False Answer | Peter Leithart
9th commandment and 4th commandment, worship as a liturgical "answer" to God.
worship  liturgy  exodus  commandments  truth  lie 
11 weeks ago
Letters in November | Blog & Mablog
"I think it is reasonable to argue that the appearance of antiquity of the rocks we are looking at is a paradigm projection. Couple this with the fact that the terrain around Mt. St. Helens looks as old as you might want it to be . . . and I am older than it is."
evolution  science  creation 
november 2018
Don’t Go It Alone | Blog & Mablog
It is not thy sermon in thy head, or notes in thy book, that will enable thee to preach, except God open thy mouth; acknowledge, therefore, God in all thy ways, and lean not to thy own understanding: the swelling of the heart, as well as of the wall, goes before a fall. How much may it provoke God, when thou goest to the pulpit, and passest by his door in the way, without calling for His assistance?” (William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armour, p. 61).
pastoral  preaching  teaching 
september 2018
Abram’s Prophetic Call | Peter Leithart
Genesis 15 and Abraham's justification as a prophet-becoming event.
justification  prophet  prophecy  abraham  genesis 
september 2018
Conundrum of Large Numbers in Numbers.pdf
Found by Googling. Unsatisfying, but some interesting info. Critcial of Barnouin.
numbers  census 
september 2018
To be a Child is to Imitate - Kuyperian Commentary
"In short, if we are to view our children’s imitation as just mindless aping rather than natural acts of a present faith, then an adult imitating God like a child would not be an act of faith, and we should look at every disciple (no matter how small they may be) with skepticism. But our covenant children are children of the Faith, children of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. When we stifle their acts or don’t believe their imitation is sincere, we misunderstand the definition of imitation. We tell them that they are not God’s children. We tell them that they cannot be one of us until they are old enough to be taken seriously. This isn’t how God treats our imitation of Him. No, He sings over us with joy (Zeph. 3:17) and is pleased at the mimicking sounds of our little voices. Be imitators of God. In other words, be children of God."
parenting  children  baptism  faith  imitation 
march 2018
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