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America’s heart of darkness - The Washington Post
You really don’t have the choices you ought to in American democracy, because of decisions made without your consent by people of wealth and power behind closed doors.
july 2018 by snitzr
Cory Doctorow: Zuck’s Empire of Oily Rags – Locus Online
The problem is that we’re confusing automated persuasion with automated targeting. Laughable lies about Brexit, Mexican rapists, and creeping Sharia law didn’t convince otherwise sensible people that up was down and the sky was green.

Rather, the sophisticated targeting systems available through Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other Big Tech ad platforms made it easy to find the racist, xenophobic, fearful, angry people who wanted to believe that foreigners were destroying their country while being bankrolled by George Soros.
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july 2018 by snitzr
What Facebook Did to American Democracy - The Atlantic
ns, especially with America’s electoral-college format in which a few hotly contested states have a disproportionate impact on the national outcome. And the p
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october 2017 by snitzr
Before Michelle, Barack Obama asked another woman to marry him. Then politics got in the way. - The Washington Post
Of the books that journalists and historians have written on the life of Barack Obama, three stand out so far. In “Barack Obama: The Story,” David Maraniss shows us who Obama is. In “Reading Obama,” James T. Kloppenberg explains how Obama thinks. In “The Bridge,” David Remnick tells us what Obama means.

Now, in a probing new biography, “Rising Star,” David J. Garrow attempts to do all that, but also something more: He tells us how Obama lived, and explores the calculations he made in the decades leading up to his winning the presidency.
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may 2017 by snitzr
UpFront special: Noam Chomsky on the new Trump era - Al Jazeera English
Surprisingly, Kennedy worried Chomsky greatly because of nuclear threat. Something people wouldn't suspect about Chomsky and Kennedy.
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january 2017 by snitzr
The final insult: Donald Trump is a bore - The Washington Post
Trump has upended our politics. But he turns out to be the guy you would pray not to sit next to at dinner. He’s the one who never asks you a question, talks endlessly about himself — and has nothing to say. He doesn’t read, has no original ideas and thinks he knows more than you do because he once heard something on the news. If you were at a bar and saw him walking in, you’d look the other way, hoping not to catch his eye.
august 2016 by snitzr
This mashup of Melania Trump reading text plagiarized from Michelle Obama is incredibly damaging. | New Republic
And, let’s not gloss over it, this is a depiction of a campaign—a campaign that nurtures white grievance and resentment—trying to profit off the work of a black woman, from an African American family that Trump and his supporters regularly belittle. The fact that the plagiarized text in question was about the value of hard work just makes matters worse. A mortifying, calamitous, self-immolating moment.
july 2016 by snitzr
Full Transcript of the Mitt Romney Secret Video | Mother Jones
In Israel. I mean, they work for Bibi Netanyahu in his races.
september 2012 by snitzr
Why Campaign Reporters Are Behind the Curve -
The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns
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september 2012 by snitzr
Are Americans Ready for Democracy? | Mind Matters | Big Think
act, political assassination has been a recurring problem in the United States for more than a century. Even in 2011, Federal officials who ventured into the untamed Western de
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april 2011 by snitzr
YouTube - Robert Gibbs
All Robert Gibbs. All the time.
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may 2009 by snitzr
GOOD MAGAZINE | What Matters
Michael Silverblatt explains why people hate reading.
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november 2006 by snitzr

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