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LinkAges | Oxford Hub
LinkAges is a student-led project that encourages and assists students to volunteer and engage with the elderly community in the Oxford city area. There's opportunities to run activity sessions at a local residential home, become a befriender or join our committee.
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february 2016 by socialreporter
Centre for Ageing Better: Later Life in 2015
Details of how health, financial situation and social connections underpin for six 50+ segments
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december 2015 by socialreporter
Technology - Seniorlist
Technology plays a large role in the lives of all Americans. The Senior List writes about Technology innovations and exciting products to enhance the lives of Baby Boomers and Seniors.
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november 2015 by socialreporter
Technology, Gadgets For Seniors Aging In Place - AARP
New technology and smart devices allow older people to feel secure in their home while a caregiver is away.
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november 2015 by socialreporter
Tech4Good Awards | Technology Awards | Digital Media
The Tech4Good Awards recognise organisations and individuals who use digital technology to improve the lives of others. We’re the only awards to highlight the wealth of charities, businesses and volunteers across the UK that harness the power of technology to benefit the community. We want to celebrate the hard work that these people put into making the world a better place.
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november 2015 by socialreporter
Here’s why every smart city has to be age-friendly — Medium
Many cities across the world are keen to evolve into a futuristic ‘smart’ metropolis. We also need a less is more approach to tech
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november 2015 by socialreporter
Older people have a thirst for technology - News releases - News - The University of Sheffield
A pioneering study conducted by the Challenging Obstacles and Barriers Assisted Living Technology (COBALT) research team discovered that despite being branded a generation of technophobes older people are actually happy and eager to embrace new devices and equipment.
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november 2015 by socialreporter
Bristol Ageing Better Animation - YouTube
Brilliant Aardman animation from Bristol gone down well at official launch of
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november 2015 by socialreporter
Living Health
Series on living health, brought to you by New Statesman in association with Philips, that looks at how technology, innovation and big data are helping to improve your health and our health-care system.
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november 2015 by socialreporter
Digital inclusion can help address loneliness and #AgeingBetter - if co-designed with older people
the Big Lottery Fund report on Ageing in the UK suggests that any use of digital technology to help combat loneliness should be developed in the context of older people's preferences for traditional media, phones, and email. That throws up a challenge for BIG policy teams that might best be addressed through simulations and co-design, as well as a review of "what works".
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october 2015 by socialreporter
Gransnet discussion about later life and whether technology offers solutions
Gransnet ran an online forum in October 2012 to ask members about their greatest concerns in getting old, and whether they thought technology could help
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october 2015 by socialreporter
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