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Uber's tax-avoidance strategy costs government millions. How's that for "sharing?" | 48 hills48 hills
RT : Uber has set up a network of offshore mailbox companies in Netherlands & Bahamas to avoid taxes.
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july 2014 by Skud
Taxi medallions have been the best investment in America for years. Now Uber may be changing that. - The Washington Post
RT : FANTASTIC, in-depth piece on the economics of Uber vs. Taxis, and the hidden complexities of the fight between them:
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june 2014 by Skud
The Case Against Sharing — Medium
RT : Excellent article on the sharing economy, made only slightly ironic by its being hosted on Medium: .
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june 2014 by Skud
Peer-to-Peer Hucksterism: An Open Letter to Tim Wu
RT @MsLods: RT @jason_a_w AirBnB, Uber, regulation and "hucksterism masquerading as progress"
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january 2013 by Skud

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