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i remember this! also love reading pre-blogger diaries
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july 2018
Anthony Bourdain’s Childhood Photos
sad and nostalgic for memories that weren't mine
june 2018
Valley Forged: How One Man Made the Indie Video Game Sensation Stardew Valley
these photographs made me laugh pretty hard

"There were obstacles—some that he didn't know if he could get around. Often a tweak Eric made would break something in the game, or he wouldn’t know how to translate ideas into code. But throughout the four and a half years, he never once reached out online by asking questions or speaking to another developer for advice. He hates asking for help. He prefers not having the subconscious feeling of owing a debt for a favor, so instead he does things all himself. Everything—literally everything—he learned about making games came from poring over pre-existing comment threads on forums and blogs until he found the solutions he needed to move forward."
stardew_valley  video_games  programming 
may 2018
This is Slacker Minimalism
accidentally wrote this as 'this is slack minimalism' at first
april 2018
CTO of ICE's poorly-written bio
he quotes himself within his own bio

"It’s hard to believe that Dave attributes much his ability to constantly drive IT transformation on his Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication from Salisbury University.

“Computers and Technology are binary. They run on yes or no, on or off, true or false, or 1 or 0. But as an artist, we know that binary is merely a medium and the canvas is not paper, but how people get things done. ” ~ David Larrimore

You can find Dave in DC, trying to help grow and foster the federal community of IT professionals that help drive this great nation."

let the record show this man is bad and is also not the sharpest tool in the shed (thus spoketh smasheth mouth)
bad_writing  sociopathic_writing  bad_man  cto  ice  immigration  programming 
april 2018
No Children Because of Climate Change? Some People Are Considering It
I've always viewed having children generally (generally) as a more selfish endeavor, so always startling when I realize most people think it's the opposite cuz like God and stuff

So is God a human factory owner? Or maybe some alien playing the Sims, and there's a future disaster looming?

To be fair to a the possible alien playing the Sims, I tried to play RimWorld the other day, and I accidentally killed off a colonist, and then I didn't realize some colonists can't haul things around unless you specify that they can, and since the only option given to get rid of the body was cannibilization...
february 2018
The Year That Skin Care Became a Coping Mechanism
"There’s also something perversely, unexpectedly hopeful about skin care in today’s political context. Traditionally, skin care represents an attempt to deny the inevitability of the future. For me, right now, it functions as part of a basic dream in which the future simply exists. I recently wrote about the embattled millennial generation, whose members overwhelmingly do not believe that we will receive the Social Security benefits that we are paying for, and for whom conversations about having children commonly invoke fears of climate destruction and violent nationalism and nuclear war. I wonder if women my age are less afraid of looking older than we are of the possibility that there will be no functional world to look old in. "
december 2017
Silicon Valley Is Turning Into Its Own Worst Fear
I love Ted Chiang's writing, so I am pinning, but I haven't read it yet, so I don't know what he says. TBD
december 2017
Topic: Best switches for Typing (Read 32051 times)
"Heavy typer/Mostly plays games/Strong hands: Black
Heavy typer/Mostly plays games/Weak hands: Blue (if you pick your fingers completely off the keys before pressing again)
Heavy typer/Mostly types/Strong hands: Buckling Spring, Clear
Mostly types: Blue
Light typer/Mostly games : Red, Blue (if you pick your fingers completely off the keys before pressing again)
Light typer/Mostly types/Noise sensitive: Brown
50-50% Typing-Gaming: Blue (if you pick your fingers completely off the keys before pressing again), Brown (noise sensitive)"
mechanical  keyboards 
november 2017
Face It
"Those readers who follow trends in skin care perhaps took note, last November, of a news item from Peru. It reported the arrest of several men belonging to a gang of murderers operating in a remote part of the country. They allegedly macheted to death some sixty peasants, then slowly rendered the headless cadavers over votive candles in a mountain laboratory. The body fat harvested by this operation was supposed to have been sold to shadowy foreign middlemen, at about sixty thousand dollars a gallon, for use in high-end European face creams. (Compared with Révive’s Peau Magnifique, for $1,500, and Crème de la Mer the Essence, for $1,390, or La Prairie Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold, for $570, with 24k. specks in a colloidal gel, it sounds like a steal.)"

"...I started to protect and perfect myself in the plane’s lavatory, despite a long-standing personal security procedure—I never look in the mirror by that merciless light."

"I am hoping my cells get so activated that someone will card me, if only to deny me a senior discount at the movies."

"Most of the time, age feels like a mask—something that I wear, not something I am—and when I gaze fondly at the faces of my old friends I can see them as they were when we were young."
skincare  aging  youth 
november 2017
Appetite For Destruction
"The videos elicit the kind of response in a viewer that half of all Adult Swim/Super Deluxe programming is striving to create."

"It is unclear to me actually how these videos are made. I have read many of the articles but still have yet to find someone who has interviewed someone in charge or hired to collaborate on any of these videos. "

"Smart phones have never been magical they have always been stressful."
technology  youth  culture  james_bridle  jacob_ciocci 
november 2017
A Most American Terrorist: The Making of Dylann Roof
"Benn Roof never showed up at his son's trial. (Contacted later, Benn Roof declined to participate in this story further, describing it as “fake news.”)"

"They were so estranged by the time of the murders that when Caleb read Roof's writings, what shocked him was not just the hatred but also that the dull, slow kid he knew could even string together a coherent collection of thoughts: “For a long time, I thought Dylann had to have read someone else's writing or been coached, because the kid I knew couldn't write or even think like that.”"

"At Dylann Roof's church, I was greeted warmly at the door by a young white woman and a middle-aged white man. But when I entered the chapel and was seated in a rear row, many eyes turned on me, making me feel like I was a shoplifter trying to steal from their God. Was it because I didn't know the hymns, because I didn't take Communion, or was it because I was black? I do not know."

"In February 2015, four months before the murders, an ad with a picture of a young man appeared on Craigslist. Roof was anonymously looking for a companion to join him on a tour of historic Charleston, and he was seeking anyone except “Jews, queers, or n——s.” The foulness and bigotry of the ad caught the eye of Dr. Thomas Hiers, a retired psychologist. He reached out to Roof to try to help him, but in their exchanges Roof continued to use the same hateful, derogatory language. Hiers offered to pay Roof to watch TED talks, because he felt Roof needed an expanded worldview or, as he later explained to Roof's lawyers, “a different way of looking at the world.” Roof replied to thank Hiers and told him that he seemed like a nice man, but he refused the help because “I am in bed, so depressed I cannot get out of bed. My life is wasted. I have no friends even though I am cool. I am going back to sleep.”"

"That Dylann Roof supposedly went down Internet “rabbit holes,” by himself, "going from one hate group’s false information about blacks to another, absorbing false statistics about black-on-white crime and other race matters,” as Columbia’s newspaper The State put it, was one of the things that surprised Heidi Beirich, the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, which is the part of the center that tracks hate groups. Beirich told the paper that “most white supremacists killers [sic] spend a long time indoctrinating in the ideas. They stew in it. They are members of groups. They talk to people. They go to rallies. Roof doesn’t have any of this.” Beirich later told the Charleston City Paper, “If he's like anything, he's like ISIS people. Young people who look at ISIS Twitter accounts, get sucked into that ideology, and then go join the fight in Syria or commit domestic terrorist attacks. He's actually rather unlike your typical white-supremacist killer. This complete online radicalization over the maybe two and a half years he was in his room is very atypical.” If it was atypical two years ago, it is no longer. To imagine that Roof needed a handler is to underestimate the role that the Internet has played in re-energizing and indoctrinating a young community of white supremacists."

I am a black woman, the descendant of enslaved people, so I went anyway and walked along the same path that Roof did, where the quarters are set on something cheerfully marked as “Slave Street.” I stood next to the dummies that are supposed to represent black people in their deepest ignominy, and noticed that there were no dummies that were supposed to represent the masters or the mistresses of the plantation. I listened to a group of young white women sigh at the Alley of the Oaks, a corridor of trees near Slave Street. One of them lamented, “It was so beautiful that pictures couldn't really do it justice.”"

"South Carolina is the sort of place where, out one evening in Columbia for dinner, only minutes after I sat down, I was accosted by six drunk upper-middle-class white women who were out with their grown daughters. After pointing in my direction, one of them staggered over and sat down, and with her thick tongue and her red eyes, she asked me if I was her Uber driver and demanded that I drive her somewhere, “girl.”"
dylann_roof  terrorism 
august 2017
'Gwyneth glows like a radioactive swan' – my day at the Goop festival
I feel like I would be a really good lifestyle movement leader if only I was a sociopath and truly believed in myself (I believe I am one in billions and a little blip in the universe)
gwyneth_paltrow  lifestyle  goop  disgusting 
august 2017
The Legion Lonely
"A 2005 Australian study agreed: while close friendships increase your longevity by up to 22 percent, family relationships make no difference."

"On average, both men and women start to lose friends around age 25, and continue to lose friends steadily for the rest of our lives. "

" I try to compensate by keeping up with, like, four or five different friend-groups on social media—mostly Facebook, where I have 3,691 contacts—but I often find myself using social media more like a performance art video game than a way to facilitate friendships. And studies show that I’m closer to the norm than the exception. “Online social contacts with friends and family,” as one study put it, “were not an effective alternative for offline social interactions in reducing feelings of loneliness.”"

"Six-month-old boys are likely to “cry more than girls,” more likely to express joy at the sight of our mother’s faces, and more likely to match our expressions to theirs. In general, before the age of four or five, research shows that boys are more emotive than girls."

"As the novelist Jacob Wren notes, though, there are no individual solutions to collective problems. And, unfortunately, men’s loneliness is a problem not only for themselves. Though not shown to be causal, there is significant correlation between loneliness in men and violent behaviour. A 2014 Turkish study found that violent high school boys are disproportionately lonely; a 1985 study found that “men who scored high on measures of loneliness readily aggressed against a female subject in a laboratory study”; and, in a dynamic that would appear to explain some aspects of red-pill culture, a 1996 study of sex offenders in a Canadian prison found that those who were lonely and lacked intimacy in their lives “blamed these problems on women.” Even more troublingly, matching studies in Canada and New Zealand found higher-than-average loneliness in populations of male rapists."
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august 2017
The New Yuppies
white girlfriennd - white boyfriend
white girlfriend - white boyfriend
asian girlfriend - white boyfriend
plain bmw
macbook pro
japan, iceland, new zealand, sweden, berlin, nyc, la, seattle, portland, vancouver, san francisco, austin
jesse kam
amazon fresh
amazon prime
baby at 40
mountain climbing and bouldering
hot yoga
shiba inu
french bulldog
cold brew
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august 2017
evil google guy's manifesto
this guy thought to himself "I have society figured out", and then brings out this status
sinker lol

DRAG him
technology  google 
august 2017
Busted: How police brought down a tech-savvy prostitution network in Bellevue
an aside: the illustration scroll interactions are pretty odd

"One customer, a software-development director for Amazon, even helped construct and maintain prostitution-related websites."
shudder shudder shudder
seattle  prostitution 
july 2017
Bill Wurtz
thank you, laurel!
I was not that close to having a nervous breakdown, but if I was, I think this would push me back into the "not going to have a nervous breakdown" zone
I am happy!!
june 2017
Inside David Foster Wallace's Private Self-Help Library
I dreamed last night I was dating a 30s-something David Foster Wallace (there was no romancing, he was my unexplained partner). This was a weird dream, so I had to look him up

david, are you living your ghostlife in my dreams?
may 2017
[no title]
I contributed to the first issue of Leste. It's weird seeing this whole thing

I want to say that all forms of feminism are interesting to me, but Jezebel is...hmm

dot dot dot
leste  copyright  feminism 
may 2017
Dave Chappelle Didn’t Change with the Times—and That’s the Problem
been really into standup comedy lately since standup comedy seems most like life to me (for all kinds of people, most of it is bad, it is awkward and scary, no one will ever like you, etc, someone pretends to be the center and everyone else is sitting down).

most comedians, even the famous ones, don't hold up too well, which also seems very lifelike to me, too.

my bones feel brittle as I write this
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march 2017
Face Reading: Nose Shape Meanings
I guess I have a Roman nose?
"For women, their nose can indicate her husband's ability to make money."

"Roman Nose: If you have a high bridge or bump on the top of your nose (this type of nose is called the Roman nose, see pic E) then you are someone who like to control and be in charge. You are also very good at managing your money."

february 2017
memory prosthetics
only my pinboard network knows: i'm one of the anons
max_fowler  storage  memory  system 
january 2017
Fake News Onslaught Targets Pizzeria as Nest of Child-Trafficking
fake news goes after the guy who used to be board president of where I used to work.
james alefantis is a cool guy. leave james alone!

says this in the "leave britney alone" voice

he is pretty cool, and I think helped to produce a documentary about the "leave britney alone" youtube guy
james_alefantis  pizza_gate  election  pizza 
november 2016
A Hair Mystery: Curly Hair Gone Straight
october 2016
The white flight of Derek Black
another sunday afternoon reading articles that are bringing extra moisture to the matter that gives me fuzzy vision, a medium so that digital objects on a screen can be parsed by neurons in my brain
derek_black  racism  family  nationalism 
october 2016
serverless calculator
lol finally got to the point of linking something like this here
lambda  calculator  programming 
october 2016
Partners in Words, Pictures and Life
ugh, getting sentimental here on a saturday and started tearing up reading this blahblah life is a simulation, so you just deal with it, am I right
wendy_watriss  fred_baldwin 
october 2016
Part 2: Affirmative action doesn’t work. It never did. It’s time for a new solution.
"But even if the government were keeping better tabs on affirmative action, the bigger problem is that its jurisdiction doesn’t reach the parts of the economy where affirmative action is most desperately needed: the places where real money is made and real power is allocated. The best example of this is the industry that dominates so much of our economy today: the technology sector. Silicon Valley’s racial diversity is pretty terrible, the kind of gross imbalance that inspires special reports on CNN.
It’s a dismal state of affairs, but how could it really be otherwise? Silicon Valley isn’t just an industry; it’s a social and cultural ecosystem that grew out of a very specific social and cultural setting: mostly West Coast, upper-middle-class white guys who liked to tinker with motherboards and microchips. If you were around that culture, you became a part of it. If you weren’t, you didn’t. And because of the social segregation that pervades our society, very few black people were around to be a part of it.

Some would purport to remedy this by fixing the tech industry job pipeline: more STEM graduates, more minority internships and boot camps, etc. And that will get you changes here and there, at the margins, but it doesn’t get at the real problem. The big success stories of the Internet age—Instagram, YouTube, Twitter—all came about in similar ways: A couple of people had an idea, they got together with some of their friends, built something, called some other friends who knew some other friends who had access to friends with serious money, and then the thing took off and now we’re all using it and they’re all millionaires. The process is organic, somewhat accidental, and it moves really, really fast. And by the time those companies are big enough to worry about their “diversity,” the ground-floor opportunities have already been spoken for."
affirmative_action  race  diversity  injustice  tanner_colby 
september 2016
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