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Benchmarking GitHub Enterprise - The GitHub Blog
Much better. We managed to almost double the throughput for HTTPS and tripled it
for SSH. We also wiped out the errors at the levels of concurrency we benchmarked against
github  ssh  git  https  protocol  performance  benchmarking 
4 weeks ago by slmingol
jHiccup Java performance monitoring tool overview
jHiccup uses a trivial mechanism to measure runtime hiccups while your application is actually running: It measures how long it takes a separate application thread to do absolutely nothing. Doing nothing should be pretty quick, usually, and if doing nothing took an otherwise idle application thread a long time, then it experienced a runtime hiccup. What caused the observed hiccup doesn’t really matter. It’s a pretty safe bet that other application threads – the ones that actually do something, would experience the same hiccup levels, with the hiccup time adding to their overall time to perform whatever work it is they were trying to complete.
jhiccup  performance  hiccup  java  jvm  system  measuring 
december 2019 by slmingol
How Java Got the Hiccups and How to Measure it - Azul Systems, Inc.
jHiccup uses a trivial mechanism to measure runtime hiccups while your application is actually running: It measures how long it takes a separate application thread to do absolutely nothing. Doing nothing should be pretty quick, usually, and if doing nothing took an otherwise idle application thread a long time, then it experienced a runtime hiccup. What caused the observed hiccup doesn’t really matter. It’s a pretty safe bet that other application threads – the ones that actually do something, would experience the same hiccup levels, with the hiccup time adding to their overall time to perform whatever work it is they were trying to complete.
jhiccup  performance  hiccup  java  jvm  system  measuring 
december 2019 by slmingol
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