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Kubernetes Authentication - Level Up Coding
Kubernetes Authentication means validating the identity of who or what is issuing the request
kubernetes  Authentication  k8s  overview 
23 days ago by slmingol
Admission Control On Kubernetes - Axons - Medium
Admission control on Kubernetes can be very helpful to maintain control over your Kubernetes cluster. It will ensure that no deployments, jobs, pods, etc are scheduled without being compliant to your constraints and rules. Gatekeeper is specifically designed to do this on your Kubernetes cluster and is part of a broader admission/authorization control system called Open Policy Agent.
admission  controller  kubernetes  k8s  opa  gatekeeper  policy 
23 days ago by slmingol
GitOps and Cluster API: Master-of-Masters
Master-of-master (MoM) is an advanced implementation pattern targeted at multi-cloud (public and/or private) and hybrid scenarios and it provides:
kubernetes  gitops  Management  configuration  MoM 
23 days ago by slmingol
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Making an Internal Kubernetes Offering Generally Available
kubernetes  k8s  spotify  slidedeck  kubecon  kubecon2019 
29 days ago by slmingol
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