy endings are the way to my heart.
Ryan’s not exactly sure when things changed. One season things were fine (better than fine, Ryan thinks bitterly) and the next season Jordan was moving out. Said he met a girl and wanted some space.

or the story of how the kid line fell apart and fell back together with a little help from their friends.
fandom:hockey  pairing:ebs/hallsy/nuge  rating:pg-13  length:10001-25000  genre:ot3  genre:pining  genre:developing.relationship 
february 2016
how sweet it is (to be loved by you) - maunnier (jbmaunier) - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Quiet and domestic, this is pure sweetness without really sliding into fluff. A sequence of moments, as Alex and Nicky step from being friends into being lovers.
It’s not unusual for his parents to spend a few weeks in Russia during the season, but Alex is still reluctant to return to an empty house after their road trip out west and he finds himself lingering by Nicky’s car in the parking lot.
fandom:hockey  pairing:ovi/backy  length:1001-6000  genre:developing.relationship  rating:pg 
february 2016
Then You May Take Me to the Fair - HannahJane - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
THis is exactly the fluffbasket I've been craving. Shenanigans, a dash of pining, and baked goods. Schmoopy delight!
Paul Martin is James Neal’s favorite baker and a single dad and really, who can blame James for falling head over heels.
fandom:hockey  pairing:pauly/nealer  rating:pg-13  length:10001-25000  genre:au  genre:coffee.and.food.related  genre:fluff  genre:pining 
february 2016
a mouthful of surprises - addandsubtract - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Sweet, feelsy virgin fic, with super hot sex and just the right amount of pining. As with so much of hockey rarepairs, specific knowledge isn't required.
“Three days straight and still just a hookup?” Jack laughs, shoving Noah against one of the mirrored walls. “What does a guy have to do to get upgraded?”

Noah shrugs, but he’s smiling, crooked and warm. He looks at Charlie with raised eyebrows. “I don’t know. Being interesting outside of the fucking would help.”
fandom:hockey  pairing:charlie.coyle/noah.hanifin  rating:nc-17  length:6001-10000  genre:virgin.fic 
february 2016
King Me - Ferritin4 - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
This is the fic that sold me on this pairing, and it's one that gets a regular reread. Exceptional Ovi voice, and a sequence of secrets revealed with the perfect balance of plot and feels. Oh, and did I mention the scorchingly hot sex? That too.
Hockey is hockey, and politics is politics. There are kings of the game, and there are kings in their crowns and robes, and there isn't usually much in the way of overlap.

Things change every day, though, depending on how you look at them.

In which there is a small tragedy, a great success, and a lot to learn about someone Sasha thought he knew awfully well.
fandom:hockey  pairing:ovi/backy  rating:nc-17  length:6001-10000  genre:au  genre:close.to.canon.au  genre:hot.like.burning  genre:secret.revealed  favorites 
january 2016
drop everything now - blamefincham, teaboytoaliens - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
I adore this Alex so, so much, with his bumbling attempts to give Gally everything he wants, and his equally bumbling attempts at feelings. THe moment that Gally figures out his surprise is one I've reread so many times.
“It’s a stupid bucket list thing!” Alex says loudly, sitting up and glaring at her. “It was really easy to get these tickets, okay? He could’ve done it by himself anytime!”

“Yeah,” Anna says in between bouts of laughter, “but you bought them. Does Brendan know you want to take him on a romantic date to fulfill one of his lifelong dreams?”
fandom:hockey  rating:pg-13  pairing:gally/gally  genre:developing.relationship  length:1001-6000  favorites  genre:fluff 
january 2016
dearly departed - nighimpossible - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Ghostbusting AU with some really lovely world-building, more feels than I expected given the summary, and a great mix of plot and character.
The ghost’s name is Brandon, “Brandon Saad,” and he’d “like to stay, if you don’t mind.”

Andy doesn’t mind. In the long run, Brandon is a temporary problem in what is a pretty bangin’ apartment—sooner or later, Andy will mediate him into the afterlife, and then he’ll have the whole place to himself.

Brandon’s pretty quiet, anyway.
fandom:hockey  length:10001-25000  pairing:shawsy/saader  genre:au  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:developing.relationship 
january 2016
stop, drop, and roll - Lexie - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
This is an absolutely epic firefighter AU, filled with a giant cast, relationship shenanigans, and lots of plot. The perfect sort of fic to lose yourself in for a few days.
"Most of the runs we go out on are false alarms or medical calls,” Sidney says. It's his standard response to anyone asking about the danger, and it's true — they get a lot of broken fire alarms, heart attacks, and overdoses. In the last five years, Sidney has delivered two babies and been part of the crew that, legendarily within the Toronto Fire Services, freed a guy's dick from a jacuzzi tube. “People call 911 for a lot of weird stuff.”

"You not fire captain too?" says Geno. "What, too young?" He looks enormously smug, which means he's chirping.

Sidney enjoys it more than he probably should.
fandom:hockey  pairing:sid/geno  rating:nc-17  length:>80000  genre:au  genre:plotty  genre:teamfic 
january 2016
Sing Your Praises - itsacoup - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Mmmm, praisekink! Always so satisfying, and made even more so by Sid's mild embarrassment and Geno's ardent embracing of it.
When Zhenya thinks about it later, alone in his hotel room, he can’t even understand it. Fine, they don’t like him because he’s good, but their reaction to him being the best hockey player in the world is to tell him he’s bad at hockey? It’s not even defensible, and it makes Zhenya more than a little steamed up, lying on the lumpy hotel bed. He imagines punching faces that are twisted up as they yell, spittle flying, chanting Sidney Crosby sucks until they can’t chant past the broken teeth and black eyes he leaves them with, until he feels like Sid’s honor is properly avenged and he can rest easy.
fandom:hockey  pairing:sid/geno  length:1001-6000  rating:nc-17  genre:praise.kink  genre:pwp 
january 2016
something mystical, in colored lights - bropunzeling - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
I do so love magic in the NHL AUs, and this one has a particularly interestig Backy voice, which I adore.
“So,” the first reporter asks, pushing forward in the scrum, “did you know about Alex Ovechkin?”
fandom:hockey  pairing:ovi/backy  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:au  genre:developing.relationship  length:1001-6000  rating:pg-13 
january 2016
Amuse-Bouche - samyazaz - Vikings (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Vikings fandom provides so many delicious examples of Ragnar and Lagertha seducing Athelstan, and this version is set in a restaurant, with lots of amazing dishes too.
Working for rising-star executive chefs Lagertha and Ragnar Lothbrok is Athelstan's dream job. But Ragnar and Lagertha are anything but conventional, and if the food they keep plying him with is any indication, they're interested in more than just their new sous-chef's skills in the kitchen.
fandom:vikings  pairing:athelstan/lagertha/ragnar  length:6001-10000  genre:au  genre:coffee.and.food.related  genre:developing.relationship  rating:nc-17 
january 2016
Just Want Your Extra Time (And Your Kiss) - lady_ragnell - Vikings (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The summary should tell you everything you need to know. Sweet and charming high school AU.
Athelstan takes a shift manning the kissing booth at the school fair, and there is a very large donation.
fandom:vikings  pairing:athelstan/lagertha/ragnar  length:1001-6000  genre:university.or.highschool  genre:au  rating:pg-13 
january 2016
A Different Kind of Assist - spinel - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A fantastic, plotty fic with magic and adventure, and hockey as well, combined with a lovely, complex relationship. (Mind the child endangerment tag; it's not graphic, but it is there.)
It isn't, Alex reflects inanely, the fact that Nicky isn't wearing his cuffs. They aren't even cuffs but magic-infused braided and inscribed leather bracelets, one on each wrist—Nicky pushes them up his forearms during every game.

No, it's Nicky's anguished face when he takes them off.
fandom:hockey  pairing:ovi/backy  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:au  genre:plotty  genre:developing.relationship  length:6001-10000  rating:pg-13 
january 2016
baby, we're the new romantics - brandonsaad (createadisaster) - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Everyone is just THE MOST charming, and ridiculous PK with long-suffering Carey is one of my favorite combos. Add in some asexuality and banter, and I'm done for.
When PK meets Carey Price, it’s because he is crushing his dreams.

“Get off my bar,” he’s saying, totally unreasonably, just because PK is currently climbing up onto his bar.

(In which PK a) likes to kiss his favorite bartender and b) won't get off the bar.)
fandom:hockey  pairing:pk/pricey  length:1001-6000  rating:pg-13  genre:au  genre:at.a.bar  genre:asexual.character 
january 2016
The Constellations We Make - Hananobira - Hockey RPF, Sports RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A feels-filled look at Tyler's trade to the Stars. Plenty of delicious pining and team shenanigans.
“The stars we are given. The constellations we make.”
fandom:hockey  pairing:jamie/tyler  rating:nc-17  length:10001-25000  genre:developing.relationship  genre:teamfic 
january 2016
A Heart Is To Be Spent - lostlenore - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
If the sound of a Howl's Moving Castle makes your ears perk up, click this immediately. It's a lovely melding of Habs shenanigans and magic!
There were all sorts of rumors about the Wizard Subban. Some said he roamed the foothills that ran east of the city in his moving castle, devouring the hearts of beautiful young girls. Others said he had the ability to rip souls straight out of their bodies. All the rumors agreed on one thing: the Wizard Subban was heartless.

Carey wasn't beautiful. He wasn't a girl and he certainly wasn't young, not anymore. What he was, was cursed. And for that he needed a wizard.
fandom:hockey  pairing:pk/pricey  rating:pg-13  length:10001-25000  genre:xover  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:au 
january 2016
I Need You (Like I Need a Hole in my Head) - RemyJane - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Mmm, quiet little sickfic as Alex battles migraines and Gally mostly doesn't help until he does. Feels and sweet comfort.
5 migraines that Brendan manages to make worse, plus one that he makes better.
fandom:hockey  pairing:gally/gally  rating:pg-13  length:1001-6000  genre:h/c  genre:sickfic 
january 2016
Put It On Me - o_contrary - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Mmm, a delicious combination of domestic fluff and filthy panty porn, with a dash of feels throughout.
The welcome sight of Geno’s car in Sid’s extra spot greets him, and he doesn’t fight his smile. That’s been happening more often than not, Geno just being there, when he could have left in the morning or even the night before, sometimes just randomly turning up.

Sid knows how he is with routines and trying to ascribe order to things, but the time Geno chooses to spend with him is something he tries not to analyze too much.

Some nights are more experimental than others.
fandom:hockey  pairing:sid/geno  length:6001-10000  rating:nc-17  genre:pwp  genre:clothing.kink  genre:fluff 
january 2016
ain't never had a love like mine - bluejayys - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
AU in which Alex is himself but Gally's not a professional hockey player. Delightful flirting and online dating shenanigans with a nice dollop of feels.
Anna installs Grindr on his phone while he drives them back to his place, snickering as she fills out his profile.

“In your About Me section I said that you enjoy hockey, can speak three languages, and have been commended by fans for your excellent stick handling,” she says gleefully. Alex wonders when this became his life.
fandom:hockey  rating:r  pairing:gally/gally  length:10001-25000  genre:au  genre:developing.relationship  genre:humor  favorites 
january 2016
Romantic Motherfucking Best - lightgetsin - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
THat I have not yet bookmarked this is a travesty. It's one of my all time favorite Jamie/Tyler fics! EXCELENT courting on Jamie's part, with a dash of h/c and some delicious sex.
Jamie's supposed to boyfriend this shit right up, and Tyler wants to see that.
fandom:hockey  rating:nc-17  pairing:jamie/tyler  length:10001-25000  genre:developing.relationship  genre:h/c  favorites 
january 2016
Already Winning - lightgetsin - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
THe start of a fantastic series, involving a wonderfully earnest Jamie and a gregarious Tyler figuring their shit out. The summary sounds cracky, but it's mostly just feels and hot sex.
Which was how Jamie found himself on the living room floor of Tyler's unfurnished house in the middle of the best third date of his life, arguing over sex toy assembly.
fandom:hockey  pairing:jamie/tyler  rating:nc-17  length:10001-25000  genre:developing.relationship 
january 2016
What's Coming To You - uraneia - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
An absolutely excellent contribution to the Sid The Troll genre, with a delicious balance of hilarity, feels, and wicked hotness.
Sid’s been dropping subtle clues for years, it feels like, but Geno’s never picked up what he’s thrown down. So when the perfect opportunity presents itself—well, he’d have to be an idiot not to take advantage.

The conversational topic is Things That Have Disappointed You in the Bedroom. Sid has this all wrapped up, to be honest.

“Guys with big dicks,” he says flatly, and Tanger spits his beer all over the table.
fandom:hockey  pairing:sid/geno  length:1001-6000  genre:teamfic  rating:nc-17  favorites  genre:get.together 
january 2016
how sweet it is - vlieger - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Bakery AU! Technically the third in a series though it works as a stand alone (and you shoudl definitly also read the other two). Some light pining, lots of cakes, and a sweetly developing relationship.
The first time Sid gets a picture of a cake from an unfamiliar number, he assumes it's a mistake.
fandom:hockey  pairing:sid/geno  length:6001-10000  rating:pg-13  genre:au  genre:coffee.and.food.related 
january 2016
hierarchy of needs - nebulia - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
One of my favorite hockey fics, and the fic that introduced me to the charming, smiley Eddie Lack. A hint of magic and a full dose of feels.
[“You have to know you deserve to start,” Lu says. “You have to know that, or else you don’t deserve it.”

“I deserve it,” Eddie says.

“You don’t have to convince me,” Lu says.]

Accidental teleportation. Less accidental cuddling.
fandom:hockey  pairing:lu/lack  length:1001-6000  rating:pg-13  genre:now.with.added.magic  genre:close.to.canon.au  genre:au  favorites 
january 2016
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