StoryCorps: How A Librarian Changed A Future Judge's Life : NPR
How an Arkansas librarian helped a troubled teenager become a reader -- and he later became a judge!
libraries  inspiration  reading  books  librarians 
september 2019
Mango House
food hall run by refugees to Denver. Yum!
refugees  denver  restaurants  food  support 
june 2019
George Orwell: British Cookery | British Council
Generalising further, one may say that the characteristic British diet is a simple, rather heavy, perhaps slightly barbarous diet, drawing much of its virtue from the excellence of the local materials, and with its main emphasis on sugar and animal fats. It is the diet of a wet northern country where butter is plentiful and vegetable oils are scarce, where hot drinks are acceptable at most hours of the day, and where all the spices and some of the stronger-tasting herbs are exotic products.
george-orwell  cooking  british  culinary  history  food  essays 
april 2019
Starting a ukulele club
a list of links and discussion about how to get a group going, promote it, etc.
uke  ukulele  community  groups  instruction 
november 2018
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