Concentrated Wealth Is Strangling Prosperity | Hacker News
Normalization of taking debt. When someone "buys" something using debt . . .
wealth  distribution 
6 weeks ago
Zero-Player Games
Is this a human player? Does the player have agency? Does the player play over time? Does the player appear to have intentionality? Does the player exhibit aesthetic preferences?
6 weeks ago
Back to the Land — Real Life
As dystopian as a net-neutrality repeal would be, the internet as it stands today is hardly a paradise of equal access. Not only is internet access itself unevenly distributed, but any user or group’s reach on any given platform is typically shaped by money and power and pre-existing influence. And people’s access to network resources are often organized not through cooperative arrangement but by companies that profit from the data their users generate while leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and harassment.
internet  labor 
6 weeks ago
A Manifesto – Evergreen Review
Manifestos aren’t easy answers. They provide diagnoses. They exist because we have reached an intractable state. Because we feel the need to find a way out. Manifestos come about because we want to keep the present alive in its most vivid form, remember the past without nostalgia, and generate a vision of the future that is as clear-eyed as possible.
Yasmin Nair
11 weeks ago
MIT Press : Free Texts : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
Art and architecture in the service of politics by Millon, Henry A
Controlling our reproductive destiny by Kaplan, Lawrence J
Paper of John von Neumann on Computers
Architectural space in Ancient Greece by Doxiades, Konstantinos Apostolou
Handbook of colorimetry
Blackframes : critical perspectives on Black Independent Cinema
Language development : form and function in emerging grammars by Bloom, Lois
read  books 
august 2017
Worldbuilding - Atomic Rockets

This is an infinitely marvelous and beautiful universe which we are privileged to inhabit. Look inward to the molecules of life and the heart of the atom, or outward to moon, sun, planets, stars, the Orion Nebula where new suns and worlds are coming into being even as you watch, the Andromeda Nebula which is actually a whole sister galaxy: it is all the same cosmos, and every part of it is part of us. The elements of our flesh, blood, bones, and breath were forged out of hydrogen in...
scifi  writing  building 
august 2017
Answer to What is it like to understand advanced mathematics? Does it feel analogous to having mastery of another language like in programming or linguistics? - Quora
You are comfortable with feeling like you have no deep understanding of the problem you are studying.

Your intuitive thinking about a problem is productive and usefully structured, wasting little tie on being aimlessly puzzled.

You think: "First I will lay this foundation, then I will build this framework using these familiar pieces, but leave the walls to fill in later, then I will test the beams..."

You develop a strong aesthetic preference for powerful and ...
math  school  learning 
august 2017
…for the adult in you – “Many window managers are like Marshmallow Froot Loops; Metacity is like Cheerios.”
blog about metacity windows manager:
"This is not the Metacity home page. There is no Metacity home page. This is for the same reason there is no flashy logo: Metacity strives to be quiet, small, stable, get on with its job, and stay out of your attention."
workspace  blog 
august 2017
Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby
A programming adventure for Ruby beginners illustrated with cartoon foxes.
programming  guide  book 
july 2017
American Health Care Tragedies Are Taking Over Crowdfunding
$930 million of the $2 billion raised in the period the study analyzed was from medical campaigns
health  care  crowdfund  mass  society 
june 2017
Instant Insanity - Computer Vision & Robotics (1971) - YouTube
a computer vision system and robotic arm solve the Instant Insanity puzzle
video  robotics  puzzle 
may 2017
Form and Content in Computer Science - Marvin Minsky (1970)
the trouble with computer science today is an obsessive concern with form instead of content
to-print  computer  science  form  content  concept 
may 2017
The Computer As Master Mind - Knuth (1976)
the codebreaker can always succeed in five moves or less
math  computer  games 
may 2017
Rejection Letter - Charlie's Diary
NSA hoard their knowledge of weaknesses in Microsoft Windows, a vitally important piece of their own nation's infrastructure, in case they'll come in handy againt some hypothetical future enemy. (I'm sorry, but this just won't wash; surely the good guys would prioritize protecting their own corporate infrastructure? But this is just the first of the many logical inconsistencies which riddle the back story and plot of "Zero Day".)
hackerNews  rejection  institution  application  literature 
may 2017
Paris Review - Jean Cocteau, The Art of Fiction No. 34
[..]when they read a novel they must play the parts. [..]
And the public is lazy! You ask them to enter into habits of thinking other than their own, and they don't want to. And then ... what you have written in autograph changes in typewriting, and again in print, Painting is more satisfying because it is more direct; you work directly on the surface.
interview  public  art  audience  academia 
may 2017
Fear & Xenophobia: The Balance of Terror, Then and Now
more about the original series: "The Romulan commander is shown to be an effective and conscientious leader, only differing from Kirk in that he serves a different side and comes from a different culture. This paints a picture of a universe in which neither side of a war or conflict is ‘good’ or ‘evil,’ but simply forced to fight on the whim of a few political rulers/leaders that feel a sense of aggression towards one another. This is a universe in which men and women are motivated to fight by...
starTrek  sci-fi  fiction  history 
may 2017
H. Bruce Franklin- Star Trek in the Vietnam Era
i'm looking for an article i read a while ago about how all the series of star trek are fictional/critical responses to the conflicts U.S. has faced, this article goes in depth about the Vietnam war and the first series
starTrek  sci-fi  fiction  reality  war  history 
may 2017
seuss style technical poem
Quickly turn off the computer and be sure to tell your mom!
computer  poems  technology  howTo 
may 2017
Lucky iron fish - Wikipedia
About 60% of pregnant Cambodian women are anemic as a result of dietary iron deficiency, resulting in premature labour and childbirth hemorrhaging. Because of a lack of iron-rich foods, a researcher made iron ingots to use while cooking, to transmit iron to food. People were reluctant to use the chunk of iron. They changed the shape to a lotus flower, which was also not used. A fish is a symbol of good luck, health, and happiness in local folklore, so the final shape was determined by this socia...
social  design  engineering  iron  anemia  lucky  fish 
april 2017
Fisher–Yates Shuffle
this has a nice visualization of randomizing sticks in js
shuffle  cards  javascript  interactive  IDC 
april 2017
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