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Airtable - APT Groups and Operations
Explore the "APT Groups and Operations" base on Airtable.
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august 2018 by snkhan
A source for pcap files and malware samples. Since the summer of 2013, this site has published over 800 blog entries about malware and exploit kit traffic. The number of blog entries continues to grow. Almost every post on this site has pcap files and/or malware samples.
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november 2016 by snkhan
Mapping Mirai: A Botnet Case Study
Mirai is a piece of malware designed to hijack busybox systems (commonly used on IoT devices) in order to perform DDoS attacks, it’s also the bot used in the 620 Gbps DDoS attack on Brian Kre…
Malware  Mirai  BusyBox  Botnet  DDoS  IoT  OCG 
november 2016 by snkhan
SSMA - Simple Static Malware Analyzer
SSMA is a simple malware analyzer written in Python 3.
Malware  Python  Remnux  Tools 
september 2016 by snkhan
Viper is a binary management and analysis framework dedicated to malware and exploit researchers.
Malware  Analysis  Database  CLI  Terminal 
september 2016 by snkhan
Targeted Cyberattacks Logbook
Kaspersky Lab's Logbook chronicles all of the advanced persistent cyberthreats, that have been investigated by the company's Global Research and Analysis Team.
Malware  APT  Kaspersky  Cyber  Security 
august 2016 by snkhan

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